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Thread: Monox D. I-Fly's Pokemon/Digimon/Yu-Gi-Oh! Personal Review

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    Of course, the bugs will undergo some metamorphosis, or in these franchises. “evolution”.

    #010 Metapod

    Caterpie evolves to Metapod at level 7. Pretty fast, right? And the obvious evolution of a caterpillar is of course a cocoon.
    At a glance, this cocoon looks like some kinds of leech (or a planaria, if you wish). However, you can vaguely see a shape of a samurai face with a goatee if looked from a certain angle. Speaking of samurai, in the fourth episode of the Pokemon anime, there’s a samurai who has a Metapod. He battled Ash which took out his own Metapod. However, since both Metapod only knows Harden, the battles just become the two Metapods hardening themselves.
    Now while we’re talking about Ash’s Metapod, I like how Ash’s Caterpie evolved to it in the anime. The process was similar to a real caterpillar going into pupation. Fist, Caterpie looks up and uses String Shot, making the strings fall down on itself and encasing him in a cocoon. If only others’ evolutions are detailed like this, I would love them.
    Rate: 3/5


    And you know what the previous ladybug evolved to? This monstrous beetle. With three jaws on his head and a hard helmet, this bug looks scary as ****. And no one even considers it scary in the anime. After all, you wouldn’t say such offensive thing if this creature grew from your curious pet ladybug, would you?
    Well, I said that this monster is a beetle. However, back when I was a kid, I debated with a friend what insect does this creature resemble and we came to the conclusion that it is a dragonfly. We concluded that because we thought the answer was in the long pointy tail which as far as we knew only belonged to dragonflies amongst insects. Even now I still think it doesn’t resemble a beetle at all other than its helmet which does looks like a rhinoceros beetle (though given its name, Kabuterimon, we can safely assume that it’s what it supposed to be since the Japanese word for “rhinoceros beetle” is Kabuto). After all, what beetle has long pointy tail, anyway? Not to mention the side-jaws and unlike real world beetles, Kabuterimon’s wings are never closed, giving it more resemblance to dragonflies whose wings are always open. Its Special Move is “Mega Blaster” where it shoots a purple lightning ball from its mouth.
    Rate: 4/5

    Ankoku Kishi Gaia

    Okay, just like the previous entry, this is also neither a bug nor a worm. It’s just that after doing a little more research, I think it’s best to review the Bandai Yu-Gi-Oh! card based on their card number, just like how I review the Pokemon ones based on their Pokedex number. The rule part written in this card is the second one “Draw 5 cards from your Deck to form your hand.”.
    The card text describes this horse-riding knight as “A magical knight who obtained a spear of darkness.”. This card is a Level 6 with 2300 ATK and 1600 DEF. This card has is also a Black Magic-type.
    Rate: 4/5

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    And of COURSE, the cocoon will evolve to a butterfly...

    #012 Butterfree

    First thing first, I want to apology because the last entry regarding Metapod has #010 as its Pokedex number despite it should be #011. This is because whenever I write an entry, I just do it by editing the previous one (except when I was writing the first entry, obviously).
    Metapod evolves to Butterfree at level 10. Being a motionless cocoon, of course you want to evolve fast, right? And obviously it will result in a butterfly.
    This is just a cartoony butterfly, with only 4 limbs despite insects should have 6 limbs. This is one of the reasons why I prefer Digimon to Pokemon. Pokemon design are too simple. Compare this with Tentomon and Kabuterimon who bot get 6 limbs. Also, this butterfly has fangs despite a butterfly supposedly uses a proboscis (or a sucker, if you don’t know) instead.
    In the previous entry, I said that the evolution of Ash’s Caterpie in the anime was similar to a real caterpillar going into pupation. So did the evolution of the resulting Metapod to Butterfree. Metapod shed its hard skin, a light came out from the hole, and Butterfree emerged from said hole.
    Speaking of Ash’s Butterfree, there’s an episode where it fell in love with a pink Butterfree and fought to save it from Team Rocket. At the end of the episode, Ash released his Butterfree to mate with the pink Butterfree. This is the appearance of the pink Butterfree:

    Rate: 3/5


    Now THIS is what a beetle should look like. Closed wings which resemble a shell, unlike the previous alien-like dragonfly Kabuterimon we reviewed before. Design-wise, I have to say that Kabuterimon’s is more creative, though.
    You guys probably feel that this monster is different than what was shown in the anime. Yes, it is. The anime recolored this monster red, though for me it looks dominantly brown. This is what Koushiro’s Kabuterimon evolved to:

    Rate: 3/5

    Curse of Dragon

    One of my cliques during middle school (the time when I first knew Yu-Gi-Oh!) was bad at English. When I told him the meaning of “curse” in “Curse of Dragon”, his immediate response was “Ah, so that’s why that dragon is just a skeleton. Because it is cursed.”. That’s what I thought too, but the card text in this card says that this dragon is “An undead dragon that spins words of curses.”. So, this one is actually the one who curses others, NOT the one who is cursed.
    Just like Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Red-Eyes Black Dragon, this monster is a Dragon-type. It is weaker then either of them, though. Only Level 4 with 2000 ATK and 600 DEF. The rule part written in this card is the third one “Select 1 Monster Card from your hand and play it to start a Battle.”.
    Rate: 4/5

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    Let’s review the lines of other bugs... I hope this is not bugging you...

    #013 Weedle

    What is scarier than a caterpillar? A caterpillar with horn, of course. Ironically, despite the horn, its design is much simpler than Catterpie’s. And that’s not the only irony this thing has, either. This worm is classified as “Hairy Bug Pokemon” despite Pokemon design being cartoonish, no visible hair can be seen on any part of its body.
    Rate: 2/5


    Back then I said that Tentomon looks like a robotic bug. Here I present you, an actual robotic bug. Even its type is Machine instead of Tentomon’s Insect.
    Tentomon looking robotic as it is, it’s still rounded. This guy, on the other hand, is ANGULAR. Looking at its official profile, though, it is entirely on purpose, because it says “Because it will discharge 1 MV of electricity from the stun gun-shaped head and arms it possesses if it senses danger, you mustn't carelessly approach.”. Probably this is also why some insects in fictions tend to have electric ability, because their horns look like a stun gun.
    Rate: 3/5

    Ryuukishi Gaia

    Looking at this card, you probably think that it is just Ankoku Kishi Gaia riding Curse of Dragon instead of its horse. YES, IT IS. It is even mentioned in the card text itself “The union of the cursed dragon and Gaia!”.
    If Ankoku Kishi Gaia is a Black Magic-type and Curse of Dragon is a Dragon-type, this card combines the two and become the Dragon Magic-type. It is weaker then either of them, though. This card is Level 7 with 2600 ATK and 2500 DEF. The rule part written in this card is the fourth one “To determine the result of the battle, compare the ATK of your attacking monster with the DEF of the attacked monster.”.
    Rate: 3/5


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