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    Act 10: Learning From a Mentor's Show (part 3)

    The group watched in awe as a team of five puppeteers made the shining Ponyta puppet "run" across the dark stage. "Epona capered, galloped, flew, and swam in the air higher than the highest forests but lower than the Altarias." the Dewott narrated over the orchestra's mysterious melody. "She crossed mountains, rivers, and precipices; she barely touched the blades of grass in passing over them, and went so lightly along the roads that she did not raise even one grain of dust."

    The lights came up on a beautiful forest set, tinged to look like a sunset. "Towards sunset, Prince Leo found himself close to an immense forest, in the middle of which stood Kitsune's cave." the Dewott narrated as the Flareon approached an elaborate cave in the forest set.

    After looking around in awe at the set and the flowers surrounding the cave, the Flareon waled up to the cave's entrance. Imultaos, ame no hao bakezo...

    Cheers filled the auditorium as the cave on the stage opened, revealing an entire other set of Kitsune's cave. "Oh my!" Even Charlotte was impressed at the jewels embedded in the walls, and the colorful cushions the Delphox playing Kitsune was meditating on.

    "Kitsune?" the Flareon began, snapping the Delphox to attention.

    The Delphox noticed the Flareon and smiled. "Welcome, Prince Leo! I know why you have come here, where no one ever enters."

    "Kitsune, I come before you on a grand quest..." the Flareon explained as the Delphox seemingly conjured prop food, a bed, and prop drinks.

    "With that, she prepared food and drink, made him a soft bed where he could sleep comfortably, and Prince Leo told her all his adventures and plans as they had dinner." the Dewott interjected from his nook as the Flareon and the Delphox pantomimed talking over their prop meal.

    The lights blinked back to the cave. "Prince Leo, you have undertaken a very difficult task, but your courage will enable you to accomplish it successfully." the Delphox explained. "I will tell you how to kill Darkrai, for without that you can do nothing. In the very middle of the ocean lies the Island of Eternal Life. On this island is an oak tree, and at the foot of it, hidden in the earth, a coffer bound with iron. A Buneary is locked in this coffer, and under her sits a Ducklett whose body contains an egg. Within this egg is Darkrai's soul - if it is ever broken, he dies."

    "Thank you, Kitsune--I will follow this advice." the Flareon smiled as the lights went down again.

    The team of five puppeteers made the shining Ponyta puppet "run" across the dark stage again. "The next morning, Prince Leo thanked Kitsune, mounted Epona, and rode across the land with the swiftness of an arrow." the Dewott narrated. "Leaving the forest and its enormous trees behind, they soon reached the shores of the ocean. In the distance stood the rocks of the Island of Eternal Life, but there seemed no way of reaching it."

    The lights came up on the Flareon looking out at something, deep in thought. "What is the matter, Prince Leo? Is something bothering you?" the Ponyta puppet asked.

    "How can I help grieving when I can go no further?" the Flareon sighed. "How can we cross the sea?"

    "Get on my back, milord, I will be your bridge; only hold on tight". the Ponyta puppet assured the Flareon.

    "Wait a second...isn't the hero supposed to save a Goldeen first?" Shimmer asked as the puppeteers made the Ponyta puppet elegantly "swim" through the air.

    "Maybe that was cut for time, or turned into something else." Ruby suggested as the lights camp on a set of a twilit island.

    "The sun was about to set when he dismounted on the Island of Eternal Life." the Dewott narrated. "He first took off Epona's harness, and leaving her to graze on the green grass, hurried to the top of a distant hill, where he could see a large tree."

    Some awkward giggles went up as the Flareon approached the prop tree. After taking a few steps back, he ran towards it, grabbed the tree with both hands, and lifted it it over his head, to some cheers."

    "Wow!" Brenna gasped as the Flareon heaved aside the prop tree.

    "That had to be heavy." Lita agreed as the Flareon went through the steps to acquire the egg...only for some "Oh"s as he tripped, fell and dropped the egg in the "water".

    After a few tense seconds, a Goldeen puppet emerged from the water to cheers. "There's your Goldeen." Lita smiled at Shimmer over the orchestra's triumphant melody.

    "I can't wait to see the final battle!" Ruby smiled as the lights went down...

    To Be Continued...
    Everyone has a dream that fills their heart. A journey they must take. A destiny to fulfill. As close as your imagination exists a magical place, where wondrous creatures with incredible powers help make dreams come true. It's the world of Pokemon!!"

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    Act 11: Learning from a Mentor's Show (part 4)

    More excited murmurs filled the auditorium as the puppeteers made the Epona puppet "run" again. "Prince Leo took the egg, mounted Epona, and crossing the sea with his heart full of hope, journeyed towards the island where Princess Miranda kept watch over her sleeping subjects in the Enchanted Palace." the Dewott narrated.

    The lights came up on the set of a castle exterior, complete with a massive twelve headed Hydreigon puppet. "Whoa..." Lita gasped.

    "I can only imagine how many puppeteers you need to perform something that big..." Ruby agreed as she watched the magical rainbow sword batter the Hydreigon in showers of color.

    "Maybe we can ask the actors once the show is over." Shimmer smiled, oblivious to the audience's cheers as the Hydreigon was defeated, allowing the Flareon inside the huge castle set.

    The Sylveon smiled as the Flareon arrived in her room. "Milord, I rejoiced to see your victory over the Hydreigon. There is yet a more terrible foe to conquer, and he is my captor, the cruel Darkrai. Beware of him, for if he should kill you, I will throw myself out of the window onto the rocks below."

    The audience gasped in horror at this, but the Flaeron calmly passed an egg from paw to paw. "Be comforted, milady: for in this egg I hold the life or death of Darkrai."

    The orchestra struck up an exciting melody as the Flareon sang to the rainbow sword. Something I want to protect, something I can't give up,
    I want to see, this world at peace...
    he sang.

    Onward, my rainbow sword; strike your very best,
    and rid the earth of this wicked spirit!

    "Go, Rainbow Sword!" Lita cheered as the sword started battling the Darkrai puppet in flashes of rainbow colors.

    "You can do it!" Ruby was equally excited as the battle raged on the stage.

    After a few tense moments, the Darkrai puppet dragged itself to the window, where it saw the Flareon. "Ah, wretch! it is you, is it, who torments me!"

    The puppet prepared to heave a huge poisonous breath, but the audience watched as the Flareon smashed the egg on the stage, "killing" the puppet.

    Lita's cheers were the loudest as the Dewott narrated As the evil spirit breathed his last, the spell was broken, and the sleeping islanders awoke. The army, once more awakened, advanced with a victory cadence to the palace, and everything returned to the way it was meant to be."

    "Aw"s filled the theater as the Sylveon embraced the Flareon. "As soon as Princess Miranda was freed from her prison, she held out her hand to her deliverer, and thanking him profusely, led him to the throne and placed him at her side." the Dewott went on as the Sylveon did this. "The twelve maids of honor, having chosen young and brave warriors, arranged themselves with their lovers around the queen."

    Once all the Eeveelution couples were in place, a Braxien in the role of a priestess arrived. "Then the doors were opened, and the priestess and her apprentices entered, bearing a golden tray of wedding rings." the Dewott went on as the lights went down over the pantomime wedding. "A massive wedding was held, and the lovers united before their friends, their adopted families, and most importantly, before Arceus."

    He concluded "After the wedding there were feasting and music and dancing for six months, at least, and as far as I know, they are still celebrating today!"

    "Bravo!" Lita cheered as the lights came up for the curtain call.

    "THAT was amazing!" Rio raved as the puppeteers led off the bows. "I wonder how long it took to rehearse the fight scenes?"

    "The Aurora Players are very good at what they do." Ruby replied. "Once the curtain call is over, we'll get a chance to ask the actors firsthand!"

    "Then tomorrow, we get to perform one of our plays for them." Lita reminded the group as the cast took one last bow together. "Don't forget!"

    "Which play are we doing for them?" Sakura asked as the audience got up to leave.

    "We're doing 'The Weaver's Son' tomorrow." Lita replied as the group made their way out of the theater and towards a meeting room. "I'll give everyone their instructions once we get back from the Q and A session."


    "Welcome, Moonlight Players..." the Sylveon smiled as the group arrived to meet with the Sylveon, the Flareon, and the Dewott. "My name is Irida...I've been performing with the Aurora Players for seven years now."

    "I'm Aidan, one of the main heroic actors of the Aurora Players." the Flareon began.

    "...and I'm Kaitou, and I mainly narrate and play comic roles." the Dewott smiled. "Thank you for being part of a great audience."

    "What do you guys want to know about what we just performed?" Irida asked the group. "Or about what happens behind the scenes?"

    "How long does it take to rehearse a fight scene?" Rio asked.

    "It depends on the complexity of the fight, and the number of actors and puppeteers involved." Kaitou explained. "The large scale fights you saw take about two weeks to rehearse--first each individual pair rehearses their part of the fight, then we practice it together. We have certified combat trainers working with us to be sure the fight looks real to the audience, and we can do it safely."

    "With puppeteers, fights become a bit harder, because they have to coordinate their movements to have the puppet react realistically in the fight." Aidan agreed.

    "How long did it take to build the palace set?" Brenna asked.

    "That took about three weeks to build, from initial concept to finished set." Aidan explained. "But that's not even the most complex palace set we've ever built. That honor goes to Keira's palace for the finale of 'The Nine Talonflames'.".

    "To be fair, that is one our longer plays..." Irida grinned.

    "How do you write the songs for your musicals?" Ruby asked.

    "Above all, don't tell your audience something, then have a song about it." Irida explained. "Many times, a song can be more effective than dialogue at conveying a character's emotions..."

    To Be Continued...
    Everyone has a dream that fills their heart. A journey they must take. A destiny to fulfill. As close as your imagination exists a magical place, where wondrous creatures with incredible powers help make dreams come true. It's the world of Pokemon!!"

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    Act 12: The Weaver's Son (part 1)

    "Good morning, Moonlight Players!" Irida smiled as the group arrived in the main theater. "Now that we have performed for you, now we want to see you perform one of your plays."

    "When you're done, we'll tell you what we liked, what we thought you could do better, and what you might consider tweaking to make this play even better." Kaitou went on. "If you need time to prepare, one of you can introduce the play while the others get ready."

    Lita nodded as the others scrambled backstage. "We are going to perform a version of the tale 'The Weaver's Son'--with some stronger female characters."

    "A nice choice--I've always wondered what that story would look like with stronger girls." Aidan smiled.

    "I have a role in this play, so you'll find out shortly!" With that, Lita hurried to join her troupe mates in changing into costume...


    "...When he heard how his three sisters had chosen to go with three strangers for their weight in gold, silver, and jewels, he made a vow not to sleep three nights in one house until he found his sisters." Brenna narrated. "Brendan set out early the next morning, and walked on till he was tired and hungry. He sat down to eat the bread that his mother had given him, when a mysterious Pokemon came up and asked him for something to eat."

    The lights came up on a Charmander on the set of a fantasy roadside, "eating" a piece of prop bread. "Spare a little bread for a traveler, young man?" a male Pikachu asked as it stepped into the scene.

    "Please, sit down, good sir--I have more than enough to share." the Charmander smiled.

    "What leads you down this road?" the male Pikachu asked. "Are you seeking your fortune, or something else?"

    "I'm seeking my three sisters, good sir. A few years ago, they each chose to go with three strangers in exchange for their weight in gold, silver, and jewels. I have not heard from them in all this time, and so I want to find them, and see if they are happy and well."

    A harp riff filled the air as the male Pikachu seemed to disappear in a flash of light, revealing a beautiful Arceus puppet in the male Pikachu's place. "Fear not, young one." the puppet assured the Charmander feigning shock before it. "For showing kindness to the least of these; and the purest love to your family; I want to help you."

    "H-how?" the Charmander stammered.

    "There may not be much use in your going, but here are three things that will serve you well,—the Celestial Blade, the Cloth of Plenty, and the Cloak of Shrouds." the Arceus puppet explained, conjuring a prop sword, a prop tablecloth, and a navy blue cloak before the Charmander. "No one--not even a demon--can kill you while you wield the Celestial Blade; and whenever you are hungry or thirsty, all you have to do is to spread the cloth and sing to it in the magical tongue, and any food or drink you want will be there before you. When you put on the Cloak of Shrouds, there won't be a living thing in the world that can see you, and you can go to whatever place you wish if you wrap yourself in it and wish yourself there."

    "Th-thank you, milord." the Charmander stammered. "I promise to use these holy gifts wisely and well."

    "So Arceus left for the heavens, and Brendan traveled onward with his three holy gifts." Brenna narrated as the lights went down. "His road led him to another world far beneath the ground. When he arrived in the other world, he put on the Cloak of Shrouds and warped away like a blast of wind, and never stopped until he saw a castle in the distance."

    The lights came up on the Charmander approaching a gate on a castle courtyard set. After waiting a few tense moments, Sakura met the Charmander. "Do you have business here, traveler?"

    "Will you go in and tell my sister, the lady of this castle, to come out to me?" the Charmander asked.

    "Right away." With that, Sakura hurried offstage, prompting the gate to open.

    A Torchic arrived some moments later, to a triumphant fanfare. "Brendan!" she gasped in character.

    "Fiona!" The Charmander ran to hug the Torchic, to some "aw"s.

    "Why are you here, and what did you come for?" the Torchic asked.

    "I have come here to find my three sisters, who chose to go with three strangers for their weight in gold, silver, and jewels; and I know in my heart you are my eldest sister." the Charmander explained.

    "Well, don't marvel at anything you see in here." the Torchic cautioned. "My husband is Virizion, the Sword of Wisdom. I see him only at night. He goes off every morning, is away all day, and comes home in the evening."

    "Eventually the sun went down; and while they were visiting, Virizion arrived." Brenna narrated.

    The lights came up on a room in the castle at night, just as a majestic Virizion puppet arrived. "Who is this that's with you?" the puppet asked the Torchic.

    "This my brother, who has come from afar to see me." the Torchic replied, prompting the Charmander to wave hello.

    "Then he is welcome here--any family and friends of yours are mine as well." the Virizion puppet smiled. "Will you stay a few days in my castle? You are welcome."

    "Nothing would please me better, but I have made a vow never to sleep three nights in one house till I have found my three sisters." the Charmander replied.

    "Well, since you must go in the morning, here is something for you."

    After conjuring a prop emerald, the Virizion puppet told the Charmander "Keep this; and whenever you are in trouble, take it out, and sing the song 'Seios, higarima laisido'--I will hear it and come help you."

    "Thank you, Sir Vizirion--I will use this gift wisely and well." the Charmander replied before the lights went down...

    To Be Continued...
    Everyone has a dream that fills their heart. A journey they must take. A destiny to fulfill. As close as your imagination exists a magical place, where wondrous creatures with incredible powers help make dreams come true. It's the world of Pokemon!!"

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    Act 13: The Weaver's Son (part 2)

    "Brendan said goodbye to Fiona, put on the Cloak of Shrouds, and disappeared." Brenna narrated over the orchestra. "He would travel until he was hungry and tired, then stop to rest. After he had eaten and drank his fill from the Cloth of Plenty, he would sleep in the open. He was not afraid, for Arceus watched over him."

    She went on "In the morning he folded up the cloth, put on the Cloak of Shrouds, and went ahead, passing every wind that was before him, and leaving every wind that was behind. About an hour before sunset he saw the castle where his middle sister Darina lived."

    The lights came up on the Charmander approaching a more rock themed gate. "Get away from that gate, or you'll be killed." a Chikorita pleaded as she met the Charmander onstage.

    "I won't leave here till my sister Darina comes out and speaks to me." the Charmander replied.

    "Right away!" the Chikorita replied before hurrying offstage.

    Ruby met the Chamander on the stage moments later. "When she heard his story and his father's name, she knew in her heart that he was her brother, and said..." Brenna interjected as the Charmander and Ruby pantomimed a conversation.

    "Come into the castle, but think nothing of what you'll see or hear." Ruby cautioned. "I don't see my husband from morning till night. He goes and comes as he pleases, for he is the Sword of Power, Terrakion."

    "About sunset, Terrakion arrived, and saw Brendan with Darina." Brenna narrated as a Terrakion puppet arrived onstage.

    "Who is that with you?" the Terrakion puppet asked. "I thought you would let no one into the castle while I was away."

    "This is my brother, who has come to see me." Ruby explained, prompting the Charmander to wave hello.

    "If he's your brother, he's welcome." the Terrakion puppet smiled. "Please, stay here with us a while."

    "I cannot--I made a vow never to sleep three nights in one house till I had seen my three sisters." the Charmander replied. "I must go on now and find my third sister."

    The Terrakion puppet dropped a prop sapphire in the Charmander's hands. "If any difficulty meets you, or danger approaches, sing the song 'Rou iitsa ron selga vichii' and I will come and help you."

    "Aw"s went up as the Charmander and the Terrakion puppet hugged. "Brendan put on the Cloak of Shrouds, and away he went, more swiftly than any wind." Brenna went on as the lights went down. Before long, he saw the castle where his third sister Mairin lived."

    The lights came up on a castle set with a water theme. "Mairin took her brother in just as Fiona and Darina had done, telling him not to wonder at anything he saw." Brenna explained as a Litten pantomimed talking to the Charmander. "She explained she had married the Sword of Courage, Cobalion.

    Just then, a beautiful Cobalion puppet ran into the scene. "They had just gotten inside when Cobalion arrived home." Brenna narrated.

    "Who is that stranger there with you?" the Cobalion puppet asked.

    "This is my brother, who has come to see me." the Litten replied.

    The Cobalion puppet smiled, and dropped a prop ruby in the Charmander's hands. "Keep this; it is a gift from me. If you are ever in danger and need help, sing the song 'Karuto, iichiida shou', and I will come help you."

    "Later, Brendan went upstairs with Mairin to look around, and to look at the sea." Brenna narrates as the Charmander and the Litten emerged into the set of an upstairs room.

    The Charmander noticed a castle on a great white hill in the distance. "I wonder who lives in that castle..." he mused.

    "In that castle on the white hill lives a giant." the Litten explained. "He kidnapped the most beautiful lady in the world. Many a hero, champion, adventurer, and prince have tried to rescue her from the giant and marry her; but the giant conquers them, cuts their heads off, and then eats their flesh. When he has picked the bones clean, he throws them out; and the whole place around the castle is white with the bones of the ones that the giant has eaten."

    "Ew"s rippled through the audience, but the Charmander was unfazed. "I must go to that castle so I can kill the giant and save the fair lady."

    The orchestra started an adventurous melody as the lights went down. "Brendan bid Mairin goodbye, put on the Cloak of Shrouds, took the Celestial Blade with him, and was soon inside the castle." Brenna narrated."

    The lights came up on the Charmander arriving in a castle chamber. Lita, in the role of the princess, balked when she saw him. "Peace, I came to rescue you." the Charmander explained.

    "What can you do against the giant?" Lita gasped. "No one has ever come to this castle without losing their lives. The giant kills every comer; and no one has ever come here so big that the giant did not eat him at one meal."

    "Is there no way to kill him?" the Charmander asked.

    "I think not." Lita sighed.

    "Well, if you'll give me something to eat, I'll stay here." the Charmander offered. "when the giant comes in, I'll do my best to kill him. But don't let him know that I am here."

    "Then he put on the Cloak of Shrouds, and no one could see him." Brenna narrated. "When the giant came, he had the bodies of two men on his back."

    A loud thump got the audience's attention. "Neve! Please get these ready for dinner." a deep offstage voice requested.

    "Of course!" Lita replied as she pantomimed cooking the prop meat before her.

    After a few moments, the voice asked "Is someone here?"

    "I don't think you do--I can't see anyone." Lita replied.

    "Neither can I, but I smell something here." the voice mused

    "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!" the Charmander cried as he ran to engage a large sandbag standing in for the giant.

    Lita couldn't help but smile as the Charmander "fought" the sandbag. Rory's really getting into the role of Brendan!

    "Eventually, the battle was called off." Brenna narrated. "During the night, as servants tended to the giant's wounds, Neve came to Brendan."

    Lita met Rory onstage in the set of a castle room some moments later "Don't be afraid--the giant believes no one in the world can kill him. He'll be good as new in the morning."

    "Is there a way to kill him?" Rory asked.

    "I don't know--but I'll find out in the morning, and tell you before your next battle tomorrow night." Lita smiled as the lights went down...

    To Be Continued...
    Everyone has a dream that fills their heart. A journey they must take. A destiny to fulfill. As close as your imagination exists a magical place, where wondrous creatures with incredible powers help make dreams come true. It's the world of Pokemon!!"

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    Act 14: The Weaver's Son (part 3)

    The lights came up on the set of a living room, where a sandbag standing in for the giant was "resting" on a couch. "Great can I be sure that you will never die?" Lita asked as she arrived onstage.

    "Have no fear for me--I'll put your mind at ease." a gentle deep male voice assured Lita from offstage. "In the bottom of the sea is a chest locked and bound. In that chest is a Ducklett, in the Ducklett an egg; and I never can be killed unless someone gets the egg from the Ducklett in the chest at the bottom of the sea, and smashes it on the ground."

    "While the giant was telling this to Neve, who should be listening to the story but Brendan, hidden in the Cloak of Shrouds." Brenna narrated, prompting Rory, now wrapped in a long cloak, to wave hello from behind a closet. "The minute he heard of the chest in the sea, he remembered the gift Terrakion had given him."

    After a few moments, the lights came up on the set of a beach. Once sure he was not being followed, Rory took out the prop sapphire from before. Rou iitsa ron selga vichii...

    The audience gasped in awe as the prop sapphire glowed; making a sparkling blue fabric "wave" sweep across the stage. Thank Arceus that fabric wave worked like it should! Lita thought as she watched Rory inspect a chest onstage. We all knew cardboard would be too cheesy for this sort of audience, so Irida had a great suggestion to make the wave out of fabric!

    Onstage, awkward giggles filled the auditorium as Rory gave up on trying to open the chest. Then, a thought occurred to him, spurring him to retrieve the prop emerald from before. Seios, higarima laisido...

    The sound effect of Skiddo and Gogoat hooves filled the auditorium as the emerald glowed, prompting hundreds of Skiddo and Gogoat puppets to arrive onstage. "At that moment, millions of Gogoats and Skiddos came running to the seashore, and soon they battered the chest till it was almost a pile of splinters." Brenna narrated over the flurry of prop Razor Leaves, prop Leaf Blades, and puppets using Headbutt.

    As soon as the chaos died down, a small Ducklett puppet fluttered out of the chest and offstage. Even Lita couldn't help laughing with the audience over Rory's expression of feigned shock.

    Then Rory remembered the ruby from before. Karuto, iichiida shou...

    The audience gasped in awe as Rory rose into the air! "Brendan gained the power to fly for a short time, and he had no problem retrieving the egg." Brenna narrated as Rory "flew" over to where the egg was resting on a prop cloud.

    Cheers filled the auditorium as Rory touched down on the stage with the egg. It was a great idea to get training for flying ropes... Lita smiled as she got ready for the pivotal battle scene.

    "He put the three magic jewels in his pocket, put on the Cloak of Shrouds, and returned to the castle on the white hill." Brenna narrated as the lights went down.

    The orchestra struck up an exciting melody that evoked battle, spurring both Lita and Rory to charge forth against the "giant". Remember what the fight trainer said... Lita reminded herself as she jumped and slashed the targets on the "giant" meant for her. Getting the green target on the chest is Rory's cue to break the egg!

    She suddenly noticed she had an opening for the target in question! "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!" she cried as she delivered the weakening blow...


    "Brendan took Neve to the castle of his sister Mairin. The next day, he went back for the treasures of the giant, and there was more gold and jewels in the castle than one Ponyta could carry." Brenna went on over a victorious melody.

    The lights came up on Rory, Lita, the Litten, and the Cobalion puppet in the third castle. "My quest is over, the battle won." Rory explained. "Do you need this back?" he asked as he offered the Cobalion puppet the ruby.

    "Oh no, it is yours!" the Cobalion puppet replied. "Keep it as a reminder of our friendship."

    "The two went on till they came to Darina's castle, where they spent nine more days with her; and Brendan was told to keep the sapphire as a reminder of his friendship with Terrakion." Brenna narrated from her nook. "They spent fifteen days with Fiona, all of them filled with great feasting and enjoyment. Brendan tried to give back the emerald to the Gogoat but was told to keep it, as a reminder of their friendship. After saying goodbye to Fiona, Brendan set out for home with Neve, who had asked to be his bride, bringing presents from his sisters to their father and mother."

    She continued "Finally, they crossed back into Rory's world, and went on to where he had met Arceus. Brendan spread the Cloth of Plenty, and wished for every good meat and drink, and also wished for Arceus to join them in their meal."

    Imultaos, ame no hao bakezo... came Rory's voice from the darkness.

    Applause went up as the lights came up on Rory, Lita, and the Arceus puppet enjoying their picnic. "Milord, my quest is ended." Rory began. "Do you need these back?" Rory asked as he offered the Arceus puppet the cloak, the prop sword, and the tablecloth.

    The Arceus puppet smiled. "You were kind to me--you gave me some of your bread when I asked for it, and told me where you were going. I knew you were brave, kind, and unselfish; for I knew you never could get what you wanted unless I helped you. Take the Celestial Blade, the Cloth of Plenty, and the Cloak of Shrouds--they are gifts from me, and when you have children of your own, pass them and the magic jewels down to them when they come of age."

    "With that, they parted." Brenna concluded as the lights went down. "Brendan went home, built a castle with the giant's treasure, and lived happily with his parents and his wife, Neve, for many years."

    Applause rang through the theater as the lights came up for the curtain call...

    To Be Continued...
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    Act 15: Heroes in Jade

    "The festival was amazing!" Ruby raved as the Moonlight Players departed Amber Town a few days later. "I learned so much from all the troupes there!"

    "That and we learned to make our own plays even better!" Lita smiled as she looked back behind her to see the throng of other Pokemon following them and the large wagon holding all their props, costumes, and supplies. They cheered when they saw their leader, prompting Lita to sigh happily. It's amazing...just a few weeks ago we finally built a theater, and now we've learned enough to take our act on the road--and maybe even perform for the Legendaries!

    "They say that Shaymin lives deep within Jade Forest." Ruby's voice snapped Lita back to reality. "You'll know you found her grove if it's filled with all kinds of exotic and colorful flowers."

    "Speaking of which, what sort of play would Shaymin like?" Lita wondered. "Something to do with flowers?"

    "That's a safe bet." Ruby smiled before thinking about all the plays they knew how to perform. "For now, let's get ready for our performance in Jade City."

    "Yes, lets." Lita smiled. "We'll worry about performing for Shaymin when we reach her grove."


    " please welcome the Moonlight Players, and their performance of 'The Brave Youngest Son'." the Grovyle emcee concluded. The Songbird Theater rang with applause as the Grovyle left the stage, allowing the orchestra to begin the play's overture.

    After a few moments of playing a song that evoked high adventure, Brenna appeared in a nook at stage right. "There was once a king who caught a terrible disease. Many healers came from far and wide, but they found no cure."

    The curtains opened on the scene of a royal bedroom, where some Chansies, Happinis and Audinos in elaborate fantasy cleric outfits huddled around a bed. "Has His Highness' condition changed at all?" one asked.

    The Audino playing the chief cleric shook her head. "Sadly no...not for the better or the worse. This is not a disease I have seen before."

    "I fear one of the princes will be ascending to the throne before too long..." another Chansey sighed.

    "Wait..." a third Chansey remembered. "There is only one remedy for our king. There is a certain garden far away from here. In this garden there is a tree that bears shining Leppa Berries. As soon as the king eats one of these miracle Berries, he will be cured."

    “But I have heard that giants guard that tree, and pick off the fruit as soon as it is ripe.” a Happini worried.

    Just then, Rory marched in the room. "“My lord and father! I will go and bring the miracle Leppa Berry for you."

    Cheers filled the air as the lights went down. "After a long and perilous journey; he came to the miracle tree." Brenna narrated from her nook. "But a sound sleep overpowered him that night. The giant came, and picked off the fruit. In the morning, the eldest son returned home to tell of his bad luck. The following year, the middle brother went on the quest, but the same thing happened to him. The third year the youngest of the three brothers--whose name was Brian--said to his father..."

    The lights came up on a third Charmander approaching the Braxien in the bed. “My lord and father! I will go and bring the miracle Berry.”

    “How do you think you will succeed where your elder brothers failed?” the Braxien sighed.

    "I have an idea!" the third Charmander protested.

    Lita watched from backstage as the third Charmander and the Braxien went through their banter. Cole may be one of our younger actors, but he's putting his heart into this role! she smiled as she watched Cole aim an arrow at a sandbag standing in for a giant's leg on the stage.

    She smiled as Cole fired, a cry of pain confirming his shot was a hit. He was a little nervous about the archery even with Pua walking him through the proper shot technique. Lita remembered, savoring a memory of the Decidueye patiently walking Cole through how to shoot properly.

    Onstage, the three Charmanders from before--Rory, Sammi, who was playing a britches role, and Cole approached the mouth of a yawning abyss. "Okay if I go in there first?" Rory asked.

    "Sure!" Sammi replied as she carefully tied a rope around Rory.

    "When I'm ready to come up, I'll pull the rope twice." Rory replied.

    With that, the audience watched as Rory disappeared into the hole. But after a few moments, Sammi saw the rope jiggle twice. Horrified, she hurried to bring Rory up. "Is everything okay?" Cole asked, to some laughter from the audience at Rory's shocked face.

    "It's boiling hot down there!" Rory cried. "Even though we're all Fire types, I thought I was gonna be roasted alive!"

    Sammi looked unfazed as the audience laughed again. "Let me go down there--it has to be a trial of some kind!"

    The boy Charmanders set to work lowering Sammi into the hole. But they gasped when they saw the rope jiggle again.

    "You were right--it's like the underworld down there!" Sammi gasped. "I guess the only one left is Brian; but I wouldn't be surprised if we brought him up too!"

    "If we have to bring Brian up, we can just forget the whole matter of the wounded giant." Rory deadpanned, to some laughter.

    Cole, meanwhile, finished securing his rope. "Okay! I'm ready to go down!"

    "Good luck, little bro." Sammi smiled as she helped Rory lower Cole down into the hole.

    The lights went down over some tense music. "Since he had a pure heart, the abyss did not burn for our hero." Brenna explained from her nook at stage right. "So it was no colder than any other cave."

    Lita watched Cole climb around a cave set for a moment. This is it--the princesses and the giants are gonna be his biggest test so far!

    To Be Continued...
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    Everyone has a dream that fills their heart. A journey they must take. A destiny to fulfill. As close as your imagination exists a magical place, where wondrous creatures with incredible powers help make dreams come true. It's the world of Pokemon!!"

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    Act 16: A Show of Gratitude

    "So? Did the paper print the review of 'The Brave Youngest Son' yet?" Lita asked as Ruby arrived in a lounge of the inn's lobby with a copy of the local paper the next day. Many of the other troupe members were already awake and packing up the wagon for the trip into the Jade Forest--and potentially, a performance for Shaymin.

    Ruby skimmed over the Arts and Life section for a moment before finding the review. "Here we go...young troupe makes a solid effort in latest show...'The Brave Youngest Son' fun for the whole family..."

    "Did they say anything about how I did?" Cole asked as he joined Ruby and Lita in the lounge with some breakfast from the complimentary buffet. The elegant forest-like lounge was not terribly busy at the early hour, but Lita hoped the troupe would be on their way before it got crowded.

    "Here we go...the titular son, played by Cole of Harmony Town, is a role with both bravery and heart." Ruby read. "Cole does very well conveying both sides of the character, despite some early jitters in the first act."

    "But let's give credit where it's due did very well as Christina yourself." Cole smiled as he thought back to the previous night's show.

    Lita just giggled. "I was just doing my best to capture the hope Christina had that her beloved had returned."

    "So can we say 'The Brave Youngest Son' is a keeper?" Ruby asked as she put away the newspaper.

    "I think so." Lita replied. "Granted, there are still a few places we could refine it, actors' jitters notwithstanding.

    "So, what kind of play should we perform for Shaymin?" Cole mused as he dug into his waiting breakfast. "Something about flowers?"

    "That was one possibility we considered, but remember when we were little in school?" Lita asked. "Professor Noctowl always said that Shaymin is the gratitude Pokemon. So I thought, why not do a play about someone or something grateful?"

    "That's a start, if we can't come up with any flower ideas..." Ruby mused. "The writing team had lots of suggestions for plays if we go the grateful route...."

    "Like?" Lita was intrigued.

    "Right now, they're working on a play that's a version of the faithful prince and the treacherous servant tale type." Ruby explained. "I think Shaymin would like it."

    "The only way to find out is to find her grove in Jade Forest, and perform it." Cole smiled as he gathered up the remains of his food and the trash.

    "We should have enough time to rehearse it while on our route through the forest." Lita remembered. "Jade Forest usually has a clear path for travelers and wagons to go through. Besides, if Shaymin is there, it should be peaceful."


    "Wow..." Ruby gasped as she gawked at the sun dappled path that wound through the forest. "I forgot how beautiful Jade Forest is at this time of year..."

    "According to my map, Shaymin's grove is at the first fork you can find from the main path." Lita explained. "We can rehearse 'The Hero of Three Colors' as we travel.

    For a while, the walk through the forest was uneventful, save for the soft clatter of the wagon wheels and the Pikachu and the Scorbunny gawking at the sun drenched trees, the wildflowers dotting the path, and the occasional Pachirisu or Buneary romping through the underbrush.

    After a relatively uneventful walk, Ruby spotted a path that split into two paths. "There! That's the way to Shaymin's Grove!" she called, pointing down the right path that branched off into a woodsy part of the forest.

    Lita motioned to the Ponytas pulling the wagon. "Come on--let's take a little scenic detour this way." The Ponytas nodded, and followed the Pikachu and the Scorbunny down the tree-lined path. While there were a lot more trees in the area, the sun still managed to peek through the emerald canopy.

    "This is beautiful..." Ruby's voice broke the peaceful silence some moments later.

    Lita parted some bushes and gasped. "If you think the forest is beautiful, wait until you see this!" She made a grand gesture to a clearing filled with all kinds of colorful flowers. A large pink flower stood in the center of the grove, near a hollow tree.

    Ruby recognized the pink flower. "That's it! That's the Gracidea flower Shaymin has long been famous for!"

    "Hm?" A voice snapped Lita and Ruby to attention as a small, white hedgehog-like Pokémon with green grass-like fur on its back and two tiny pink flowers on the sides of its head trotted out from the hollow tree. "Welcome to my flower grove, travelers." it smiled. "What brings you to this sacred place?"

    "Shaymin...we are a humble troupe of traveling actors." Ruby explained. "Would you care to see our latest performance?"

    Shaymin smiled. "It has been some time since a band of actors came all this way--what is the play entitled?"

    "We call it 'The Hero of Three Colors', milady." Lita replied with a little bow. "It entails the exploits of how a young prince rescues three knights that were wrongfully imprisoned, and how they help him in return when his own servant turns against him."

    "How exciting!" Shaymin smiled. "Please, take all the time you need to prepare."

    Ruby noticed that the clearing had nothing resembling a stage. "Um, where are we going to perform without a stage, milady?"

    "Here--I will grant you a stage." With that, Shaymin sang Imultaos, ame no hao bakezo...

    Both Lita and Ruby watched in awe as the branches of two willow trees parted like green curtains, revealing a beautiful stage carved from fallen trees and decorated with flowers and ivy. "There...this is the Sakura Stage, where many an actor has tread its boards." Shaymin smiled. "But you will not be the last performers to grace this holy stage."

    She smiled. "I look forward to seeing the fruits of your hard work."

    "Right away, Lady Shaymin!" Lita smiled. "If you will give us a little time to set up, we will happily perform 'The Hero of Three Colors' for you!"

    To Be Continued...
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    Everyone has a dream that fills their heart. A journey they must take. A destiny to fulfill. As close as your imagination exists a magical place, where wondrous creatures with incredible powers help make dreams come true. It's the world of Pokemon!!"

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    Act 17: The Hero of Three Colors (part 1)

    The orchestra started a majestic overture evoking a time of high adventure. Once the exciting main theme had given way to a more subdued theme evoking magic, Brenna began narrating over the strings. "There once was a king in a far away land who was feared by all his subjects, and his court. As strange as it seemed, the king had a brave and handsome son, who was kind and helpful to everyone he happened to meet--we will call him Rowan."

    Shaymin nodded in approval at the name. "One day the king was very angry with three of his noblest knights, because they had scolded him for being so unjust." Brenna went on. "Without even so much as a chance for them to defend themselves, he ordered them thrown into the dungeon beneath the palace, where he hoped they would remain for the rest of their lives. He commanded the jailer to only feed them bread and water, and to beat them with an iron rod every night."

    The flowers on Shaymin's head started to glow, as if she wanted to unleash an Energy Ball at the king. "Prince Rowan's heart ached when he went to his room every night." Brenna assured Shaymin. "Since his room was right over the dungeon. he could hear the knights weeping and groaning as they were beaten every night."

    She let that hang as the lights came up on the set of a dungeon. After a few tense moments, Charlotte, in the role of Prince Rowan, arrived in the dungeon, where Ruby, Rio, and a Treecko were wincing in feigned pain from their feigned wounds. "Prince Rowan?" the Treecko gasped as Charlotte unlocked the door.

    "Hurry away as fast as you can, noble sirs and ladies, for if the jailer finds you gone, the palace will be in an uproar." Charlotte whispered as she unlocked the prop shackles and delivered some props.

    "May Arceus bless you, noble prince. No good deed goes unrewarded." Rio smiled as the lights went down.

    Shaymin gasped over the orchestra's somber melody as the lights went down, then came up on the set of a throne room, where a male Delphox in royal robes looked out at a crowd of extras. "Someone here has set free the three knights without my permission..." the Delphox intoned. "If that person wishes to confess the deed, I may spare their lives."

    When no one said a single thing, the Delphox approached the Lucario playing the jailer. "Since no one dares to admit their guilt, the one who was charged with watching over them will pay the price!"

    "Stop!" Charlotte cried as she entered the scene, spurring the male Delphox to stay his weak Mystical Fire attack. "Be merciful to him, father, for he is not to blame. It was I who set the knights free, and I do not regret it at all."

    One Luxray playing a noble saw the Delphox aim his show Mystical Fire at Charlotte. "Your Majesty, would you be so cruel to execute your own son?" he asked.

    "You yourself said you would spare the life of the one that confessed." a Dewott agreed. "Prince Rowan has confessed, so see to it he receives an appropriate and yet merciful sentence.

    The Delphox didn't know what to think as the extras' worried pleas filled the air. "All right...I will hereby strip Rowan's claim to the throne; and forbid him to return here, on pain of death."

    The orchestra started a traveling melody as Brenna narrated the pantomimed action onstage."The king gave Prince Rowan an abundance of money and clothes, as well as a fine steed, and sent him forth into the wide world to makes his fortune as best he could. Prince Rowan had some letters to the kings and queens of other lands, which he put in his pocket. He had only one companion, a lad of his own age, who was also well fitted for the journey."

    She then intoned over another solemn melody "The boy--who does not deserve to be named--was not trustworthy, and the king had taken the opportunity to get rid of him." She gestured to the Litten in the role in a spotlight. "He looked with longing upon Prince Rowan's fine clothes, his money, and his letters to foreign rulers, and made up his mind to get them for himself."

    "Boo!" Shaymin called as she watched the Litten sneak up on Charlotte.

    "So he ambushed our hero one night, stripped him of his valuables, and rode away on his fine steed, leaving his master without anything but the clothes on his back." Brenna sighed as the Litten and Charlotte pantomimed the struggle onstage.

    When the lights came up on a forest set, Charlotte stumbled into the scene. "That rogue took everything, including my good name..." she muttered. "What do I do now?"

    The lights revealed a small house at stage left. "A house! Maybe whoever lives there can help me out." Charlotte smiled.

    She hurried to the house's front stoop and knocked. "Coming..." came a female voice, revealing a Flareon at the front stoop. "Oh, a traveler! Come on inside--I can at least give you food and a bed for tonight."

    "Thank you, good lady." Charlotte replied as the outdoor forest set gave way to the interior set of a house, where two Eevees waited at a table.

    "Mama, why do you always let travelers in at night?" one Eevee asked as the Flareon led Charlotte to the table.

    "It's a long way from here to a city." the Flareon explained as she served some prop food. "That, and the traveler may be down on their luck, and not have much to spend on a room in the inn."

    After the actors playing the family and Charlotte pantomimed eating the prop food for a moment, the Flareon asked "What is your name, good lad?"

    Charlotte said nothing for a moment, then replied "My name is Tristan, good lady. I came from a far away country, and I have nowhere to call home."

    "Then you can stay in my home, and be educated with my own children." the Flareon smiled.

    "Aw..." Shaymin smiled as the lights went down and the orchestra started a hopeful melody...

    To Be Continued...
    Everyone has a dream that fills their heart. A journey they must take. A destiny to fulfill. As close as your imagination exists a magical place, where wondrous creatures with incredible powers help make dreams come true. It's the world of Pokemon!!"

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    Act 18: The Hero of Three Colors (part 2)

    Shaymin smiled as a trumpet rang through the forest from the dark stage. "Hear ye! Be it known that Prince Rowan will marry the Princess Lilly in two weeks!" a Dewott playing a herald announced to a crowd of Pokemon.

    A spotlight came up on the Litten as the stage became a flurry of activity. "It doesn't get much better than this...the royal treatment, and soon I will have the most beautiful princess in the world as my bride." she sneered.

    Shaymin just smiled at the Litten's acting--she knew better than anyone that the treacherous servant would get his just desserts in due time. "Although...I do worry that the real Prince Rowan might come at any time." the Litten went on. "Then my ambitions will not be realized, and I will fade into history, forgotten!"

    Giggles went up from the forest Pokemon and Shaymin as the Litten's horrified look became a smile again. "But I'm not worried--so long as the real Prince Rowan is not here, preparations for my plans can continue!"

    She dashed offstage with a giggle as the lights went down. After a few tense moments, the lights came up on Charlotte in a forest. "It's so peaceful out here..." she mused. "This is a welcome change from the royal academy's study rooms..."

    The sound of a bow snapped her to attention. "An of the royal hunters must be out here!"

    Sure enough, the lights came up on a Rowlet firing at an offstage target. After watching the Rowlet shoot for a moment, Charlotte applauded as one arrow went flying into the bullseye. "Well shot, good sir."

    "Thank you, lad." the Rowlet smiled. "You seem to be well versed in the ways of the world..."

    "I've studied in the royal academy for the last few years, good sir." Charlotte replied. "I graduated six months ago, and am now seeking work in a noble's house, or even the royal palace."

    "Would you like to be a royal page, then?" the Rowlet offered. "His Majesty did post a notice for new pages some days ago..."

    "And so, our hero was made a royal page in the palace." Brenna narrated as Charlotte and the Rowlet pantomimed talking for a moment. "He did his work so well, he grew to be well loved and well liked in the palace. Eventually, he was assigned to his own servant."

    She went on as the lights went down "Prince Rowan had improved so much from his time with the lady, the servant did not recognize him, but Prince Rowan also knew that he was to be page to his greatest enemy."

    The lights came up on the set of a palace, where Lita, now in a gold princess costume, looked out the window. "Lilly!" the Litten called from offstage, snapping her to attention.

    "What is it?" Lita called back.

    She added as an aside "What does that rogue want this time?", making the audience in the forest giggle.

    "Permission to come inside?" the Litten asked from offstage. "I'd like you to meet my new page."

    "Permission granted, both of you." Lita smiled.

    The Litten and Charlotte joined Lita onstage. "This is my new page, milady." the Litten explained, prompting Charlotte to wave hello.

    "Pleased to meet you, good sir." Lita smiled.

    "The pleasure is mine, milady." Charlotte replied.

    She smiled over a romantic theme. "Princess Lilly really is as kind and beautiful as she was claimed to be." she explained in an aside. "She deserves to marry someone that will treat her well."

    "Such impeccable manners!" Lita smiled in her own aside. "This page...he is a far cry from his rogue of a master! I would much rather marry him instead!"

    She turned to Charlotte again. "What's your name, good sir? Where do you hail from?"

    "I came from the great forest, and my name is Tristan, milady." Charlotte replied over a somber melody.

    "The day of the wedding of the princess and the servant drew near." Brenna narrated from her nook over the orchestra. "The greatest warriors in the land were pouring into the kingdom to take part in a grand tournament, which was to last three days."

    The lights came up on a set of a palace room, where Charlotte was pantomiming cleaning. "Tristan!" Lita called as she hurried onstage. "Tristan--it would mean the world for me if you could join the many knights, warriors, archers, and mages for the tournament."

    "I would if I could, Princess, but I know nothing of battle." Charlotte confessed. "I am merely a humble scholar at heart, and my only knowledge of the bow is for hunting."

    "Did you study magic during your time in the royal academy?" Lita asked. "You could join the magical duels or familiar battles..."

    "I did learn some magic, but it was for healing purposes." Charlotte replied. "I doubt that they have a healer's competition in the tournament."

    Giggles went up over Lita's disappointed look. "Oh well...will you at least watch the events in the royal box with me?"

    "That I will do, if my duties in the hunting grounds do not take too long." Charlotte assured Lita as she put away the cleaning supplies and retrieved a prop bow. "If it happens that it does take me all day to hunt for tonight's feast; will you tell me about any memorable matches at dinner?"

    "I'll tell you all about them!" Lita smiled over an exciting melody.

    "The first day of the tournament dawned clear and bright." Brenna narrated from her nook. "Prince Rowan, saddened at heart, mounted his faithful Ponyta and went to the forest to hunt. He could think of nothing but his great love for Princess Lilly, and pleaded to Arceus for a way to prove that he was the real Prince Rowan, and Princess Lilly's true suitor."

    The lights came up on the forest again, where Charlotte trudged onstage. "How do I tell them that the one Princess Lilly will marry is a fraud, and I am her rightful suitor?" she grumbled. "I love the princess so much, and my rogue servant just treats her like a prize to be won!"

    She looked up at the imagined sky. "Arceus...hear my plea..."

    With that, she sang Gatrandis favel, secret, edena...
    Emusto ronzen fine el balaziis....
    Katoradis favel siicletu edena...
    Emusto koron zen fine, si...

    Shaymin sniffled as Charlotte crumpled onto the stage floor in desperate feigned sobs. After a few tense moments. Ruby--now in a magnificent red costume--arrived leading a beautiful Ponyta puppet. "Forgive me, sir warrior, for seeing me in this sorry state..." she explained. "I was pouring out my heart to Arceus...are you competing in the tournament? If you are, then you are welcome to pass this way.

    "Sir Rowan..." Ruby began. making Charlotte balk in surprise. "Put on this armor, mount this steed, and go to the tournament. Upon your return, you will find me waiting here. I will hunt in your place, and present unto you all the game I obtain."

    "Right away! Thank you!" Charlotte smiled before hurrying offstage to change into the sparkling red costume...

    To Be Continued...
    Everyone has a dream that fills their heart. A journey they must take. A destiny to fulfill. As close as your imagination exists a magical place, where wondrous creatures with incredible powers help make dreams come true. It's the world of Pokemon!!"

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    Act 19: The Hero of Three Colors (part 3)

    "Prince Rowan dressed himself in the red armor, leapt into the saddle, and dashed away to the proving grounds." Brenna narrated over some exciting music. "When he entered, the vast throng of spectators sent up a shout of acclamation, and all were wild to know who the splendid knight was and where he lived."

    Lita watched from backstage as Charlotte, now in the ruby armor, waved to a large crowd of cheering extras. Here we took so long to figure out how to keep the tournament scenes at a reasonable length...


    "What are we going to do about the tournament scenes?" Shimmer wondered as she read over Sammi's script. "We don't want to bore the audience by showing every single opponent Prince Rowan overthrew..."

    "Yeah...that would also make the play run long." Ruby agreed.

    "Training montage?" Rio grinned.

    "Unfortunately, this is not a musical..." Shimmer sighed. "So a montage wouldn't really work..."

    "That, and we haven't really done a musical yet..." Sakura noted.

    "Musical or not, we'd still need a cast of hundreds or even thousands to pull it off." Ruby sighed.

    "We could just show Rowan and the servant facing off every time." Charlotte suggested. "At least that would still get the point across, and still be within our capabilities to produce..."


    "With wonderful skill he overthrew all the other warriors until only the servant remained." Brenna's narration and Charlotte skillfully knocking down training dummies snapped Lita to reality.

    Finally, Charlotte and the Litten met on the stage. After a few moments, the Litten bowed before Charlotte. "I withdraw and concede the match!"

    Cheers filled the stage and the audience as Charlotte waved to the imagined crowd, then departed at stage right. "Who was that red knight?" a Pikachu extra asked.

    "Never before have I seen such skill and grace, nor such beauty of form and elegance in anyone." a Chikorita extra agreed as she applauded.

    The orchestra started a victorious theme. "Everyone tried to find out where the Ruby Knight had gone, but Prince Rowan had returned to the forest where he met the knight, and returned his armor and steed." Brenna went on from her nook. "He thanked him for his kindness and, taking the game that the knight had shot for him, he hurried back to the palace kitchen."

    The lights came up on a crowd of extras as kitchen servants talking excitedly. "What a day!" a Charmander extra smiled as he pantomimed washing dishes.

    "I know--that ruby knight is all anyone can talk about!" an Eevee extra agreed. "I wonder who he trained under to get that good at swordplay?"

    "Maybe he trained under an eastern master?" a Mudkip extra suggested. "They're famous for their swordplay, including moves no one in the realm has ever seen before!

    About then, Charlotte arrived on the stage. "There you are!" the Eevee extra began. "You picked a bad time to miss the tournament!"

    "Oh? What did I miss that was so exciting?" Charlotte asked, to knowing giggles from Shaymin and the forest Pokemon.

    "You missed a mysterious ruby knight in the swordsman's competition!" the Charmander extra explained. "No one could stand against him--he defeated every last one!"

    A Taillow extra arrived on the stage minutes later. "Forgive me for interrupting your conversation, Tristan, but Princess Lilly has requested your presence in the rose garden."

    "Tell Her Ladyship I will be there momentarily." Charlotte replied as the lights went down.

    The orchestra started a peaceful interlude before the lights came up on the majestic set of the rose garden. "There you are..." Lita began as she and Charlotte met on the stage. "Where have you been all day?"

    "I was only out hunting game, and nothing more." Charlotte replied.

    "You would rather hunt for game than glory." Lita sighed. "A knight in red on a fine steed has covered himself with renown. No one but you could have overcome the splendid warrior."

    "Is that so?" Charlotte smiled. "No matter...all will be well if I continue my humble duty in hunting game for the king."

    "What good will THAT do?" Lita gasped as Charlotte exited. "You can go out hunting at any old time!"

    "Why is he being so callous to the princess, milady?" one of Shaymin's Ivysaur attendants asked as the lights went down.

    "Be patient--I'm sure there is a method to the real Prince Rowan's madness." Shaymin smiled as the orchestra started another interlude...


    "The next morning, Prince Rowan mounted his Ponyta and went out to hunt." Brenna narrated as the lights came up on the forest set from before. "At the same bend in the road he met another knight dressed from the plumes of his helmet to the soles of his feet in blue, and riding a fine Ponyta."

    Onstage, Charlotte met Rio, now clad in blue, aboard a Ponyta puppet. "Good day, sir knight--are you going to the tournament today?" Charlotte asked, giving Rio a respectful bow.

    "Sir Rowan, don this armor, mount this steed, and go to the tournament." Rio instructed Charlotte. "Upon your return you will find me waiting here. I will hunt in your stead, and present unto you all the game I obtain."

    "Right away!" Charlotte replied, hurrying off to change as the lights went down.

    Shaymin smiled as the orchestra started another exciting melody. I see...the three heroes are one and the same! Those knights he is meeting are the same ones he helped before, I just know it!

    To Be Continued...
    Everyone has a dream that fills their heart. A journey they must take. A destiny to fulfill. As close as your imagination exists a magical place, where wondrous creatures with incredible powers help make dreams come true. It's the world of Pokemon!!"

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