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    Quote Originally Posted by Chakramaster View Post
    I think both of the newer ones are on Netflix....if you have that. That's where I watched Power of Us at least
    Oooh good to know. I don't technically have Netflix myself but I have my ways of getting access to it. ;)
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    The original first Pokémon movie of course !

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    I watched Detective Pikachu on Netflix a few days ago, and it's a fun ride! Pikachu's dialogue is so out-of-place, it felt so refreshing.

    Also I love the visuals in the remake of Mewtwo Strikes Back. They even updated some movesets (Venusaur using Leaf Storm, a Gen4 move, as an example!)

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    Pokemon the First Movie: Mewtwo Strike's Back
    Pokemon the Third Movie: Spell of the Unown
    Pokemon 4Ever: Celebi The Voice of the Forest
    Detective Pikachu


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