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    Stalkers RPG General Chat Thread (Emissary Clubhouse)

    On the outskirts of Salvage Keep in Harbour Valley, a secret clubhouse is available for the Emissaries to take up residence in. Please feel free to discuss anything you like here related to the Stalkers RPG. Remember to always be kind and discuss things calmly. If you have real conflict with another player, please bring them up with me elsewhere. This thread is for friendly discussion, theories, puzzle-solving, and having FUN!

    Just a few notes:

    • You're all wonderful so I wouldn't expect nasty behaviour, but just to cover all bases, all forum rules apply here. Please be civil, be forgiving, and remember that this is just a game.
    • All new members are welcome! Whether or not you've played Stalkers before, come and gather here in the secluded clubhouse to share insights, findings, and everything in between!
    • Given the nature of Stalkers, you are perfectly welcome to meta-game. This means drawing conclusions based on your experience as a player, rather than as an Emissary. However, if you prefer to RP, please do!
    • This thread is useful to use for solving puzzles you come across and discussing them with other Emissaries. You are not required to do so here, however.
    • If you have any questions that you would like me to answer publicly, please ask them in the Q&A Thread!
    • You are totally free to make as many separate discussion threads in this sub-forum as you need for working that kind of stuff out. In fact, I highly recommend making threads based on what your thoughts are, the things you find, possible note-taking, and what decisions to make next. Keeping things organized and keeping in close communication with your teammates will definitely help with this game.

    Also, for those who want to use little icons for talking in character, or just to make your post pokemon-y, feel free to use the imgfloat tags. Here's how they work!


    Text here! It will appear in the middle if it's two lines down. But if you're saying a lot, you might want to have it one line up.

    In practice:

    Heya, everyone! Be nice and support one another!

    PSMD Mugshot resource (no gen 7!): here!
    Party icon sprites resource: here!

    News and Updates:

    - Stalkers RPG Season 4 sign-ups are OPEN! Once you have signed up, feel free to participate here!
    - 8th AUG - ANNOUNCEMENT #1: two actions per day cycle is too difficult to manage, so it will be scaled back to 1 action per cycle.
    - 12th AUG - ANNOUNCEMENT #2: make sure you're keeping track of the rules, and everything else in general.
    - 13th Aug - ANNOUNCEMENT #3: when you learn an ability action (skill), you can now use it for the first time in the turn you learn it! So you can learn and use all at once.
    - 5th Sept - Upgrade to Investigate: Investigating will now automatically search the target's home location.

    Useful Links:

    >> Sign-Up Thread
    >> Season 4 Rules and Gameplay
    >> Main Action and Team Status Thread
    >> Emissary Clubhouse (this thread)
    >> Questions & Answers Thread
    >> Item Directory

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    Cheers and good times! Neo Emolga's Avatar
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    So I'm sure in a post-apocalyptic world, you're going to find a lot of broken stuff.

    But the good news is...

    Duct tape fixes everything!

    Just poke me if you need any of your goodies fixed. :3

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    Neo, that is adorable! You bet that duct tape's gonna come in handy!

    Okay guys I'm sorry I keep changing my mind but when Stalkers begins on Sunday night, I'll have the regular 48 hour submission window. XD Not 72 hours. I thought it might be nice to give you extra time because of when I said the original start date would be but honestly it's going to be easier for me to start it sooner and I'm so excited so I hope you all are too!!!

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    To Me, My X-Men HorusMyDude's Avatar
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    buzzwole.png Now let me let y'all know that ah'll be on the lookout fer any o' those varmints known as Stalkers. Ol' Lace here wants to let y'all know that this li'l town o' Salvage Keep is under mah protection, Mew be darned. We follow the law here, folks. Best y'all remember that.

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    I was bored and excited for Stalkers so I prepared some mugshots for some of you!

    Neo and Noble, I think you already have yours. :)

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    P i k a c h u Chakramaster's Avatar

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    Yeah I still had mine. Thanks though Xanthe. :)

    The time is upon us...

    . Pika Pair with the yellow bundle of fluff Chibi Altaria..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chakramaster View Post
    Yeah I still had mine. Thanks though Xanthe. :) you have more. xD No worries!

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    growing strong Pokemon Trainer Sarah's Avatar
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    I don't know what skill to pick D: It seems like repair or security would be good based on what others picked...?

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    Lover of Centipedes Scytherwolf's Avatar
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    *Cries in "Yanmega only has 3 pictures"* Still good to have them though.

    I'd draw some more but I'm working with tons of projects and going to be leaving for a week and a half (I'll have my laptop but not my drawing tablet) on Sunday. Maybe I could do some doodle things after that though. XD

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    Awesome! Thanks @Suicune's Fire

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