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    Generation Rankings

    How would you rank the generations, from best to worst?

    For me, I plan to do all the games over in a row to ultimately decide, but here's mine so far:

    I < VII < IV < II < V < III < VI

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    From worst to best (counting Galar):

    --Alola (I applaud them for attempting something new, but the trials were too hard, and repetitive.)
    --Kalos (story needed work, not much character development, and not much to do postgame)
    --Kanto (yes, it's a classic, but there really isn't that much to do once you've finished the story)
    --Galar (Galar does a lot of things right, but there's still some ideas that need ironing out. That, and the Pokedex brouhaha)
    --Johto (Johto manages to build on Kanto and make it ten times better, with timed events (and lots of them), so there's always something cool to do every day)
    --Unova (Has a lot of interesting things to do, and an amazingly deep story, but there were some ideas they could've done more with, like the Musicals and PokeStar Studios)
    --Shinou (a huge region, lots to do, insanely fun contests, and a great story, even if the Pokemon variety is just meh)
    --Houen (Two words: Battle Frontier. That, and there are some interesting ideas that I wish the Pokemon team would revisit or try again, such as twin evil teams)
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    III > IV > V > VI > II > VII > I.

    Kanto's my least favourite because it's outdated and bested by remakes. Some designs are also beginning to grate on me a little.
    Then it's Alola, which tried a lot of changes and I can respect that, but at the same time I feel like it's the beginning of a problem I might have with Sword and Shield when I play them; the franchise having less time and effort put into it, resulting in the games feeling hollow.
    Next is Johto, which I feel is good, but there's a problem with level curves that makes the latter half a bit of a chore to play. Two regions was an amazing inclusion, though.
    Kalos I feel was a solid generation, but mired by mediocre characters and the lack of a Z version that made some locations feel ultimately pointless. For the jump to 3D, I'd say it was a pretty good attempt though.
    Unova is the point in my list where we're getting harder to separate the generations. White 2 is fantastic, and although I'm less keen on the original version, I'd say the sequels are as close to perfect as the franchise has been in a long time now.
    Sinnoh had some problems with slowness, but if we ignore that everything else was great; amazing new designs, the Physical/Special split, the region design itself (even borrowing Canalave City's layout with few changes from a city in the GSC Spaceworld demo).
    And my favourite has to be Hoenn. Partially because of the nostalgia of Emerald being my first game, but also because the region itself is solid. I feel like it might eve do a better job than Alola of portraying a tropical paradise, if only because we can explore the dungeons and areas like Fortree and Pacifidlog really make it stand out in ways other regions don't have. The third version also added quite a few story changes, and a lot of my favourite Pokémon (Blaziken, Rayquaza, Sceptile, Manectric and Latios to name a few) come from this generation. :D

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    From best to worst:

    V > II > VIII > III > I > IV > VI > VII

    1. UNOVA (GEN 5) - Gen 5 and Unova brought out many awesome Pokemon (EMOLGA especially, but Cinccino, Zoroark, Hydreigon and many others make it awesome as well!), featured an awesome region, and a great storyline with deep characters. Really, I was kind of in a rut with getting back into Pokemon games, but Unova did so much good. Everyone's looking forward to the Sinnoh remakes, but darn it, I want Unova remakes way more!
    2. JOHTO (GEN 2) - I can't count how many hours I poured into Gold. Plus G/S/C whipped out a lot of awesome legendaries. Seriously, I wanted Lugia and Ho-oh as soon as possible. And there were many other great Pokemon introduced, including Bellossom and Umbreon. Great stuff!
    3. GALAR (GEN 8) - Galar is rich and just plain fun to explore. There are certain areas where I just wish they did more with them (Spikemuth needs more love), but it was still really good and the Wild Area puts the Safari Zone to shame. I also like quite a few of the new Pokemon and have warmed up to them nicely. Also, the music in Sword and Shield is the best I've heard in Pokemon games, really only rivaled by PMD2.
    4. HOENN (GEN 3) - Hoenn is an interesting region with many different kinds of cities (Fortree is nifty), and it really helped the dragon type shine with the incorporation of many dragon type Pokemon.
    5. KANTO (GEN 1) - I have to give Kanto credit for bringing me into liking Pokemon in the first place. But it's also a mixed bag, as while it brought in many classic great Pokemon like Raichu and Ninetales that I still like a lot, it also coughed up Mr Mime and Jynx, which rot at the bottom of my list. Because of the "on one hand but on the other hand" situation, it seems only right to put it around the center.
    6. SINNOH (GEN 4) - Oddly enough, I liked Gen 4's Pokemon, but not so much Sinnoh itself. I found it kind of a pain in the neck to navigate, easy to get misdirected in, and it just didn't catch my interest as much. But there were many great Gen 4 Pokemon, though.
    7. KALOS (GEN 6) - I really wanted to like Kalos, especially since I visited France and the whole idea of traveling a region based on it seemed cool. But eh, I couldn't warm up to it as much. Maybe it was because I got stuck in Lumiose City and never found my way out because of all the annoying roadblocks. After a while, I kind of just gave up and drifted off. I think it was around the time I got into PSMD and just didn't look back.
    8. ALOLA (GEN 7) - It hurts to put Alola on the very bottom, but I kinda need to. The island trials were just the pits to go through, I barely liked any of the new Pokemon save for a very small handful, and at first, I though the Hawaii-based setting would be fun and awesome, but instead it just got bland too quickly.

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    From best to worst:

    7 SuMo (Second best story (behind BW,) enough to do after the story is over to keep you going for ages, Z-Moves add to the battles, no need to shoehorn in gym battles, consistent character models that show up in battle as well.)

    5 BW (Best storyline by far. Entirely new pokemon, with many of my favourite designs originating here, with older pokemon available post-game if you want them.)

    4 DPPt (Pokemon contests were at their peak, the bad guys actually felt like believable characters for the first time, but aside from that the story was meh. The Battle Frontier was good, but the game lacked ways to get competative pokemon easily making it rather inaccessible.)

    3 RS (All around very pokemon feeling. Nothing really stands out for this generation, good or bad.)

    8 SwSh (Good characters let down by a rushed story, lots of small improvements like doors opening without a button press countered by unfortunate choices such as the EXP share always being on. Pokemon locked behind story completion or certain days is what holds this back from being higher on this list.)

    1 RBY (Lots of flaws, but very solid feeling. It has one goal and as succ feels more complete than later games, however it has a lot less to it, including many QoL improvements.)

    2 GSC (More of the same, but with gimmicks locking pokemon to certain times or days it falls slightly below it's predecessor.)
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