(This RP is rated E10+)

Founded 60 years ago, the Diamante Company is renowned throughout the Pokeworld as the "show of all shows", combining acting, music, dance, acrobatics, puppetry, martial arts, stage combat and stage archery, circus acts, and aquatics to create adaptations of folk and fairy tales and original fantastic stories, as well as showcases of their talents for audiences of all ages.

Starting with only twenty performers at first, the company then grew to well over 1,000 performers, crew members, and technicians, with more performers arriving each year to replace those that graduate (eg. move on to the next stage of their careers) or retire (leave the company for other reasons)

The company is very strict about what material gets selected to perform; but this is not to say that they are afraid of venturing into the darker side of folklore--their versions of classic stories are not necessarily the Disney versions!

Critics rave about the company's willingness to take risks, but Brock acknowledges it is sometimes a delicate balancing act between delving into the darkness and keeping the production appropriate for families.

The company is further divided into eight troupes--one of which stays and performs at the Starlight Theater in Celadon, and the other seven crisscross the world performing seven unique shows. Each troupe has their own unique schedule of shows, but occasionally a show may cross over between troupes.

Each performer is given roles based on their strengths, so an acrobat will not be forced to sing, and a musician will not be forced to do complex martial arts.

You play the role of a young performer in the Emerald Troupe of the company--will you join the long list of big stars the company has produced, or will you be limited to embarrassing MyTube videos?

Keep in mind that all forum rules apply.

To join in, sign up here with this info:

Character's name
Character's age (anywhere from age 14 to age 22)
Character's appearance (don't just post a picture, give some description with the picture)
Character's personality/known history
Character's Pokémon (if any)
Characters current skills (what talents and skills your character currently knows how to do well, divided up into music, acting, stage combat, and circus skills. You can learn new skills if you befriend a teacher)
Character's preferred roles (which roles does you character enjoy performing? What roles do they want to try in the future? What roles will they never play, no ifs, ands, or buts?

Known Skill List (so far):


--Instruments (be sure to specify what instruments your character can play well--you can also learn an instrument from a teacher)
--Singing (be sure to include what part your character sings and a general idea of their range)


Stage acting
Mimicry (specify what your character can mimic--Pokémon, people, cartoon characters, etc.)

Stage Combat:

Martial Arts
Ranged weapons (rings, shuriken,etc.)

Acrobatics and Circus Skills

Dancing (both on your own and with a partner)
Sferas (Sferas are basically a pair of marble-sized balls attached to a rope or chain, combining a yo-yo with bolas. They are often spun and twirled to create intricate designs and patterns. This is one of Ash's signature acts--he has even wowed crowds by twirling fire and lightning.)
Jump rope
Hat manipulation
Pokémon skills (specify what Pokémon your character has within reason)
Flag twirling
High diving and hoop diving
Water dancing
Ribbon dancing
Trick archery
Juggling (specify what you use when juggling)
Card manipulation (does your character use playing cards, TCG cards, or both)
Ring manipulation
Aerial dancing
Aerial swing (essentially a large glorified bungee cord)
Aerial silks

You can learn new skills if you befriend a teacher. You are not limited in how many skills you can pick from any of the categories. If you want to have a skill not on the list, and it would work for performances of folk and fairy tales, and original material inspired by fairy tales, I may put it on the list.