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Thread: {RP} The S.S. Wishmaker - Tides of Witchcraft

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    Luneth could have sworn that she had been going somewhere, but here she was, watching the semi finals. Where could she possibly have been going? Maybe it was a feeling seeping through from an adjacent reality or something?
    Glimmer started cheering wildly as Avery sent out Gloria, especially as the shaymin changed into it’s sky forme, but then drooped in disappointment as night fell and Gloria’s transformation expired, netting Cassandra the win.

    The next battle was between two trainer that Luneth didn’t know, having mainly been following Cass & Avery’s battles and ignoring the rest of the tourney. All she knew was one of them had been an operative changed back from being a pokemon earlier today. When they walked onto stage however, Luneth was shocked to see the surly Latios trainer from before. So that was Jon Drake? Despite being in a huge crowd, she instinctively ducked behind Circuit, before remembering that she wasn’t secretly filming anymore and didn’t need to hide from him. Still, she stayed safely behind her Silvally as she watched the two battle, and returned to her room a little hastier that usual afterwards.

    * * *

    Despite feeling confidant that no-one had seen her recording anything, she didn’t want to be instantly recognised by the league on the off chance they knew, so the next morning instead of her kimono, she grabbed her backup outfit, a plain grey dress & jeans, and scraped her hair into a ponytail, finishing up with contact lenses, a blue-grey one in her right eye, and a yellow with a cat like pupil for the left.

    Like the day before, she road her helmed Silvally down through Central park to the cafe.
    Bu this time she was focused on her destination. Today was the last day of the cruise, so no looking through shop windows, no stopping to get famous trainers autographs, no randomly running into the Diamond Ladies. Visiting the Shaymin Cafe was top priority, and just in case her attention began to wander, Glimmer was riding perched on Circuit’s head ready to drag her back, which she did at least four times before they arrived at the cafe.

    Luneth she recalled Circuit as Glimmer hopped into her arms. Despite it being early, the cafe still had a bit of a queue, so Luneth settle in to wait her turn, when she noticed ahead of her, ordering right now was Jarena. Oh all the places-No, she told herself. Ignore the diamond lady. The lady who knows real magic and can shapeshift people into pokemon. No, you’re here to eat at a special cafe with Glimmer. Put the magic aside for a while. It’ll still be there later… Won’t it?
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