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Thread: Stalkers RPG Season 5 General Chat Thread (Emissary Hideout - The Abandoned Steel Mill)

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    @Neo Emolga

    Is there anything I can urgently do?
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    oof I feel really bad for missing so much. Is there anything late comers can do at this point?


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    Quote Originally Posted by EmeraldSky View Post
    @Neo Emolga

    Is there anything I can urgently do?
    Quote Originally Posted by Morzone View Post
    oof I feel really bad for missing so much. Is there anything late comers can do at this point?
    Sure thing, I have some tips for both of these cases.

    If you’re totally stumped on what to do, simply Search on a place that hasn’t been searched yet, though gear up for the occasion, especially if it’s in the Southern Reach (though lately people have been able to go through there without running into trouble). You’ve got heaps of great gear now and plenty of cash, so put it to good use. Don’t make it all fall under the Megalixir tendency, where you tend to stockpile and not use great items thinking it’s better to save them for later… only to ultimately never use them at all.

    Also, look for spots where your Perk can be used. Also look at the key items that were found and see if you can make connections with unresolved obstacles that were found earlier. You might already have the key to a door but no one has made the connection and went ahead to use it. But if you only have some of the pieces, you know, it’s still helpful to track the connections and say hey, we know we have two of the three items we need to unlock this door, and while we don’t have the third yet, we can at least track that these two things belong there. In terms of trying to track down those last strangler items, Clairvoyance will help immensely with that and remove the guesswork.

    Right now, you’re at the stage where it might just be best to search through most of the locations, see what’s there to gather up in terms of key items and hidden stuff, and in cases where you KNOW you have all the pieces to an obstacle or barrier, use them, put them to use, and that way you’re fitting in pieces of the puzzle and gradually making it easier to progress with less piles of stuff to sift through.

    But yeah, there’s still 58 unsearched locations (plus plenty of Pokemon that haven’t been interviewed), and while a bunch of those don’t need to be searched to gather what you need to win the game, many of those places do hide essentials that you’ll need to uncover. Right now, there’s obviously going to be gaps in terms of missing pieces and not knowing what to do with certain things, but as soon as you wrap up the Searching and suddenly have all the pieces before you, then you can start seeing where things fit and how things relate.

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