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Thread: The Last Pokémon Wins! ( a version of The Last Poster Wins but with a twist )

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    The Last Pokémon Wins! ( a version of The Last Poster Wins but with a twist )

    This game is similar to the ( The Last Poster Wins game )

    If the thread goes unposted in for two FULL days ( 48 hours), then the last Pokémon wins however here there's a twist. Only those that have a Pokémon name or Pokémon image can post here

    I the Legendary Zekrom would begin by asking What is your favorite Dragon type Pokémon ?

    @Neo Emolga @Chakramaster @Speed-X @Noblejanobii @Scytherwolf @EmeraldSky
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    I'll bite...Dragonair.
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    we can ask or talk about anything @EmeraldSky

    By the way I think Latios/Latias, Hydreigon, & Zekrom Are amazing Dragon type Pokémon

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    Yeah, sorry dude, but I don't think we need multiple copies of the same kind of game. Otherwise someone could make Last Poster Wins... but you need to talk in another language or Last Poster Wins... but you have to talk backwards. And having swarms of games like that would just make the concept jaded. New games are cool and encouraged, but it would be better if they try to be unique and innovative with entirely new ideas and formats rather than copy something that already exists, save for a few variations.


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