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    Stalkers RPG Main Action and Team Status [SEASON 4]

    Main Action and Team Status Thread

    This is where it all begins...

    Use this thread to submit actions, check the Salvage Keep map and Suspect List, and as a reference for previous actions taken, items found, and things completed. This is where all the action happens.

    Current Cycle

    Day 9: Day Cycle

    Time Remaining:


    (28st November, 7AM AEST)


    Mistee the Bulbasaur (M: Grass/Poison)
    Health: 10/10 | Sanity: 7/8 | Purity: 4/10
    Battle Stance: Flee
    Perk: Technical | Abilities: Rescue/Escape
    Trait: Charming
    Mistee's Inventory:
    [Oran Berry] x2, [Adrenaline Orb]. [Starf Berry]

    $225 SP$

    Madder the Mimikyu (S: Ghost/Fairy)
    Health: 6]/8 | Sanity: 7/8 | Purity: 11/12
    Battle Stance: Fight
    Perk: Seinaru | Abilities: Investigate
    Trait: Stealthy
    Equipment: [E: Thundercaller Relic] (1d20 holy damage)
    Madder's Inventory:

    $17 SP$

    Lita the Pikachu (S: Electric)
    Health: 8/8 | Sanity: 8/8 | Purity: 12/12
    Battle Stance: Fight
    Perk: Security | Abilities: Clairvoyance, Forge
    Equipment: [E: Jadestone Sword] (1d12+3 Holy Damage), Enigma Berry [+2 DMG Resist] (Until Day 9 Night Cycle)
    Trait: Nimble
    Lita's Inventory:

    $89 SP$

    Carly the Yanmega (L: Bug/Flying)
    Health: 12/12 | Sanity: 8/8 | Purity: 8/8
    Battle Stance: Flee
    Perk: Technical
    Trait: Nimble
    Equipment: [E: Starhail Staff] (2d12 holy damage), Enigma Berry (until Day 9 Night Cycle
    Carly's Inventory:
    [Spelon Berry], [Starf Berry], [Adrenaline Orb]

    $207 SP$

    Adrian Aylian the Lucario (M: Fighting/Steel)
    Health: 10/10 | Sanity: 8/8 | Purity: 10/10
    Battle Stance: Fight
    Perk: Diplomacy
    Trait: Resourceful
    Adrian's Inventory:

    $162 SP$

    Arrow the Jolteon (M: Electric)
    Health: 8/10 | Sanity: 5/8 | Purity: 7/10
    Battle Stance: Flee
    Perk: Security
    Trait: Nimble
    Arrow's Inventory:


    Lillian the Lopunny (M: Normal)
    Health: 8/10 | Sanity: 8/8 | Purity: 10/10
    Battle Stance: Fight
    Perk: Diplomacy | Abilities: Rescue/Escape
    Trait: Lucky
    Equipment: [E: Obsidian Dagger], Enigma Berry (until Day 9 Day Cycle)
    Lillian's Inventory:
    [Adrenaline Orb]

    $885 SP$

    Sam the Deerling (S: Grass)
    Health: 8/8| Sanity: 8/8 | Purity: 12/12
    Battle Stance: Flee
    Perk: Medicine
    Trait: Nimble

    Nicholas "Nicklefool" Foligan the Mr. Mime (M: Psychic/Fairy)
    Health: 10/10| Sanity: 7/8 | Purity: 10/10
    Battle Stance: Fight
    Perk: Diplomacy | Abilities: Forge
    Trait: Charming
    Nicklefool's Inventory:
    [Sitrus Berry], [Starf Berry]

    $131 SP$

    Daniel the Umbreon (M: Dark)
    Health: 9/10| Sanity: 8/8 | Purity: 10/10
    Battle Stance: Flee
    Perk: Seinaru
    Trait: Charming

    Verde the Leafeon (M: Grass)
    Health: 10/10| Sanity: 8/8 | Purity: 10/10
    Battle Stance: Flee
    Perk: Diplomacy

    Brass the Braixen (M: Fire)
    Health: 2/10| Sanity: 6/8 | Purity: 1/10
    Battle Stance: Fight
    Perk: Repair
    Trait: Resourceful
    Brass' Inventory:

    $416 SP$

    Yris the Luxray (M: Electric)
    Health: 10/10| Sanity: 8/8 | Purity: 10/10
    Battle Stance: Fight
    Perk: Medicine | Abilities: Rescue/Escape
    Trait: Resourceful

    Truly the Ekans (L: Poison)
    Health: 12/12| Sanity: 8/8 | Purity: 8/8
    Battle Stance: Fight
    Perk: Technical | Abilities: Escort/Protect, Rescue/Escape
    Trait: Charming
    Equipment: [E: Crusader Spear] (2d8+2 holy damage)
    Truly's Inventory:
    [Coupon: 1 Starf/Oran/Spelon Berry]


    Old Lace the Magikarp (S: Water)
    Health: 8/8 | Sanity: 8/8 | Purity: 12/12
    Battle Stance: Fight
    Perk: Diplomacy | Abilities: Escort/Protect, Rescue/Escape
    Equipment: [E: Rod of Light] (2d4 & 1d6 holy damage)
    Trait: Stealthy


    Neo the Emolga (S: Electric/Flying)
    Health: 8/8 | Sanity: 8/8 | Purity: 10/12
    Battle Stance: Fight
    Perk: Repair | Abilities: Forge
    Trait: Lucky

    Sparkstrike the Pikachu (S: Electric)
    Health: 8/8 | Sanity: 6/8 | Purity: 7/12
    Battle Stance: Fight
    Perk: Medicine
    Trait: Lucky

    Doom Tracker

    After their failure in Southwarren, the Enthrallers of Abyss have have set out to wreak as much havoc as possible in Salvage Keep, and gain strength by murdering the locals. In addition to this, they strive to learn as much information about the Emissaries' mission as possible. Be careful that you do not let either Dark Event get close to completion.

    Active Dark Event 1: Kill Counter:

    A nightmare storm seems to be brewing...

    Active Dark Event 2: Mission Disclosure:

    Stalkers Status:
    0/7 Stalkers Eliminated

    Team Inventory
    $3466 SP$

    [Oran Berry] x5
    [Sitrus Berry] x2
    [Starf Berry] x1
    [Spelon Berry] x2
    [Lum Berry] x2
    [Enigma Berry] x2

    [M: Clear Gem]
    [M: Green Gem] x3
    [M: Green Gem Dust] x1
    [M: Blue Gem]
    [M: Purple Gem]
    [M: Elemental Orb] x2
    [M: Focus Ball] x2

    [M: Scraps] x9
    [M: Macro-Weed Fibre] x2
    [M: Padded Strips] x5

    [M: Iron Ore] x1
    [M: Iron Ingot] x6
    [M: Titanium Ore] x2
    [M: Titanium Ingot]
    [M: Obsidian Ore]
    [M: Obsidian Ingot]

    [E: Green Gemstone Headband (+2 Max Sanity)] x2

    Utopian Vessels of Banishment:
    [E: Dragonstar Flair] (5d4 holy damage)
    [E: Angel's Dawn] (1d6, 1d8, & 1d10 holy damage)

    Utopian Articles:
    [Holy Infuser]
    [Safeguard Seal]
    [Communion Talisman]
    [Mystic Crystal]
    [Ancient Relic]
    [Pure Cloth]
    =Sacred Blessing=
    =Banishment Instructions=
    =Phylactery Passage=

    Abyssal Articles:
    [Gauze Roll]
    [Large Tooth]
    [Severed Tail]
    [Mangled Paw 2/2]
    [Scorched Paw 1/2]
    [ALPHA Key Card]
    [Melted Toy Cleffa]
    [Mauled Toy Igglybuff]
    [%Charred Toy Elekid% 2P DMG]
    [Box of Offal]
    [Bottle of Blood]
    [Cup of Pus]
    [Bag of Intestines]
    [Eyeball] x3
    [Slimy Skin Patch]
    [Indigo Scaly Patch]
    [Taupe Skin Patch]
    [@Feathery Skin Patch@ 2S DMG]
    [@Silenced Tongue@ 2S DMG]
    [%Ring of Vitriol% 2P DMG]
    [#Bow Tie of Suffocation# 3H DMG, Grass]
    [Rectangular Bomb]
    [Leaf Crown]
    [Bag of Coals]
    [Painkiller Needle]
    [Bootleg Key Half 2/2]
    [BASAL Password]
    [Four-Digit Code: 5151]

    [Gravemeld's Phylactery]

    [Aqua Gear]
    [Care Package] x2
    [Vial of Painkiller]
    [Yellow Key]
    [Jagged Claw]

    Team Records
    =Strange Picross=
    =Mysterious Squares=
    =Threatening Card=
    =Ripped Note=
    =Confessional Note 1=
    =Torment Scrawling=
    =Note to Fikl=
    =Dee'mang's Diary Entry=
    =Granola Recipe=
    =Care Package List=
    =Bloody Wall Declaration=
    =Strange Code Key=
    =Orin's Diary Extract=
    =Threatening Graffiti=
    =Payload's Condolences=
    =Note to Aliema=
    =Carbonara Recipe=
    =Basal Maze=
    =Cave Graffiti=
    =Bloody Wall Scrawling=
    =Code Picross=
    =Scrulop's Heart=
    =Note from H=
    =Spot the Blood= (=Original Reference=)
    =Depraved Scrawlings=
    =Abatis Sudoku Solution 237=
    =Abatis Maze=
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    (1) Salvage Keep – When settlers attempted to inhabit the western end of Harbour Valley after it saw almost a century of vacancy, a fortress dubbed Salvage Keep was built to serve as a safe dwelling. When expansion became feasible and more structures were built, the growing settlement retained the same name. Shilamora and Orin, two of Salvage Keep's founders, still reside here. To differentiate between the settlement and the fortress itself, locals refer to this location as simply the Keep.
    =Strange Picross= was found here.
    (1a) Basement (War room, general storage) <SEARCHED>
    =Warning to Fikl= and [Iron Ingot] x3 were found here.
    (1b) Floors 1–2 (Garden, dining hall, kitchen) <SEARCHED>
    {Tiny Opening: ^Small Pokemon^}
    [Box of Offal] and [Bottle of Blood] were found here.
    (1c) Floors 3-4 (General living quarters, Orin's room) <SEARCHED> (Investigate)
    (1d) Floor 5, Tower (Shilamora’s dwelling) <SEARCHED>
    {Gift-Wrapped Box: +Any type+}
    [Rectangular Bomb]

    (2) Swollen Blister Tavern – Most of the locals of Salvage Keep love a good drink and a place to celebrate. The Swollen Blister Tavern, owned and run by Aluxi the kommo-o, is the best place to go if you’re looking for a drunken night to partially remember.
    {Fountain Mosaic Indents: Six Missing Patches}
    (2a) Aluxi's Apartment <UNSEARCHED>


    (3) Disaster Defence - In need of some weapons or armour to brave the wilds? Kannari the rhydon is a practiced smith specialising in creative metal suits for those wishing to stay protected beyond their usual limits of pokémon mortality.
    [Staff Shaft] and $12 SP$ were found here.

    (4) Terr's Delicacies - Decent food of any kind is hard to come by in this province, but somehow Terr manages to gather the local ingredients and impress the valley's occupants with creative and sustaining dishes in their café. Certain goods can also be purchased here, such as good coffee beans and limited wholefoods.
    =Carbonara Recipe= was found here.

    (5) Produce Stall - A quaint shop selling produce from the two local farms in the Salvage Keep district of Harbour Valley as well as other food sourced from other areas which are usually traded with the locally grown crops.
    @Smeared Guts@ 2 Sanity Damage
    [Bag of Intestines] was found here.

    (6) Starplace Gems - Although valuable gemstones are sometimes available at Starplace Gems, the majority of its stock consists of lower-tier jewellery and assorted decorative pieces for home display.
    {Locked Electronic Safe: <Security> / +Electric-type+}
    [Red Gem], [Green Gem Dust], [Obsidian Ore] and $22 SP$ were found here.

    (7) Berry House - The Berry House is a juice bar and a buying place for berries. Bizzie's mate, Balene the cottonee, runs the shop.
    [Oran Berry] and [Starf Berry] were found here.
    (7a) Storehouse <UNSEARCHED>

    (8) General Supplies - Those who stop by the valley in need of supplies for their travels can find most of what they need in this small store run by Rallodin the quilava.

    (9) Orolaph's Budding Florist - A start-up stall run by Orolaph, an ambitious magby who firmly believes that even in a post-apocalyptic world, flowers can make people happy. The business has gotten a surprising amount of traffic, although it is uncertain how long this novelty will last.
    [Spelon Berry] and [Staff Head] were found here.

    (10) Fabulous Furnishings - Irston has a passion for designing furniture and other home furnishings. Orders can be selected from a standard catalogue, or custom made, and will be processed by Mittlee, Irston's capable business partner.
    [@Feathery Skin Patch@ 2S DMG] was found here.

    (11) The Invincible Drifter – This colourful building stands out among the others. Many useful accessories and assorted parts are sold here, and some are even advertised as enchanted or special.
    =Mysterious Squares= and $17 SP$ were found here


    (12) Kaskin's House

    (13) Rei and Pakki's Cave - A cave-like house in which Rei and Pakki, an Alolan sandslash and sandshrew mother and daughter, live.

    (14) Delta's Den <SEARCHED>
    {Hidden Side-Bag: <Security> / +Steel-type+} <SEARCHED>
    [Unused Needle] was found here.
    {Solid Underground Door: Scratched Pattern Scanner}

    (15) Kannari's House
    (15a) Kannari's Workshop <SEARCHED>
    {Hole-Ridden Togepi Statue: Glowing Puncture x3, Dagger Slot x1, +Fighting-type+} <SEARCHED>
    [%Barbed Metal Disc% 2P DMG] was found here

    (16) Imeida’s Home

    (17) Longstay Ranch - A ranch run by Golly the golurk. Since he opened his establishment, Golly rents out rooms mainly to travellers, but a few of the valley's permanent residents live here. He does not shy away from charging a high price due to its location right beside the bazaar, and the quality of the rooms and service outmatches that of every other inland residence.
    (17a) Rooms 1-10 <UNSEARCHED>
    (17b) Rooms 11-20 <UNSEARCHED>
    (17c) Rooms 21-30

    (18) Shila Educations - Named after one of Salvage Keep's founders, the Shila Education program is a school for Pokémon of all ages.
    {Sports Shed: Shed Keyhole}
    (18a) Classrooms 1-10 <UNSEARCHED>
    (18b) Staff Room, First Aid, Library

    (19) Tunnel Ruins – These ruins lead into the side of the mountain framing one side of the valley. It has seen many explorers over the years, but it’s never been completely explored.
    ~Mysterious Shadows~ 6 Purity Damage
    {Whimpering Beedrill: <Medicine>} <HEALED>
    {Corruption's Eye: <Seinaru>} <PURIFIED>
    [Thundercaller Relic] was found here.

    (20) Valley Ruins – One of the ruins in Salvage Keep that hasn't been fully scoured yet. Presumably, these ruins were inhabited before the cataclysm.
    =Cave Graffiti=
    [%Malice Arrow% 2P DMG]

    (21) Sunken Ruins – By the lakeside is a third set of ruins which have only partly been investigated. Those who have visited recently claim that proper exploration is now impossible, as the ruins have become flooded and dangerous due to failing infrastructure.
    {Sunken Passage: Completed Instructions (Bandages)}


    (22) Mercenary Guild – Guns for hire who will accompany their contractors as bodyguards and perform tasks usually involving violence or escorting—or both. Many members of this guild are seasoned fighters, and most follow basic morals or values of their own.
    {Heavy Gate Totem: Metal Disc Slot, ENTER DIFFERENCE CODE} %Dark Presence, 2P% <SEARCHED>
    {Dissonant Tunnel: +Dark Type+} <SEARCHED>
    =Abatis Maze= was found here.[/url]
    {Fetid Tunnel: +Poison Type+} <SEARCHED>
    %Oozing dark power% 5P damage
    {Pulsating Sac: Painkiller Injection}
    {Beguiling Tunnel: +Fairy Type+} <SEARCHED>
    @%Impaled Victims%@ 3S damage, 3P damage
    =Abatis Sudoku= was found here.
    (22a) Mercenary Sleeping Quarters <UNSEARCHED>

    (23) Voyagers Guild – Members of this guild have set up quarters in many cities and towns. Rarely will members of the Voyagers Guild stay in one place; rather, they use the common quarters as places to rest and share their exploits upon arriving at a new location before they set out once more.
    (23a) Voyagers Sleeping Quarters <UNSEARCHED>

    (24) Scholars Guild – Knowledge is valuable to many people, and members of the Scholars Guild are all of that opinion. They regard information very highly, and study a range of topics, from history to technology.
    {Display Cabinet: Ghost-type / Fine Slot}
    [Incomplete Holy Infuser] was found here.
    (24a) Study Halls <SEARCHED>
    {Partially Functional Computer: <Repair>, Password / <Technical>} <SEARCHED>
    {Memory Chip Slot: Memory Chip}
    (24b) Scholars Sleeping Quarters <SEARCHED>
    {Secured Metal Book: <Security> / <Technical>} <SEARCHED>

    (25) Merchants Guild – A place for merchants to congregate and network. Many traders acquire new wares through their guild.
    {Fastened Shadowy Door: <Security>}
    {Corruption's Eye: <Seinaru>} <PURIFIED>
    (25a) Merchants Sleeping Quarters <UNSEARCHED>

    (26) Bounty Hunter Guild – Need something found or something dead? Maybe someone dead? Bounty Hunters will rarely discriminate between contracts—as long as payment is involved.
    (26a) Bounty Hunter Sleeping Quarters <UNSEARCHED>

    (27) Misc. Guilds – Within this clutch of guilds lie the groups whose members are not aplenty. Some examples include the Friendmaker Guild, the Trust Circle Guild, and the Anti-Hygiene Guild.
    #Pitfall Spike Trap# 3 Health damage
    [@Bloody Bone Spike@ 2S damage] was found here.
    (27a) Misc. Sleeping Quarters <UNSEARCHED>

    (28) Training Grounds – An extra mixed training area for all guilds to use. Most who come here are from the Mercenary Guild or Bounty Hunter Guild.
    {Uncovered Lock-Box: <Security>}
    [Mangled Paw 2/2] was found here.


    (29) Trinket Tower – One of the only buildings from before the cataclysm in the entirety of Harbour Valley which still stands. It was named after one of Salvage Keep's founders, an ursaring named Trinket, who transformed this derelict tower into a habitable building for the valley's residents. After he was killed by Stalkers, his best friend Vex assumed his role consisting of maintaining the apartments.
    ~Mysterious Shadows~ 4 Purity Damage
    {Failing Pipes: <Repair>} <FIXED>
    {Corruption's Eye: <Seinaru>} <PURIFIED>
    (29a) Floors 1-2 (Apts. 1-20) <SEARCHED>
    $23 SP$ and [#Bow Tie of Suffocation# 3H DMG, Grass] were found here.
    (29b) Floors 3-4 (Apts. 21-40) <SEARCHED>
    =Payload's Condolences= and $29 SP$ were found here.
    (29c) Floors 5-6 (Apts. 41-60)
    {Hole in the Wall: ^Small Pokemon^}
    $289 SP$, [Blue Gem Dust], [Green Gem Dust], [Clear Gem Dust], [Padded Strips] x10 and [Titanium Ore] were found here.

    (30) Yellowback Lake – Water around these parts is hard to come by, which was why Salvage Keep was built right beside a lake which connects to an underground cavern. The water in the lake is always fresh, although arguably less so when certain troublemakers use it as their personal bath.
    [Jagged Claw] was found here.
    (30a) Cluster of Huts <SEARCHED>
    {Carving of Trepidation: Crown Indent, Branch Indent, +Fire-type+}
    (30b) North-side of Yellowback Lake <UNSEARCHED>

    (31) Harmony’s Hideaway – Harmony, being a seafaring lapras, has catered to the other water-types in the valley by setting up underwater apartments. She lives in one of them and rents out the rest at a modest price.
    Requires +Water-type+ or Aqua Gear to reach!
    {Barred Cave: Bootleg Keyhole}
    (31a) Apartments 1-10 <SEARCHED>
    $27 SP$, $11 SP$, and [Indigo Scaly Patch] were found here.
    (31b) Apartments 11-20 <SEARCHED>
    {Hidden Treasure Chest: Jagged Hole}

    (32) Drowned Marketplace Square - An underwater market square that caters to those who cannot comfortably travel and live out of water. This place is normally bustling with patrons from all over the valley and beyond.
    Requires +Water-type+ or Aqua Gear to reach!
    {Gem-Encrusted Chest: Medallion Slots x3} <SEARCHED>
    [Bootleg Key Half 2/2] was found here.
    $34 SP$ found here.
    (32a) Stalls 1-20 <SEARCHED>
    {Confused Goldeen: <Diplomacy>}
    [%Ring of Vitriol% 2P DMG] was found here.

    (33) Murky Pond – A pond extending from Yellowback Lake that tends to be much filthier than its larger counterpart. A small monument for Shilamora was erected here a few years back.
    {Carving of Trepidation: Crown Indent, Branch Indent, +Fire-type+}

    (34) Bizzie's Fruit Farm – Bizzie the cutiefly runs a farm not far from Yellowback Lake which produces mainly fruit. His keen sense for the welfare of plants and flowers makes him very good at what he does. He specialises in berries.
    ~Mysterious Shadows~ 6 Purity Damage
    {Wounded Yungoose: <Medicine>} <HEALED>
    {Corruption's Eye: <Seinaru>} <PURIFIED>
    [Rod of Light] was found here.
    (34a) Bizzie’s and Balene’s House <SEARCHED>
    [Cup of Pus] and $47 SP$ were found here.

    (35) Vegetable Farm - The local crop farm owned and maintained by Meela-Tey the armaldo. She does not live here, however.
    [%Charred Toy Elekid% 2P DMG]
    (35a) Wheat Field <UNSEARCHED>

    (36) Sacred Temple – Followers of the legends often come to this temple for worship, or in search of meaning or guidance. A local gathering is held every Thursday night, led by the priestess Yasha.
    {Sacred Ground: Sacred Lands Blessing} <Daniel's Blessing> <Reading of the Sacred Blessing, Starring Lillian!>
    {Stone Slab: <Repair>} <REPAIRED>
    {The Holy Altar: <Forge>}
    [Sitrus Berry] was found here.
    (36a) Yasha's Residence <SEARCHED>
    {Filing Cabinet: <Dark-type>}
    =Code Picross= was found here.

    (37) Valley Graveyard - A graveyard curated by the Temple holding not only Salvage Keep's dead, but Harbour Valley's dead as well. Travellers from across the valley will entrust the bodies of their loved ones to the Temple's graveyard, where they receive a proper burial. Not many bodies reside here, as many bodies are either cremated or lost to scavengers or the elements.
    ~Mysterious Shadows~ 6 Purity Damage
    {Shivering Mudbray: <Medicine>} <HEALED>
    {Corruption's Eye: <Seinaru>} <PURIFIED>
    {Underground Crypt: Crypt Slot}
    {Kangaskhan Body: <Medicine> / <Technical>} <SEARCHED>
    [Gravemeld's Phylactery] was found here.
    (37a) Cepillu's Treehouse <SEARCHED>
    {Rotting Tree Base: +Grass-Type+} <SEARCHED>
    [Scorched Paw 1/2] was found here.

    (38) Black Dart Apothecary – Kaskin, Salvage Keep’s local healer, is a croagunk determined to prove that Poison-types can treat injured pokémon just as effectively as anyone else, despite their toxic reputation. He has a shop here as well as an infirmary.
    [Gauze Roll] was found here.

    (39) Pebble Petrol Station (Abandoned) – Before the cataclysm, this was expected to have been a busy location. For the last few decades, however, it has been overgrown by macro-weeds and offers nothing special at all.
    {Reinforced Bunker: <Repair>, Bunker Key Slot, Bracelet Slot}

    (40) Vehicle Yard (Abandoned) – A property containing rusted, broken, ruined vehicles which have not been in use since before the cataclysm. All parts from these vehicles that could have been salvaged were done so years back.
    {Faulty Safe: <Repair> / <Technical>}

    (41) Manufacturing Plot (Abandoned) – A long-abandoned plot of land which used to be a manufacturing area for machinery. Nothing here is functional anymore.
    ~Mysterious Shadows~ 6 Purity Damage
    {Injured Pidgeotto: <Medicine>} <HEALED>
    {Corruption's Eye: <Seinaru>} <PURIFIED>
    [Crusader Spear] was found here.

    (42) Valley Wellness Centre - Eclipse and Timpani run this mental wellbeing centre for those who suffer from various mental afflictions. They run programs daily for those in need of recovery with the help of some of their staff. They are donation-run only, which means that they rarely have the funds for anything beyond general care.
    {Old Iron Maiden: ^Large Pokemon^}
    [%Infernal Spear% 2P damage] was found here.

    (43) Rusty Shine Units – The maintenance for these units is nearly nonexistent, and the general quality of each unit is lacking. The low prices almost make up for the poor conditions.
    =Threatening Graffiti= and [Clear Gem Dust] were found here.
    (43a) Units 1-10 <SEARCHED>
    @Bathtub Surprise@ 5S Damage
    [Eyeball] x3
    (43b) Units 11-20 <SEARCHED>
    =Bloody Wall Scrawling=
    [Taupe Skin Patch] was found here.
    (43c) Units 21-30 <SEARCHED>

    (44) Greg’s Grog – An inn and bar run by Greg the torracat. Many suspect that he and Aluxi are in competition.
    [@Silenced Tongue@ 2S DMG] was found here.
    (44a) Tavern <SEARCHED>
    [Bag of Coals] was found here.
    (44b) Inn Rooms 1-5 <SEARCHED>
    $300SP$ was found here.
    (44c) Inn Rooms 6-9, Greg's Room <SEARCHED>
    =Sacred Blessing Shreds= were found here.

    (45) Salvage Keep Library – A small library documenting information from the past few hundred years. The recoverable materials were slim, but as Krenta, the library’s owner, claims, “limited information is better than none at all.”
    {Impenetrable Shack: Mounted Speaker}
    (45a) Upper Levels <SEARCHED>
    [Severed Tail] was found here.

    (46) The Glaring Spider - A restaurant owned by Miyanta the araquanid. There is nothing particularly special about the restaurant, but it remains the only proper eating place in Salvage Keep besides Terr's Delicacies.
    =Granola Recipe= was found here.

    (47) Fragments from the Past - A museum curated by Anguleri, a dhelmise who has a strong interest in forgotten artefacts and knowledge from the past. Because of this pokémon’s towering height, all doorways in the library stand rather tall.
    {Hell-Cursed Cauldron: <Repair>}
    {Hell-Cursed Cauldron: ???}

    (48) Crater Centre– A crater at the top of a small mountain which was present before Salvage Keep was established. Due to the shrapnel still present in the crater from whatever caused it, it is considered dangerous to venture into.
    {Gate to the Underground: <Security>, +Electric Type+} <SEARCHED>
    {Electronic Panel: "ENTER SADISTIC CODE"}
    (48a) Crater West <UNSEARCHED>
    (48b) Crater East <UNSEARCHED>

    (49) Salvage Theatre - Many people told Samba that opening a theatre was a useless endeavour in this kind of society, but she persisted and managed to build a recognisable theatre company. Every few weeks, a new play is performed at the theatre, which attracts those who enjoy physical entertainment and wish to escape from their lives for a night. When plays are not showing, stand-up nights, karaoke, and theatre games are offered.
    $23 SP$, [Slimy Skin Patch], and =Dee'mang's Diary Entry= were found here.
    (49a) Performer Trailers <UNSEARCHED>

    (50) Jeek and Zundy Leisure Centre – A games and leisure hub for those in need of some stress relief. Hosted nightly are board games, darts, card games, Dungeons & Dragonite, and more. After Jeek and Zundy left the valley, Vex and Fjord partnered up to keep it running, but kept its original name.
    {Hidden Room's Basement: GAMMA Code, +Ground-type+}

    (51) Reuse and Recycle - A large yard filled with items, materials, gadgets and other potentially useful debris collected by contracted workers or entrepreneurs and sold by Sebbit the drilbur. He believes his prices are reasonable, and he doesn't take kindly to bartering.
    (51a) Heaped Cave <UNSEARCHED>

    (52) Slippery Park – A quaint park in a rather unexpected place in Salvage Keep. There isn’t much here besides a few healthy trees and patches of grass, and the mandatory park bench.

    (53) Rubbish Tip West - The main dumping ground for rubbish and useless debris in Harbour Valley. Scavengers can often be found here trying to dig up useful materials to sell or use, though there will rarely be anything of value.
    {Mound of Trash: +Flying-type+} <SEARCHED>
    (53a) Rubbish Tip East <UNSEARCHED>

    (54) Clutch of Decaying Houses (Abandoned) - A few rotting, uninhabited buildings that remain from the cataclysm.
    (54a) Small House <SEARCHED> | <SEARCHED>
    {Magical Forcefield: +Ice-type+}
    [Talisman Half 2/2]
    (54b) Collapsed House <SEARCHED>
    {Carving of Barrenness: Canister Shape, <Repair>, Wounded Leg}
    (54c) Rotting Cottage <SEARCHED>
    ~Mysterious Shadows~ 7 Purity Damage
    {Shadow Entity: <Seinaru>} <PURIFIED>
    [Dragonstar Flail] was found here
    (54d) Underground House <UNSEARCHED>
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    Salvage Keep Suspect List

    1. Shilamora the Goodra ♀ [D/N] <Adrian's Interview> <Madder's Investigation>
    2. Zephie the Scrafty ♀ [D/N] <Carly's Friendly Battle>
    3. Eclipse the Houndour ♂ [N] TEACHER: Escort/Protect <Daniel's Interview> <Old Lace's Lesson>
    4. Orin the Vivillon ♂ [D/N] <Carly's Interview> <Madder's Investigation> <Truly's Restrain> <Lillian's "Friendly" Battle>
    =Orin's Diary Extract= was found during the Investigation.
    =Strange Instructions= was found during Lillian's Battle
    5. Frinottie the Girafarig ♀ [D] **COMPLIANT** <Lillian's Interview>
    6. Timpani the Kirlia ♀ [D] **COMPLIANT** <Nicklefool's Interview>
    [Sitrus Berry] and [Starf Berry] were given.
    <Lillian's Friendly Battle>
    7. Silcress the Zweilous ♂ [N] <Daniel's Battle> <Lillian's Battle> KILLED BY THE STALKERS.
    [Medallion of the Pathological] was taken.
    8. Nakmor the Cranidos ♂ [N] <UNQUESTIONED>
    9. Aliema the Helioptile ♀ [D] <UNQUESTIONED>
    10. (!) Spread the Word Dimfred the Slowbro ♂ [D/N] <DracoBolt's Interview>
    11. Jhuruni the Bruxish ♂ [D] <UNQUESTIONED>
    12. Mittlee the Mimikyu ♀ [D] TEACHER: Investigate <Madder's Interview> <Madder's Lesson
    [Melted Toy Cleffa] was given.
    13. Dee'mang the Pikipek ♂ [D] <Truly's Interview>
    [Leaf Crown] was found here.
    14. Sansheel the Poliwhirl ♂ [D/N] <UNQUESTIONED>
    15. Pakki the Alolan Sandshrew ♀ [D] <DracoBolt's Interview>
    16. Rei the Alolan Sandslash ♀ [N] <UNQUESTIONED>
    17. Vertriss the Seviper ♀ [D] <UNQUESTIONED>
    18. Bixas the Pinsir ♂ [D/N] TEACHER: Rescue/Escape <Carly's Interview> <Yris' Lesson> <Old Lace's Lesson> <Lillian's Friendly Battle>
    19. Anguleri the Dhelmise [D/N] <Madder's Interview>
    20. Pinlock the Ferrothorn ♀ [D] **COMPLIANT** <Verde's Interview>
    21. Terr the Metang [D] **COMPLIANT** <Verde's Interview>
    22. Cliff the Furfrou ♂ [D] <Lillian's Interview>
    23. Aarul the Noibat ♀ [D/N] <UNQUESTIONED>
    24. Marisha the Flaaffy ♀ [D/N] Repair Perk <Neo's Interview>
    25. Yurtag the Palpitoad ♂ [N] <UNQUESTIONED>
    26. Balene the Cottonee ♀ [D] <Mistee's Interview>
    27. Bizzie the Cutiefly ♂ [D] <UNQUESTIONED> KILLED BY THE STALKERS.
    28. Papritz the Spoink ♂ [D] <Madder's Interview>
    29. Typhen the Luxio ♂ [N] <Sparkstrike's Interview>
    30. Delta the Flareon ♀ [D] <Daniel's Interview>
    $45 SP$ and [Vial of Painkiller] were added to the Team Inventory.
    31. Meela-Tey the Armaldo ♀ [D/N] KILLED BY THE STALKERS.<Lillian's Friendly Battle>
    32. Orolaph the Magby ♂ [D] KILLED BY THE STALKERS.<Brass's Interview>
    [Padded Strip] x5 and $34 SP$ were given.
    33. Remnashi the Lombre ♂ [N] Security Perk **COMPLIANT** <Verde's Interview>
    34. Vex the Decidueye ♀ [D/N] **COMPLIANT** <Nicklefool's Interview> <Nicklefool's Conversation> <Nickelfool's Conversation 2>
    =Coded Passage= was given.
    35. (!) Care Packages Kaskin the Croagunk ♂ [D/N] Medicine Perk **COMPLIANT** <Truly's Interview> Lychee's Interview
    36. Willow the Miltank ♀ [D/N] <Lillian's Interview>
    37. Shrulop the Vikavolt ♂ [D/N] KILLED BY THE STALKERS. <Carly's Interview>
    [Spelon Berry] and [Starf Berry] were given.
    38. Gyrlon the Aron ♂ [D/N] <UNQUESTIONED>
    39. Effentine the Grookey ♀ [D] <Mistee's Interview>
    [Oran Berry] was given.
    40. Gal-Dan the Mawile ♀ [N] <UNQUESTIONED>
    41. Finichi the Garbodor ♀ [D/N] <Sam's Interview> <Adrian's Battle>
    42. Brahk the Alolan Grimer ♀ [D/N] **COMPLIANT** <Lita's Interview> <Lillian's Interview>
    [Talisman 1/2] was given.
    43. Greg the Torracat ♂ [N] <Old Lace's Interview>
    44. Cepillu the Golbat ♀ [N] **COMPLIANT** <Carly's Interview> <DracoBolt's Friendly Battle> <DracoBolt's Interview>
    [Crypt Key] was given.
    45. Irston the Dedenne ♂ [D] Diplomacy Perk <Arrow's Interview>
    46. Yasha the Absol ♀ [D/N] **COMPLIANT** TEACHER: Clairvoyance <Daniel's Interview> <DracoBolt's Interview>
    47. Rallodin the Quilava ♂ [D] <UNQUESTIONED>
    48. Krenta the Haunter ♂ [D/N] KILLED BY THE STALKERS. <Madder's Interview>
    49. Samba the Pom-pom Oricorio ♀ [D] <UNQUESTIONED>
    50. Kannari the Rhydon ♀ [D/N] TEACHER: Forge <Lillian's Interview> <Neo's Lesson> <Nickelfool's Lesson> <Madder's Investigation> <Lita's Lesson>
    51. Vye the Bisharp ♂ [D/N] TEACHER: Clairvoyance **COMPLIANT** <Adrian's Interview> KILLED BY THE STALKERS.
    52. Imeida the Kangaskhan ♀ [D] **COMPLIANT** <Lillian's Fight> <Lillian's Rematch> <Old Lace's Interview>
    [%Medallion of the Baleful% 2P DMG], [Oran Berry] and [Sitrus Berry] were given.
    53. Sebbit the Drilbur ♂ [D] TEACHER: Scavenging Security Perk <Truly's Interview>
    54. Rachta the Tepig ♂ [D/N] **COMPLIANT** <Carly's Interview> <Lillian's Interview>
    [Mauled Igglybuff Toy] was given.
    55. Miyanta the Araquanid ♀ [D/N] <Arrow's Interview>
    56. Harmony the Lapras ♀ [D] Diplomacy Perk <Truly's Interview>
    57. Pakson the Crabominable ♂ [D/N] <Old Lace's Interview>
    58. (!) Aluxi the Kommo-o ♀ [N] <UNQUESTIONED>
    59. Fjord the Fraxure ♂ [D] <UNQUESTIONED>
    60. Lillosh the Sandygast ♀ [N] <UNQUESTIONED>
    61. Golly the Golurk ♂ [N] <Madder's Interview>
    [Titanium Ore] and $183 SP$ were given.
    62. Fliscinco the Mamoswine ♀ [D/N] <UNQUESTIONED>
    63. Juparl the Passimian ♀ [D/N] <Lillian's Battle>
    [Medallion of the Grotesque] and [Fine Key] were taken.
    64. Xelphar the Turtonator ♂ [D] <UNQUESTIONED>
    65. Weikutt the Krokorok ♀ [N] <UNQUESTIONED>
    66. Desnim the Eelektrik ♂ [D/N] <Arrow's Interview>
    [Yellow Gem] was given.
    67. Bencho the Archeops ♂ [D] <UNQUESTIONED>
    68. Yssillee the Mienshao ♀ [D] <Madder's Interview>
    69. Urvanine the Nidorino ♂ [D] <UNQUESTIONED> KILLED BY THE STALKERS.
    70. Holly the (Dusk) Lycanroc ♀ [N] <Lillian's Friendly Battle>
    71. Fikl the Snover ♂ [D/N] <Mistee's Interview>
    [Adrenaline Orb] was given.
    72. Mao the Shedinja ♀ [D/N] TEACHER: Clairvoyance <Carly's Interview>
    [Adrenaline Orb] and $67 SP$ were given.

    Side Quest Status


    35. (!) Care Packages - Kaskin the Croagunk ♂
    Kaskin is a little bogged down with work and he asks the Emissaries to deliver five medication/supply packages.

    Objective: Deliver a package to: Delta the flareon, Urvanine the nidorino, Golly the golurk, Orolaph the magby Timpani the kirlia.
    Return to Kaskin
    =Care Package List=

    10. (!) Spread the Word Dimfred the Slowbro ♂
    Dimfred and Samba are putting together a very special show with just the two of them. It's mostly comedy-focused, and they are excited about it. However, news of the Stalkers seems to be overshadowing everything else, and Dimfred personally asks an Emissary if they can help spread the word about the show to five civilians so that many might attend.

    1. Pakki the Alolan Sandshrew
    2. Papritz the Spoink
    3. Timpani the Kirlia
    4. Bixas the Pinsir
    5. <Empty>

    Reward: A Weapon, an Orb


    1. (!) Demolition Diplomacy - Shilamora the Goodra ♀
    The statue of Shilamora located at Salvage Keep has been destroyed. She has said that it happened because a diplomatic meeting with nearby valley leaders "didn't end how he would have liked" and on his way out, he tore down the statue. The guards, Silcress and Delta, managed to "escort" him away before he caused any more damage, but now the statue is ruined and needs replacing.

    She has asked the Emissaries to fix it, or to find someone who can fix it for her as soon as possible. She suggests speaking with the resident blacksmith, Kannari the rhydon. She says she can reward you with something better than items.

    26. (!) Consumed by Darkness - Balene the Cottnee ♀
    Kior the yungoose, a friend of Balene, went missing a few days ago, and she is worried sick about him. She wants the Emissaries to look for him.

    Before anyone asked her about her mission, Kior was rescued by the Emissaries, so when she was asked about her mission, she was immediately told the good news. She rewarded the players generously with a 50% discount at her shop, and multiple berry rewards: x5 [Oran Berry], x3 [Sitrus Berry], x5 [Starf Berry], x5 [Spelon Berry], x2 [Lum Berry], x1 [Enigma Berry]

    Rewards: $??? SP$ and misc. items.

    18. (!) A Contest of Strength - Bixas the Pinsir ♂
    Bixas has not been defeated in a long, long time. He trains daily in the training grounds, and prides himself on being innately strong. He has been waiting for a worthy challenger for a long time now, and challenges the Emissaries to find someone worthy enough to beat him. However, he will only agree to face them if they have defeated the other two challengers on his list. Emissaries can clearly see that he is powerful, and he warns them that super-effective attacks will have regular effect on him. If they are going to battle him, it won't be easy.

    Objective: Beat Zephie
    Beat Meela-Tay in a friendly battle, then challenge Bixas and defeat him.

    Rewards: $500 SP$ and [Rainbow Gem]

    68. (!) Fee or Free - Yssillee the Mienshao ♀
    Yssillee's brother, a mienfoo named Jasper, is a travelling monk who has only come back to Salvage Keep a day ago. He was headed towards his sister to visit her when he was taken captive by Vye the bisharp back at the Bounty Hunters Guild. Turns out that Krenta put a capture bounty on Jasper after allegedly seeing a mienfoo sneaking around his library multiple times in the past week. Yssillee has tried talking with him, but Krenta is adamant that he has the right offender. Yssillee says he does not have proof.

    She wants the Emissaries to free him of his captivity and get to the bottom of this issue by speaking with Vye, or starting a rescue mission to rescue Jasper.

    There are three methods of exonerating Jasper: battle against Vye and win; pay Vye a fine of $900 SP$; start a Rescue Mission to rescue Jasper.

    Following Vye's death at the hands of the Stalkers, the Emissaries will have to follow up with Holly the Lycanroc, a leader at the Bounty Hunters Guild.

    $Splinters$, a gemstone, and [Enigma Berry].

    36. (!) Willow's Hunch - Willow the Miltank ♀
    Willow has been noticing pokémon moving around at night on the school campus. Oftentimes she will stay back late in her office grading school papers and preparing lessons. She tends to be forgetful, as well, and will occasionally return to the school at late hours to pick up things she left. She has a key, being a senior teacher at the school, so she is able to get in without the principal's supervision.

    The past week, Willow has been heading home late or returning to the school more than usual. She has begun to notice strange movements and chatter. She at first thought it could be Stalkers, but culprits will flee or go silent if they notice her. She has tried to confront them a number of times, but to no avail. She is worried for the safety of the students and other teachers, and asks the Emissaries to investigate. She says that she doesn't have any rewards, but she hopes they will check it out anyway.

    UPDATE: After Madder ambushed Sansheel and Desnim's Sway smuggling operation, Sansheel has given the Emissaries a choice:
    Option 1: Take Sansheel's deal, in which you will be given $500SP$ and the [Angel's Dawn] at the beginning of Day 9: Day Cycle once the Sway operation has been fully completed.
    Option 2: Tell Willow about the Sway operation before the Day 9: Day Cycle, in which will result in the Sway smuggling operation being intercepted.

    Not telling Willow before Day 9: Day Cycle results in Option 1's outcome.

    Reward: [Purple Gem], [Angel's Dawn]

    Active Reincarnation Missions:
    Old Lace's Body: <Seinaru>
    Truly's Body: <Seinaru>

    Active Rescue Missions:

    Completed Rescue Missions:
    The rescue of: Lillian the Lopunny
    The rescue of Madder the Mimikyu
    The rescue of Brass the Braxien

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    Murder Scene Investigation

    Murder Scene #1: Valley Wellness Centre <RESULTS>
    {Bizzie's Body: <Technical>} <RESULTS>

    Clues found:
    =Torment Scrawling=

    [Large Tooth]

    Murder Scene #2: Scholars Guild <RESULTS>
    {Urvanine's Body: <Technical>} <RESULTS>

    Clues found:
    =Bloody Wall Declaration=

    Murder Scene #3: Salvage Keep Gate <SEARCHED>
    {Silcress' Remains: <Technical>} <RESULTS>

    Clues found:
    - Black powder scattered
    - No traces of blood
    - Message carved into the ground reading "I BURIED MY SOUL IN THE BASIN."

    Murder Scene #4: Yellowback Lake <SEARCHED>
    {Meela-Tey's Remains: <Technical>} <RESULTS>

    Clues found:
    =Soul Food Recipe Card=
    - Food remnants

    Murder Scene #5: Swollen Blister Tavern <SEARCHED>
    [Vye's Remains]

    Murder Scene #6: Valley Wellness Centre <SEARCHED>
    {Shrulop's Body: <Technical>}

    Murder Scene #7: Slippery Park <SEARCHED>
    {Krenta's Body: <Technical>}

    Murder Scene #8: Kaskin's House <UNSEARCHED>
    [Orolaph's Body]

    Useful Links

    >> Sign-Up Thread
    >> Season 4 Rules and Gameplay
    >> Main Action and Team Status Thread (this thread)
    >> Emissary Clubhouse
    >> Questions & Answers Thread
    >> Item Directory
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    It is a new day in Salvage Keep
    Submit your Day 1: Day Cycle Actions now! Remember, you have 2.

    Time Remaining:


    (6th August, 7PM AEST)
    Sorry, trying to figure out a new timer because the old site is no longer there!

    Best of luck, Emissaries.

    @Bulbasaur @Noblejanobii @Chakramaster @EmeraldSky @Neo Emolga @Scytherwolf @Morzone @HorusMyDude @Arrow-Jolteon @Lychee @sammy0295 @Truly @ARandomTool @LKWayvern

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    It's showtime!

    So who feels like getting out there and nailing some Stalkers? >:3


    First Action: I think I'll Search and check out #41 Manufacturing Plot (Abandoned) to see if there's anything nifty that I can fix up into something cool.

    Second Action: And then I think I'll spend the afternoon talking to #24 Marisha the Flaffy and see if she's seen anything weird or freaky lately.

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    Okay! I'll search #(34) Bizzie's Fruit Farm first. Partly because I love berries. xD

    After that I'll talk to Orin the Vivillon, a fellow bug type, about anything suspicious happening lately.

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    For my two actions, I'd like to interview Yasha the Absol and Eclipse the Houndour!
    Avatar made by Neo Emolga.

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    Lillian the Lopunny is a chatty gal, so she is also going to have a talk to a few townsfolk.

    If her diplomacy can be used once per round, it would be lovely to use it on Frinottie the Girafarig~
    If its only once per game, then she wont use it yet.
    Also, she will have a nice chat with Cliff the furfrou about what's been going on in town lately. Gossip is good! It's a lil gossip group about anything social or spooky happening. Ooo!

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    First Action: Search (6) Starplace Gems

    Second Action Search (50) Jeek and Zundy Leisure Centre

    The time is upon us...

    . Pika Pair with the yellow bundle of fluff Chibi Altaria..


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