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During the month of August, a group of artists got together and created a bunch of artwork centering around one prompt, design a Pokésona themed after a Dungeons and Dragons class. This simple prompt resulted in a variety of different creative designs that perfectly blend what makes both Pokémon and D&D so special. The artists do very well to incorporate aspects of their different classes with the Pokémon’s natural designs, including the use of clothing, weapons, and so much more. It’s very cool to see how they expand upon the natural designs of each Pokémon and use them to exhibit the class of each character. So without further ado, let’s check them all out!


First up we have this really cool Mew Monk design by Auxiliaryliaison. This shiny Mew, known as Aucella Lian, disguises themself as a male Meowstic named Liam Deveaux. They also follow the Way of the Cobalt Soul, which I think is a perfect pick for a Mew/Meowstic Monk character. For those unfamiliar, the Way of the Cobalt Soul is a collective of monks that learn to puncture and manipulate the spiritual flow of an opponent’s body. It seems like the perfect fit for a psychic type monk doesn’t it?
It’s also important to note that while we don’t have any social media links for Auxiliaryliaison, we wanted to include them because of the great work they did on this piece.

part of a prompt for a server I’m in is d&d/magic pokesonas so i used my pokesona fusion who is a cleric who serves the eon duo! he gets his moves helping hands and wish from them, the rest are for using his moves to protect others!
— Leo/Pike | Star Trek said canon trans rights ! (@drawingleander) August 2, 2020
Next up is DrawingLeo with their Buizel/Eevee fusion Cleric! Named Pike, this Cleric follows the Knowledge Domain and serves under the Eon Duo. He gets the moves: Helping Hand and Wish as part of his service to them, and uses Aqua Tail and Ice Punch as a way to protect others. This design is really cool because despite having to incorporate the design elements of four different Pokémon as well as the Cleric Knowledge Domain all into one character, DrawingLeo does well to make sure they are all equally represented. This can be seen through the overall Buizel body shape, Eevee color scheme, and obviously Latios and Latias inspired armor. It blends together very well and makes for a neat and unique design.


Up next is a really creative and interesting design from JemDragons. JemDragons is a North Sea Warlock Gastrodon with a Pact of the Fiend. This design is super cool for a couple of reasons. The first one is that, as of writing this article, there is no official North Sea Gastrodon design, which means JemDragons came up with this design entirely on their own. And not only does it look great, but it matches the style of the other two official Gastrodon forms, meaning I could totally see it as an official form for actual Pokémon games. The second reason is how JemDragons create the outfit for their sona. According to the artist, they actually put together the outfit using the website FlightRising and then adapted it to suit their sona. As someone who has played FlightRising in the past, I can definitely see the hallmarks of those designs, but at the same time, I think JemDragons did very well in putting their own spin on the outfits and making them their own. It’s also cool that they converted the banners that you typically see in Flight Rising and made a unique one for Yveltal to show off their Pact of the Fiend. All in all it’s just a great quality design that I really like.

This next character is more an OC than a Pokésona per KaidaCreator‘s own admission, but that doesn’t mean we won’t include it! Especially since you don’t see Medicham OCs very often. This Medicham, named Cass, is based around the Way of the Four Elements Monk class. You can see this integrated into Cass’s design at two levels. The first is the clothes Cass wears which resemble typical monk robes as well as just general travelers gear. But the second, and more clever integration, comes from Cass’s moveset. Medicham is able to learn all three of the elemental punches, so having a Way of the Four Elements Monk know all three is absolutely genius. It’s clever and all around just a great design.
Miss Misty

Next up is Miss Misty and her eldritch knight Cinccino. This is one of my personal favorite designs because I love seeing traditionally cutesy Pokémon in alternate and potentially more tough looking appearances. Yet, Miss Misty does very well to balance the cute with the cool in this very creative design. Eldritch Knights tend to focus on on abjuration and evocation spells, so having a normal type as one provides a lot of potential variety there due to their large movepools. Fire type attacks allow for more multi-attack and range alongside the usual power that comes with those kinds of moves. Miss Misty even described how her sona would use this to her advantage in battle, equipping the fire to the sword, her sona would spin in the air to send the fire attacks flying at multiple foes within a certain distance. This plus the cool armor and added sparkles makes for a really creative and well thought out design that I like a lot.

Miss Misty even took it a step further and drew her sona with Auxiliaryliaison’s! They’re locked in an intense battle against a Druddigon. Hopefully they can score the win and collect all that precious gold it’s been hoarding. But everyone knows that dragons don’t go down easy, so they’ll have to put up quite the fight!


Next up is a piece by Nelvana. Right off the bat, it’s easy to tell that this Lucario is a druid. The little flowers and plants everywhere make for a great touch in indicating exactly what class this Pokésona is meant to be. And while this is just a sketch at the moment, Nelvana has commented that if she ever colors it, it’ll have nice dream colors to indicate that this Lucario is a member of the Circle of Dreams. All in all, with how difficult Lucario can be to draw sometimes, not only does this piece have great proportions and anatomy, but it really conveys the whole druid theme exceptionally well and I bet if it were ever colored, we’d definitely see the Circle of Dreams aspects come through too.

A Discord server I’m in had a prompt for the month of August to design a D&D inspired Pokésona. So here’s my Horizon Walker Shaymin, Ricoshay!#shaymin #characterdesign #dungeonsanddragons
— Janobii (Commissions Open) (@noblejanobiiart) August 15, 2020
Next up is Noblejanobii and to those that know her, it should be no surprise that her D&D Pokésona’s species is a Shaymin. This Shaymin, cleverly dubbed Ricoshay, is a member of the Horizon Walker Ranger class, which was a class I had never even heard of prior to this event. Meant to the protectors of threats from other planes, they’re most identifiable by their techniques and gear that can only be described as otherworldly. We can see this through Ricoshay’s design in a few ways. The first, and most obvious, is the flaming flower. NobleJanobii has stated that Ricoshay’s flower has been permanently set ablaze due to a visit to the Fire Plane, and while it doesn’t hurt Ricoshay, it certainly makes her stand out. In addition, the fact that Ricoshay’s moveset consists of moves like Air Slash and Earth Power, showing a variety in the typings, can also allude to the fact that Horion Walkers tend to have access to many different elements to draw from for battle. Finally, the most interesting part of this design is the unique crossbow. Shaymin don’t exactly have an easy way to launch arrows, so what better way to make Ricoshay unique than do something similar to Gekigami from Okami. Anchored in Ricoshay’s wings, she uses her tail to launch arrows at her opponents. All in all a really creative and interesting design that made for a great thumbnail for this article.

Another sona? Made a pokesona that I actually really like ^^ From discussions of rpg themed pokesonas
— Fennel currently thesis writing (@Samadriel1) August 2, 2020
Next up is Fennel and their pokesona design. Representing the alchemist class, this Ampharos is permanently mega-evolved, which is a really unique trait since Mega Ampharos is one of the few Pokémon that is canonically not harmed by the mega evolution process. The clothes on her sona are more of a steampunk design, which along with the bag and potion bottle on her tail, really brings the alchemist part of her design out. The goggles especially make a perfect addition since any alchemist needs to protect their eyes. All in all this was one of the first designs made and it really captured the prompt well.

In addition to the Ampharos sona she designed for herself, Fennel also designed a sona for her partner, Googs. This Cubone is another representative of the Druid class. In general this Cubone design is super creative with the different type of skull. The inclusion of antlers and a bone staff covered in plants really brings out the druidness of this design. In addition, this druid really seems to emblemate the Circle of Wildfire with the red cloak and arm/leg wraps and the ability to use the moves Sacred Fire and Fire Punch. Cubone also can’t normally learn any grass type moves, so having this Cubone known Hidden Power Grass is a great way to get around this. All in all another very creative design by Fennel.


Finally, to finish us off, we have the lovely YamiCreampuff and their Furfrou design. A representative of the Rogue: Arcane Trickster class, this design is super interesting because, by YamiCreampuff‘s own admission, it is meant to take inspiration from both Palkia and Giratina. Because when you can’t decide between one or the other, why not just incorporate both! Furfrou also, in my opinion, is a criminally underrated Pokémon so it’s great to see a design for one in this! Giratina and Palkia make for excellent inspirations when it comes to a rogue that specializes in illusions and enchantments since one is a ghost that can change forms and the other can distort space. It makes sneaking a lot easier but also far more magically oriented which really fits the Arcane Trickster archetype. All in all a great design for a cool Pokémon.
And that’s all we have for now! These designs do a great job in channeling the different classes and Pokémon in a way that is unique to each artist. It’s really cool to see what each artist came up with for the prompt and we really recommmend checking out their other works since this is just a sampling of what they can do. We’d also love to see everyone else’s D&D Pokésonas so if you design one be sure to tag us on Twitter or Instagram so that we can see it!
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