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Thread: Monox D. I-Fly's Pokemon/Digimon/Yu-Gi-Oh! Personal Review

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    Monox D. I-Fly's Pokemon/Digimon/Yu-Gi-Oh! Personal Review

    Somedays ago, I asked if I may make a thread about my personal review on a Digimon, a Pokemon, and a Yu-Gi-Oh! card in each posts. Luckily I got the permission and I’m abou to do it. However, due to some confusion which is mainly because unlike Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia, Wikimon doesn't have the Digimon franchise's history by chronological order, I will only make a select few matching the number of existing Pokemon. Each variant form of a Pokemon will get their own review, so for example, I will make 28 Digimon and Yu-Gi-Oh! card review when the time for Unown comes. Note that this will only apply to the in-game variants. So, anime-only variants (whether Pokemon, Digimon, or an anime-only cards) don’t count unless it is necessary to fill in a gap.

    For the ordering number, I will do it by generations. So, these Pokemon games generations will correspond with Digimon and Yu-Gi-Oh! anime generations which have the same numbering. For the record, there are 8 generations of Pokemon, 9 series of Digimon anime, and 7 series of Yu-Gi-Oh! anime. However, amongst the 9 series of Digimon anime, series 8 (Tri) and 9 (Appmon) aired at the same time, while Yu-Gi-Oh! also has one not-so-popular series widely known as Season Zero (the one made by Toei, adapting the part of the manga when the Trading Card Game hadn’t been made the main focus yet). Being said, the set of generations are as follow:
    Pokemon Gen 1 / Digimon Adventure era / Yu-Gi-Oh! era
    Pokemon Gen 2 / Digimon Zero Two era / Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters era
    Pokemon Gen 3 / Digimon Tamers era / Yu-Gi-Oh! GX era
    Pokemon Gen 4 / Digimon Frontier era / Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s era
    Pokemon Gen 5 / Digimon Savers era / Yu-Gi-Oh! ZeXaL era
    Pokemon Gen 6 / Digimon Xros Wars and Hunter era / Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V era
    Pokemon Gen 7 / Digimon Tri and Applimonsters era / Yu-Gi-Oh! Vrains era
    Pokemon Gen 8 / Digimon Adventure Reboot era / Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens era

    And now, to make sorting easier, each Generations will be divided by “Set”. So, let's start with the first set of Gen 1 I will dub as “The Original Starters”!

    #001 Bulbasaur

    Of course, we would start with the first one in the Pokedex: Bulbasaur. Presumably derived from the word bulb and saurus, I had a hard time comprehending what’s so dinosaur-ish about it. Yes, I know that there was an early ancient amphibian that looks like one, but for me this monster is nothing more than an onion frog (or toad, if you insist). Don’t get me wrong, onion frog is a unique concept. Ken Sugimori himself was also said to say that he based the Gen I starters from exotic pets, namely lizards, turtles, and frogs. Nothing about dinosaurs here. Nothing.
    I do admit that I was wrong about the “onion” part, though. It is indeed a bulb. I remember being amazed when reading Pokemon Adventure manga that the bulb, exposed by sunlight, shoots out a beam! I also managed to surprise my younger brother when I told him that the laser beam that is so overused in the world of fiction is a Grass-type move in Pokemon (I didn’t know about Hyper Beam at the time). However, unlike Plant/Leaf/Wood elements in other fictions where the usually green-colored beam is just an excuse because they couldn’t think of a way a seemingly weak element can do a massive damage, Pokemon actually justifies this by saying that energy from the sunlight got converted and becoming a laser beam. This is one of the rare instance where I actually like a beam-type attack.
    Rate: 3/5


    On the Digimon side, I give you Agumon. The most iconic thus overused Digimon. It’s just a bipedal lizard, nothing more. However, it was once my most favorite Digimon, merely because it is the Digimon with the most possibility of evolution. Also, its eyes helped me draw some Digimon back then, due to its uniqueness amongst other franchises but a staple within the Digimon universe itself.
    Rate: 3/5

    Mutou Yugi

    Yes, you read that right. In the original version of the TCG, the characters actually do battle with the monsters. The protagonist of this story. A high school student, who loves games, not only Duel Monsters. The reason I put this card as the first entry was that some cards have the pieces of the game’s rule written on them. Thankfully, the rules are numbered, so it’s easy to read them in the right order. This card has the first point of the rule: “Both players must use the same number of cards as their Decks.”.
    Rate: 2/5

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    Now for the entry Number 2!

    #002 Ivysaur

    Bulbasaur evolves to this monster at Level 16. Back then I didn’t really notice any change besides its bulb turned color to pink, though, as well as the addition of some leaves. Nothing much to say.
    Rate: 2/5


    Meanwhile, Agumon evolves to this three-horned badass T-Rex. Back then I though that the brown part on the upper half of its head was a helmet. The official profile went on referring that as an exoskeleton! How cool is that? Also, it gained some blue stripes.
    Rate: 4/5

    Mutou Yugi

    This card is also named as “Mutou Yugi” despite it depicts his alter-ego instead. Well, during the time this card was made I guess people in-universe still didn’t know about this badass, vigilant, murderous alter-ego. Again, yes, you read that right. Yugi’s alter-ego back then, the soul who resided in the Millennium Puzzle (a pyramid-shaped puzzle artifact which Yugi hangs on his neck everywhere) was a psychopath who actually murdered people who dared to do wrong to Yugi and his friends. The rule part written on this one is the second part of the rule: “Draw 5 cards from your Deck to form your hand.”.
    Rate: 1/5
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    And now, the Pokemon goes to its final evolution...

    #003 Venusaur

    After Bulbasaur evolved to Ivysaur at level 16, Ivysaur evolves to this monster at level 32. At first I thought the only changes were that it got bigger, it changes color to green again after the blue Ivysaur, and its marks are gone. Its not until one of my classmates, the biggest bully in the class, pointed out to me that the bulb on Ivysaur’s back has now been bloomed to a full-grown flower.
    Rate: 4/5


    The first time Greymon evolved on TV, there was no evolution footage like when Agumon evolved to Greymon. Instead, Greymon just shone bright and grew bigger, changed shape, and this scary monster appeared. While we’re at it, now let’s speak about Digimon evolutionary level.
    Agumon was a Child-level Digimon (internationally known as Rookie level), Greymon was an Adult-level Digimon (internationally known as Champion level), and SkullGreymon is a Perfect level Digimon (internationally known as Ultimate level). Also, while Agumon and Greymon both have Vaccine attribute, SkullGreymon has Virus attribute. Vaccine Digimon are generally good while Virus Digimon are generally evil. To be honest, I don’t like this system because it implies that many Digimon are born good and many others are born evil, as if they got little choices in which morality they stand.
    Now, I will tell you what monster it was up against when it debuted: Another Greymon! Taichi, Greymon’s partner, force-fed Agumon in order to make Greymon evolve as soon as he got the Crest, the item needed for evolution to Perfect-level. This was because Digimon can’t evolve if they don’t have enough energy. It then turned out that it had the opposite effect. The arc villain trapped the children and force Taichi’s Greymon to engage in a gladiator battle agains... another Greymon! Yes, Greymon isn’t exclusive to the main characters only, the villain also has a Greymon! Being on full stomach, Taichi’s Greymon couldn’t fight properly and burped instead when it tried to shot its powerful attack, Mega Flame. Thus, Taichi’s Greymon was curb-stomped.
    Taichi then remembered that another way to make a partner Digimon evolve is when the human partner is in danger. So, Taichi stepped up in front of enemy Greymon, willingly put himself in danger. Taichi’s Greymon then finally evolved... to this monster. With one swipe, he defeated the enemy Greymon... but it didn’t stop there. SkullGreymon rampaged uncontrollaby, taking out some of his comrades in the process. This gave Taichi such trauma that he didn’t even dare to evolve Greymon for a while.
    Rate: 5/5

    Jounouchi Katsuya

    Yugi’s bestfriend. Originally a bully, being protected by Yugi from a bigger and meaner bully softened his heart. Now he will do anything to Yugi. It’s also referenced in the card text: “Yugi's best friend. The number one in Japan when it comes to effort and willpower!”. The rule part written on this one is the third part of the rule: “Select 1 Monster Card from your hand and play it to start a Battle.”.
    Rate: 2/5

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    Okay, now we get to a different line for Pokemon:

    #004 Charmander

    The next line is just a lizard whose tail is on fire. Kinda like a goofy Agumon in my eyes. In an early episode of Pokemon, it was said that Charmander will die if the flame at the tip of its tail is extinguished.
    Oh, and by the way, let’s take about Pokemon types. Charmander is a Fire-type Pokemon, while the Bulbasaur line was Grass/Poison. Fire-type attacks deal double damage to Grass-type Pokemon because you know, fire burns grass. On the opposite, Grass-type attacks only deal half damage to Fire-Type Pokemon.
    Rate: 3/5


    How disappointed I was when I found out that SkullGreymon was NOT supposed to be Greymon’s true evolution. Instead, Greymon should usually evolves to this monster which is basically just a bigger version of Greymon whose helmet is changed into metal, gained a metal claw, breast plate, and tail chip, as well as six tattered wings. Not that bad, though. The metal claw, called Trident Arm, can be launched and then retracted back using a wire. The breast plate shot a pair of missiles, each of them vaguely shaped like a shark. This attack, originally called Giga Destroyer, in my country (Indonesia) somehow was dubbed as “Tembakan Ginjal” (literally means Kidney Shot!).
    Rate: 3/5

    Kaiba Seto

    Yugi’s main rival in the entire series. Back then he was just a Villain of the Week in the mini-arc focused on a Trading Card Game called Magic and Wizard, which because of fans’ demand, becoming the basis for the entire franchise just several volumes later. The rule part written on this one is the fourth part of the rule: “To determine the result of the battle, compare the ATK of your attacking monster with the DEF of the attacked monster.”.
    Rate: 3/5

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    Do you think that a Digimon’s evolution line consists of 3 stages like the Pokemon ones? WRONG. But first, let’s get to the Pokemon entry first:

    #005 Charmeleon

    Last time I said that Charmander is just a lizard whose tail is on fire. His evolution, on the other hand, is even just “Lizard” in its Japanese name. Charmander evolves to this at level 16. Its English name, Charmander, is presumably a combination of the words “charcoal” and “chameleon”. Well, that extra bone on its head fits for either a kind of lizard or a kind of chameleon, anyway. Though I still prefer the English name since it’s quite punny compared to its lazy Japanese name.
    This Pokemon looks closer to Agumon than Charmander does, probably because of its fiercer appearances. I would say that this feels more like Agumon’s counterpart than Charmander does. The claws are more detailed, too.
    Rate: 4/5


    In Digimon, above Perfect-level (internationally called “Ultimate” level), there is still Ultimate-level (internationally called “Mega” level). This is the Ultimate-form of Agumon, though in the anime it didn’t evolve directly from MetalGreymon. Instead, Agumon evolved straight into this monster. This kind of evolution is called Warp Evolution where are Digimon skipped some levels ahead. Greymon and MetalGreymon did appear in the evolution footage, however.
    While I’m at it, probably I will explain the Warp Evolution footage in detail. At first, Taichi’s Digivice changed color to orange and shot a ray of light from its display screen at Agumon. Agumon then instantly evolves to Greymon and then MetalGreymon. After that, the footage shows us a half-naked red-haired lizard man standing upright (yes, this is probably less bizarre than it sounds, but we do see a shot of its... crotch armor?). Then, little by little, the armors manifested one by one his body. He then poses with a big sphere of flames in the backround resembling the sun.
    Rate: 2/5

    Honda Hiroto

    In the entry for Jounouchi Katsuya, I mentioned about him as “Originally a bully, being protected by Yugi from a bigger and meaner bully softened his heart”. He was not alone at the time. He was together with Honda Hiroto, bullied Yugi together, being bullied themselves together, as well as being protected by Yugi together. Of course, their hearts softened together, though he put his trust on Yugi not as soon as Jounouchi did. His card text says: “Yugi's close friend. Specialized in fighting more than in games?!”. The rule part written on this one is the fifth part of the rule: “If your monster's ATK is higher, your opponent's monster is destroyed.”.
    Rate: 2/5

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    This time we get to a different line in Digimon. But first, let’s get to the overrated Pokemon first:

    #006 Charizard

    Your staple dragon. Charmeleon evolves to this at level 36. It takes the form of a bipedal western dragon. The extra bone on Charmeleon’s head as well as the flame on the tip of its tail are still there.
    Charizard is the monster used as the cover for Pokemon Red Version, while its counterpart, Pokemon Green Version uses Venusaur instead. Speaking of Venusaur which is a Grass/Poison dual type, this Pokemon is also dual typing. Aside from the Fire-type it has since it was a Charmander, it now gains the secondary type: The Flying-type.
    Rate: 4/5


    Back then, I thought this monster was supposed to be a tiger due to its stripe as well as the image of “a cute scary animal”. It looks ferocious, too. But who would ever thought that this monster is a [I]reptile[I]?
    Yes, the official profile says that it’s a Reptile-type Digimon. Are you gonna ask about the striped pelt? That is detachable. There’s even an episode in the anime where his partner, Yamato, caught a cold and Gabumon just took off his pelt (it’s called his “jacket” in my country’s dub) and put it on Yamato’s shivering body. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see the naked Gabumon, though years later we found out what it looks like in an official art:

    From the above picture you can even see that the pair of extra arms hanging behind Gabumon’s shoulders are just part of his pelt. Okay, enough talking of his type. Now we get to his attribute. Remember that SkullGreymon is a Virus-type and MetalGreymon is a Vaccine-type? Gabumon, on the other hand, is Data-type. Unlike Vaccine-types who are usually born good or Virus-types who are usually evil, Data-types represents the middle-ground. The neutrality, if you will.
    Rate: 5/5

    Mazaki Anzu

    Yugi’s gang consisted of 4 people: Himself, Jounouchi Katsuya, Honda Hiroto, and this girl. Unlike the other two who were originally bullies to Yugi, this girl is already his friend since childhood. Yugi has a crush on her, though she herself has a crush on the “other” Yugi. Her card text says: “Yugi's childhood friend. The classic vigorous high school student!”. The rule part written on this one is the sixth part of the rule: “Even if you destroy the opponent's monster, if the DEF of your monster is lower than the ATK of your opponent's monster, your monster is also destroyed.”.
    Rate: 2/5

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    Now, another line for Pokemon:

    #007 Squirtle

    Ever heard of the term “Starter Pokemon”? Starter Pokemon are Pokemon which you can choose at the start of your journey. You choose one of the three options: One is a Grass-type Pokemon like Bulbasaur, one is a Fire-type Pokemon like Charmander, and one is a Water-type Pokemon like Squirtle.
    Those three types make the most basic elemental cycle of Pokemon. Grass is strong against Water because Grass absorbs Water. Fire is strong against Grass because Fire burns Grass. Water is strong against Fire because Water extinguishes Fire. I’ve heard somewhere that it was an Arabic elemental cycle, whether that was true or not.
    In the game, if you choose a starter your rival will choose the one which will be strong against yours. If you pick Bulbasaur, he will pick Charmander. If you pick Charmander, he will pick Squirtle. If you pick Squirtle, he will pick Bulbasaur.
    Okay, enough about the elements. Now let’s get to the design. Compared to the other two starters, its design is ... boring. Even though Water is my most favorite element, I’m disappointed that it is just a turtle (or a tortoise, if you insist) with a squirrel tail.
    Did you doubt that I believe its tail is supposed to resemble a squirtle’s? Yes, I know some theories that say Squirtle’s etymology comes from “squirt” + “turtle” instead of “squirrel” + “turtle” and the spiraling tail is a reference to minogame, a turtle from a Japanes folklore whose tail caught or grew some seaweeds. Just like I’m in denial regarding Bulbasaur is not supposed to be a frog, I’m also in denial that Squirtle’s tail is not supposed to resemble a squirrel’s. After all, treating it as a squirrel tail makes Squirtle’s design almost on par with the onion frog and the burning-tail lizard instead of just simply a turtle.
    Rate: 1/5


    Okay, then. I did say we stop talking about elements, but have you ever wondered what Gabumon’s element is? In the anime, he shoots a blue... thing at the enemy. It looks like a stream of water, and the Indonesian dub (the country where I live) translated it as “Tembakan Air” (literally means “Water Shot”. However, the original name for that attack is Petit Fire. Sure enough, in the episode where Gabumon took off his pelt, he used that attack to make a campfire.
    Speaking of his pelt, there’s another anomaly which Gabumon has. Its official profile states that its pelt is made of the data Garurumon left behind, despite Garurumon itself is supposed to be Gabumon’s “true” evolution! So... what came first, Gabumon or Garurumon?
    Still on the topic of Gabumon’s pelt, or Garurumon’s fur, it’s stated on Garurumon’s official profile that it’s made from Mythril, a legendary metal which is very flexible. Due to sharing the same stripes as Gabumon (they’re the same fur after all), I also thought that Garurumon was supposed to resemble a tiger (back then, I didn’t know that long snout is a characteristic of canines). Luckily, the episode in which he debuted was titled “The Blue Wolf, Garurumon”. Its attack is also similar to Gabumon but in a bigger scale, called “Fox Fire”.
    Rate: 4/5

    Nosaka Miho

    Let me repeat the first line of the previous Yu-Gi-Oh! card entry. Yugi’s gang consisted of 4 people: Himself, Jounouchi Katsuya, Honda Hiroto, and Mazaki Anzu. However, in the anime there is an additional member: Nosaka Miho. She is not actually an anime original character, however. She did appear in the manga as Honda’s classmate whom he had a crush on and never appeared again later. Funnily, the anime made her Anzu’s childhood friend, just like her card description says: “Anzu's childhood friend. She started to play games recently.”. The rule part written on this one is the seventh part of the rule: “When the battle ends, draw 1 card from your Deck and you can end your turn.”.
    Rate: 2/5

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    Even its evolution is boring:

    #008 Wartortle

    Squirtle evolves to Wartortle at level 16. Nothing much was changed. It just got bluer, fiercer, and a pair of vaguely wing-shaped ears. It still keeps its squirrell tail. Basically just Squirtle who traded its cuteness for ears. As I said, still boring.
    Rate: 1/5


    When Digimon was hype in my country, some toy merchants would sell some Digimon covers consisted about 100 pictures which could then be cut as collection of cards. That’s where I saw this Digimon for the first time. My initial impression was that it would be the”wrong” evolution of Garurumon, in the same vein as SkullGreymon for Greymon just because how malicious it looked. I mean, a wolf-man who looks like a delinquent and even has a skull as its pants’ motif is surely supposed to be evil, right?
    WRONG. This is the true evolution of Garurumon, named WereGarurumon. Basically just a standing Garurumon with clothes. It even keeps its Data attribute despite looking very much like Virus.
    Did you notice that I mentioned “wolf-man” instead of “werewolf”? Back then I didn’t know that the general English word for “wolf-man” is “werewolf”, so when Garurumon’s evolution’s name was revealed to be WereGarurumon, I checked the word “were” in my dictionary and the translation said “former”, as in “They were warriors” means “They are former warriors”. So, I stupidly thought that WereGarurumon was a lazy name which basically means “former Garurumon” since it’s no longer actually Garurumon. Silly me.
    Rate: 3/5


    The first revealed Millennium Item user other than Yugi. In this card you can see his Millennium Key hanging on his neck just like Yugi’s Millennium Puzzle. He also holds the Millennium Scale on his hand. The Millennium Key has the ability to enter people’s mind, though when he used it on Yugi, the latter has two minds since he shares a body with the soul sealed in the Millennium Puzzle. The Millennium Scale is used to judge people and one of the shown victim in the manga was devoured mentally by Ammit, a crocodile-like monster. The rule part written on this one is the eighth part of the rule: “Each turn will continue like this, until both players' Decks are empty.”.
    Rate: 3/5

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    This time it’s ALL BLUE! No, not THAT All Blue. I don’t even consider to cover that franchise in this thread despite its my most favorite manga ever.

    #009 Blastoise

    After reaching level 36, Wartortle evolves to Blastoise. It’s more unique than his pre-evolutions... by having a couple of cannons emerged from his shell. Those are water cannons, at least, but they still look mechanical. If someone doesn’t really care about Pokemon and Digimon, they will probably mistake this as a Digimon instead.
    A nice tortoise, isn’t it? Its design, its name, and its pre-evolutions all scream turtle. HOWEVER, it is classified as Shellfish Pokemon! What the heck? Yeah, I get that both shellfishes and tortoises are aquatic creatures with shell, but still... My curiosity was finally answered when I read Blastoise’s origin on Bulbapedia, stating that Blastoise's cannons may have been derived from the functioning tubes found in mussels and some other shellfish. Still looks too mechanical, though.
    Rate: 3/5


    So, how can Digimon one-ups a Pokemon who already looks like a tortoise Digimon with water cannons? By having an armored wolf which shoots ice missiles! Just like WarGreymon, in the anime it didn’t evolve directly from WereGarurumon, but Warp Evolved from Gabumon with Garurumon and WereGarurumon appearing in the evolution footage.
    Just like in my WarGreymon review, I will explain the Warp Evolution footage in detail. At first, Yamato’s Digivice changed color to blue and shot a ray of light from its display screen at Gabumon. Gabumon then instantly evolves to Garurumon and then WereGarurumon. After that, the footage shows us a mechanical wolf. Then, little by little, its weapons unfolded one by one. He then shoots missiles from all over his body which result in ice crystals upon impact. After that, he runs and howls with a full moon in the background, mirrorring the big sphere of flames in the backround of WarGreymon’s evolution footage which resembles the sun.
    Why do they have to mirror each other? Because their partners, Taichi and Yamato, are rivals. They will debate about one thing or the other. They even clashed in person at one point, punching each other in the episode where we learned that Gabumon’s pelt was detachable. WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon also fought each other at one point, and I remember it was the first time I got very excited regarding what would happen in the next episode of a TV series. We boys at the school debated each other whether WarGreymon or MetalGarurumon who would win. Some thought that WarGreymon’s fire would melt MetalGarurumon’s ice. Others thought that the molten ice then would become water and extinguished WarGreymon’s fire. It was fun times. (Un)fortunately, the fight next episode ended when both technique clashed, so it probably counted as a tie.
    I remember back then, due to its name, I thought MetalGreymon and MetalGarurumon share the same level. After all, both names indicate that they are metallic upgraded version of Greymon and Garurumon, right? The fact that I got the spoiler of its existence before I knew that there’s another level after Perfect didn’t help either. That’s why when I first saw MetalGarurumon I thought it would be the “true” evolution of Garurumon while WereGarurumon would be the “wrong” one.
    If you ask me where did I got a spoiler regarding MetalGarurumon’s existence, there was a duo child singers in my country which was interviewed regarding Digimon. One of them was holding a toy which he called MetalGarurumon. Speaking of its toy, have you ever wondered why the Gabumon line went from bipedal to quadripedal to bipedal again and then to quadripedal again? The whole boys in my class thought that it was weird. I only knew when I read on TV Tropes (whether the info was true or not) that both WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon were designed toy-first. Probably they tried to make a transforming Agumon and Gabumon toy which can be folded up to form another monster and designed the best one resulted from the disfigurement. At least that explanation makes sense regarding why WarGreymon looks more similar to Agumon than MetalGreymon and MetalGarurumon looks more similar to Gabumon than WereGarurumon.
    Rate: 4/5

    Blue-Eyes White Dragon

    And... Finally we get to a Monster Card! Blue-Eyes White Dragon is a Level 8 Dragon-type monster with 3000 ATK and 2500 DEF. The card text says that it is “The strongest card in terms of attack and defense.”. The rule part written on this one is the ninth part of the rule: “Each player counts the total Level Stars of all monsters that they destroyed. The player with the highest amount is declared the winner.”.
    And now since we have reached a Monster card, let’s review all the rules we’ve gotten so far, with this card as an example. The rules are:
    1. Both players must use the same number of cards as their Decks.
    Okay, that means before playing, both players must come to an agreement regarding how many cards will be in their Decks to make them equal.
    2. Draw 5 cards from your Deck to form your hand.
    3. Select 1 Monster Card from your hand and play it to start a Battle.
    Okay, now let’s say that both players select Blue-Eyes White Dragon.
    4. To determine the result of the battle, compare the ATK of your attacking monster with the DEF of the attacked monster.
    Yeah, so Blue-Eyes White Dragon will both win if they are ever against each other since they have 3000 ATK and 2500 DEF.
    5. If your monster's ATK is higher, your opponent's monster is destroyed.
    And both Blue-Eyes White Dragons will be destroyed since their ATK is higher than their DEF.
    6. Even if you destroy the opponent's monster, if the DEF of your monster is lower than the ATK of your opponent's monster, your monster is also destroyed.
    Indeed, they destroy each other.
    7. When the battle ends, draw 1 card from your Deck and you can end your turn.
    So the time we replenish our hands is after each battles, huh?
    8. Each turn will continue like this, until both players' Decks are empty.
    Wait, so there’s no distinct turns between players? So, like we just looping a battle each turn?
    9. Each player counts the total Level Stars of all monsters that they destroyed. The player with the highest amount is declared the winner.
    Oh, so this is what the Level Stars are for. Kinda similar to the Digimon TCG, I think.
    So, then, what does all previous Character cards do? Well, you can put them in battle against your opponent’s Monster card. Instead of ATK and DEF, each one of them has an Ability. Their Abilities are as follows:
    1. Mutou Yugi
    Look Ahead
    In exchange for this card when it is defeated in battle, you can draw 3 cards from your Deck and add them to your hand.
    Ah, so this clumsy bullied kid is destined to lose, giving the opponent 6 Level Stars in exchange of 3 more options.
    2. Mutou Yugi (with the alter-ego artwork)
    Shadow Game
    Always wins in battles.
    Okay, this is ****ed up. This card is broken, always wins in battles without any side effects.
    3. Katsuya Jounouchi
    This card is defeated in battle, but the next card you play will have 500 additional points of Attack and Defense.
    This one is quite good, giving your opponent 5 Level Stars in exchange of a stat boost for the next turn.
    4. Kaiba Seto
    He always wins when he battles a Monster Card. When he battles a Character Card he's always defeated (he's also defeated by Honda).
    I hate Kaiba, but I must admit that I like this card. This card is balanced. He can win against a 3000 ATK Blue Eyes White Dragon but lose against any human, even the puny ones.
    5. Honda Hiroto
    Since he does not know the rules, he is always defeated in battle. But since his number of stars is zero, he won't score any points for your opponent.
    Basically a bait. Nice bait to make your opponent waste their all-powerful Blue-Eyes White Dragon or Mutou Yugi, though. Not to mention that he STILL beats Kaiba.
    6. Mazaki Anzu
    You can choose 1 of your cards that has been already used so that it battles instead of this card.
    Or not, if your opponent has this card. She can make her owner reuse the wasted Blue-Eyes White Dragon or Mutou Yugi, making Honda’s sacrifice be in vain.
    7. Nosaka Miho
    At My Own Pace
    As for Miho, if the opponent's card has five or more stars then Miho wins, if it has 4 or less then she loses pitifully.
    Another balanced card which would make a nice duo with Kaiba despite in the anime Kaiba wants to kill her because she is Yugi’s friend while in the manga Kaiba never interacted with this one-shot character at all.
    8. Shadi
    Millennium Key
    This card is defeated in battle, but you can look at your opponent's hand and choose the next 2 cards that they will play and use to battle.
    Another card that I like, sacrificing himself and giving the opponent 6 Level Stars in exchange of forcing the opponent regarding what cards they will play for the next 2 turns. Hope you can also get back those 6 Level Stars in those 2 turns, though. The more the better.
    Rate: 4/5

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    Okay, since we have finished reviewing “The Original Starters”, let’s move on to the second set of Gen 1 “Early Birds Get the Bugs”. No, I’m not using the word “worm” here because most of what we will review a bugs. Also, birds and bugs make a nice pair of alliteration, don’t they? Anyway, let’s start!

    #010 Caterpie

    Okay, I did say that I replaced the word “worm” with “bug”, but this Pokemon is classified as Worm Pokemon. Meh, whatever. The word “worm” can either mean “insect larvae” or “Vermes”, anyway.
    It’s just a caterpillar. Nothing special. Well, at least it doesn’t look as disgusting as real caterpillars, probably due to the lack of hair.
    Caterpie here is a Bug-type Pokemon. Bug-type Pokemon is weak against Fire-type Pokemon because fire burns bugs, and strong against Grass-type Pokemon because bugs eat grass. So, Caterpie is weak against Charmander and strong against Bulbasaur. We can say that in the elemental advantage, Bug is in the middle of Fire and Grass except that Fire is also strong against Grass.
    Rate: 3/5


    The most iconic insect Digimon from Gen 1. Resembling a ladybug, it has no apparent feminine aspect at all. In fact, we can assume that the Tentomon we saw in Digimon Adventure is male (well, of course there is a male ladybug, it’s just I didn’t realize that I didn’t appreciate the fact that it went against stereotypes).
    Even though some parts of its body looks robotic, it isn’t at all. In the Digital World, it is treated just as any normal ladybug, not robotic ones. Also, instead of mere spots on its wing shell (dunno what the proper term is), it has spikes instead, though I do wonder where’s the middle spike go when the wings open-up. Is that single spike part of its soft inner body?
    If both Agumon and Gabumon fight with fire, this bug fight with electricity instead. Its attack called Petit Thunder shoots hurling static electricity that it amplified with its wings.
    Rate: 4/5

    Red-Eyes Black Dragon

    Yeah, yeah, I know that this is neither a bug nor a worm, but we have reviewed Blue-Eyes White Dragon in our last entry, I think its counterpart deserves a mention too, right? After all, this is the card where finally the rules written in order matching the card numbers end, so the rule part written in this card is back to the first one “Both players must use the same number of cards as their Decks.”.
    The card text expicitly states that it is “The most powerful Dragon-Type monster after the "Blue-Eyes White Dragon".”. Yes, compared to its fellow Dragon-type monster Blue Eyes White Dragon, this card is only Level 7 with 2400 ATK and 2400 DEF. The Yu-Gi-Oh! Movie states that while Blue-Eyes White Dragon represents power, Red-Eyes Black Dragon represents potential.
    Rate: 4/5


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