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    Pokemon: Stars of the Indigo Stage

    (rated E10+ for fantasy stage violence)

    Prologue: Chelsea's Decision

    The neon lights of Nimbasa City lit up the night as people came and went about their daily routines. But the busiest district of all was the Trinity District, Nimbasa's famous theater district, with hundreds of glittering theaters and thousands of performances going on every night, there was something for everyone to enjoy.

    But in one apartment complex overlooking the colorfully lit district, a black haired girl looked out on the glittering lights with a sigh. So close...I was so close...

    She looked over at her awards cabinet near the living room entrance; where a Spotlight Button with seven Star Pins was among the many trophies, ribbons, and other prizes on display. The city lights outside projected the glint of the Star Pins on the well, giving the girl a visual reminder of how close she had come to making it into the cast of the Unova Grand Musical the year before. What I would give to try again--and this time make it to the Grand Musical! Or better yet, go somewhere else and try to take part in their Grand Musical...

    "Is everything okay, Chelsea?" an older girl with wavy black hair asked as she arrived in the room with her dinner for the night. "It's not like you to be this quiet." She set down the plate on the coffee table, found the TV remote, and flicked on the TV.

    "I've been could I have come so close to making it in to the Grand Musical last year, and failing?" Chelsea sighed as she brushed some sandwich crumbs from her lavender T-shirt that displayed a smiling Espeon on it. "I did everything right..."

    "Sometimes you can do all the preparation in the world, and still be told no." the older girl explained. "It may be true that you had every right to be there, but the audition committee may feel someone else deserved the role you wanted more than you."

    "Yeah--I've had my share of rejected auditions..." Chelsea replied. "But this one hurts because of when it came, what can I do to redeem myself? Unovan Grand Musical rules say I have to wait a year before trying there anywhere else I can go that has a Musical or Revue challenge?"

    "Well..." Christine was snapped to attention by a segment on the show she was watching. In Pokemon Musical and Pokemon Revue news, trainers from Kanto can now experience the magic of the Pokemon Musical and Pokemon Revue! Champion Lance announced today that the Musical and the Revue will be viable options alongside Gyms and Contests..."

    Chelsea couldn't believe her ears. "Christie, you know what this means? I can finally see Ash, Misty, and Brock as the Three Musketeers! I will never forget your playing Diana in the Melody's sakura version..."

    "You could also travel to Kanto, and learn from them." Christine agreed. "There's a reason they are Kanto's biggest triple threat superstars--they are very good at what they do."

    "Maybe, if I travel to Kanto, I can ask them to travel with me as my mentors for this new Musical Challenge!" Chelsea went on, her mind spinning with ideas.

    Chelsea reached for her PokeNav, and brought up TravelNav. "Let's see here...fights to Kanto from Unova are actually pretty cheap right now. I can get you there as soon as tomorrow, if you don't mind a red eye flight."

    "Book the first flight at a decent hour you can find." Chelsea smiled, now in a better mood. "What should I pack for Kanto?"

    "Here...I'll print you a packing list, and leave it on your pillow." Christine offered. "I'll do the heavy lifting of getting your flight booked and getting you signed up for the challenge. If I have to, I'll even rally the other girls to take up a collection to get you to Kanto."

    Chelsea ran to hug her elder sister. "Thank you..."

    She glanced back at the nearly completed Spotlight Button in the awards cabinet. "This time, I'm gonna make it into the Grand Musical!"

    Christine just smiled. "I believe you would, with the same spirit and energy you give to the Revue."

    "You've been to Kanto before, right?" Chelsea asked as she opened the closet and retrieved a suitcase. "What's it like over there?"

    "It's beautiful over there." Christine replied. "Even if you don't get to travel with Ash, Misty, and Brock, it's worth your while to see them perform."

    Chelsea nodded. "I can't wait--maybe there is some hope for me as a great Musical performer after all." she mused before returning to her bedroom for more clothes.

    "Well, no matter what happens, you'll always be a great performer to the Revue." Christine assured Chelsea. "You don't need a prize to tell you that."

    To Be Continued...
    Everyone has a dream that fills their heart. A journey they must take. A destiny to fulfill. As close as your imagination exists a magical place, where wondrous creatures with incredible powers help make dreams come true. It's the world of Pokemon!!"

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    Episode 1: Arrival on a New Stage

    A few weeks later, Chelsea, Christine, and a throng of other girls from the Melody Revue arrived at Nimbasa International Airport to see Chelsea off to Kanto. Many of the girls carried signs reading "GOOD LUCK, CHELSEA!" and "ALWAYS OUR SUPERSTAR!"

    "Well, this is it...your big trip to a new region." Christine began as the group approached the Kanto Airlines terminal. "Remember that we're standing with you, and we're only a phone call or video chat away if you get homesick."

    "Of course, if you want to celebrate a big accomplishment, or encouragement after a setback, we'll be here too." another girl agreed.

    Kanto Airlines flight #1998 now boarding at gate 2. the PA system announced, snapping Chelsea to attention. "Well, I'm off--I love you guys, I'll miss you guys, and if I can, I'll bring back souvenirs for everyone!"

    The crowd of girls cheered as Chelsea departed down the hall to gate 2...


    The flight to Kanto was relatively uneventful. The in flight entertainment center had some performances from Kanto's resident revue troupes and theater troupes, so Chelsea had watched some of the shows to pass the time. But before long she heard the intercom announce Now arriving at Indigo International Airport--local time is 10:30 AM. Your captain thanks you for flying Kanto Airlines. Please make sure you have all your belongings, take small children by the hand, and do not stand until the plane has stopped and the captain has turned off the seatbelt sign.

    After disembarking and making her way inside the terminal, Chelsea balked when she saw a familiar black haired boy, orange haired girl, and brown haired boy with tan skin all holding a giant banner that said "WELCOME, CHELSEA!!!" in both English letters and Kantonian monji. "She made it!" the boy smiled as a Pikachu bounded on his right shoulder.

    Chelsea gasped when she realized who was welcoming her. "Ash...Misty...Brock? This is so cool! My sister Christine has told me a lot about you three..."

    "...and she has told us about you in turn." Brock explained. "In fact, she was the one that asked us to guide you and mentor you on your Musical adventure."

    "Speaking of which...where do you sign up for that?" Chelsea asked as the group made their way to the baggage claim to pick up Chelsea's luggage.

    "My home theater in Pallet Town, appropriately named the Theater de Pallete." Ash replied as he petted the Pikachu perched on his right shoulder. "This is Tintri, my main Pokemon partner."

    [Hi!] Tintri smiled. [Welcome to Kanto!]

    Chelsea smiled as she retrieved a Poke Ball. "Well, I brought along one of my own Pokemon for company on this trip..."

    She heaved the Poke Ball skyward. "Athena, we're here!"

    An Espeon yawned as she materialized on a tile. I didn't know Kanto was a long way...

    The ruby on her forehead glowed as she analyzed Ash, Misty, and Brock. You should be in good hands on this trip...Ash, Misty, and Brock are very good at what they do.

    "Athena...that's a beautiful name for an Espeon." Misty smiled as the group departed the airport. "Did you like the name, or is there a story behind it?"

    "Well, when I first joined the Melody Revue back at home, one of the first shows I did was the tale of Perseus and Medusa." Chelsea explained. "I got to play Athena in that show, so when I got an Eevee as a reward for a job well done; I named her Athena in memory of that show."

    "A fitting name for an Espeon." Brock agreed. "In addition to being the goddess of wisdom, Athena was said to be the companion of heroes."

    "That makes sense--my sister is training me to play heroic roles in revues." Chelsea smiled. "Athena's usually there if I forget a line or miss a cue."

    Everyone giggled at this. "At any rate, let's get to the Theater de Pallete, and get your stuff for the Musical Challenge." Ash suggested as the group boarded the airport shuttle going to Pallet Town.


    Chelsea balked when the Trio arrived on the theater square in Pallet Town some time later. "Wow...I knew the Pokemon Musical and the Pokemon Revue would be popular with you guys, but I didn't expect it to be THIS popular!" she gasped when she noticed the crowds of people lined up to sign up for the Pokemon Musical and the Pokemon Revue.

    "Well, your sister already sent most of your paperwork on ahead, so all you have to do is get your Spotlight Button." Misty assured Chelsea. "After the three of us get our role types determined, we'll get ours. Then we'll find out what show we're doing to kick off our challenge."

    "That's fair." Chelsea replied as Brock gave her the registration card Chelsea had sent on ahead.

    "Remind me again what the different revue types are?" Ash asked as he watched Chelsea get in line for her Spotlight Button.

    "Tsubomi revues are boys and girls performing together." Misty explained. "Sakura revues are all girl performances, like the Melody Revue. Kikuno are all boy performances, but these are somewhat rare."

    "I see..." Ash mused as Chelsea returned with a gold blank Spotlight Button.

    "Where should I put this?" Chelsea asked, showing her new companions the gold button. "Is on my bag okay?"

    "That's fine, so long as it's in an easily visible location so that they can put Star Pins on it." Brock replied. "We'll go get ours shortly."


    "Okay...we're doing 'The Legend of Brian and Epona' as our show here." Misty explained as the group settled into the rec room at Ash's house for the night. "Which inspired what many say is Brock's signature folktale ballad."

    "Oh?" Chelsea was intrigued as Ash retrieved a well loved silver tin whistle with a green mouthpiece from a pocket.

    "The more I read the story in hopes of using it for a storytelling show, the more it seemed to lend itself to music, and the song just wrote itself from there." Brock explained as he retrieved a guitar case from one corner of the room. "But I see no harm in playing you the song to welcome you to Kanto. Give us a few minutes to tune first." He let that hang as Misty tuning a well loved fiddle and Ash warming up on the D major scale melded with his tuning the beautiful gold-brown guitar inside.

    Once sure everyone was in tune, Brock snapped to count off Ash and Misty into the intro to a rousing song. Chelsea started clapping along to the music as Brock sang:

    It's of a jolly beggarman came tripping o'er the plain,
    He came unto a castle fair, a lodging for to gain
    His Royal Highness, he came down and viewed him cheek and chin
    He said, 'You are a handsome man, of course I'll take you in...'

    To Be Continued...
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    Episode 2: A New Way to Tell the Story

    The smell of pancakes lured Chelsea downstairs the next morning. Brock was before the stove tending to the pancakes, Ash was at the table munching on some cereal while reading the newspaper comics, and Misty was with Ash's mom by the front walk, getting the mail. For the most part, it was no different from mornings back home in Unova.

    Misty arrived in the kitchen moments later. "Mail call! Our scripts for our first Pokemon Musical are here!" she reported as she set aside four scripts, then sorted the rest of the mail.

    Ash took one of the scripts. "Well, this is definitely a different version of 'Brian and Epona' than you've told and sang about, Brock..." he noted as he thumbed through the script.

    "The director wanted the three princesses to have a part in defeating the Hydreigons--so rather than being Hydreigon bait, they're actively helping Brian kill off the Hydreigons." Misty explained, showing off a note from the director attached to her script.

    "I can always get behind some more active princesses." Brock grinned as he turned off the stove and brought the pancakes to the table. "I'll do Delia a favor and clean the oven up after I get the toppings organized."

    Ash smiled at this. "Mom's a stickler for making sure the oven's clean after you use it."

    "There's an array of Berries, chocolate chips, whipped cream, pecans, cinnamon and sugar, and of course, the classic maple syrup." Brock explained as he made a grand gesture to his toppings spread. "So make it as healthy or junky as you like."

    "I'll go for some Nanab Berries with cinnamon and sugar." Chelsea replied as she doused her pancake stack with cinnamon and sugar, then crowned the top pancake with some sliced Nanab Berries, pecans, and a large pillow of whipped cream.

    Ash noticed Chelsea's creation. "That looks amazing! Almost like it walked out of a restaurant!"

    "It's based on a special breakfast my sister Christine makes when we have a long day onstage ahead of us." Chelsea explained in between bites. "Nanab Foster pancakes. It's healthier than it sounds, because Christine swaps the flour and sugar for lots of Nanab Berries. The protein is an Arceus-send on long rehearsal days!"

    "Huh--never would've thought to mix Nanab Berries directly in the batter." Brock smiled as he wiped down the oven. "I'll have to keep that in mind for long traveling days and our own long rehearsal days."

    "Once we get done here, we'll get together in the living room and do a readthrough and discussion of our roles." Misty suggested as Brock arrived to enjoy his share of breakfast.


    After breakfast, the group gathered in the living room with their scripts. "Let's see...Ash is of course playing Prince Brian...I'm voicing Epona, who is portrayed as a puppet, Brock is the minstrel narrating the story with plenty of song, a little snark, and maybe some fourth wall breaking, and Chelsea is playing Princess Christina, the youngest princess." Misty began.

    "One letter off from my sister's name--that should be easy to remember." Chelsea smiled.

    "They were considerate enough to include guitar chords in my copy of the sheet music." Brock agreed as he perused his script, which had music interwoven with lines.

    An idea occurred to him. "Hold that thought..." With that, he hurried off down the hall.

    Chelsea balked when Brock returned some minutes later--he was now wearing an ornate purple, red, and gold minstrel's costume. "Whoa..." was all she could gasp as she watched Brock fine tune his guitar. "That looks like it came out of the Melody's costume closet!"

    "Actually, it's hand made." Brock replied as he settled in a hard chair nearby the piano, guitar in tow. "I initially got it while participating in Shinou's Fantasy Stage--a storytelling competition where the competitors dress up as minstrels to tell their tales. Found out from one of the local tellers that every costume used in the Fantasy Stage is hand made--the original tag tells you the name of the person that 'made the costume with love.'

    He turned his attention to the music in the script. But the more he looked at the music, the more he winced. "Is something wrong?" Chelsea asked. Brock looked less and less enthused by the music the more he looked at it.

    "Would the director object if I used my own song in place of this cheesy narration?" Brock asked before reading out the song's lyrics. "Now let me just tell you how happy I am, to welcome you all to the lands of arcane. Where demons and pixies of magical grace, will charm you and bring a smile to your face..."

    Even Misty and Ash winced at the lyrics. "Let me e-mail the director real quick..." Misty mused as she found her PokeNav and furiously started typing something.

    "Give me your song as the narration over that any day!" Ash cried. "Who are we performing for, kids?"

    "Nope--the Pokemon Musical, and by extension the Pokemon Revue, is for everyone to enjoy." Misty replied.

    The bling of a new e-mail got her attention. "And there is the director's reply."

    She read over the e-mail, then told Brock. "Yes, you can use your song for the narration--if you'll perform it for her when we rehearse in the theater tomorrow. She'll even write up a new version of the script with your song in it too."

    Brock was relieved by the news. "Thank Arceus I won't have to be singing those cheesy narrations..."

    "At least the other songs have decent lyrics--that goofy narration clashes with the tone and style of the other songs." Misty agreed as she set aside her PokeNav and made her way to the piano. "Ash? Chelsea? You two up for rehearsing some of your songs?"

    "Sure!" I smiled. Ash nodded in agreement.

    "Okay...Ash, let's do 'Brian's Promise'--you sing this after the king tells Brian the sad story about the Hydreigons and the princesses." Misty explained as she settled before the keys. "After the actor playing the king has told you the story, in song."

    Ash flipped to the scene Misty was talking about. "When you're ready."

    Misty started a quiet introduction in C. This small seed of hope is in bloom... Ash sang over the piano.
    And it reaches out towards the stars...
    From a little spark from deep within the heart
    I believe fate has brought me here.

    I will not back down, I will not give up
    I will bring them home--if they'll take my hand!
    I will fight for them, I would die for them,
    And bring glory to this bright land.

    I know they long for you!
    And a hero to come and set them free,
    And once again, the bonds of the stars
    They will bring a miracle!

    Chelsea smiled and applauded as Ash finished the song. "Not bad for a sight reading."

    "Any suggestions on how I can do better?" Ash looked over at me. "Since you're part of a real revue troupe, you should know a thing or two about giving a song some punch!"

    "Well, before I tell you what you need to work on, let me start by telling you what you're doing right." Chelsea began. "You have a strong heroic voice, and this song is Brian's vow to the king he will do everything he can to save the princesses from a horrible fate. So remember to give each word some oomph, but not so much you're overacting."

    "Give it power, but not too much--got it!" Ash reminded himself. "Anything else?"

    "It might help if you gradually crescendo along with the music." Chelsea suggested. "The song starts out quiet, since Brian is reflecting on what the king has told him. Then as you move into the heroic lyrics, crescendo with the music so that the third verse gets that triumphant punch."

    "That makes sense." Ash mused as he found a pencil to make a note in the music...

    To Be Continued...
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