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Thread: PXFIRE SEASON 3: Interest Check

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    PXFIRE SEASON 3: Interest Check

    Hi everyone! I'm here with some potential details from the next season of PXFIRE.

    If you're unfamiliar with PXFIRE, I'd recommend checking out the info about it from last year. It's tons of fun!

    Since it's already July, I think the earliest PXFIRE could start would be mid-August, with actual competitions starting at the beginning of September.

    If PXFIRE was ran at that time, what do you anticipate your participation to be like? And while you're here, what sections would you participate in?

    List of sections from PXFIRE Season 2 for reference (it is likely some may not return or be added)
    Role Play
    Creative Writing
    Caption Contest
    Drawn Art
    Graphic Art
    Pixel Art

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    Had to vote for the "Low" option. Besides potentially working on Stalkers again and a side project that I'm working a lot on, I don't think I'll have that much time to devote to any kind of PXFIRE thing this year. If I do anything at all, it may be just running RP and that's about it.

    But if I do run RP, I'll try to make it the best damn RP there is. Let's just say I've had an idea in my head for a long while now and I think it would be exceptionally kickass.

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    Unfortunately I'm looking to host some events of my own that I'd rather dedicate my time. If I do participate, it won't be in a leadership or judge position like in the past. So marking it as LOW as well.
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    It might be possible, but it'd be difficult given the amount of voters. Unless we get some more confirmed participants, we might have to skip this year. :(

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    I'd be interested in judging creative writing again, but I feel my participation in the actual events would be limited. I'd definitely get in RP's action though. Would try to get in comics and Showdown.
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    Sorry, hard pass

    I wanted to add @Bulbasaur you have the support of GCEA. I would love to add to the event if GCEA wasn't prepping for its 7 Year Anniversary. The reason I said no is because of personal feelings towards the previous version of this event. Its nothing personal :)
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    If it were to be done, personally I think there would need to be some severe limitations to what there is included if it happens. Mainly due to how low the outcome of those that can/can't/and would even participate when they can.

    If it were a part of it, I may try the RP, but interactions with others always seemed extremely low there cause everyone else already had there own agenda's there. So it would depend. Still, it doesn't look like we have enough to warrant it, but that may be just me.

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