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Thread: {RP} Ryme Chaos

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    Byron Parisi
    Ryme City Police Department

    No one wanted to sit by the FBI agent and her Gengar, it seemed. As soon as they had moved over to sit amongst the lobby's chairs, a full on crowd of people got up and moved away, leaving them with quite a bit of extra space where there had been none. The Gengar had made a snickering noise in response, but Agent Calder said nothing...and watching the way the Pokemon practically led her to a seat, Perry began wondering if there was something else going on with her. As bizarre as this was, he grew even more curious as the vapor haze seemed to shift away from them, moving out into the room before vanishing from sight.

    Of course, he didn't have much time to think about it, however, as the phone rang and he had yet another call to deal with.

    Rain Calder
    Ryme City Police Department

    Funny, it seemed even people here in Ryme City were wary of Ghost Pokemon. Rain had heard a number of people rise to move away from where they were sitting as she and her Gengar approached, an action she found almost amusing. Though she had learned how to interact with people, and even how to be somewhat comfortable around them, Rain definitely didn't mind the peace and quiet that spending time alone provided--especially given how rowdy things could get with her family back home. Besides, no one sitting close to her meant fewer questions, and that was probably for the best if she was honest. Once seated, she gave Nuala and Cerridwen free reign to explore and seek out what information they could find on their own, a request the twin Gastly gleefully fulfilled. Rain felt the temperature around her raise slightly as the pair darted away, and smiled a bit to herself. Nuala and Cerridwen had always been curious and a bit high energy, more like a pair of rambunctious baby sisters even though Azriel was pretty sure they were older than she was. They had always watched out for her, though, and Rain could hardly imagine working with any other Pokemon as her eyes and extended ears.

    She wasn't sure how long it was before someone came to get her, but she heard a door open, followed by a surprised yelp from the young man working the desk before a deeper male voice called for her. "Agent Calder?"

    "I'm here, sir," she called, pushing herself up easily and turning herself towards the source of the voice. It was only a moment before Azriel’s hand took up its usual position on her arm, turning her ever so slightly, adjusting before gently nudging her forward.

    “It’s a pleasure to meet you in person, Agent Calder. I’m Chief Moretti,” the male voice offered, and Rain was surprised by the warmth in it. He sounded oddly friendly, though she could hear just a bit of that stress in his voice as well.

    “The pleasure is mine, Chief Moretti,” she replied, allowing herself to offer the man a small smile before nodding her head towards her Gengar. “Azriel’s as well.”

    “Agreed, a pleasure,” Azriel agreed, but Rain knew that to the Chief, it sounded like a “Gen, Gengar!”

    Though she didn’t see it, the chief nodded in appreciation to the Gengar, and then gestured back to the door. “Why don’t we move to someplace a bit more comfortable? My office is just down the hall.” Of course he’d want to get down to business as soon as possible, and she allowed Azriel to lead her through the doorway and down the hall to the Chief’s office. Her partner carefully directed her to a chair as Moretti moved behind his desk. There was a snort as the Chief’s partner Houndoom lifted its head from the enormous pillow it was curled up on to see who had entered the room, but after a moment the dog Pokemon’s head dropped back down and it appeared to return to its nap.

    There was the creak of an office chair as Chief Moretti sat down and let out a long, relieved sigh before addressing them again. “Really, I can’t thank you and your team enough for coming, Agent Calder. We’re at a loss here--it’d likely be far easier to figure out what’s going on if we had more manpower, or fewer incidents of battling or Pokemon going rogue, but...Ryme’s been such a peaceful city for so long, there’s never been a need for a larger police force.”

    “Save for that incident seven years ago,” Rain murmured bluntly, and the Chief flinched.

    “There wasn’t much we could have done about that. No one suspected--” She held up a hand and shook her head slightly.

    “I apologize, we’re going to get off track. That’s not what I intended, and you certainly couldn’t have done anything yourself, you weren’t chief at the time. That happened, what? Two? Three years ago?” She’d come across the information during one of her many attempts to research the city and RCPD before her trip out, but she couldn’t quite remember the number of years Chief Moretti had held his position off the top of her head.

    “I’m coming up on three years next month, but I won’t keep the position if this city’s in ruins,” he grumbled in reply.

    “We’ll get this sorted out before the city’s reduced to rubble, sir. I assure you, Sinnoh sent you some of it’s finest, and we’re going to give it our all. What discoveries have you made so far? The media didn’t have much information to offer when I tried looking into it, and the case file we were sent didn’t have much detail in it either.” The Chief coughed uncomfortably, averting his eyes, and she felt Azriel tremble next to her in silent laughter. It was enough of an answer, and that didn’t inspire much confidence in her.

    Nothing, then. Or close to it.

    “The Pokeballs making their way into the city are being smuggled in by someone, or a group of someones, who are exceedingly good at covering their tracks. We’ve always had a minor problem with illegal battle rings, but it’s gotten far worse, and we can’t crash and contain them fast enough. Even when we do, we don’t have the prison space to hold everyone--even if we’re just trying to hold the people who aren’t registered trainers but have Pokeballs on them. A few of the Pokemon who’ve gone rogue have been either captured in those illegal Pokeballs or otherwise contained by Ryme residents and their Pokemon partners, and we’ve got them contained, but...we can’t figure out what’s happened to them. Initially, we’d planned to release them back into the public, but they’re still displaying signs of aggression and destructive tendencies.” There was a squeal of protest from his chair as the Chief leaned back in it and ran his hands through his graying hair. “We’ve got a few other high profile helpers here from other regions, including a young lady working on obtaining official professor status that came from Kanto that’s been here for almost a week. She’s working on a focus in Pokemon behavior, and while she’s been trying to work with the contained rogues for most of that time, she hasn’t made very much headway.”

    Rain’s eyebrows rose above the frames of her sunglasses. “They’re still displaying aggression and destructive tendencies? Isn’t that unusual?”

    “Unless they’ve been mistreated by humans, or particularly aggressive species, it is,” Azriel agreed, not waiting on Moretti’s reply.

    “You know I know that,” she replied under her breath, earning them raised eyebrows from Moretti, but the man simply answered the question.

    “It is, and as I said, our visiting helper is completely baffled. I can introduce you, if you’d like. Let you see with your own eyes what we’re dealing with.” It was then that Rain couldn’t resist letting out an almost delighted laugh of surprise. Chief Moretti gave her a look of utter bewilderment as the Gengar beside her began snickering as well.

    “Chief Moretti, what did they tell you when they informed you I was being sent?” she finally asked him, reaching up to adjust her glasses where they’d slid down her nose.

    “Just that a specialist in information gathering would be coming to assist us, and a name. Rain Calder. May I ask what it is that you find so funny, Agent Calder?” he asked, sounding annoyed now.

    “Just that I won’t be seeing anything with my own eyes, sir. I’m blind. Azriel and I would love to meet with your visiting specialist, though, and try to make a few observations of our own, if possible. From what I’ve heard, I find it difficult to believe that all of this is mere coincidence.”

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    Nathan Cole (Resident)
    Nathan's Apartment, Hickory Street

    It arrived in a nondescript package. Two syringes, one to turn him into a Cinccino for the next ten days, and the other to change him back when his investigation was done and he had done his part of the research study for Bill. The only thing Bill warned about in the instructions he included was Nathan needed to add a few drops of blood to the reversal serum before using the Cinccino syringe. That would program the reversal serum to work with his DNA structure to change him back when he was ready. Not doing that would have given him a lot to think about as he would be spending the rest of his life as a fuzzy gray and white chinchilla Pokémon because he had nothing to change himself back with.

    After shopping for what he needed, he now had enough food and supplies for both himself and Kano for the ten-day period. He was also mindful of what the living situation would be like. Many of the essential things he needed were placed on the ground instead of being stored up high on shelves and in upper-level cabinets. Things that couldn't be moved, like the bathroom sink, had to have some way of getting up there, so he had bought a few small step ladders and placed them where he knew he would need them to get that accessibility. He also tied some string around the door handle when he was ready to leave. The only thing he would need to remember to have on him was his apartment key. He decided once he got into his Cinccino form, he could wear it like a necklace, but keep it hidden in the fuzzy white scarf he would have around his neck to avoid suspicion.

    After following Bill's instructions and inserting a few drops of blood into the vial for the reversal serum, he put it in the cabinet below the bathroom sink. It was definitely something he couldn't afford to have get stolen or become lost.

    Lastly, he planned on using his laptop to type his research reports out to Bill. He wouldn't be able to speak with him and writing might be challenging when he would have to work with paws instead of hands. After going through the papers that came with the package, Bill had some research feedback he was hoping to collect on a daily basis for all ten days, including getting the answers to such questions like:

    • How are you feeling today? Are you experiencing any illnesses or aches?
    • How are your senses reacting? Do you have any differences in the way you can see, hear, smell, taste, and touch?
    • How are your mental facilities performing? Are you feeling any behavioral differences, having trouble recalling human memories, or have you noticed other unexplainable changes in cognitive abilities, such as clumsiness, forgetfulness, or mood changes?
    • Are you able to make use of all your appendages, such as wagging your tail, flapping your wings, etc.? Do they feel like they're functioning at full capacity?
    • How is your speaking ability? Are you able to converse with other Pokémon? Are you able to articulate English words in your Pokémon form?
    • Are you able to perform the moves as the Pokémon you have become? If so, do they have the same potency as a natural Pokémon (if it can be measured)?

    And there were at least a dozen other questions that did a deep dive into the outcome of how well the serum was performing. Without a doubt, Nathan could see Bill had prepared this questionnaire for what he was hoping would be a whole series of study participants, but he could tell he didn't get the willing volunteers after all.

    All the while, Kano was watching Nathan curiously as he was preparing all this. At the current time, it might have seemed strange, but it was going to make sense in a few minutes. Nathan then took the transformation serum, injected it into the vein in his arm, and then pressed the plunger down to get the serum into his bloodstream.

    He was caught off guard at how quickly the serum worked. In mere moments, he found himself rapidly shrinking, bones suddenly reforming with disturbing popping and crunching sounds, and gray and white fur coating him from head to toe. He instantly found his shirt and pants becoming rapidly oversized and as a result, they were ripped in a few places because of the rapid transformation. The change in his eyes and ears caused him to go blind and deaf for just a flicker of a moment before his hearing and vision returned with the new Cinccino ears and eyes had now had.

    Suddenly not having knees caused Nathan to stumble and land on his now gray-furred chest and even the white fur from the soft scarf around his neck landed a bit in his mouth. By the time he used his new paws to push himself up off the linoleum floor, he felt the long fluff strands wrap around his back and stream out from along his sides.

    After getting back to his feet, he took a look around with his new eyes, suddenly seeing everything in his apartment from below and only from about a foot and a half from the ground.

    It all suddenly felt so foreign and familiar at the same time.

    "What did you DO!?" he heard a voice call out to him.

    Nathan, still getting used to his Cinccino form, turned to look at Kano, who he figured would have really liked to know just what was going on. The strange thing he realized was while as a Pokémon, the ability to talk and communicate with them felt like natural instinct. But it wasn't just that, either. There were other natural instincts and tendencies that he suddenly felt influencing his thinking as well.

    "It's only for a few days," Nathan told Kano, trying to keep himself thinking straight. "I need to find out why there are Pokémon going rogue. The only way I could do that was talk to them, and the only way to do that was do this."

    For a moment, Kano wanted to interject to say that he could have helped with that so Nathan wouldn't have to go to this extreme, but then he realized why it wouldn't work. There was no real way to communicate beyond body language and Kano realized Nathan needed something far more than just that.

    "I see," Kano nodded, looking a little ashamed he just didn't know how to speak English. But before long, he tried to crack a shy smile. "You look really good though! Almost looks and feels like you're my brother or something."

    "It does, doesn't it?" Nathan couldn't help but agree.

    But at the same time, he couldn't deny how cozy his new form felt. As he tried walking around, he couldn't get over how big his ears had gotten as well. And looking at himself in the mirror was surreal to him.

    "I could, well, guide you if you'd like," Kano offered, feeling strange about offering this kind of help to what used to be his human companion. "Might be helpful since it sounds like these rogue Pokémon will be dangerous."

    "That would definitely be a big help," Nathan agreed with him. "Some of it feels like it's coming naturally, but I can't be entirely sure."

    It would be the first time any human to Pokémon companionship had this kind of interaction, but to Nathan, it felt like it would be a valuable experience. And if he was going to confront these rogues, not only did he need to look and talk like a Cinccino to try and get his questions answered, but he sure needed to know how to maneuver, behave, and perhaps even fight like one too if the situation suddenly became dire.

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    Kris Douglas(Resident)
    Outside Kris Douglas’ Appartment, Roseli Avenue
    Affected RPers: None

    “I’m just saying, er--” Kris patted down herself, searching her pockets. “Oh, no, where are they, I--”

    I have your keys, Kris

    “Thanks, Mint. Right. And there’s my phone. I was just-- what was I saying?” Kris glanced about at the busy sidewalk, suddenly becoming aware of the people and the noise. And their partners. Partners, right. She started walking again, Mint by her side. “But just-- what if? If there’s an, an earthquake or something, surely it’d be more convenient to get all the Pokemon out if you could just-- just scoop them up, right? People tend to die in housefires when they run back in to get their herdiers and growlithes and-- and instead they just scoop the dog out! Or fish. Do fish die in housefires, they’re in the watertanks-- or you could just put the fire out with a-- with a goldeen or--”

    I don’t believe a growlithe would have anything to fear from a housefire. Don’t they have that ability?'

    “Right, yeah, they do, don’t they. Right.” Kris lightly knocked their forehead. “But the earthquake thing, or hurricanes.”

    If there were an earthquake, I don’t think people would have the forewarning to evacuate…


    But I’ll protect you, I can scoop you out with Teleport.’ Amusement was evident in the gardevoir’s telepathic bleedover, a smirk on her face.

    “Heheh. Thanks, Minty.”

    Of course, dear.

    “You always know what to say.” She licked her lips. “You wanna get a doughnut? Strawberry?”

    Hee, certainly.

    Kris slipped their yellow headphones on, heading down the street again as a podcast played in their ears, Mint sweeping along quietly behind her as they entered the nearby bakery.

    “Oh, hello again, Kris dear.” The owner smiled at her. “The usual?

    “Hi there! Yeah, strawberry doughnut and peppermint hot chocolate.”

    “Coming right up.”

    “By the way, Minty,” Kris turned back to her partner as the owner went to prepare the order. “I was, was wondering something.”


    “What do you think it’s like in a Pokeball?”

    I truly don’t know. No one seems to have bothered to document it, to my knowledge.

    “Do you think it’s like falling asleep? Or in the Pokemon Storage System? What if you just fell asleep and got put in the PC and then you were taken back out and it’s like, years later, and everyone you knew was years older. Do you guys age in Pokeballs and PCs? There’s gotta be research on it, even if they haven’t been around super long there’s been things like Pokeballs for a while, right, there’s apricorns. There was a fairy tale about something like this, right? Falling asleep way long?”

    Several, actually. And in mythology. Xerneas and Yveltal are said to hibernate for a thousand years each.

    “Oooooh, I wonder if anyone wrote a story like, modern retelling, Pokemon got locked in a Pokeball for a hundred years and-- oh, jeez, that’d be horrible. And cool. You could see the future!”

    ...And I’d never see any of my friends again.

    “Oh. Oh, jeez, sorry. And you’d just be… alone and displaced. Uh--”

    It’s alright. I suppose the future would be quite fascinating…

    “Don’t Xatu see the future? You could ask a Xatu what it’s like!”

    “Strawberry doughnut and peppermint hot chocolate?”

    “Here!” Kris grabbed the order, handing the doughnut to Mint. “Hey, wait.”

    The Gardevoir took the treat, biting into it.

    Don’t forget napkins.

    “Napkins! Right! Also, don’t they have a bunch of the rogue Pokemon captured? Has anyone asked them why they’re rogue? Do they still, like, talk?”

    I suspect if they did speak, they’d only be able to record ‘Garde, Gardevoir’.

    “Come on, Minty, you’re not the only telepath here.”

    True, but I suspect the RCPD would be busier containing and neutralizing the threats than finding telepaths. They’re kept on their toes these days.

    “Right… But maybe… uh, maybe you could… Like, if we volunteered…”

    Are you sure, dear? You’ve got quite a lot on your plate already. And there’s also--

    “Yeah… I don’t know. I’ll think about it?”

    They stepped through the automatic doors.

    Well. I’d be willing to ask them, if you asked me to, dear.

    “Or… if we found one?”

    ...If you asked me to, Kris, of course.
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    Nathan Cole (Resident)
    Ryme City Entrance
    Affected RPers: @Noblejanobii @Saraibre Ryu

    Things were slightly different since that incident, but in some ways, quite the same. After finishing the first day's report to Bill, Kano helped train Nathan in all the ways of being a Cinccino. For the former human, it was quite the surreal experience.

    "It feels different, but I think I'm getting used to it," Nathan told his Cinccino partner.

    "Well, we might need to do some more practice on your Tail Slap maneuver, but it's getting there," Kano said to him with an optimistic smile. "You don't need to focus and concentrate so much. Just give it a quick lash out and hit fast and swift. But you're doing well for your first few times."

    "Think it's enough to handle those rogues?" Nathan asked, hoping it wouldn't come to that. "It would really just be to make them flinch and make a quick getaway if things go sour during that questioning."

    For Kano, it was hard to figure out for sure. On one hand, Nathan seemed eager to get out there, but on the other, while he certainly looked and would definitely never be suspected of being anything but a typical Cinccino, his fighting ability needed work. Of course, he had only been this way for a short while.

    "I think we'll be okay if we go together," Kano suggested. "If things get rough, I'll bail you out."

    "Sure," Nathan agreed. "Hope we get something out of this."

    After keeping the apartment key hidden in his scarf fur, Nathan and Kano quietly made their way out of the apartment and made sure they weren't seen, at least until they made it down the stairs and into the streets. For Nathan, the world was a very different place now that he was like this. Stairs were more of a challenge, jumping up to reach a door knob were more of a frustration, and everyday things that were easy to do as a human were difficult for a small Pokémon such as himself. Meanwhile, he took care not to blow his disguise in front of any other humans or Pokémon. He needed not only to look like a Cinccino, but he needed to act like one and not do anything that would raise suspicion.

    It seemed odd to actually want to pursue a rogue Pokémon, but it was the only way Nathan was going to get the answers he wanted. He needed to find out if the induction of Pokéballs was the root cause of what was going on. While he didn't like the whole basis of these devices and he was sincerely hoping he wouldn't have a first-hand experience with being inside of one now that he was like this, he needed to know for sure.

    For almost three hours, Nathan and Kano had wandered through the Ryme City streets, trying to find a rogue. While tensions were still high in Ryme and everyone was on edge, they didn't run into any. They had walked quite a fair distance away from the apartment, and Nathan found himself settling into being in his new form more effectively. What he liked the most was the fact it was extremely difficult for a Cinccino to get dirty. And in a city like Ryme, that was a nice trait to have, especially as they made their way through many alleyways, busy streets, and at times even around storm drains and dumpsters. He felt like if he had been any other species of Pokémon, he would have been beyond filthy by now.

    Eventually, they had arrived at the Ryme City entrance. Absolutely exhausted, Nathan had to sit down besides a few rusty trash cans, take a break, and catch his breath. At first he thought it was just him, but he also Kano was also burnt out.

    "Still nothing..." Kano sighed, looking tired. "Figures when you're actually looking for one, they don't show up."

    "No kidding," Nathan sighed.

    As he tried to recover, Nathan watched the people pour into Ryme from the entrance. Some of them were unnerved, others didn't look like anything was wrong. Around this area, there were a lot more people and Pokémon than usual, but considering this was one of the main central gathering areas, it was understandable. He had also seen that a protest was beginning to form and he was definitely not new to these. He might have even put it on his calendar and would have been out there supporting it, although now he was out there like this for a whole different purpose.

    His eyes had glanced around and he spotted one woman with a Hoppip conversing with what appeared to be a dragon trainer. From what he assumed, her dragons were very active and it almost seemed like she had difficulty keeping them under control.

    All the while, the protest was intensifying. Many of the protesters were holding signs expressing harsh criticism for the capture of Pokémon and their disdain for Pokéball usage. However, they weren't without opposition either. He could hear several outcries from those expressing public safety as a priority. Meanwhile, caught in the middle, multiple RCPD officers were making sure things didn't get violent and were ready to arrest anyone who threatened to take it to a dangerous and unsafe extent.

    "I don't know much about Pokéballs," Kano admitted. "Personally, I think things are okay without them."

    Nathan nodded a bit, but then he looked into the crowd and something seemed wrong. At first, he thought the police officers were having difficulty keeping some of the protestors under control. But then he realized there was sudden pandemonium and people were actively trying to run. Many of them stumbled to the ground while others were screaming, abandoning the protest march.

    And that was when they emerged. Rogue Pokémon. The two Cinccino quickly spotted three of them, charging, swatting, and rushing their way through the crowds. The first was a Pangoro, easily throwing shouting and fleeing humans away and quickly striking down whatever partner or trainer Pokémon tried to stand up to it. It seemed to have no qualms about knocking a Teddiursa, a Butterfree, and a Wooloo completely out cold without any remorse. One of his partners, a vicious Zoroark, was using its claws to slash and violently lacerate anyone who was even remotely near it. And lastly, likely the worst of the three, was a Salamence flying above the crowd and coughing up fire into the dispersing crowds. A whole delivery truck was set ablaze and the driver just barely managed to get out of the vehicle before it was engulfed in flames.

    Almost instantly, screaming, shouting, and sounds of commotion were coming from everywhere.

    Nathan had read up on several rogue Pokémon attacks before with images of the aftermath, but very few were as bad as what this incident was turning out to be like. And it was only just getting started.

    "Hoo boy, oh man, this is bad," Kano spoke anxiously. "You sure you even want to try talking to one of those guys!?"

    "This makes... absolutely no sense," Nathan shook his head in bewilderment. "They're attacking anyone and everyone for no reason whatsoever. But I have to try. Getting their attention might delay their attacking a bit."

    He decided to approach the Pangoro, and while everyone else was trying to get away from the three rogues, he tried to edge in closer, avoiding the waves of fleeing people and emergency responders that were losing control of the situation. As he kept eyes on the monstrous panda Pokémon, he needed to be within earshot of him, but keep a safe distance in case he needed to make a run for it.

    As the Pangoro smashed apart a police car just seconds after the officers inside just barely escaped with their lives, Nathan climbed to the top of a street corner newsstand and tried to call out to the aggressive rogue Pangoro. It was hard to speak over the noise, but he tried shouting as loud as he could.


    The response was not was Nathan was expecting. Even though he knew the Pangoro could hear him and understand what he was saying, it was completely ineffective. The mindless rage carried on as the Pangoro smashed his fist into the front of a blue sedan, smashing the windshield and crushing the entire engine block in the process.


    Still nothing. And still the complete rage carried on. Except now the Pangoro was getting closer and closer, and he knew it would be only seconds before he would charge his way into the newsstand and rip it to pieces completely.

    "Nothing's working, you've got to run!" Kano called out to Nathan.

    As much as Nathan hated to admit it, his Cinccino partner was right. This attempt to talk to them was a hopeless failure and this was a rage unlike any other. He immediately turned around, jumped off the newsstand and onto a few trash bags to break his fall. Once he was back on the sidewalk, the two chinchilla Pokémon fled just moments before the Pangoro ripped the newsstand to shreds, sending papers and debris flying in all directions.

    The two ran to safety in a nearby alleyway, outside and away from the rampaging Pangoro.

    "There's no way..." Nathan struggled to catch his breath. "There's no way all that is just because of a few Pokéballs."

    "I've never seen Pokémon get this angry..." Kano told his partner, feeling worried. "They care nothing about their own welfare and only seem intent on doing as much damage as possible!"

    It was then that it finally hit him. This wasn't about the threat of capture, resentment toward underground battles, or whatever dying tradition Ryme City was trying to keep intact.

    As he looked into the Pangoro's furious and deranged eyes from a distance, he realized something was very wrong.

    There was no reason at all for this level of anger. And it was there that he discerned that this anger was not this Pokémon's own doing. Someone else was orchestrating this attack and had engineered a way to trigger such mindless fury...

    He didn't know who... but he had a very bad feeling about why they were doing it and what they were hoping to gain out of it...

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    Rain Calder
    Ryme City Police Department

    RCPD was hiding the captured rogues and the woman studying them in an older annex building, but that didn’t mean the building wasn’t secure. They’d been slowly trying to update the building for years, Chief Moretti explained before placing a call to their visiting specialist to ensure she wasn’t busy. It turned out that right now was a perfect time for her, and they were invited to let themselves in—Moretti knew the door codes, after all. During the exchange, it was glaringly obvious that whoever this specialist was, the Chief had a hard time keeping up with her. It sounded as though she frequently cut him off midsentence, and anything he actually expected from her was the opposite of what he got. Of course, that just made Rain more curious about who exactly this woman was.

    She got her answer three hallways, an elevator, a keypad, five hallways, and another keypad later. Azriel assured her at one point that he was keeping an eye out for danger, but they both knew that was the case without his offering the information...besides, Nuala and Cerridwen hadn't yet returned, and she knew they'd have everything to say if they had found anything dangerous yet--it was almost as though they had an internal radar on her sometimes. A second after she heard Chief Moretti push the door open, she was greeted by a blast of cold air and the sound of fingers tapping away at a keyboard some distance away. The sound of typing stopped quickly as the Chief cleared his throat and announced, "As promised, I've brought you a visitor, Miss Redwood--wait, where has your Gyarados gone?"

    There was the familiar rolling of a desk chair on what sounded most like cement a distance away, and given the first few noises she'd heard, Rain suspected the room they were in was large, but she hadn't necessarily expected to hear the woman kept a Gyarados, especially out in the open. "He's cooling down. We figured you'd prefer Puddle confined to a Pokeball rather than the building reduced to rubble the next time one of our angry friends tries to take my hand off again." Behind her sunglasses, Rain blinked in surprise. Though she could tell the woman meant every word that left her mouth, it was delivered in an airy, carefree tone that suggested she saw absolutely nothing wrong with any of the words she'd just spoken. Next to her, Azriel was just as surprised as the Professor-in-Training stood from her rolling desk chair, nearly tripping over the Vaporeon curled around her feet, and stretched.

    Her standard issue white lab coat was the only professional thing about her, and even that bore an air of casualness that most professors seemed to lack, rolled back to her elbows as it was. Beneath it, she wore a pale green button up tucked into khaki capris, but mostly open over a brown and cream striped crop top that looked suspiciously like it was the top to a bathing suit. “Arceus help us,” Azriel muttered, “she looks like another Kukui.” Rain disguised her ensuing laughter as a cough into the elbow of her free arm, but refrained from replying to him as the woman approached them, all smiles and warmth.

    "I suppose keeping the building intact is ideal," Moretti agreed, though he sounded as though some part of the discussion had made him uneasy. "But then, that means they're continuing to display hostile behavior?"

    "That's correct, sir," the woman confirmed, a small frown pressing her eyebrows together and tugging the corners of her mouth down momentarily before her attention hopped back to Rain again. When it did, her green eyes filled with delight, "But we can discuss that later--I can't believe you brought me a guest!" Now, it was Moretti's turn to frown.

    "Agent Calder is hardly a simple guest, Miss Redwood, she's here to assist us from Sinnoh. Agent Calder, this is Miss Liesbet--"

    "Liz," the woman said sharply, interrupting the Chief, but not enough to stop him.

    "--Redwood, professor in training. Miss Redwood, this is Agent Calder and her Gengar is Azriel."

    "Don't listen to him, just Liz is fine--preferred, actually--but I'm pleased as pecha berries to meet you! It's nice to have company when you spend most of your day holed up in a lab like a Dwebble hides in its rock shell." She cut her eyes to Moretti as she extended a hand to Rain, and Azriel let out another snicker. The Chief looked uncomfortably between them for a moment as Rain did nothing, then gave a little cough before Azriel took over.

    “She’s offering you her hand--lift your right arm at a ninety degree angle, straight forward,” he directed, and his Trainer obliged, though she fumbled for just a second. Rain wasn’t sure what she was expecting, but the professor in training’s hand was cool, but rough in her own, and she had a firm grip.

    “Azriel and I are pleased to meet you as well. We understand you’re working with the contained rogue Pokemon?” Rain asked, and the woman nodded as there was a beep that sounded like a phone’s message tone off to her side, where Moretti was standing.

    “Yeah, all the rogues that have been contained were moved here once the RCPD deemed it safe enough to do so--I actually caught a flight here from where I was studying Pokemon-human relations in Alola with Professor Kukui as soon as the news got out that they’d contained a few. We thought they’d calm down once they’d been away from people and potentially overwhelming stimuli for a while, but…” Liz raised a hand to tug at a lock of chestnut curls that had escaped the short, unruly ponytail the rest of her hair was kept in. There was another series of beeps, and Azriel watched as Moretti frowned, pulling a phone out of the pocket of his slacks. Once he looked at the screen, he paled.

    “I need to step out for a minute, I’ll be back soon,” he offered before quickly stepping out of the room. Liz glanced after him with raised brows, and Rain didn’t give her a chance to continue in the silence that followed.

    “Any idea what that might be about?” She nodded towards the direction she’d heard Moretti walking away, and Liz shook her head, still not having caught on.

    “Could be a dozen different things, chaos is almost a daily occurrence here. Sometimes it’s battles, sometimes it’s rogues, sometimes it’s something completely different, but I’m honestly surprised he made it this long without his phone blowing up. I’m sure he’ll be back soon enough, though.” She sighed and shook her head after him before getting back to her previous topic of conversation. “But they’re not improving. Sometimes they calm down a little, but it’s usually short-lived, and if another human or Pokemon approaches them? Straight down the drain. Like I told Chief Moretti, I finally had to put my Gyarados back in his Pokeball because if another one took a nip at me or snarled at me, he was going to flatten the building. Puddle’s a bit better tempered than most Gyarados, but even he’s got his limits, and I know better than to try pushing him.”

    “It seems pretty quiet in here--are you keeping the Pokemon in separate rooms, or…” It was then that her lack of sight was obvious. There were a few sizeable cages around the room, and even from their position halfway across the room, Azriel could see an Ursaring passed out against the bars of its cage. Liz frowned for a moment before her eyes widened, glancing from Rain to Azriel several times before her mouth popped open in a surprised ‘o’ of sudden understanding.

    “Most of them, though I’ve got a few in here. RCPD set us up with a very helpful Chansey who Sings some of the rowdier Pokemon to sleep when they start causing trouble. It’s my understanding that she's just as troubled about the behavior of our guests as the rest of us are--that’s to say, I’ve got a Slowking traveling with me, and he’s been talking to her.”

    Rain tilted her head slightly, giving a hum of interest at that last part. “Has he tried talking to your--you called them your guests? Or--do you have any ghost Pokemon among your visitors?” Liz’s expression fell slightly, and she let out what sounded like a sigh of defeat.

    “It was one of the first things we tried--having Ein talk to some of them. It didn’t work. It was a lot of senseless attacking and wordless screeching. Eventually we agreed it best not to keep at it. As for ghost types, we--” Liz was prevented from finishing her sentence as Chief Moretti came rushing back into the room.

    “Ladies, we’ve got a large scale rogue attack in progress! Agent Calder, I need you to come with me,” he ordered, and Rain found herself moving towards his voice automatically.

    “We’re coming along too!” Liz announced before twisting back towards the Vaporeon that had been sleeping under her desk chair. It had started to stir at the commotion, but blinked and rose as Liz spoke directly to it. “Splish, we gotta roll out, got more guests to pick up!” At that, the Vaporeon bolted towards her, and they followed quickly after Rain and the Chief.

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    Cat listened carefully to Shay’s words about her Haxorus’ nature and how it was rare among this breed of dragon Pokémon. She lifted her camera and began to film Havoc a bit. Even if she didn’t include it in a future video, she’d never seen a Haxorus this close before either so she wanted to remember it.

    “Well both your partners look very healthy. Though as a battler you get a special healthcare plan for them, right? So they get better treatment than your standard trainer.” Cat lowered her camera a bit and smiled. “Course, we here in Rome City don’t normally have any issues with battling so we don’t need those special healthcare plans.”

    Cat paused and started to ask, “So you think you can help with the po-“

    “HOPPIP!” Cottonbloom screamed, grabbing Cat and pulling her out of the way as a Zoroark slashed in their direction with its claws. Puffing up in anger, Cottonbloom released a flurry of cotton spores to distract the Zoroark while Cat grabbed Shay.

    “Rogues! Crap, should’ve known!” Lifting up her camera and filming them as the three rogue Pokémon attacked the crowd of protestors, Cat began to back pedal a little. “We need to move back! The Ryme City Police will handle this!” Cat paused to get more shots of the Salamence and Pangoro, pausing when she saw a couple of Cinccino seeming to try and talk to the Pangoro.

    Cat zoomed in and focused on the two little Pokémon, filming their pleading with the large daunting Pokémon before they fled when it tore up a newsstand. Cat whistled. Adjusting the microphone on her shirt, Cat began to speak into it. “What’s up kitty cats, Cat Cast here filming an attack by three rogue Pokémon on a previously peaceful protest surrounding the pokéball debate in Ryme City. I’m here with a trainer and several others as we try to keep our distance from the destruction. CB! Look out!”

    Cottonbloom dove just in time to avoid a torrent of flames from the Salamence. Zooming back to her partner’s side, the hop pip puffed up defensively, ready to do her best to keep the rogues at bay with Cat filmed.
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    It was almost a natural reflex. Shay took an instinctive step back, barely avoiding the Zoroark's claws cutting between herself and the stranger. Chaos erupted in a second and Shay had little time to process it all happening. First, there was an enraged Zoroark trying to claw their eyes out. Cottonbloom went into full defensive action, and Havoc followed the same. That was until there was another crash from behind her and Choros. Second to the fray, an equally angry Pangoro. Vendor's and newstands didn't stand a chance in it's path. Havoc was now torn between which of the two; she knew she wasn't supposed to pick a fight, but this fight had already started. Suddenly, a flash came from the Quick Ball on Shay's bag, materializing a fellow party member between the two humans, and their dark assailant. A very fluffy, static sparking Galvantula, Cayci, was to become this illusionary master's new target.

    That was one thing that didn't make sense to the trainer: Zoroark were quite capable of messing with people with illusions. An all out attack like this made no sense to her. Even the most temperamental of Zoroark created the most elaborate and frightening of spectacles rather than brute force it. The Pangoro could be explained, but thousands of questions a second were coming to Shay's mind. Choros hopped onto the ground, moving between Cayci and the small group they had formed. Choros wasn't as seasoned as the rest of them, but learning from Havoc had taught her a few things. A powerful barrier was brought up against the Zoroark as it's claws buffeted it with unrelenting force.

    'Well at least there isn't a drag-'

    The roar of a familiar beast caught her attention in the sky. A blue, and red crescent winged dragon was having an equally as upsetting rampage.

    "Oh no-" Shay felt herself being pulled away by the resident, mentioning something about rogue Pokemon and the police. Shay followed for a second, listening to the woman's intro with her camera. Podcast, that was probably what she wanted to say. Still, there were people, Pokemon, and destruction happening. There were three, fully evolved Pokemon about, and Shay knew the most dangerous of those three, was the Salamence. She knew dragons, she had dragons. Knowing these creatures was in her soul.

    Shay made a decision. Grabbing a Moon Ball from her pouch while Choros was stalling for time, she turned back to Cottonbloom and her friend.

    "I'm here now. I know dragon types better than anything, and if that Salamence keeps that up? A few city blocks are going to be on fire at best. They need something else to try and fight, and I'm not seeing any volunteers that are lasting more than a second." She threw the ball in the air, unleashing the friend inside once it hit the apex of it's height. A slender, bat wyvern known as a Noivern came out, wings flapping and anticipating instruction. "Sonata, remember what I ask you to not to do Spirit and Ryouskan? Do that to that Salamence."

    Normally, Sonata would use her Telepathy ability to communicate a confirmation, however there was little time to speak. The Noivern sped off with a few flaps and a mighty gust of wind, leaving the other three Pokemon. Shay looked at the Pangoro and the Zoroark. Cayci was the better option for the fox: she had sharp eyes, she was fast, and could tie it down and wear it out. Zoroark didn't have the same kind of raw physical strength as Pangoro, but this even seemed too much for the Pokemon. Her own two Pokemon looked at her for a sign confirmation. Shay nodded at the Galvantula, knowing she wouldn't need her instruction to try and subdue the creature. As for Havoc, her eyes burned with a happy need for combat. Shay pointed the Haxorus at the Pangoro, knowing she could handle the pressure that such a Pokemon could give. Shay's trainer style was very strange by typical standards: she didn't give as much instruction, often letting her Pokemon do as they wanted once she helped them find their skills. She interrupted when she saw something her Pokemon didn't. She couldn't watch three battles at once, even if she knew the Pokemon capabilities well. Despite what Shay knew, there was just something different in the air. Something in the back of her mind tingled with familiarity, but what was it? She couldn't watch all three of them, she needed more eyes. If only someone...

    'The camera.'

    Shay turned back to Choros, who was about to chase after Havoc, but stopped by a quick sneaker to the chest. "No, Choros, I need you to stay and defend her with your Protect."

    Then, she turned to the camera woman and her plucky Hoppip. Credit was due where credit was due: Cottonbloom certainly had moxie. "I need you to film as much of these Pokemon as possible. I'll answer whatever questions you want later, just make sure you get as much as you can."

    (These next few scenes are purely for organization's sake and interaction's sake)

    Cayci vs Zoroark
    The Galvantula's simple strategy was to wear the dark type down by out speeding it, and hitting it with as much Sticky Web as possible. Galvantula had just a smaller edge in the agility, but Cayci having to actually use that move to avoid attacks? Something was definitely wrong here. She was losing some fur off of her legs thanks to the rampant claws and furious swiping. The Sticky Web wasn't sticking as well as it should, but at least when the Galvantula's opponent tried to move on to other targets, she remained an obstacle in it's path. Between her little arms, electricity formed in an orb, and was flung at the fox with the speed of a lightning strike itself. It hit the fox but it remained unfazed. The only shift in it's body language was more motivation to assault the electric spider. There were still no illusions in play, and hopefully that was for the better.

    Havoc vs Pangoro
    You wouldn't believe a dragon had an appreciation for martial art style combat unless you would have seen it. Haxorus didn't have the same bulk as Pangoro, but they hit incredibly hard and fast. Parrying between each punch and heavy-fisted slam with Hone Claws, Havoc was almost overwhelmed the first few seconds of combat. The sheer force this bear was putting out felt abnormal. Still, Havoc did not yield in times of dire need, and people needed protecting. There was no protecting the pavement though, as craters and claw marks scarred the street and side walk. Every time something else came between Havoc and her opponent, it was one Dragon Claw swipe away to redirect the attack away from whatever poor Pokemon would have been on the receiving end of it. After a trading of blows with no precise hit, the Pangoro took a wide swing of it's arm, hitting Havoc right in the chest and sending her flying into a nearby alley way. The Haxorus hit the ground hard, after having a dumpster try and break her momentum. Havoc coughed, and took the few seconds to get back up, not noticing the two Cinccino behind her. With a swish of her tail, she took a mad dash to dive at the Pangoro before it could hit anyone or anything else.

    Sonata vs Salamence

    Noivern's were naturally faster than most other dragons, but Salamence had more bulk and raw power. Sonata's attempts to try and communicate with the dragon were met with the equivalent of radio static, only if such a sound was able to shriek and scream at whoever was trying to access it. Sonata could fly circles around this Salamence, and did just that, trying to act as a distraction while intercepting flames with Dragon Pulse and stopping debris from crashing on the poor civilian's with Psychic. What was giving her the flight advantage was the use of Tailwind. There was no way the Noivern was about to out-power a Hoenn dragon. Getting it to come back around towards shay may not have been the wisest idea, but keeping those three rogues in one place would help the police out. There were snaps and beams of draconic and fiery energy flashing across the reflections in glass windows, likely terrifying anyone who was on the inside.

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    As the situation got worse, Nathan knew this was going to be talked about for years and he figured this was likely going to be used to justify the use of Pokéballs to keep Pokémon contained.

    Right now Pokéballs were the least of Ryme City's issues.

    He was certain something else was going on. Someone had to be arranging and triggering these kinds of mindless rages to gain something out of it. The Pangoro, Zoroark, and Salamence were no longer thinking rationally, only hellbent to destroy and harm as much as possible. This couldn't have be natural for the three of them and Nathan was convinced this anger and rage was not their own, but something nefarious in the form of a chemical or device that had to be triggering this reaction.

    The other girl had already been trying to capture the incident on film, but seconds later, a rush of flames forced her to have to fall back and narrowly avoid getting caught in the sudden inferno that nearly smothered the street with fire and flames.

    There's a pattern to this. The Machamp attack on the official and now this. This is not a coincidence. Someone is intentionally triggering anger in stronger, fully-evolved Pokémon that would be hard to neutralize and control. They want to unleash as much damage as possible.

    But he couldn't understand who would do it, and why. Someone out there wanted Ryme City's traditions utterly destroyed and defamed and was willing to put the lives of both humans and Pokémon on the line, not to mention obtain the resources, planning, and logistics to make these rogue attacks possible and effective. They cared nothing about the collateral damage and how much devastation this was going to do to the city's reputation. If only he knew who would go to such an extent, and for what purpose?

    The dragon trainer's Haxorus had attempted to confront the hulking panda Pokémon, and Nathan and Kano had beheld a full on clash of titans. They had exchanged blows and Nathan could tell the trainer of this Haxorus had definitely prepared her well for combat, but unfortunately, with a swing of his arm, the Pangoro had thrown her into the nearby alley that Nathan and Kano were taking cover in. But the Haxorus refused to give in and immediately got back into the fight.

    "We've got to get in there," Nathan told Kano. "That Haxorus needs our help."

    "Are you sure, that's dangerous!" Kano warned him.

    But he only needed to take a look around at the chaos and destruction to get an idea that what Nathan said was true. If they didn't stop these rogues, things were only going to get even more deadly and destructive.

    "Well, alright, but what's your plan?"

    "Go for the eyes," Nathan suggested. "Use a Tail Slap on the left one and I'll take the right. It should temporarily blind the Pangoro and should give the Haxorus a combat advantage."

    "This is going to be tough..." Kano muttered uneasily. "If you pull this off, consider yourself an official graduate of Cinccino school."

    "I'll take you on that offer." Nathan smiled as he prepared to rush in.

    Nathan's first impulse was to confront the Pangoro from behind. He was going to take advantage of the fact the panda would be preoccupied with what he would recognize as the biggest threat. Once he approached and made his way onto the street and around a burning motorcycle that was set aflame by the Salamence, he ran up and used his paws to latch onto the Pangoro's back, digging into the coarse fur and gripping hard with all of his might. Shortly after, Kano latched on as well, but his added experience in leaping as a natural Cinccino allowed him to reach a higher elevation on the Pangoro's back.

    Nathan deemed it would be unlikely the Haxorus would be able to strike a blow from this angle and the Pangoro would be unable to reach him here. Even if the Pangoro stopped to try and shake him off, he knew that would open up the possibility to have that critical distraction open up an opportunity for the Haxorus to land a powerful strike, and that would be just as helpful in their attempt to neutralize this enraged Pokémon.

    But the rage in these Pokémon was harsh. They weren't even thinking rationally or tactfully, and as Nathan realized, the Pangoro didn't even consider him and Kano as a threat. Stopping to swat off and strike two Cinccino would not satisfy this enraged Pokémon's engineered hunger for destruction as much as striking down the Haxorus, destroying everything in his path, and harming other innocent civilians and Pokémon would. He discerned that whatever triggered this was made with one intention: unleash as much destruction in as little time as possible, no matter the cost. And stopping to deal with the two Cinccino when they were not enough of an immediate threat ranked significantly lower on that hierarchy than everything else.

    As the fight continued, both Nathan and Kano struggled to climb and ascend upon the Pangoro's back, reaching toward the base of the neck. The Pangoro's sudden shifts of movement made it hard to hold on, but he knew if they didn't stop him, more people and Pokémon would get hurt. He held on strong as his life and the lives of others depended on it.

    Kano was the first to reach the area around the Pangoro's neck, but Nathan quickly saw that once one of them reached that area, they were within range of the Pangoro's arms. Just as Kano prepared to strike the Pangoro's eye, the jet-black hands reached for the Cinccino and grabbed him before he could get the strike in.

    "No!" Kano shouted, trying to break free. "Get your paws off of me!"

    Nathan knew there was no way he could contend with the Pangoro's raw physical power. His only choice was to carry out the task at hand and hope that the blow to the Pangoro's eye would be enough to cause enough shock and pain to make the Pangoro release his grasp.

    With the Pangoro's paws grasping Kano, there was nothing left to stop Nathan.

    You don't need to focus and concentrate so much. Just give it a quick lash out and hit fast and swift...

    Kano's sound advice to his partner was about to save his life.

    Targeting the Pangoro's right eye, Nathan did just that. Strike fast and hard repeatedly. With a sudden twist of his body, Nathan managed to land four powerful blows upon the Pangoro's eye with his hard tail, hitting the retina hard and forcing the Pangoro to release his grasp upon Kano. Despite the rage, the Pokémon was still affected by pain, and the sudden loss of eyesight was not accounted for.

    The sudden shock caused the Pangoro to stumble and both Cinccino were thrown off of the hulking panda Pokémon. Nathan felt a painful shock in his back as he landed on the concrete sidewalk and Kano was thrown into the street, rolling to break the fall.

    It was a start, but they still had the other eye to strike.

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    Cat adjusted her camera's view as Shay began to unleash her own team. "It seems a trainer has decided to enter the playing field! I met her a few minutes before recording and from what I can tell, she knows dragon types better than most, so if she says the Salamence will burn down a few city blocks then I think it's fair to trust her to prevent that from happening, don't you?" Cat tried her best to film the action as best she could, even before Shay gave her instructions. This was the closest she had ever been to an attack. It was dangerous, yes, but the more footage they had the better.

    It seemed Shay agreed, even using an interview as a bargaining chip. Cat saluted back to Shay. "Well do Miss Dragon Trainer!" she called back. Ducking out of the way to avoid an exploding motorcycle from the spew of flames leaving the Salamence's mouth, Cat signaled to Cottonbloom. "Get the Go Pro out of my bag. You start filming too." The smart little Hoppip nodded and began to dig through Cat's bag as she continued to film. Cat trained her camera on the Pangoro and quickly took note of two Cinccino that were struggled with the giant panda. It was a tough fight, the huckling beast unable to totally shake the two scarf Pokémon entirely. One of them finally managed to get a strike in, taking out the Pangoro's eye. By now, Cottonbloom had gotten out the Go Pro and was filming as well, so Cat lowered her camera for a second to shout.

    "Shay! Those Cinccino managed to land a strike on the Pangoro's eye! Direct your Pokémon to take out the other! Maybe it'll take the beast done for now!" She wasn't a trainer so Cat didn't know much about fighting but it was the best she could do to help besides filming from two different angles. She ducked out of the way as another blast of dragonic energy tore through the street near her. Cottonbloom released another flurry of Cotton Spore at the Salamence as it got close. Anything to slow down the beast to allow the Noivern an advantage. "Don't get too close, CB! Keep your distance even while filming."

    "Pip pip!" Cottonbloom dove out of the way, still keeping her body between her partner and the chaos even while trying to provide a separate set of eyes on the battles with the Go Pro. She didn't fully understand why this much footage was needed, but if it was what her partner wanted then that's what she'd do. She wasn't particularly strong so she'd just have to aid and protect Cat in any other way she could.
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    Chief Moretti’s plan, it turned out, was to pile the entire crew into a squad car and haul it to the scene of the latest incident. This was no easy fest, however, given he had both ladies and their Pokemon to contend with, though it was u;timately resolved by Liz and her Vaporeon sitting in the passenger seat while Rain and Azriel took the back seat. In their mad dash to get to the Squad car, Nuala and Cerridwen had returned only briefly before Rain sent them to scout ahead for what information they might be able to find.

    Thankfully, the chief left the car’s radio on, and she and Azriel got their own fair share of information on their way into the mess--and it was going to be one heck of a mess. Pangoro, Zoroark, and Salamence of all the Pokemon in the city--at least she knew her own team had the ability to take on some of the Pokemon easily. It sounded as though the Salamence was spewing fire across the area, and she wondered why it sounded as though none of the officers in the area had deployed Growlithe with flash fire abilities to help minimize the damage to the area--she’d heard that the puppy Pokemon was a popular partner with both members of the city’s police and fire departments, and it wasn’t as though the ability was uncommon. At the very least, she suspected her Litwick would prove helpful if the Salamence hadn’t been taken care of by the time they arrived...and she had a feeling it wouldn’t be. Dragon Pokemon were notoriously tough to take down, but then, she had a way to assist with that as well, and she knew Grace would be delighted to help out. The Pangoro and Zoroark though… At the very least, it sounded like some people and Pokemon had been stepping up to try to combat the problem Pokemon already.

    Rain was so wrapped up with her own thoughts and plans that she was completely startled when Moretti and Liz both gave shouts of surprise and the car swerved. Azriel threw an arm across her in an attempt to steady his smaller trainer, but it did little to soften the car’s jerky stop. “Glad to know they’re keeping updates on the access points to the area!” Liz snarled from the front seat, her arms wrapped around her Vaporeon in a death grip.

    “The officers in the area are focused on the people and Pokemon in front of them,” Moretti tried to offer as explanation, but Liz was having none of it. Rain listened in bewilderment as the professor-in-training aggressively shouldered her door open and the chief radioed in a warning about a few flaming cars in the roadway. She’d already been warned that the back doors of this particular car didn’t open from the inside, but Liz didn’t make her wait, and she still seemed angry, if the way she yanked the back door open was any indication. Rain wasted no time in scrambling out of the vehicle herself, only to be greeted by a pair of very worried Gastly.

    “Are you okay? Are you hurt?” Cerridwen asked, bumping her shoulder while Nuala circled her legs like her mother’s Glameow often did when she was seeking attention.

    “Girls, girls, I’m fine,” Rain answered in startled English, but that was short-lived. “I need to know the situation, I’m okay, but what have you learned?” Liz gave her a look of surprise as Azriel exited the car and turned to look at what appeared to be a still-ongoing series of fights in the area.

    “A Pangoro, Zoroark, and Salamence are all attacking the public up ahead. There are a few Pokemon trying to fight them off, but not many. Two Cinccino and a Haxorus against the Pangoro, a Galvantula against the Zoroark, and a Noivern against the Salamence, as well as a Hoppip that appears to be filming the events. We suggest Flicker and Grace assist against the Salamence, Ollie would have a slight advantage against the Pangoro, but it’s attracted enough of a crowd, and the Zoroark appears to be giving the Galvantula trouble. Unfortunately, aside from attempting to hand out status effects, we, as well as Azriel are at a type disadvantage, and likely wouldn’t be helpful in battle.” It was Nuala that answered, and Rain shook her head--their own lack of an ability to impact the fight was fine--it was likely she’d need them operating at full capacity as extensions of her eyes and ears.

    “I’ll need your assistance comprehending and controlling the situation. Your lack of a type advantage is fine, but I agree with your assessment regarding Grace and Flicker--I thought they’d be best positioned against the Salamence. If the Galvantula needs assistance with the Zoroark, I’m sure Ollie would prefer the fight with fewer participants, and I’ll trust your judgement there.” She twisted back towards where she thought she’d last sensed Azriel. “I’ll need to make it there in one piece. Think you can get me there?”

    “Look, I don’t know what kind of language you’re speaking there, but the situation looks like it’s pretty hairy,” Liz interjected, and Rain jolted in surprise, having almost forgotten she was there while trying to make plans with her own teams.

    “It is--trying to figure out a plan of attack for my team. Looks like there are several Pokemon trying to fight the rogues, and none of them have taken down an opponent yet. I’ve got a Litwick with the flash fire ability that should be able to help minimize the damage being output by the Salamence, as well as a Froslass that should be able to help weaken and immobilize it. Sounds like the Pangoro has attracted a bit of a crowd, but there’s a Galvantula trying to battle the Zoroark that sounds like it could use some help. I think we’ll be directing my Decidueye to help there, but we need to actually get into the thick of things before we can implement any of this.” Unknown to Rain, Liz blinked at her in shock before shaking her head as if trying to clear it.

    “...I don’t want to know where you got all that information from, do I?” she asked, and Rain chuckled in reply, shaking her head. “I can help you get there, and I guess we’ll see what help my team can offer when we get into the thick of things?” Rain surprised her by holding her hand out towards her, and Liz took it before tugging her into the thick of the chaos that was the city entrance. She kept up a pace that Rain appreciated--not too quick for her, but not too slow, either, though she paused once, jerking Rain back as something big flew past quickly enough that she could clearly feel the breeze, and crashed into something before it shot back past them.

    “Haxorus,” Azriel offered simply, seeing the bewildered look on her face. He refocused in just a moment though, then telling her, “get Ollie out now, before that Zoroark rushes the Galvantula again. Positioning Flicker to intercept the Salamence’s attacks will be tricky, but it shouldn't be impossible to make happen. Grace would just need to communicate with the Noivern to try to redirect the fire Flicker's way."

    Rain released the team members in question, quickly passing along instructions to a Decidueye who was clearly uncomfortable being deployed into a close combat situation in an area still filled with people, then a yawning Litwick who was only just barely enthused by their role and a Froslass that looked eager to please. Ollie had always been almost painfully shy, and though he was capable of spending time around people, he actually preferred spending his time doing solo missions or in his Pokeball. On the other hand, Flicker had always had a...unique attention span, and Grace was forever going out of her way to earn more praise. They all understood their roles, however, and Rain allowed Liz to pull her (with Azriel, Nuala, and Cerridwen in tow) to the shelter of a storefront that looked like it hadn't been hit very hard since the start of the attacks as her Pokemon jumped into the fray as well.

    For all his dislike of the situation, Ollie's entrance into the fight between the Galvantula and Zoroark was explosive. The illusion-wielding Pokemon was so focused on the electric spider Pokemon before it that it didn’t seem to notice the incoming Decidueye until Ollie unleashed a spectacular Razor Leaf at the Zoroark, chasing it with a Leaf Blade. The Razor Leaf struck, but the fox Pokemon twisted block the Leaf Blade with it's arms, which took the brunt of the attack, and though it looked painful and the Zoroark responded with a sharp hiss, it didn't look particularly fazed by the attack. The Decidueye's eyes widened in surprise, but before he could move away from the faster fox Pokemon shifted, balling one of its hands into a fist and slamming it low--a Feint Attack, into the bipedal bird's abdomen, sending Ollie flying back. He tried his best to control his landing, but he still had trouble steadying himself. Well, at least now he had the Zoroark's attention away from the Galvantula.

    Unlike Ollie’s target, Grace’s sights had been set on a target that was capable of moving any direction, one not restricted by gravity...and it was locked in a fight with another fast-moving target. Not only that, but she had to try to follow all this, launch her own helpful attacks, and this had to be done with a disinterested-looking Litwick tucked under one arm. Though Flicker had proven time and time again to be a helpful team member when push came to shove, he was known to be a bit...difficult to work with, and easily distracted. Right now, they couldn’t afford that, they needed his full attention to be on the Salamence and it’s attacks so he could absorb them with the help of his ability. In short, the plan was for Flicker to act as a fire shield for Grace, who was going to be throwing the bulk of the moves around to try and help the Noivern take the Salamence down before it could cause much more damage to the city.

    The Froslass’ eyes tracked the dragons across the sky, waiting for the start of an opening. There would be one coming, there had to be, it was just going to be tricky timing this properly so that it didn’t hit the Noivern as well. Grace took a deep breath, readied herself and--”Heya, I’d like to help, if I can!” She blinked as the Vaporeon she’d seen hovering near the woman who seemed to have taken up guarding her trainer bounded up to her side. “I can use Aurora Beam, and it shou--” The Vaporeon yelped as both Pokemon missed the Salamence unleashing a torrent of flames that caused a motorcycle to explode.

    “Look, if you’re gonna help, then help,” Grace told the chipper sounding water type before turning her attention back to the Salamence and Noivern. “I need to try to minimize the damage that Salamence causes--this little one here,” she lifted a still bored-looking Flicker, “he should be able to stop most of the flames, so long as I can keep him in the Salamence’s path, and then ice--as long as we don’t hit the Noivern, we should be able--Ollie!” Grace started forward for just a moment, having seen her fellow teammate thrown by the Zoroark, but a cry from the Litwick under her arm stopped her.

    “Ollie can fight his own battles! The Salamence, Grace!” Flicker shouted, and the Froslass froze. She refocused, her eyes shooting back to her target as the Salamence moved, placing it’s back to her and the Vaporeon. There. That was it.

    “If you’re going to attack, do it now!” she barked to the Vaporeon before extending her freezing power out, forming chunks of ice in the air and sending them shooting towards the Salamence. A moment later, a colorful beam of light shot past her towards the Salamence as well, and Grace could only hope the attacks would work in their favor.

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