I played Pokémon Go at release and instantly feel in love with the game. As many other players burned out, I got more and more into the game.

I think the biggest thing about it was how therapeutic it was for my OCD. Every time I felt the panic and anxiety coming on, I would calm myself down with a walk and play some Pokémon Go. It made my thoughts of worthlessness and suicide go away and let me just be in the moment and relax. Problem was, I never told my parents that it was like that for me.

Around 15 my parents told me I was to old to play this “childish” game. At the time, I just kept quiet and deleted the game so they wouldn’t say anything else. The school year started and I again felt the feelings of worthlessness and suicide coming back on, but I had no escape or activity to bring me joy and peace. It was not a good year.

This Summer, I started reflecting about my year and what kept me from ending it all. While I was thinking about this, I remembered how playing Pokémon Go helped me sort through these feelings and I decided to give it another try, screw what my parents say. I immediately fell in love with the game all over again. I even found a shiny Kabuto! I have a lot to learn about the game but I’m am glad to be back.

Sorry for this jumble of words I know it’s a lot to read. I’m just super excited to be back and wanted to share my feelings somewhere.