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    Fire Emblem: Three Houses

    Fire Emblem Three Houses is out in a little over two weeks, and personally I'm stoked. First played Fire Emblem Awakening about six years ago, and played through all of Fates a few years back (I have been wanting to play them again but damaged my 3DS). Anyone else here planning on getting it? Or know which house they will pick?

    Look, at this rate for me, it will probably be Black Eagles...

    But yeah, looking at the trailers, it looks like it will be pretty incredible...

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    I think it looks like a really wild good time. I'm reaalllly hoping it's good, especially since I heard middling opinions on Fates. I adored Awakening, though! Not sure what House I'd pick - probably the blue ones, since blue is my favorite color :P I think I'll wait and see how it does, both because I'm still a bit apprehensive and because I simply don't have the money for it.

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    Been playing this bit by bit since I got it last year and while I still have yet to complete my first route (golden deer) I am REALLY enjoying this a lot. The story and gameplay are a lot of fun and even though it took me a while to get the hang of things, I'm really enjoying it. I can't wait to finish my Golden Deer route so I can try another route soon.
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