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Thread: 9 months in...

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    9 months in...

    Nine months after the release of Sword and Shield, and after the release of the first expansion; Are y'all still interested?
    Do you still play Sword and Shield?
    Does it still hold it's value to your initial feelings?

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    I still feel like it's one of the better games in recent years. I just haven't really played it all that much recently. Haven't even finished the first DLC wave yet myself.

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    I still really enjoy it. I haven't finished the DLC either because I've been spending most of my free time in Art Fight, but once Art Fight is over I plan to crank through it. I still participate in raids and such since they're a lot of fun. I'd still wager to say this is my favorite Pokémon mainline game to date. It's just a ton of fun to wander around the wild area and spin the camera around looking at everything. People criticize the graphics because they're not as good as other games out right now, but for a Pokémon game it's like nothing we've ever seen before and I really enjoy just biking around and taking it all in. It makes for a really relaxing environment to play in.
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    Honestly I put down Sword after the first online tourney in late November/early December I've not gone back.

    Playing the game I liked it much more than I expected. The overworld encounters were cool, the wild area was pleasently xenoblade-like, and while the story was rushed and fell apart at the end, the characters were some of the best in the franchise.

    The problems started after the credits rolled. After the short bit of extra Storyline the post game just feels meaningless. Raids are mainly only for pokemon that aren't competatively viable and will likely be unable to transfer to newer games. The battle tower lacks the difficulty of the Battle Tree, so there's no incentive to make a team to take it down. Dynamax unbalences so much that online battles are boring.

    In addition to those, while the idea of different pokemon and weather in the wild area seemed good at first, in practice I spent nearly two weeks waiting for the stars to align just to have a chance to catch a Mimikyu, while in previous games rare pokemon were at least tied to specific days, so you had to wait a week max to find that last pokemon.

    Honestly, I would probably say this is my second favourite pokemon game, if they'd only said that all the pokemon could be transfered to new games, instead of future games taking the same approach as SwSh to transfers. As it is it paying more just feels pointless when I could be playing a new game instead of grinding pokemon I'll never get to use...

    (I haven't bought the DLC as I'm waiting until the Crown Tundra is out before deciding if it's worth the price.)

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    Honestly, I haven't played since the DLC (which was admittedly pretty fun, though I feel like its storyline was designed to be concurrent with the main game than the postgame) because it doesn't feel like there's a whole lot to do. The post-game battle facilities are nice and all, but they feel a lot less challenging to me than Battle Tree/Mason which kinda made me grow bored of them. I also have to say that I don't enjoy Max Raids and how frustratingly slow they are. Gonna wait for Crown Tundra to breathe new life into this.

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    For the most part, the game was pretty fun, although I wish the DLC had a little more of a story and more to do...
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