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    If You Were a Gym Leader

    I think we had a thread like this in the past but I couldn't find it sooooo

    If you were a Gym Leader what type would your team be?

    For the longest time I thought I'd be a dark type gym leader but nowadays I think I'd be better suited for a Ghost or Fairy type gym. Of course I'd also have a wild card Shaymin on my team just for kicks.

    What about you?
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    Electric seems like my element. I could also go aground type though personally.

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    I'd love a Ghost-type gym. To get to me, you'd have to read 3 tombstones that each have a 4-digit code. Only one unlocks the door. If you pick the wrong one, a trainer comes from behind and starts a battle. There would be 5 rooms like this, and I would be in the 6th.

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    I would run a Psychic type Gym--my badge would be the Dream Badge.
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    There are few greater species in the pokemon world, requires time and energy and are rare. Fighting against them would require a dedicated effort and the gym would stand akin to a towering stone wall. May as well go revive fossils
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    As much as I'd like psychic or ghost, I'm not a spooky enough pumpkin to run a gym of them.
    Grass is right out, due to allergies!

    I suppose fairy would be nice! I could wear frilly dresses!
    Or I would LOVE to have like, a mushroom gym! So, poison? Maybe it could be like a rave! Poison mushrooms, lasers, poison drinks, strong trippy colours woooo~


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