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Thread: Willow Clark

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    Willow Clark

    GCEA Version: Platinum
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    Trainer Name: Oberon

    Character Info

    Story Version: (Diamon/Pearl)
    Name: Willow Clark
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Willow is on the shorter side. She has a pixie hair cut. Her hair is light brown with some faded streaks of greenish-blue. She wears a hearing aid on her left air. The hearing aide has images colored into it. She wears homemade earrings shaped like pokeballs. Her clothes tend to be earth tones. She has a few tattoos and wears a lot of charms and jewelry. Both her wrist are covered in wrist bands and home bad bracelets.
    Height/Weight: 5'2", 104 lbs
    Personality: Willow is a free spirit in every sense of the word. She believes in peace first and tries to find the good in each and every soul. Willow likes to find time to just meditate. She is very close with her pokemon. She can be spacy sometimes with her head in the clouds.
    Personal Traits that describe your character: Happy, Chill and tries to remain in harmony at all times. She loves balances. She is very artistic and tries to make art as often as possible.
    Backstory: Willow and her twin brother Briar, were born 2 minutes apart. They are the oldest of the families 5 kids. Willow is the younger of the two and often relies on Briar feedback. When the two were born the doctors figured out right away that they were both gifted. Long before they spoke words the two were speaking to each other using telepathy. Individually there psychic ability is not very strong, however, when they are around each other they boost each other's powers.
    1. Family: Hathorn and Tulip Clark are the parents of Briar and Willow. They have two younger sisters and one younger brother.
    2. Pokemon experience: Willow instinctively was drawn towards healing and psychic pokemon. When the twins were young their parents brought home a pair of Espurrs. Their parents gave them a choice and the children picked an espurr with the same sex as them. The Espurr help boosts their power and makes it easy for them to communicate when they are separated.
    3. Past experience that has defined your character: Willow was born with a rare hearing disorder. Her hearing is degrading and as she gets older it will get worse and worse until eventually, she is deaf. He hearing has already suffered and she relies on a hearing device to help her hear things that are further away. This hearing loss has been hard for her and sometimes makes her distant to others. Sometimes she removes the device to just be alone with her art, pokemon and thoughts. Briar is normally the only one who can reach her.
    4. Special Talents: The twins are telepaths whose powers can be boosted when they are close to each other or close to other psychics.
    Special Pokemon: Female Espurr named Prem.
    Personal Goals: To explore the many beautiful sites around the world. Discover new things about herself and help inspire others to feel the same.
    Pet Peeves: Hate and aggression
    Region: Blackthorn City, Johto
    Favorite Pokemon: Shaymin
    Favorite Type: Grass, Fairy and Psychic types

    What starter Pokemon: Turtwig/ Piplup depending on Lychees choice
    Drawing or Writing: Both
    Contest Starter: If an option Chikorita
    Side Notes:

    Pokedex Info

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    Held Items
    --Pokeballs (x10)

    Heal Items
    --Potion (x10)
    -- Lemonade (Item Effect: Gives a +15 to heal a pokemon)(x0)

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    Jobs: (+160)
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    Willow's Platnium Pokedex
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    Proud partner with @Pokemon Trainer Sarah


    Gible bite's Comic

    GCEA Trainer Links based on title characters

    ....GCEA Diamond/Platnium/ Blizard Blue/Platnium 2/ Pokemon Prism.......


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