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    Information about the world

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Crossroads
    World Information

    Groups, Guilds, and Organizations

    The Crossroads Guild: An organization that seeks out and protects various dimensions and the Tree of Possibility from threats. Headquarters are in the dimension the story starts in.
    - Protects the Tree of Possibilities and other Dimensions from Harm (01-16 / 02-08)
    - Not just anyone can join! (02-10)
    Known Members:
    - Guildmaster Ignis
    - Rai the Rotom
    - Sable the Diggersby
    - Unnamed Raichu
    - Unnamed Toucannon
    - Yggdra (presumably a Zorua)

    The Shadowlash Guild: A guild with bad intentions.
    - They want full control of The Crossroads in order to control all dimensions (02-07)
    - Best Team is Norkal / Shiny Ninetales (02-08)
    Known Members:
    - Norkal the Accelgor
    - Shiny Ninetales
    - Floatzel
    - Alolan Ninetales

    Important Things

    The Crossroads: The beginning of time. The stem of the Tree of Possibility. Each branch of the tree being a different reality. To go from dimension to dimension would require traveling down the branch to the stem and up another path. Shadowlash wants full control of all dimensions by taking over The Crossroads. (02-07)
    - Aurelio is one of the Guardians of the Tree of Possibility.

    The Starcaller Crystal: A powerful object and part of the Time Key.
    - Was once in Shadowlash’s possession before Edgar took it from them (01-18)
    - Implied deadly power? (01-19)
    - Something about Legendaries and other Dimensions (01-20)
    - Has the power to jump dimensions (02-08)

    Farseer’s Geode: One of four pieces of the Time Key.
    - Being sought after by Shadowlash (02-03)
    - In possession of Guildmaster Ignis (02-03)

    The Eclipse Shard: Part of the time key.
    - Can be used to track other pieces of the time key (02-08)

    Tears of Fatewelding: Part of the time key.
    - Was the subject of Yggdra's last mission (02-23)

    The Time Key: Important thing duh


    Seaspire City: Located along the coast and is the starting point of the story. Home to the Crossroads Guild HQ.

    Twisted Cave: A dungeon where Goomy’s friend was taken hostage by team Shadowlash.

    Weeping Woods: A wooded area between Seaspire and Twisted Cave and where Natalya and Edgar met Aurelio.

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