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Thread: A Demon’s World [PG-13] [SU/DT]

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    A Demon’s World [PG-13] [SU/DT]

    Basic Synopsis:

    The Earth has been taken over by the demons, the abominations, the monsters, and all kinds of malevolent beings. The human race has almost entirely become subdued by the much more powerful creatures. After thousands of years, most have accepted that they can’t fix their situation. Hope, however, still exists, even for those that have given up. Demon hunters still exist, the angels that are capable of doing so are still fighting, and many relics meant to help ward off creatures of various mythologies and religions are hidden away in hopes that someone will find them and end the torment. The eternal war may not be so eternal, but who will win, and what will become of the earth when all is said and done?

    In-Depth Starting Point

    Demons, angels, monsters. These creatures had faded into myth for centuries. Due to the supernatural beings hiding themselves away, either in undiscovered locations, different planes of existence, or blending in to the world around them, the humans thought that they had never existed in the first place. The humans were very wrong.

    Deep underground in Iceland, there laid a coffin surrounded by runes and ancient writings. An archaeological dig discovered this tomb, and sent in a historian for translation. Reading the ancient script, he found a warning:

    Whomsoever opens this coffin dooms the world
    As all the evil sealed within shall be unfurled
    Creatures of the past, fueled by malice and by hellfire
    Shall be called forth and cause situations quite dire
    The world will plunge into an unrelenting war
    Fought between the legions of Hell and the Angel Corps

    The team did not heed this warning, and opened the box. What followed was exactly what was described in the warning. They had freed Hel, the Norse Goddess of Death, and after killing those that had freed her, she got to work freeing the other imprisoned Gods and demons.

    It has been over two millennia now, and the earth has, quite literally, gone to Hell. The demons have become comfortable, enjoying the many sinful pleasures of their world, but this comfort, this pride that they have due to winning the war for so long, may become their downfall.

    1) All PXR rules apply (Duh)
    2) This is a PG-13 RP, so some demons may be harder to work with (Succubi/Incubi to name a couple) but don’t be afraid to try your hand at them if you think you can do it.
    3) Any religion, mythology, or legend is free game, but please try to be respectful in the use of ongoing belief systems.
    4) On that same note, also try not to let creative liberties with a modern religion get to you as this is all a work of fiction where all belief systems exist.
    5) If you have any suggestions for arcs, villains, etc., let me know.
    6) Demonic and Holy are race attributes, not character traits. Demonic creatures native to Medieval England, for instance, almost universally have an aversion to silver and holy water, regardless of personality.
    7) If you don’t know where your character falls on the Demonic-Neutral-Holy scale, ask.
    8) You may have control over characters who are Gods, but they will be side characters to be introduced for plot purposes, not among your main characters. PM me to reserve these.
    9) Have fun!

    Types of Creature

    Holy Creatures: Any generally benevolent creature, such as angels, griffons, valkyries, and gargoyles
    Neutral Creatures: Any creature that is not considered benevolent or malevolent as a whole, such as kitsune, fae, humans, and dragons. Hybrids that don’t lean either direction also fit here (such as a Half-Angel/Half-Demon)
    Demonic Creatures: Any generally malevolent creature, such as fallen angels, zombies, werewolves, and oni.

    The state of technology and magic:

    1) This was the modern world before the demons took over, so things like cars, cell phones, modern weaponry, etc. do exist.
    2) Despite the former, the re-introduction of magic has made most of these things obsolete, though those without access to their own magic would still find use for them.
    3) Humans in general do have access to magic through various means, including, but not limited to, heritage, pacts with various creatures, and actually learning magic such as from a school or personal mentor. Not all humans practice magic, however.

    Other things of note:

    1) Just because creatures have alignments as a whole, does not mean that they oppose the opposite alignment. For example, an angel of justice may very often agree with a demon of vengeance.
    2) Like humans, creatures are not unified due to species. For instance, one clan of vampires may have a war with one pack of werewolves, but another clan of vampires may be allies with the same pack of werewolves.
    3) Basically any hybrid is possible, so long as it makes some level of sense for those species to have hybridized.
    4) If there are multiple variations of a creature that exist, or if you can think of an interesting variation of one, it can exist.



    Half or Full:
    Creature Type: (Holy/Demonic)

    My forms

    Name: Endentho Fergusson
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Half or Full: N/A
    Creature Type: Neutral
    Appearance: Endentho is fair skinned with bright blue eyes and long brown hair that has been tied into a ponytail. He wears jeans and a t-shirt with a jacket on top. The jacket features a family crest prominently over his heart. He is constantly carrying around a bag full of gear and has both a knife and a handgun on his person at all times.
    Personality: Endentho is a generally kind man, but has a rough outlook on life. He follows his gut instincts as they have saved him more than a few times, and will not hesitate to shoot or stab someone he deems a threat. That being said, if he can tell that one is merely protecting themselves against him as they view him as a threat, he will gladly put his weapon away to fix the issue. Due to there being so many demons around these days, he does not kill them indiscriminately as his family did many generations ago. Instead, he acts more as a bounty hunter or mercenary employed to take care of demons that are actually causing trouble.
    History: Endentho descends from a long line of demon hunters, spanning back to medieval times where his family was responsible for removing the vast majority of the incubus and succubus infestation in Europe prior to the demons going into hiding. His father taught him the tricks of the trade, though most of it focused on the species that were native to Europe, and don’t always work on species found in other regions.
    Relationship: Open
    Other: N/A

    Character List:
    Endentho Fergusson - Human - Me
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