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    Stalkers RPG Season 5 General Chat Thread (Emissary Hideout - The Abandoned Steel Mill)

    It’s your home away from home for now. These series of buildings used to be an industrial steel mill and foundry for manufacturing metallic building materials such as steel beams, pipes, ducts, and many other metallic components. They’ve been all but abandoned and forgotten about by the rest of the Exacta citizens, but perhaps you can make it become something that makes all the difference against the Stalkers. Here, there is a barracks, a supply area, and cooking area. Meanwhile, there’s some empty areas that might one day come in handy for other uses beyond providing the basics…

    This is the place for Emissary chat and for discussing plans, tactics, what to do next, and can also be used for working out puzzle solutions (if you submit them here, please mention me so I can check the solution!)

    Just some easy to follow ground rules:

    • Be kind, be friendly, be considerate! You're all on the same team, it's not a competition. Abyss is the enemy, not your fellow Emissaries!
    • New members are ALWAYS welcome! I understand that while we have a few Stalkers RPG veterans who have been with us since Season 1, I get that new people are always coming by. And that's still awesome, it's great to have everyone along!
    • You are totally welcome to meta-game and do some role play in here. Heck, we've even had fan art made, so that's totally welcome as well! Also, you never know who else may swing by this old steel mill while your mission is ongoing...
    • If you have any questions, please ask them in the Q&A thread! Although if you forget by chance, not a biggie, I'll still try to answer them.
    • You are totally welcome to make additional discussion threads beyond this one. It can be useful if you just want your own personal staging area to review notes, or make a poll in order to work out a team decision. That's been done in the past!

    Also, you're totally free (and encouraged!) to use PMD portraits whenever you speak.


    Text here! It will appear in the middle if it's two lines down. But if you're saying a lot, you might want to have it one line up.
    In practice:

    Cheers and good times!

    PSMD Mugshot resource (no gen 7 or 8, sorry!): here!
    Party icon sprites resource: here!

    News and Updates:
    • [10/15/2020] Welcome to Stalkers RPG Season 5 - Eternity's Endgame! Game day is October 22! Be ready for anything!
    • [10/19/2020] Battling and Buying Clarifications - A few additional notes and clarifications regarding Sparring Battles and details for shopping.

    Useful Links:
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