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    Alright it's time for our first action. Jan, where do you want to go?

    A museum sounds cool! Maybe we can learn some of the history of the area there.

    I wonder if any serial killers lived here.

    Oh boy...


    First Action: Search (47) Fragments from the Past to see if there's anything or anyone of interest there.

    Second Action: Speak with the curator, Anguleri the Dhelmise.
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    Lita first decides to check the perimeter and the basement of the Keep to get a feel for this new place.
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    "Well, I should probably start by... OOH, SHOPS! I wonder how their security is...?"
    Search (3) Disaster Defense and (11) The Invincible Drifter for poorly-guarded wares free samples.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LKWayvern View Post
    I've already requested talking with Yasha, and as a fellow Dark type may have better results. Perhaps you could try talking to or searching elsewhere?
    Oh, my mistake. In that case...

    First action: Go to (38) Black Dart Apothecary

    Second action: Speak with Irston the Dedenne
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    Here we go. let us vanquish the evil plaguing this city!

    Let's start out by checking in with and talking to Shilamora the Goodra. If necessary my diplomacy skill can be used. After that I think I think I'll take a look around the (28) Training Grounds.


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    Without any clues to go on, I'd like to search (31) Harmony’s Hideaway
    (since I think I'm the only one to be able to search it, currently)

    Action 1: Search (31a) Apartments 1-10 <UNSEARCHED>
    Action 2: Search (31b) Apartments 11-20 <UNSEARCHED>

    ((Do we also need to search the main section? Or just the sub-sections?))

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    Alright! Let's start off by interviewing someone who I won't intimidate, and search a location.

    Interview 39. Effentine the Grookey
    Search (19) Tunnel Ruins

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    Nlqdr81.pngBest to learn about this new world. See what the willows say to the rocks.

    Action One: Search Salvage Keep Library (45)

    Nlqdr81.pngHopefully ah can find something interestin' here...

    Action Two: Search Salvage Keep Library Upper Levels (45a)

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    Let's do this!

    First action: Interview 20. Pinlock the Ferrothorn using my diplomacy perk

    Second Action: Search (27) Misc. Guilds

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    Search (42) Valley Wellness Centre then interview 41. Finichi the Garbodor. Try to find out why she’s returned, but without revealing our presence if she seems suspicious.


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