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Thread: {RP} The S.S. Wishmaker - Tides of Witchcraft

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    Avery’s eyes widened as Victini was sent out onto the field. They folded their hands in front of their mouth and let out a long “hmmmm”.

    “You know. I should have expected that. But I did not plan for it,” they mumbled to Gloria.

    They tried to command Knautia out of the way of the attack, but the recoil damage he had suffered along with the still lingering effects of Confuse Ray ultimately cause the Zebstrika to trip and fall again, allowing Victini to quickly finish him off.

    “Avery’s Zebstrika is unable to battle!” the referee called out.

    Avery returned Knautia to his Pokéball, kissing it and whispering, “You did so well hanging in for so long. Thank you.”

    Now they were faced with a tough decision. Victini was no joke that could easily trounce most of Avery’s team. Daybreak and Acacia were really the only ones that stood a chance of lasting a few attacks from the mythical, but even then there was no guarantee they would hold up under the barrage. So what to do…

    “Min,” (“Hey,”) Gloria said, “Shaymin shay.” (“Send me out, coach.”)

    “You? But Victini would easily have the upper hand! Why would you-?”

    “Shaaay min min Shaymin shay shay.” (“I’ve been practicing some secret techniques that will help! And if you give me that little flower you have tucked away in your bag, that might give me the extra speed edge we need.”)

    She made a good point. Plus a mythical vs a mythical might prove better than a mythical versus a normal Pokémon.

    “Trainer Avery! Please send out your next Pokémon.”

    “Ah what the heck. Let’s do it,” Avery said. Dropping their bag to the ground, Avery quickly dig through it and fished out a Gracidea flower. Even with Gloria’s alternate flower, the Gracidea still worked as intended. Gloria was quickly consumed by a glowing yellow light, changing shape and growing until she had changed into a Sky Forme Shaymin.

    “Shayyyyy min!” (“Now this is more like it!”) Gloria jumped off Avery’s shoulder and soared onto the battlefield, staring Victini down. “Shay Shay!” (“It’s just you and me now, buddy!”) She cried.

    “Gloria, Earth Power let’s go!” Avery cried out.

    The audience was quickly captivated by the battle between two Mythicals, a rare sight for sure. Gloria managed to land the Earth Power, but this only prompted a strong retaliation from Victini in the form of a fearsome V-Create. Gloria managed to use Protect in time to shield herself and used the momentum from the attack to go into a "Spiraling Seedy Glide". This required Gloria to dive down to the ground and kick off using a Quick Attack to swiftly strike back with Grassy Glide, a move she had used in plenty of Contest Battles prior. But that wasn't enough to finish off Victini, as the fire rabbit soon came at the Shaymin again with another V-Create. Gloria and Avery knew that this would be too much for her to shield with just a simple Protect, so they used a different Contest Battle technique instead, "Seedy Protect". As Gloria spiraled in the air to summon another Protect, she also drew in some air around her, making her a ticking time bomb that exploded as soon as Victini hit her Protect shield.

    The Seed Flare hit hard and true, causing Victini to seem down for the count. Avery felt happiness swell in their chest as Victini went down and they let out a loud whoop as Gloria spun in the sky.

    “Shay Shay Shay Shay Shay!!” (I did it! I did it! I did it!”) Gloria changed excitedly as she twirled round and round, dancing through the air.

    Avery couldn’t be prouder. Despite the huge disadvantage, their little partner had managed to show that Victini that type wasn’t everything. Maybe they were really cut out for this whole battling thing after all.

    “Victini is unable to battle, victory goes to-“ the referee suddenly stopped and lowered the flag in seeming confusion.

    Avery drew their eyebrows together. Why had the call been stopped? They quickly realized that Victini was starting to stand back up despite his injuries. The rabbit set his forehead ablaze again, putting everything into one last attack. He was tired though, so Gloria could just outrun him until he ran out of steam.

    “Gloria! Use Quick Attack to-“ The command was interrupted by a sharp beeping from Avery’s watch. They glanced down and felt their face go pale.


    Gloria suddenly felt the Cinderella spell wear off as a glowing light consumed her once again. It dispersed quickly, leaving the Land Forme Shaymin suspended high in the sky. “Shaymi-!” (“Oh fu-“)

    Gloria quickly began to plummet towards earth, accelerating quickly as her body tumbled through the air. Losing her Sky Forme meant that Gloria could no longer bend the air to her will, leaving her completely vulnerable to Victini’s attacks.


    Gloria just barely heard the command over the wind whistling in her ears. She was disoriented and dizzy but she put all she could into summoning a third Protect Shield.

    But it was too late.

    Victini hit his mark this time, colliding with Gloria before she could get her shield up. The Shaymin was sent flying, unconscious and spiraling towards the ground.

    Avery's heart stopped in their chest. She couldn't survive a fall from that height. “GLORIA!!” They had a split second to make their decision on how to save her. Try to aim with the Pokéball or...

    Avery didn't finish that thought before they dashed out onto the field and dove, barely catching the hedgehog before she hit the stadium floor. They let out a heavy sigh and stood up, cradling Gloria in their arms. “You did so well,” they whispered before returning Gloria to her Pokeball.

    “Avery’s Shaymin is no longer able to battle! The victory goes to Cassandra!”

    Cheers erupted across the stadium as the fight reached its epic conclusion. Avery had no doubt Cassandra’s fans, which outnumbered their own by plenty, were pleased. Avery turned to see one of the Rotom drones buzzing nearby and smiled for the camera. Sure a loss was a loss, but they didn’t feel bad about this one. This has been the most exhilarating battle they had ever had, and probably ever would.

    Avery took a bow for the camera, more cheers coming from around the stadium as they graciously accepted defeat. Then they turned to Cassandra and flashed her a peace sign before heading back towards the waiting room.

    Avery Miller (They/Them)
    Battling Arena Waiting Room

    Avery watched Jon's battle on the television screen in the waiting room. They had their Rotom phone out and were actively taking notes on the battle. They had expected Jon to win cleanly so they mostly focused on taking notes on Ethan. A Feraligatr, a Skarmory, and a Golem. Picotee and Daybreak could make short work of them, assuming Ethan used the same Pokémon.

    "Shayy..." Gloria snored softly as she rested in Avery's lap. The Shaymin had been fully healed up after the battle along with the rest of Avery's team, but she was still worn out, so Avery was letting her rest in their lap for the time being.
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    “Ha ha ha!” Jirachi laughed when Jarena asked about her wish refund, “of course not, silly! Once you make a wish I can grant it. I can grant more though!”

    While it sounded like being a kid in a candy store and all the candy was free, Jarena knew she had to contain herself, though it was hard. Jirachi was being especially friendly and she knew she needed to be polite and not get carried away. After all, each wish that Jirachi granted made him increasingly more lethargic, and the last thing she wanted was to put the poor mythical Pokémon in a coma because she got carried away. She figured if she was going to make a wish, it had to count and be important to her.

    “What’s your name… and yours?” Jirachi asked.

    “Oh, I’m Jarena!” she exclaimed with a smile. “It’s awesome to meet you, Jirachi!”

    “Name’s Violet,” she replied, smirking a bit. “Sup.”

    “I’m so glad to find so many new friends! You two were both so cute as Buneary and Furret. You should stay that way more often, hahaha!” Jirachi pointed and laughed at them. “Being a Pokémon is so fun, isn’t it?”

    “Oh my goodness, it is!” Jarena smiled, taking special care to be mindful of using the word ‘wish’ around Jirachi. “It was crazy at first but it’s amazing! I would totally do it again!”

    Violet nodded lightly, though still very much on the fence when it came to ultimately deciding on that. Choosing how their future would play out was a complicated matter, dependent on some things they could control, and others they couldn’t. Violet could tell it would be a challenge to get Jarena to decide against the Plan B option if she wanted to remain human, but the major factor was paying back what they owed, and how much crippling debt it would leave them in. If Violet found herself unable to pay back the debts, forced to declare bankruptcy, and liquidate almost all of her assets, she wouldn’t be against donning a coat of brown and beige fur to remove herself from a world of financial hell. She hated nothing more than debt and being impoverished. She’d be far happier living in a lush and peaceful forest as a Furret eating berries and apples as opposed to living on skid row in an urban hellhole eating out of a dumpster that someone defecated in.

    Shortly after, Jirachi had decided to take a nap while Jimmy told the others to use caution when making wishes, as when done in overabundance, it made him very exhausted.

    “Thanks for introducing us!” Jarena thanked Jimmy and Jirachi, flashing a friendly smile. “Enjoy your nap, Jirachi!”

    With all the sudden commotion and since Jirachi needed time to rest, Jarena and Violet had turned back to the television screen, interested to see how Cassandra was fairing in her battle with Avery.

    Cassandra Silvers
    Battling Arena
    Affected RPers: @Noblejanobii
    OOC: Major kudos to Noble, this battle was amazing.

    The time distortion had caused Ninetales to misplace her Extrasensory attack, and as a result, Knautia had cut through it with another Wild Charge attack, slamming into Ninetales and causing her to tumble upon the arena floor. The referee had declared it a clear knock out as Ninetales was completely unresponsive and far too exhausted to continue battling. Taking a deep breath, Cassandra took Ninetales’s Pokéball and recalled her into it, complimenting her on a job well done.

    Cassandra was down to her last Pokémon. Before she stepped into the area, she thought there was a possibility that the battle would be a complete disaster, and it would be obvious they would need to start over and relearn how to battle without Shadowcraft being used from the sidelines. And at first, Cassandra could see that process taking months to address. But they had come this far legitimately… without cheating or tricks. It was really making her wonder why she ever did them in the first place when she had the potential to go this far without them.

    Cassandra had looked to Victini. It had been a wild day unlike any other Cassandra had ever gone though, but they were here now.

    “Well, what do you say, Victini?” Cassandra asked him with a smile. “Itching for action tonight?”

    “Vic-ti-ni ni!” (“Ohh, thought you’d never ask!”) he exclaimed with a smile.

    The fiery and feisty rabbit-like Pokémon of victory was more than eager to get in on the battle. After surging toward Knautia with a Flame Charge attack, the Zebstrika attempted to leap out of the way, but Victini made contact with the zebra Pokémon, causing them to be bathed with fire.

    The referee had declared Avery’s Zebstrika unable to continue battling, leaving Avery with their last Pokémon. It was down to this. Both contenders had their reasons and desires to win. Avery to prove themselves as a battler after being a coordinator, while Cassandra wanted to see if she and her team could win, this time for real, this time without witchcraft. This final matchup meant so much to both of them.

    After having a difficult time choosing who to send out, Avery’s Shaymin, Gloria, had talked Avery into choosing her. Cassandra was a bit surprised, seeing this was a type matchup that wasn’t in Avery’s favor, and even though she didn’t quite know the reasons behind her decision, she decided to take it carefully, knowing she was still running on her own disadvantage of having a team that worked on her using witchcraft for years and no longer had that going for them.

    She still had to play it smart and be ready for anything. Avery had used a Gracidea flower, allowing Gloria to transform into Sky Forme, now taking on the resemblance of a deer rather than the grassy hedgehog. At the same time, it gave Gloria the ability to fly.

    The audience was thrilled to see this unfold, now one mythical Pokémon battling another. Before Victini could get into striking position, Gloria had swiftly struck the arena ground, triggering a vicious Earth Power attack to ravage Victini with a powerful earthen force. Despite the type disadvantage, Gloria still knew how to make this bout hurt.

    Victini winced in pain, and Cassandra made a grimace as she knew ground-based attacks were especially vicious to a fire Pokémon like him. Had he not quickly leapt back using his rear wings to create distance between him and the ground zero zone of the Earth Power effect, it might have finished him off and make this a very short-lived match.

    Cassandra then gave Victini the command to unleash his signature attack, V-Create, which Cassandra knew would be devastating if it landed on Gloria. The mythical Pokémon of victory surged toward the Shaymin, blazing like a comet as he scattered sparks and embers in his fiery wake. However, just before Victini made contact, Gloria had defended themselves with a Protect barrier, suddenly forming a green and blue bubble shield between her and Victini. Instead of slamming into Gloria, he only struck the shield before causing a massive explosion of fire and flames.

    Where the audience thought it might have spelled doom Gloria, she was completely unscathed. And not only that, but Avery had deployed Gloria into her own homebrewed “Spiraling Seedy Glide” maneuver, performing a spiraling dive, heading straight for the ground while Victini was only now just realizing the V-Create attack was stopped dead with no effect, much to his disappointment. After performing a Quick Attack to sprint off the arena floor, Gloria left a jagged crack in the ground as she rocketed toward Victini and struck him with a Grassy Glide attack.

    Victini had tried to veer out of the way, but was struck with a glancing blow that forced him to stumble to the ground. Despite having some resistance to Gloria’s grass-based attack, it was still not something to casually laugh off and between this and her last Earth Power attack, it was taking a toll on him. Still, despite the infliction, Victini’s usual spirited and whimsical nature helped him channel the pain and frustration into raw, frisky and feisty energy.

    Meanwhile, Cassandra could see how Avery managed to ingrain their coordinator experience into battling experience, which was not something she had seen done before at all. And she could see how this home-brewed battling strategy had helped them get to the semifinals. It was not something to be estimated and she could see where most trainers would easily see their teams succumb to this unique and unexpected strategy.

    Deciding to attempt it once again, Cassandra requested Victini to use his V-Create attack, really hoping to cut through this time. Meanwhile, Avery was leveraging the coordinator experience and making their battling strategy like a contest performance. Before today, Cassandra could swear she had never seen this done before, and she was even more surprised to see it was quite surprisingly effective and very unpredictable to her.

    Avery’s “Seedy Protect” tactic left her wondering what exactly this consisted of, and by the time Cassandra found out, it landed ended up with Victini slamming into yet another Protect barrier with a Seed Flare reprisal attack that detonated upon Victini’s abdomen. Even despite having some resistance to the grass-based attack, once the fire and the smoke had cleared away, Cassandra saw Victini tumbling down, immediately causing her to gasp in shock.

    Victini just narrowly managed to avoid violently crashing into the arena floor, which would have dealt a painful blow and knocked him out cold had he failed at his landing. Despite landing on his feet, it was still a hard, tottering stumble and his aching legs couldn’t bear the weight of his body. As a result, he had tumbled on the ground, lying on his back as the arena ceiling spun like a merry-go-round as his muscles were aching and his breathing was labored and heavy.

    “Victini!” Cassandra cried out as the audience was suddenly in awe at what was unfolding.

    It was exactly what she was afraid of.

    After coming this far and having so much hope for her team, she knew this would be difficult for them. With all her heart, she was hoping to win without cheating this time, without witchcraft and underhanded tricks. And despite it being much more challenging and difficult, she wanted herself and her team to say yes, they could do it and that there was hope on the horizon for them.

    But she knew she hadn’t given them time to prepare, time to be retrained, and time to work out a new strategy. It was a hard setback for all of them and Cassandra knew the moment she stepped into the arena that this could be the setback that might cost them everything.

    Nonetheless, despite it being one of the biggest rollercoasters of a day she had ever gone though, she was proud of her team. If this is how it had to end, she was still happy for the contributions and efforts each of her Pokémon had made. She rushed to Victini’s side as the small victory Pokémon was exhausted and spent, tired from a ravaging Earth Power attack on top of a glancing blow from Grassy Glide and a direct hit from a Seed Flare attack. It did a number on him, not to mention the exhaustion incurred from not one but two V-Create attacks that failed to connect with his intended target.


    Tired with hazy vision clouding over him, as Victini turned to Cassandra and tried to smile to let her know it would all be okay, he could see those three numbers on Cassandra’s digital watch, watching the colon mark blinking… blinking… blinking… counting down the seconds as Victini could hear his own heartbeat beating… beating… and beating…

    Everything was aching, sore, and was painful to him, and then the arena referee stood over the tired Pokémon and his trainer kneeling besides him. The referee then raised a white flag into the air, and the audience was suddenly left gasping at the call.

    Meanwhile, Avery and Gloria were already celebrating as the Shaymin danced in the sky and cheered.

    It was over…

    “Victini is unable to battle,” the referee announced, “victory goes to-”

    <Oh no you don’t, bub.>

    …or was it?

    The referee, not expecting to get that kind of telepathic message from a source he couldn’t identify, had lowered the flag in puzzlement. Next thing he saw, Victini had taken a deep breath and had drawn out every list ounce of spirited and lively energy he could, doing whatever he could to pull into a second wind. Despite the scuffs and dirt all over his body, his aching muscles, and his fatigue, he fought hard to get back on his feet to get back into the action.


    Cassandra was a bit shocked at Victini’s tenacity and steadfastness to continue going, but she greatly admired it nonetheless. Meanwhile, Victini didn’t need a command from Cassandra. He knew what she wanted, a solid, flawless V-Create to do what it was supposed to, not like the other two that were stopped dead. With his V-shaped forehead lit up with flames, he blazed his way toward Gloria as more fire and embers were scattered like fireworks.

    ”Do it…” Cassandra whispered under her breath, in awe at Victini’s second wind. “You got this, buddy!


    It was at that moment that the turn of the hour meant time was up for Gloria’s Sky Forme. He knew what would happen. Gloria would be forced to revert back to Land Forme, which would also result in a short moment of disorientation.

    It was all he needed. That one window of opportunity to catch Gloria off guard as she tried to reacquaint herself with the situation.

    And that moment was now.

    “VICT-TININI!!!” (“HASTA LA VISTA, BABY!!”) Victini shouted out, flashing a menacing smile.

    Speed, fury, and fire dashed right toward Gloria along with gusto that Cassandra never knew Victini had…

    Gloria had plummeted toward the ground, leaving her with a moment of vulnerability.

    “GLORIA USE PROTECT NOW!!” Avery had shouted out frantically.

    But it was too late, and she could not get the barrier up in time. The collision was quick and harsh, striking the Shaymin into the air before Avery dashed and managed to catch the unconscious Shaymin that had fallen from the sky.

    As Avery returned Gloria to her Pokéball, she admired Avery’s commitment to making it this far. It had been an extremely close battle, one that could have been anyone’s game…

    “Avery’s Shaymin is no longer able to battle! The victory goes to Cassandra!”

    The stadium was lit up with cheering and excitement and truly, Cassandra had never seen a battle this exciting and this exhilarating. She looked to Victini, and despite his complete and utter exhaustion and aching muscles, they made it. They proved themselves. They had given each other the biggest hug.

    You’re incredible, Victini!!” Cassandra cheered. “You’re the best! That was beyond amazing! Thank you for everything!!”

    “Vic…ti…ni…?” (“Whew… geez… can we go for ice cream now?”) Victini asked, just now finally catching his breath.

    “Forget that!” Cassandra laughed. “We’re celebrating with a whole cake, that’s what!”

    “Vic-tiiii…” (“Ooh, I like that idea!”) he exclaimed, perking up.

    Cassandra had looked back to Avery, who had taken a bow for the camera as they graciously and honorably accepted defeat. They then turned to Cassandra, flashing a peace sign before heading back to the waiting room. Cassandra wanted to thank Avery for a great battle and most importantly for their understanding, but they had turned around and left before she had gotten the chance…

    “Avery, wait!” Cassandra called out to them.

    The noise from the crowd had drowned her out, and Cassandra could only watch as Avery left the stadium…

    I hope Avery’s not upset… they did a really great job out here…

    To Cassandra, tonight’s battle meant so much more than just advancing to the final round. It answered so many of her questions about herself. She could compete without a single trace of witchcraft. In fact, the win felt pure, legitimate, and truthful. It had been a tough struggle and she accepted the fact she came extremely close to losing it at the end of a very long road.

    She wanted to thank Avery for giving her that chance. She knew it would have been very easy for Avery to request that Cassandra be disqualified from tonight’s battle and Cassandra knew the League wouldn’t even hesitate about honoring that request given everything that had happened today and in Cassandra’s dishonorable past. But instead, Avery wanted things to be fair, to give both sides a chance and honor that battle despite what had happened. Avery had given Cassandra a chance to compete in this battle under fair circumstances… something that not every trainer would have agreed to if they were in Avery’s position.

    “Thank you, Avery…” Cassandra muttered as she saw them disappear from sight.

    Cassandra realized that for all those years, she wasn’t just cheating other trainers from winning. She was cheating herself and her team from getting better. From that day forward, she vowed to never, ever do it again, not even as a prank because she knew that’s where and how it all started, even if it seemed funny and harmless at the time. Cheating, no matter how or where, was just blatantly wrong and though she couldn’t change the past, she didn’t have to keep living in the same sins and mistakes now and in the future.

    Cassandra had turned back to the crowds, waving to them with a bright smile. Victini, though exhausted and tired, had given them all of happy salute.

    “Thank you, everyone!” she shouted, though it was mostly drowned out by the noise. “See you again tomorrow night!”

    Following that, she was soon escorted off the arena grounds by two operatives. They had to prepare the arena for Jon and Ethan’s battle, while Cassandra knew she and the other two Ladies were still under tight surveillance, though they weren’t going to make it obvious to the crowds.

    She then headed back to the waiting room, excited to see how Jarena and Violet were going to react when they saw she and her team had managed to survive this very intense and exhilarating battle.

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    Jirachi was still sleeping with Jimmy. The match between Cassandra and Avery had ended. Though Avery lost. They still have their best to the cameras. Showing the kind of sportsmanship you love to see. Jimmy decided to step out and visit with Avery and more properly introduce Jirachi this time.

    "Congrats to Cassandra for her win!" Jimmy told Jarena and Violet. "Victini really is something huh? I'm gonna step out for a bit."

    Jimmy still held Jirachi. Out sleeping a bit longer this time, but he felt the longer he slept the better. Poor guy must really get exhausted being around so many others who want wishes granted. Regardless, he felt the need to take a moment to speak with Jirachi. Sitting down on a bench away from others. He took a moment to wake up Jirachi. Giving him a gentle shake.

    "Hey buddy. How are you feeling?" Jimmy said to Jirachi. Pikachu jumping up beside them on the bench.

    "Fwaaaah!" Much better now. Thank you for letting me sleep there! It was so comfy!" Jirachi said happily.

    "Haha, just wait until you try sleeping on the pillows in our room. It's like sleeping on a cloud. Anyway. I needed to speak with you for awhile okay Jirachi?" Jimmy mentions.

    Jirachi giggles at his statement. "I've tried sleeping on a cloud before. You fall right through! Well, most clouds. I did manage to sleep on one for a few minutes though!" Jirachi laughed. "What's wrong? Is everything okay?" Jirachi questioned.

    "Yeah, but we just needed this moment. I know you have fun granting wishes and it's nice to see others getting their wish granted...but for right now I need to ask you don't just go granting wishes right away. Look to me first and I'll tell you if it's okay. Not everyone here may be a real friend. So if you grant a wish to the wrong person. Something bad may happen." Jimmy states.

    "Something bad?" Jirachi tilts his head in concern.

    "Right. Like how you took us back when Cassandra and her friends changed into Pokémon again for a brief moment before you changed them back by taking us back slightly in time? That could've been a disaster. No one is supposed to know about that happening and we're trying to cover it up. At least for now. So please. I know it's fun and you're really nice to want to grant wishes to those you care for. It's just...right now it's not safe. So please take caution." Jimmy says once more.

    Jirachi looked down a moment thinking. Before smiling back up at him and floating to his head. Pulling on his hair and messing it up once more. "Okay Jimmy! I promise! I'll only grant wishes you say are okay." Jirachi happily days while playing with Jimmy's hair and laughing.

    "You really like laying up there and playing with my hair huh?" Jimmy chuckles.

    Still laughing, Jirachi says "Yup!"

    Jimmy gets up and finished making his way to the Battle Arena's waiting room. Where Avery should be. He wanted to congratulate Avery on a hard fought battle and properly introduce Jirachi this time.

    He knocks on the door.

    "Hey Avery are you still there? It's me Jimmy. Can we come in? Someone here wants to see you." Jimmy says

    "Avery! It's me Jirachi! I wanna meet yoooou!" Jirachi says laughing. Trying to repeat what Jimmy was saying aloud.

    "You really are just like a kid in a candy shop huh Jirachi?" Jimmy says as Hurachi floats down right beside his face.

    "Oooooh that sounds so nice! Can we get some candy later too? I loooooove candy!" Jirachi says excitedly bouncing back and forth just like a little kid already hyped up on too much sugar.

    Chuckling again. "Later Jirachi. We can right right before you get to play. Sound good?"

    "Yay! Hahaha, you're the best!" Jirachi said doing a little spin in the air. Eagerly awaiting Avery to hopefully answer.
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    After Cassandra got her team healed up at the Pokémon Center kiosk station by the arena stadium, she was then escorted by three operatives to the spectator booth where Jarena and Violet had been watching the battle unfold on a monitor.

    “You go, girl!” Jarena cheered upon Cassandra’s arrival. “Holy crapola, that was a crazy battle!”

    “Yeah, really,” Cassandra replied with a relieved sigh. “Avery’s team is tough as nails! Wasn’t expecting a wake-up call like that.”

    Cassandra was a bit surprised to see Cynthia and Steven were in the spectator booth as well, but then shortly after, something on the wall caught Cassandra’s eye.

    “Is that… blood?” Cassandra asked, a little shocked.

    “Lance’s blood,” Violet informed her.

    “Lance?” Cassandra asked, in shock that she might have heard that incorrectly. “As in former Champion Lance!?

    “There was an incident…” Cynthia informed her. “Lance had attempted to attack Jarena and Violet while they were watching your battle with Avery. Jon had… well, dealt with Lance the way Jon does things.”

    Cassandra couldn’t believe her ears. Was it not enough that the three of them had come clean and were doing everything they could to cooperate now? How could that not be enough for Lance and what more did he want?

    “Where the hell is he now?” Cassandra asked, wondering who else might be in on this plot.

    “They had to use a stretcher to take him to the infirmary,” Violet replied, crossing her arms. “I doubt he’ll be leaving his bed before the ship docks tomorrow, but before he attacked us, he requested the video surveillance be changed out. He’s not working alone, Cass.”

    Cassandra couldn’t help but look over her shoulder in caution. She really didn’t like the idea of having to constantly watch her back, now, but it was the issue they were dealing with.

    “Look, let’s just grab a bite to eat and not think too much on it right now,” Cassandra suggested. “I figured we could celebrate with a cake and-“

    “It’s better if you save that for another time,” Steven told her, looking uncertain if doing that was worth the possible risk. “We’re still not sure what the full situation is like and who else might have been connected to Lance and this incident, but it’s better you three stay here for your own safety. Once Jon’s battle is done, we’ll take you to one of the lesser known safehouses. Your personal belongings from your guest room have been gathered and relocated there.”

    Cassandra wasn’t too happy about having to postpone the victory celebration, and Victini looked like he had just lost a $20 bill down a storm drain.

    “I’ll make it up to you, buddy, don’t worry,” Cassandra told him with a smile, rubbing his forehead to console him.

    With not much other choice, they had decided to watch Jon’s battle play out, trying not to think too much about the restraints that were on them at the moment. After turning back to the monitor, Cassandra figured it would just be one more day of this and the ship would dock tomorrow night after the Grand Final battle. Although she was hoping tomorrow would not be nearly as chaotic as today was…

    Throughout the whole match Cassandra was quite impressed with the way Jon battled, utilizing a very strategic approach of employing Baton Pass between his Blaziken and his Jolteon, taking out a Feraligatr, a Skarmory, and a Golem without having any of his Pokémon downed, though by the time it was all over, his Blaziken looked exhausted. They never even found out what Jon’s third Pokémon was.

    Damn, I’m not even sure if we would be able to stand up to that…

    “Dang, Jon can fight kind of dirty,” Jarena remarked at the way he destroyed the lights. “Almost got sacked by the referee for doing that!”

    “I have a feeling there was a reason for that…” Cassandra replied, getting a suspicion he was building it up to something else…

    The Diamond Ladies
    Safe House LZ

    After the battle, Steven and Cynthia had taken the Ladies to one of the lesser-known safe house rooms on the cruise ship, intended for VIPs like government officials and diplomats that needed to have some security provided while they were on board. To keep things under tight scrutiny, only Cynthia, Steven, and a few select operatives knew about where they were located.

    The room itself was spacious and secure and the amenities, furniture, and décor were clean and fanciful, though the room was also built to provide protection against explosive charges, gunfire, and Pokémon attacks. Since no high-profile officials were using the room for this cruise, it was open for this use.

    “Gee whiz, certainly beats our last room!” Jarena smiled as she looked at everything in the room including the dresser drawers and the ornate lamp fixtures.

    While Cynthia and Steven had left to go tend to other matters, the Ladies were free to spend the evening however they pleased… though they had to stay within this room until tomorrow.

    “Never knew they had a room like this here,” Violet marked, looking around.

    “Probably a good reason for that,” Cassandra replied. “Well, we should be safe here until tomorrow. Not sure if they’ll let us go anywhere save for the stadium for the final round.”

    “Yeah but… what about after that…?” Jarena asked, looking a little unhappy. “Cass, Lance and his four goons tried to freakin’ kill us while you were busy with the battle. I mean heck, if it hadn’t been for Jon, we wouldn’t be here right now.”

    “Sorry you had to deal with that…” Cassandra muttered, knowing Jarena and Violet didn’t even have their Pokémon with them. “I never really liked Lance but I never thought he’d be a murdering freak like that.”

    And it made sense why they had to be put into this room. They already knew they had someone working video surveillance willing to perform the coverup for Lance, and chances were very good there were others involved in the plot. While Lance was out of the picture, it didn’t mean they were safe.

    “Lance came after us first demanding the sixty million he thinks we owe him,” Violet explained. “Then he just told us he wanted to destroy Shadowcraft and that included us, so he attacked. Barely even makes sense, but I guess he realized he wasn’t getting the money right away.”

    “I told him, I didn’t care about battling, titles, money, or whatever,” Jarena informed her. “And yeah, I wished we could just go back to being Pokémon so creeps like them would never bother us ever again. I didn’t know Jirachi was on board and would take that literally.”

    “So that’s what happened…” Cassandra replied, realizing her memory of being an Eevee during the battle wasn’t a hallucination after all.

    As much as Cassandra would have liked to see Jarena and Violet with their own Pokémon for their own personal protection, the League wasn’t quite ready to hand them over quite yet.

    “We’re together now, at least,” Violet told them both. “Less of a chance someone like Lance is going to show up here to try that again.”

    “Yeah, but are we always going to be hunted like this?” Jarena asked, looking anxious. “By freakin’ Lance for crying out loud? That creep is considered a hero to most people! And I’m sure he’s got friends all over the place.”

    Cassandra was still surprised Lance was willing to go that far. And what Jarena said was concerning.

    “I see you met Jirachi, too,” Cassandra told her. “Still thinking about running off as Pokémon once we’re off this ship?”

    “Well, yeah, I thought that was the whole plan,” Jarena smiled with a casual shrug. “You as Eevee, Violet as Furret, and me as Buneary, right? You know, Victini’s ‘turning over a new leaf’ thing?”

    “That’s the backup plan, Jarena,” Violet reminded her. “We probably don’t need that anymore. Cass just proved we can still win without witchcraft and we still have our standing among the fans and spectators thanks to that. If everything goes according to Jon’s plan, we should be fine even after serving out the ban.”

    “Did… Jirachi grant your wish, too, Violet?” Jarena asked her.

    Violet had a moment of silence before she decided to take out her phone and check her investment and brokerage accounts. And then she started flipping through the investment portfolio.

    Oh… my… god…” Violet nearly gasped at the numbers.

    “What did she wish for?” Cassandra asked very curiously, knowing Violet almost never reacted like that.

    “She said she ‘wished she had the money’ when Lance demanded the sixty million,” Jarena informed her. “My guess is… someone here had a really nice day financial fun land.”

    Look at this!” Violet exclaimed, showing Jarena and Cassandra her portfolio value total on her phone. “This pays off everything!

    Cassandra was very much surprised and quite happy the massive debt that the League would impose on them would no longer be a problem.

    “Keep that… quiet, though,” Cassandra told Violet, almost laughing. “Just pay the League and no one needs to know where exactly that came from!”

    But in the meantime, Jarena was silent, fidgeting a bit. She was glad Violet would be able to pay the debt easily now and Cassandra had won her battle. It seemed like everyone was getting exactly what they wanted… but not her.

    “Yeah…” Jarena sighed, looking a bit glum.

    Cassandra couldn’t help but notice she wasn’t celebrating like she and Violet were. She thought this was a major win.

    “Jarena, really, this is huge!” she beamed a happy smile. “The only thing we’d have to worry about now is just some silly five year competition ban. That’s going to be so easy to hide. I mean heck, if the sponsors pull their contracts, it’s not even a big deal now!”

    “I’ll pay them,” Violet told her, wondering if that’s what Jarena was upset about. “It’s fine, we don’t have to split the debt. I wasn’t even expecting Jirachi to actually grant it. We won’t have to sell anything.”

    “It’s… not that…” Jarena replied, trying to smile a bit. “Ah, you know, maybe I was just being naďve and wishful, you know? The whole venturing off as Pokémon, going on adventures as stuff. It just seemed… nice.”

    Violet wasn’t surprised at Jarena’s response, though now Cassandra was seeing for herself how much it meant to her. She had realized she had a close bond to cute and cuddly Pokémon, but this was a whole other level. It meant giving up everything about their futures, just when things were starting to look up and appear to be more optimistic.

    “Jarena, you do realize how much we’d have to give up to do that, right?” Cassandra asked her, feeling like she really needed to think this over. “It’s like… everything, just when we’ve started pulling ourselves out of the hole. I was… really emotionally wrecked before when I came up with that idea, but things are actually going okay now. After the five-year vacation, you know, we could get back into battling and stuff again.”

    “Yeah, I know…” Jarena sighed, still looking down. “I just… really liked it. I’m glad things are going well for you. You two are like my ultimate friends, and I just thought it would be fun. More fun than, well… having to worry someone’s going to try and hurt us. People like… Lance. Or that guy who spat on you before. Or whoever else may hate us and is trying to work out how to do what Lance couldn’t.”

    And then there was a moment of silence. Cassandra and Violet had taken a glance at each other and Cassandra had an idea.

    “Once we announce we’re taking some extended time off, we’ll get three nuggets and keep some water and some hair samples and stash them in a safe place,” Cassandra proposed to Jarena. “And then we turn ourselves into Pokémon and we’ll try it for about a month so you and the two of us can get a really good taste of what it’s like being Pokémon, traveling around, foraging for food, and what we’d actually be dealing with if this is something you seriously want to consider. And then at the end of it, we choose how we want our futures to go and what kind of life we think would be the happiest. That fair with everyone?”

    “I like it, I think it’s a good idea,” Jarena seemed to smile a bit more.

    “I guess,” Violet shrugged, seeing as how Cassandra was aiming for a happy medium with this proposal. “Curious to see what this would be like. Definitely different from some camping trip or weekend retreat.”

    In truth, Cassandra didn’t want to lose either Jarena or Violet as friends. They had been through a lot together, especially today. She figured this would be a safe way to make sure they had a better idea of what they were getting into. There was a chance Jarena might realize it wasn’t what she thought it was. And it was also possible Cassandra and Violet might find themselves really enjoying the experience and deciding maybe it was worth forgoing civilization and enjoying simpler lives and pleasures. Cassandra figured it would be similar to her battling situation. It was worth a try to see what might happen, but it also at least helped Jarena feel she wasn’t being ignored or forgotten about. Cassandra knew… she did wish for this after all…

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    "Hey, a**hole!" called out Ethan as Jon made his way out of the stadium. By now most of the audience had left, however there were a few people dawdling around, now watching having heard the cursing.

    Jon ignored him, continuing to walk, knowing this would be a good opportunity to make the cover up more believable.

    "Don't walk away from me!" Ethan called out, running forward, grabbing Jon by the shoulder, and spinning him around, "You couldn't beat me straight up, so you pulled some underhanded crap?"

    Jon noticed in the corner of his eye someone holding up their phone, recording what was happening. If he wanted people to believe he was the bad guy, now was the chance.

    "It was an accident." Jon replied, before turning around to walk away, "You're only embarassing yourself here. Try and lose with a bit of dignity..."

    He felt a bit guilty, making those sorts of comments towards Ethan, who was just as much of a victim here as everyone else who had been cheated by this situation, but there were more important things at stake than one trainers ego...

    Jon began to walk, as he felt himself shoved by Ethan. He stumbled before regaining balance, though without turning around, spoke up.

    "If you know what's good for you, you won't touch me again."

    "Yeah a**hole?" Ethan asked, "Try me."

    Ethan grabbed Jon by the shoulder again, to which Jon responded by shoving his elbow into Ethan's face, before turning around and shoving him to the ground while he was dazed.

    "That was a cheap shot a**hole!" someone called out from the crowd that had gathered.

    Jon looked down at Ethan who was still on the ground, now seething.

    "You lost because you were the lesser trainer." Jon hissed, "What kind of idiot sends in his Skarmory to beat a fully powered Jolteon, when he has a Golem in his team? Seriously, the only reason Jolteon didn't launch a thunder attack was because it wouldn't have suited our plan. Your Golem messed Jolteon up, and Blaziken was only just able to take it down. If you sent out Golem first, Jolteon wouldn't have been able to hurt it, nor would the incident with the light. It would have taken out Jolteon, used most of Blaziken's energy to take it out, then left your Skarmory to beat a weakened fighting type, then fight my Nidoking, which your Skarmory is almost completely immune to."

    Jon turned around again to walk away.

    "Your Pokemon were beaten and your Skarmory shocked by that light because their trainer made some stupid decisions." Jon called out as he walked away, "Don't take out your bruised ego on me. It's kinda pathetic..."

    As Jon walked past someone filming, he shot them a glare, knowing the camera would pick it up. If all went to plan, people would be hoping he did something shifty tomorrow night, and he sure had something to show them...

    Jon arrived in his room half an hour later, where Alyssa sat at the table on her laptop with a frown.

    "Writing up about tonight's match?" Jon asked, catching her attention.

    "Normally I'd rather be doing that, but given what you did to sell the cover up, I'm glad I'm not. At least not my normal style of writing anyway." Alyssa explained, "If it were anyone else I would have jumped on that light trick and shredded them for it. But I finished writing tonight's piece a few minutes ago. Made sure to completely turn a blind eye in it to your little tactic."

    Alyssa looked back to her computer.

    "No, I'm writing an email with my letter of resignation from BattleNET." Alyssa continued, "I've been writing under Alyssa Drake for years, and my following would be expecting my usual sort of writing. It would sell the cover-up more if I ignored the fact you technically cheated and then don't publish anything tomorrow, and send in my resignation the day after."

    "I really appreciate you doing this." Jon said, walking over to proofread her writing like he usually did, "It can't be easy. You love working at BattleNET."

    "Easier than you realize." Alyssa laughed, "I've been wanting to go solo for a while, and just needed a good enough reason. It's more the burning bridges that I am down about. The original plan to go solo meant that I'd still be on good terms with my previous contacts, and have my reputation as a writer to back me. Now I will be starting without that."

    "Maybe when you start up, we ask the Diamond Ladies to help you out. Interviews, sharing your work, that sort of thing." Jon explained, "If all goes to plan, they should still have a bit of clout in the battling world. I'm sure if they shared one of your stories, you'd end up with hundreds of new readers overnight?"

    "Maybe..." Alyssa replied, before having a brain wave, "By the way, Steven dropped some stuff by earlier."

    Jon looked to the bed where there was a small box. Making his way over, he opened it, revealing a single Pokeball, as well as a case containing a Micro SD card. Jon grabbed his tablet from the bedside table, placing the card in it, which revealed dozens of files, containing information on every passenger on the SS Wishmaker that fit the criteria Jon mentioned before. Female passengers in their late teens to mid twenties. If Jon was going to find the girl who heard him offer to help the Diamond Ladies, this was how he would do it...

    "If you hadn't told me what you were really doing here, I'd have thought I'd married a serial killer if I saw that." Alyssa laughed, "Also, you're doing a really good job of selling the whole bad guy thing..."

    "How so?" Jon asked, looking back at his wife who seemed far too amused at the whole situation.

    "Twitter is loving you right now." Alyssa replied, "#F**kJonDrake", #DisqualifyJonDrake, and #JusticeforCaldwell are all trending."

    Alyssa clicked on a link opening a video, as Jon was slightly surprised to hear his own voice...

    "Your Pokemon were beaten and your Skarmory shocked by that light because their trainer made some stupid decisions." Jon called out as he walked away, "Don't take out your bruised ego on me. It's kinda pathetic..."

    "Goddamn." Alyssa laughed, "I feel sorry for him."

    "Same here, but if he can't act his way through the next few days, this will go to s**t." Jon explained, "As much as I hate being such an a**hole, it is more believable if his reactions are genuine."

    "Listen to this one." Alyssa said, giggling, "Jon Drake is a cowardly piece of s**t, who relies on bulls**t stunts like tonight to even have half a chance. My four year old has more natural talent battling than him. I can't wait to see Cassandra wipe the floor with his smug a** tomorrow night..."

    "Can't say they aren't creative." Jon retorted, "Send me a link."

    Alyssa looked confused, before sending Jon a link to the post. He opened it on it's phone, typing in a reply to the tweet.

    "Karen, your four year old is probably the one his preschool teachers have to make sure isn't eating the glue..."

    "Now refresh it..." Jon said with a grin, as Alyssa pressed F5.

    Alyssa snorted as she read the reply.

    "Jesus, you are already being downvoted..." Alyssa laughed, "Who knew it was this easy to tank your reputation."

    "Thank God it is, because tomorrow night hinges on it..."

    Jon stayed up another few hours, flicking through the files, trying to identify the mystery girl from this afternoon before giving up for the evening, and heading to sleep, Alyssa not far behind him...
    Sad to say, I am not sure that I will be on PXR much longer. The gaps where I have disappeared have become bigger and bigger as life gets busier, and most of the friends I made here, I either talk to elsewhere or are gone completely. Still trying to make a point of checking in, but in case that falls through, my Discord is Jacob Cookson#0902.


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    As the time was getting late and Jarena had already gone off to sleep, Cassandra couldn’t help but think about what Lance had done, and how there were still other operatives out there working with him that had not been found out yet. The whole time, she wondered what their real motive was and why they felt they needed to do something so extreme. To her, a Champion title was definitely not worth hunting down someone for. And it wasn’t like Lance had become financially ruined because of it.

    So what was really going on?

    “Think we should have someone stay up and keep watch?” Violet asked Cassandra as she saw Jarena sleeping. “We could take shifts.”

    “Would be so much easier to just put a hex on the door, but I guess that’s out,” Cassandra replied. “It’s locked and if someone tries to break in, we’ll hear it.”

    “That reminds me,” Violet replied. “I get not using Shadowcraft for battles anymore, but what about everything else? Especially this month-long Pokémon nature trip we’ll be going on?”

    “Only out of necessity, not out of convenience,” Cassandra replied, thinking Jon wouldn’t have a problem with that. “Was cheap to use it for battles in the first place, but if we need it for fending off an angry Ursaring or if we’re on the verge of starving to death, as long as no one else is around, I don’t see the harm in doing it.”

    Violet could agree with that. The last thing she wanted was to end up as something else’s prey. A Furret, Eevee, and Buneary weren’t exactly the most ferocious apex predators out there in the wilderness. But with their Shadowcraft, they could ensure they were capable of defending themselves.

    “We’ll be fine with that,” Violet replied as she climbed into bed. “Let Jon do his thing tomorrow night, we’ll get off this boat, pay off the debt, and announce some time off.”

    “Well, that’s that,” Cassandra replied as she turned off the lights. “Night.”

    And shortly after that, they had both fallen asleep…

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    "Can't really bank on Ethan using the same Pokémon again next time," Avery mumbled to themself as they continued to make notes even after the battle was finished, "especially since he no doubt is aware of my glaring inability to handle fire types." They recalled seeing Ethan use a Salazzle in a previous round so that would make things interesting. Acacia could probably handle that though, what with the psychic vs poison matchup being one in Avery's favor. They pat Gloria as the Shaymin snored softly. Poor thing was still tuckered out and likely would be for the rest of the night.

    They checked their phone after a moment to see how Twitter was responding to the battles. Shockingly, it seemed Jon's battle had vastly outclassed theirs in terms of how many people were talking about it. Though the response was less than cordial towards Jon due to a video of his encounter with Ethan later. Avery sighed. That stunt with the stadium light was really dangerous so they supposed they could understand but...

    Avery checked their own mentions and noticed there was a hashtag of their own trending, albeit not as much as Jon's were. #CancelAveryMillerParty was gaining some traction. It seemed that while overall the initial response to Avery's battle had been positive, a lot of Cassandra's fans didn't care for how close of a call Avery had made it. Accusations of cheating and other sorts of mudslinging were being flung their way, as well as the typical annoyances with battle purists unhappy in general that a coordinator was showing up so many skilled battlers and persistent misgendering from bigots. It seemed that even if Avery had taken great care to keep their birth gender a secret, people were still willing to go to great lengths to guess based on their appearance. "How annoying..." they muttered.

    Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

    "Hey Avery are you still there? It's me Jimmy. Can we come in? Someone here wants to see you."

    "Avery! It's me Jirachi! I wanna meet yoooou!"

    Avery looked up from their phone and glanced at the door. Jimmy and Jirachi? They glanced back at the app. Probably for the best. They closed Twitter and called back, "Come in!"
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