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Thread: {RP} The S.S. Wishmaker - Tides of Witchcraft

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    Affected RP'ers: @Chakramaster

    The Jirachi’s trainer explained that he could understand pokemon as a side effect of being one temporarily. Luneth’s eyes lit up on hearing this, as the trainer told her to give it a shot herself.
    "Pika-pi-ka!" (”Yeah! Give it a shot!”) The Pikachu said, and Luneth found that she could indeed understand it. Was this Jirachi’s doing as well?
    “Oh, I, I can! Oh this is so cool! I can understand you!”
    Shortly after, the trainer received a text and had to leave.
    “Ok, see you again sometime I hope. Oh, and when Jirachi wakes up please thank him for me!” She called as the trainer headed off.

    I guess I should be going now too, Luneth though, starting back to where Jirachi had plucked her from. But before she had gone very far, Luneth heard a voice calling out.

    “Shay shaymin”(”There you are!”) It was both familiar yet unfamiliar at the same time. Luneth turned around and confirmed that it had come from Glimmer, who was running out of breath towards her. “Shay min, min shay” (”I’ve been looking all over for you!”)

    “Glimmer, you’ll never guess what just happened!” Luneth said, barely able to contain herself. “But the best part is, I can understand pokemon speak!”

    “Min, Shaymin?” (”Huh, wait really?”) They Shaymin’s eyes lit up. “Shaymin shay?” (Do you know if this is permanent?)

    “Not for sure, but I think it is. It was a side effect from Jirachi, but I can ask them right now, so…”

    “Shaymin?! Shay shaymin shay?” (”Jirachi?! Ok, tell me everything that happened after you disappeared. Starting with how did you disappear?”)

    “I will, but we need to go pick up Flan first. Don’t want to make them wait for nothing. I’ll explain on the way.”

    * * *

    After picking up the Ditto/Shaymin, they rushed over to watch the battle, Luneth explaining everything that happened to Glimmer and Circuit as the traveled.
    They cheered for Avery & Cassandra in their matches, despite the general crowd’s disposition towards the latter.

    Shortly after the matches had ended, the announcement came that the ship had arrived at it’s final destination, and that stores would be open for the next hour for any last minute shopping.

    Oh, this would be the perfect time to get a thank you gift for Jirachi! After all, Jirachi’d given her a big enough gift, and if she was that ungrateful Glimmer would never let her hear the end of it.

    But then if she was shopping, she’d miss possibly the last chance to talk to the Diamond Ladies before whatever punishment the league enacts…

    “Glimmer, mind splitting up again? I have an idea but it can’t wait and I need to go pick up some last minute stuff.”

    * * *

    Back in the central plaza shopping district again. There was a plethora of Jirachi themed merchandise, along with a lot of last minute shoppers. Luneth had trouble navigating the store, no room for Circuit and thus no one making way for her.
    It did give her time to think about what kind of gift to get for the mythical pokemon. Jirachi could probably wish anything it wanted into existence, so getting random toys wouldn’t work.
    She passed by a line up of life sized Jirachi plushies. Getting one of those might be kinda weird. Like a plush twin? But on the other hand, it almost definitely didn’t have one already, and would be unlikely to think of wishing one into existence.
    In the end Luneth bought the plush, along with a Jirachi themed bottle of bubble mixture and some Jirachi lollipops.

    So, that was done. Now she just needed to figure out how to get it to them.
    Luneth hadn’t thought this far ahead. The Jirachi’s trainer might be off the boat by now, and she hadn’t gotten any contact info from him. She couldn’t even remember his name, or if she’d ever learned it in the first place. And the only people she knew of that might be able to find him were the diamond ladies, whose locations were also unknown.

    Argh, I guess I’ll just have to hope to run into him again. She though, frustrated that she hadn’t planned this first. Maybe posting a call out online would work? Or perhaps contacting the cruise themselves?
    Luneth pondered over this as she returned to her room to pack up everything ready to disembark.

    * * *

    Exit area? (IDK what it’s called on a ship)
    Affected RP'ers: Neo Shaymin

    Glimmer ran to the exit of the ship. This would have been so much easier if it was day and she could fly. While the stars were pretty, they forced her into her less mobile land form. Hopefully the Diamond ladies hadn’t immediately disembarked, and she could still catch them. If they were still onboard they’d need to pass by here at some point, so it was the best way to find them was to wait there.

    Out of breath, glimmer arrived at the departures area, and found a good place to watch from, settled in for her Diamond Lady stakeout.

    After a while Glimmer was starting to worry that maybe she had missed them after all, when they finally made an appearance.

    After taking a few moments to confirm it was really them, and not look likes or mistaken identity, Glimmer ran over to the ladies, and started trying to grab the attention of the youngest one.
    “Shay! Shaymin! Min! Shaymin! (”Hey! Jarena isn’t it? Down here! The Shaymin at your feet!”) Glimmer nudged at Jarena’s ankles a few times to be sure of her attention.
    “Shay, shaymin? Shaymin shay shay shaymin” (You can understand pokemon too right? You hear what I’m saying as words and not just variants of “shay” yeah?)
    “Shay shay min, shaymin min” (”So, I’m not sure how to ask this… Umm, how did you get that first shadowcraft book? I really want to learn how to do it. Just for self defence, not to cheat or anything like you did!”) The Shaymin added hastily, then realised what they just said. “Shay, shaymin. Min shay shaymin.” (”Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean it like that. But uh, could you help a Shaymin out? Just how to get started is all I’m asking. I tried googling in on my trainers phone but nothing shows up, at least not for sale.”)
    Glimmer proceeded to do her best puppy-dog eyes at Jarena. “Min?” (”Please?”)
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    Avery Miller (They/Them)
    A Bunch of Places since this’ll be a summary
    Affected RP'ers: @Chakramaster Desolate Divine

    Avery followed along with Jon as they went to secure Lance. The champion had been turned into an Applin with his lackey, Anthony, now a Munchlax in hot pursuit of a snack. Avery felt a bit bad for the dragon master, since they weren’t aware of most of Lance’s crimes, but it seemed Jon was getting a kick out of this.

    It wasn’t long before Lance and Anthony were changed back though. Once they were secured again, Jon invited Avery out for ramen to meet with “Cuddles” for a talk.

    Once they arrived and ordered their food, Jon said his piece first. It had a lot of nuggets of wisdom for Jimmy when it came to raising a legendary, which Avery hoped dearly that Jimmy would take to heart. Whether he would or not remained to be seen. Still Jimmy’s response seemed promising.

    Once Jon finished speaking, Avery jumped in to offer some advice as well. “Jon’s lecture is a tough act to follow but if I may second what he said, you need to be attentive to your Pokémon’s needs. Research them, yes, but also learn from them. Shaymin, and Jirachi, are the creatures of myths. There is not a lot of material out there on them. That is why you must listen to your Pokémon itself. It will convey its needs to you. Gloria was able to do so even without my ability to understand Pokespeech, so you have an advantage here. Use it. This whole situation could have been avoided if you had originally.

    “In addition, remember that you are raising a child. You need to be a role model and parent to them. Be stern when necessary. It may hurt but they’ll need it if you want them to grow up into a Pokémon you can use freely in society. If stuff like what happened today continues to happen with no punishment of any kind, or even worse, a reward like playing with them, it only incentivizes the behavior. We can’t guarantee Jirachi won’t do this again just to get more playtime, so you have to be hard on him. Ensure that it doesn’t. Because then, as Jon said, it’s on your hands.”

    Once they finished their meals, Avery and the others left to prepare for their battles that night.


    Avery Miller (They/Them)
    Wishmaker Stadium

    Avery’s battle against Ethan was first so it wasn’t long before the two stood across the field from each other. Gloria was resting on Avery’s shoulder again, almost completely recovered from the battle prior. Avery hoped to not have to use it again if necessary but they’d have to play it by ear since it was entirely possible they’d need to use her against Ethan’s Salazzle.

    Ethan initially sent out his Golem, likely anticipating that Avery would lead with Knautia, Mint, or Daybreak. Instead, to Ethan’s surprise, Avery sent out Picotee, wanting to give the Sawsbuck a chance to shine.

    “Golem, use Earthquake!” The Boulder Pokémon leapt into the air and slammed its body into the ground, sending chunks of the battlefield all over the place.

    “Picotee, dodge!” Avery called out. The deer gracefully leapt into the air, managing to avoid most of the debris simply by leaping between the disheveled parts of the battlefield. Still, he took some damage due to some debris managing to strike Picotee as he jumped around.

    “Now set up a Sunny Day!” Picotee paused for a moment to charge up an orange ball of energy before launching it into the sky. The sun, while setting, seemed to get brighter for a moment.

    Ethan took the opportunity to strike once more. “Earthquake again!” The golem slammed its body into the ground, sending ripples through the battlefield. Picotee wasn’t able to escape so easily this time, becoming caught between some parts of the shifting earth. Still, Avery had a plan for that.

    “Nature’s Power!” Picotee grimaced as he found his lower half caught underneath the battlefield, but that still left enough of him free to follow Avery’s command. The Sawsbuck slammed his foot into the earth, sending ripples through it as Nature's Power turned into its corresponding move: Earth Power.

    The ground underneath Golem erupted like a volcano and shook the entire battlefield, giving Picotee enough wiggle room to squeeze his way out of the crack he was stuck in.

    “Now go in for a Horn Leech!” The Sawsbuck didn’t wait a moment, charging across the broken battlefield and slamming into the Golem with his horns. Picotee drained his opponent of its remaining HP, restoring his own health in the process. With that four times super effective attack, Golem stumbled and fell, rendered unconscious.

    “Golem is unable to battle! The winner is Sawsbuck!”

    Ethan returned the Golem to its pokeball before sending out his next Pokémon, the dreaded Salazzle. Avery quickly returned Picotee to its pokeball. “You did great,” they whispered before preparing their next pokemon.

    “It’s showtime, Acacia!” They threw the pokeball high into the air, unleashing the Girafarig onto the battlefield. Acacia stomped her hooves on the ground and snorted, showing she was raring to go.

    “Don’t give them a chance to attack! Sludge Bomb, let’s go!” Ethan called out. The Salazzle lowered herself onto all fours and unleashed a barrage of poisonous bombs towards Acacia.

    Send them back with Psychic!” Acacia’s eyes turned blue as she unleashed a series of psychic waves that changed the trajectory of the sludge bomb attack. The Salazzle was unable to dodge them in time, taking a direct hit. “Don’t let up! Use Hyper Voice now!” Acacia stomped her hooves again before letting out a loud cry, sending the Salazzle tumbling. “Finish it with another Psychic!” Acacia started to prepare another Psychic attack when a Fire Blast came barreling across the field.

    Acacia cried out as the flames consumed her, the attack doing a lot of damage. Before Acacia could fully recover, the Salazzle drew in for a close quarters attack with Poison Jab. Acacia wasn’t totally down yet, striking with a Psychic at the same time. An explosion ensued from the two colliding attacks and when the smoke cleared…

    “Salazzle and Girafarig are both down! Trainers sent out your next Pokémon!”

    Ethan set out his final Pokémon first: an Aegislash. Avery smirked. Easy. This battle was already won.

    “Curtain call, Daybreak!”

    The Rapidash burst forth, eager to battle in the final showdown for third place. Daybreak had been somewhat “cheated” out of a battle the previous night with the weird time jump that Jirachi made, so he was more than ready to let off some fire this way. The Aegislash didn’t stand a chance.

    “Don’t even give them a chance to attack, Daybreak. Flare Blitz, let’s go!”

    Daybreak let out a loud neigh before charging at the Aegislash. As he dashed forth, he erupted into a ball of flames, streaking like a comet across the battlefield.

    “Aegislash, King’s Shi-”

    Ethan wasn’t able to get off the command in time, and like that, in the blink of an eye, it was over. Daybreak slammed into Aegislash, knocking the steel and ghost type into the air. Daybreak then leapt up and struck the Aegislash one more time. The sword fell and clattered to the ground, unconscious.

    “Aegislash is unable to battle! The victory goes to Avery Miller!”

    Cheers erupted from around the arena. Daybreak trotted over to Avery and rubbed his nose against his trainer. “Shay-min! Shay-min!” (We won! We won!) Gloria cheered from Avery’s shoulder. Avery couldn’t help but laugh as he pet both of his Pokemon. They really were a great team.

    “Come on, ease up. We can hug it out later. Let’s take a bow first.” Daybreak moved back from Avery and the trio gave a bow before walking off the field. Third place was theirs, and with it, a confirmation of what Avery intended to do next.


    Avery Miller (They/Them)
    Unloading Deck

    Avery weaved their way through the crowds of people as they prepared to leave the ship. Since their battle last night (and the subsequent party afterwards), they hadn’t seen any of the others they had encountered on the ship. Jon, Alyssa, Jimmy, and the Diamond Ladies had all somewhat eluded them, though at least in the latter’s case there was a reasonable explanation as to why.

    Still, this didn’t mean they’d soon forget them. In fact, quite to the contrary, this trip would be unforgettable. Not only was turning into a Pokemon on its own quite the wild tale, but also the fact that it helped set Avery on a new path in life was something incredible on its own. How long they’d remain a battler was yet to be seen, but for now, they’d play this out at least until they and their team changed their minds. For once, a socratic discussion wasn’t quite as difficult as it could be.

    “Hey Avery!” Celestina called out, the fellow coordinator and operative shoving her way towards them. “Wait up!”

    Avery stopped and laughed as Celestina struggled her way through the crowd. “I wouldn’t need to wait if you weren’t so slow,” they teased.

    Celestina pouted a little and punched Avery in the shoulder once she caught up to them. “Now that’s a mean thing to say. Apologize right now!”

    This only resulted in more laughter from Avery. It was only after Celestina delivered a few more shoulder punches that they raised their hands in surrender. “Okay okay, I give up. I’m sorry. Now come on, I want to get to the Castelia center before registration closes for the day.”

    “Are you sure you want to do this?” Celestina asked as she followed Avery towards the dock.

    “Yes,” Avery responded with conviction, “I’m one of the top coordinators in the world right now. There’s not much more I can achieve there before I plateau. People are constantly expecting me to come up with new and creative performances but if I’m being candid, I don’t know if I have much left in me at the moment. Challenging the Unova Battle Circuit not only gives me the opportunity to study battling to further incorporate this kind of thing into my performances, but also just in general serves as a creative break for me. I’ll be back eventually, but for now, it’s time to try something different.”

    Celestina nodded her head in understanding after a moment. “I can understand that. Well I’ll be rooting for you the whole way. Perhaps we can travel to Mistralton together? My flight home is out of there.”

    “Sure,” Avery said with a smile, “that’d be great.”

    As Avery and Celestina made their way to exit the boat, Avery caught a glimpse of the Diamond Ladies. They were too far away to say anything, so instead they tried to catch one of their gazes’ and waved. It wasn’t much, but they hoped it’d be enough to convey the hope to meet again someday in the near or distant future.
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    Jimmy Kendo
    Battle Arena Stadium

    Jimmy had made his way after talking with Luneth. Before making his way in. His Grovyle jump down from a balcony.

    "Glad to see you found us buddy. Sorry something else happened and the plan didn't end up happening. Maybe next time. Can't just sit around anymore and stay quiet. I'll be sure you take charge next mission." Jimmy said as he recalled his Grovyle back to its Poke ball. Placing it in a close by pocket as he saw the other. Pulling the ball out that held Jirachi in it a moment. Pikachu stuck close by on Jimmy's should.

    "Sorry it came to having to put you in your poke ball little buddy. I wanted to thank you for everything. Sorry we could t have got everyone else to join and play with you. I just hope I can step up and become a better trainer for you. Don't worry. I'll do whatever it takes to train you up properly." Jimmy said holding Jirachi's ball close. "Sleep well little buddy."

    "Thank you". A voice said to both Jimmy and Pikachu. Both smiled recognizing the voice as Jirachi's as Jimmy places Jirachi's poke ball back. "I only hope you remember not to ever grant anyone's wish without my permission Jirachi. Don't forget. Use your psychic if you have to." Jimmy said as secured Jirachi in place. Heading inside the arena.

    After some time the match started. It was as expected. Many people were still against both of them. Both cheers and booing erupted from the stadium. The battle was great, but in the end it wasn't a total surprise. Jon came out as the victor. Both made their way out and the stadium began to clear. As did Jimmy and his Pikachu.

    Jimmy Kendo
    Nearing the exit
    Affected RP'ers: @Neo Emolga @Shruikan (can meet with Jimmy if you'd like to close things out there. Left Jimmy in case you'd like Gloria to see them and tell Luneth)

    sometime later

    The announcement went off. Confirming to everyone that the ship had finally docked at its destination.

    "Castelia City. I've always wanted to come here. I think we need a little vacation. What do you think buddy? Take a little time to ourselves?" Jimmy asked his Pikachu while looking over the side of the ship as he began to head towards the cut where it was a little less crowded.

    Jimmy noticed some familiar faces. The three Diamond Ladies.

    "One last visit..." Pikachu nodded at Jimmy's questioning statement.

    Jimmy made his way to the ladies. "So. You're about to be let go. Free as some birds as some may say. How do you ladies feel?" Jimmy asked jokingly. "Of course I joke. It's heck of a crazy cruise. So. Have any plans? I'm sure it won't be anything too crazy since the League will have that ban on you all, but I'm sure that this isn't the end for the famed 'Diamond Ladies.'" Jimmy smirked at them. "Believe me. I have a lot planned too. Maybe much more once I train a certain new Pokémon up more. Much like I've been offered help from others here. I can with you three as well." Jimmy said pulling out a card and passing it to the ladies.

    "Here. In case you ever need help. It's got every contact information you could ever need from me." Jimmy said before a voice popped up.

    "You don't need that. Hehehe. Just call out to me! I'll help get Jimmy and myself and my friends anywhere if you need me. You have all been such lovely friends! Thank you again." Jirachi said as his voice faded.

    Jimmy smiles closing his eyes. "As he said. It's been an absolutely pleasure getting to meet you there. Maybe we will meet again someday." Jimmy said as he gripped the thunderstone pendant that Jirachi gave back to him. Jimmy continued to standby. Making his way off the ship with the ladies nearby. Time together on this ship coming to a close.

    The time is upon us...

    . Pika Pair with the yellow bundle of fluff Chibi Altaria..

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    (OOC: Last post before the epilogue!)

    The Diamond Ladies
    Safe House LZ
    Affected RPers: @Desolate Divine @Shruikan @Noblejanobii @Chakramaster

    It hadn’t taken long for Cassandra, Jarena, and Violet to head down to the LZ Safe House and pack up all of their belongings. Considering their stay there had only been for one night, they hadn’t unpacked very much at all save for a few articles of clothes and their bathroom essentials. The whole time, Sami and Kyle had kept a watch on them, realizing any moment now, Lance’s goons or any of his hired lackeys might try to strike if they had been stalking them.

    Thankfully, no such thing happened, and after the three Ladies had packed, they headed to the exit and joined the crowds waiting to disembark and start making their way home. It was then that Cassandra had gotten a text. She had half-expected it to be one last taunt from “Karma,” but thankfully it was Alyssa instead.

    "Hey Cassandra, this is Alyssa Drake.

    Great job with the match tonight. Screw what everyone else is saying. Walk with your head held high.

    I know it's probably not much, particularly this late, but I was wondering if I could interview you. If nothing else but for you to be able to step down from all this on your terms. Be able to have the last word, and have one last nice moment before everything changes?

    Don't feel obligated, but if you're interested, Jon and I's flight home doesn't leave until 1am, so we will be at Diesel Bar in Castelia City until 11pm. I'd love to share a drink and hear your story before we all part ways.

    Hoping to see you again.

    With a bit more of an optimistic smile, Cassandra typed up a quick response while they were waiting on line to disembark the ship.

    “Hi Alyssa,

    Sure, we’ll be right there. See you in a few.


    While it took some time to get off the ship due to a heavy queue from most of the guests all trying to leave at once, eventually the three Ladies stepped off the S.S. Wishmaker and the night sky and moon-lit seaport had opened up before them. After they stepped off the ramp, they arrived on the docks among the river of people and occasional Pokémon heading toward the city.

    Just as soon as they stepped off the ramp on got on the pier, suddenly they saw Jimmy and his Pikachu. Considering all the people around, Cassandra was surprised Jimmy managed to find them among the river of people head down the dock.

    “So, you’re about to be let go,” Jimmy told them. “You're about to be let go. Free as some birds as some may say. How do you ladies feel? Of course I joke. It's heck of a crazy cruise.”

    “Yeah, no kidding,” Cassandra sighed, shaking her head with a smile. “Pretty crazy stuff I wasn’t expecting in a million years, that’s for sure.”

    “So, have any plans?” Jimmy asked. “I'm sure it won't be anything too crazy since the League will have that ban on you all, but I'm sure that this isn't the end for the famed 'Diamond Ladies.'”

    “Yeah, it probably won’t be pretty for a while,” Cassandra replied, figuring it might be a while before they could shake off the bad publicity. “We’ll hang in there, though. Maybe we’ll find a way to return to the spotlight in a new and better way.”

    "Believe me, I have a lot planned too,” Jimmy agreed. “Maybe much more once I train a certain new Pokémon up more. Much like I've been offered help from others here. I can with you three as well."

    After he had pulled out his contact card and offered it to the Ladies, Cassandra took it and looked it over, checking out both sides.

    “Here, in case you ever need help,” Jimmy told them. “It's got every contact information you could ever need from me.”

    “Sure, thanks, Jimmy,” Cassandra smiled.

    “You don’t need that!” Jirachi laughed. “Hehehe, just call out to me! I'll help get Jimmy and myself and my friends anywhere if you need me. You have all been such lovely friends! Thank you again.”

    “Hey, anytime, Jirachi,” Cassandra giggled. “You take care now!”

    “As he said,” Jimmy closed his eyes with a smile. “It's been an absolutely pleasure getting to meet you there. Maybe we will meet again someday.”

    “We’ll see,” Cassandra told him with a smile. “I guess this is goodbye for now, but take care and hopefully we’ll see each other again, soon!”

    To Cassandra, it was hard to imagine and think about how things started with Jimmy and how they ended, but in all, she was glad she had the chance to meet him and see for herself all the incredible things Jirachi was capable of…

    All of a sudden, Jarena had felt a nudging at her ankles. When she looked down in surprise, she saw a Shaymin there, trying to get her attention.

    “Shay! Shaymin! Min! Shaymin! (”Hey! Jarena isn’t it? Down here! The Shaymin at your feet!”) Glimmer nudged at her ankles. “Shay, shaymin? Shaymin shay shay shaymin” (You can understand PokEmon too right? You hear what I’m saying as words and not just variants of “shay” yeah?)

    “Whoa, easy there little guy!” Jarena told him, almost laughing. “I gotcha, read you loud and clear!”

    “Shay shay min, shaymin min” (”So, I’m not sure how to ask this… Umm, how did you get that first shadowcraft book? I really want to learn how to do it. Just for self defence, not to cheat or anything like you did! Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean it like that. But uh, could you help a Shaymin out? Just how to get started is all I’m asking. I tried googling in on my trainers phone but nothing shows up, at least not for sale.”)

    “You sure about this?” Jarena asked, knowing how much it turned her life upside down. “It can get pretty messy if you don’t handle it carefully!”

    “Min?” (”Please?”) The Shaymin asked, trying to put on a sad and sincere face.

    “Well, okay, if you’re absolutely sure,” Jarena smiled, shrugging with a light chuckle and hoping that’s all they were going to use it for. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you! Anyway, since this stuff is pretty taboo, and now going to be even more so after this whole mishap. Anyway, you can’t be checking all those mainstream sites and auction places like ESale and PeekyPlaza. Shadowcraft is kind of, you know, black market stuff in a way. What worked for me and Violet is try finding those obscure mom and pop shops online that sell the typical tarot cards and voodoo stuff online and that kind of thing. They’ll sell the gimmicks online, sure. But it’s when you go to these places in person, now that’s opening up more options because now you’re under the radar. There you ask if they have any Shadowcraft stuff. Don’t be surprised if they don’t, it just means you need to keep looking. I remember going through a dozen places before I found a cool carrier. Oh, and another thing. It’s not cheap. But it works!”

    “Well, I gotta go, miss!” Jarena smiled at the Shaymin. “Be careful with that stuff! It’s crazy sometimes!”

    After Jarena had quickly caught up to Cassandra and Violet, the Ladies had met with Steven and Cynthia who hailed them down, offering to give Jarena and Violet their Pokémon back after they had been secured in lockup.

    “I know this wasn’t an easy thing to do, but the three of you did the right thing,” Cynthia told them as the other guests moved along past them. “I know some rather harsh things have been circulating around about the three of you, but I feel what you did to come clean was very admirable. There are many that never would have done that.”

    “I just wish other people saw it the same way that you did,” Cassandra replied as Jarena and Violet received their Pokéball belts back from Steven. “But there are many that never will. Yeah, it’s… probably best to not think about what they’re thinking…”

    “Yeah… sorry about the mess, guys,” Jarena shrugged. “Probably best we keep our noses out of the whole battling thing now. I’m sure we’ll figure something else out, but it’s a bit too late tonight to think over it too much.”

    “Farewell,” Violet told them both. “Thanks for understanding us at the end. There’s plenty of people that never would have done that either…”

    “Yeah, I guess this is goodbye,” Cassandra told Steven and Cynthia. “Best of luck with everything.”

    “Same to you,” Cynthia told her. “Don’t let other people bring you down.”

    With that, Cassandra, Jarena, and Violet said one last final goodbye before they left, and it would be the last time they would ever see them again…

    They continued down the length of the pier, but out of curiosity, Cassandra had turned to look at the cruise ship one last time. In the distance, she saw Avery, waving to her. Having not expected to see Avery again, Cassandra waved back, smiling as she felt good she got to see them one last time…

    The Diamond Ladies
    Diesel Bar, Castelia City
    Affected RPers: @Desolate Divine

    After that, they headed toward the heart of Castelia City. With the help of Cassandra’s phone GPS, Cassandra tracked the way to the Diesel Bar and the three of them walked the way there. Once they had arrived, Cassandra noticed it was about 10pm as she made her way through the heavy wooden door. Around the exterior and the interior, the Diesel Bar belonged to a very obvious car enthusiast, especially with muscle cars. Plenty of car-related memorabilia was all along the walls, in addition to neon signs for many well-known brands of beer and other forms of alcohol.

    “Looks like the place,” Cassandra told the other two.

    “Yeah, I’m underage, but I’ll just have a soda,” Jarena smiled, shrugging.

    Cassandra stepped in first, followed by Jarena and Violet. Alyssa and Jon had greeted them, offering them a place at the table along with a drink.

    “Hey there, guys,” Cassandra smiled, taking a seat as Jarena and Violet did the same.

    Cassandra had requested a bottle of Black Pyroar Beer while Violet ordered a glass of Crimsonland Red Wine and Jarena asked for a bottle of soda.

    "Look, this will be published, but I'm not doing this for ratings, or accolades as a writer." Alyssa explained, "I have always written with the desire to have my readers understand something better than they did before reading, so I guess I want to give you the chance to tell me what you want the people to understand. One last hurrah before you guys retire."

    “Yeah, I imagine it’ll be a lot more informative than what they read on Twitter or those other garbage social media sites,” Cassandra smiled, though she knew the situation looked pretty grim.

    Alyssa had then placed her phone on the table in front of Cassandra with the recorder on. It was making her think back to the confession yesterday, but this was a little different.

    "So what do you have to say? About the cheating, getting caught, the tournament, moving forward, anything." Alyssa asked, "I want to hear what you have to say."

    “Where to begin…” Cassandra started, feeling it was hard to pinpoint exactly how she wanted to start this interview. “I got on that ship never thinking this was how we would be stepping off, but then again, it feels like it was bound to happen sooner or later. True, sometimes dirty little secrets never get exposed and found out, but when they do, this kind of thing happens.”

    “I’ll admit, for a long time, I let a lot of this get to my head,” Cassandra confessed, shrugging that she was certain her previous explanation to Cynthia was being distributed around. “I thought I could get away with anything, like we were special, sneaking around the rules and finding loopholes. It turned me into a pretentious freak and I think if I could go back in time, I would smack myself in the face for doing what I did. Wanting that fame was like a drug, and here I had found a way to get it. But it wasn’t the right way, obviously.”

    “Yeah, we kind of got really caught up in it,” Jarena nodded, trying to smile despite feeling ashamed.

    “We deserved to get caught, though,” Cassandra nodded. “What we did was just wrong and I’m sure it cost a lot of people wins and championship titles that they would have gotten instead of us. But as I felt before, it only seems right we shouldn’t be battling anymore, and I think a lifetime ban only seems right to enforce so that no one does anything like we did. As for the debt, well, I’m glad we had some help pulling that off.”

    After taking a few sips from her beer, she then continued.

    “The tournament was… well, it was different,” Cassandra continued. “I cheated my way up to the semifinals. That hadn’t changed, but battling Avery with legitimate approach… it was very revealing of what I’m like as a trainer. I had to learn to adapt rather than cheat, and use my head rather than my tricks. Even just winning one battle told me I and my team were strong enough to compete, although I realized… up to a certain extent. I think by not having a diversified team, getting them too used to having us for support, and having fewer Pokémon on hand… yeah, that’s where Jon did me in. But it was a good battle, at least I didn’t make it too easy for him.”

    She lightly chuckled at that last comment, and then came the most difficult question of all.

    “Moving forward… I’m not sure,” Cassandra replied, looking away to gather her thoughts. “I know our reputation is shot down and dead in the water, and we’ve essentially lost the love of our fans. Probably rightfully so, as we didn’t earn it the right way, so I can’t be too sore on it all as I know how disappointed they are. I think I would be, too, if my role model did this kind of thing. I guess one thing I’d like to say is yeah, Shadowcraft is real, it does work, but I think moving forward, we can’t change the past as much as I’d like to tell my younger self right now. I know we’ve used this stuff for a lot of bad things, but as Jarena said, there’s bound to be ways to use it for good. It’s like any other skill or tool… it can be used for good and bad things. I would like the chance to prove to someone… anyone, that it can be used for good regardless of where it comes from.”

    “I’m not sure what the future holds for us,” Cassandra shrugged, looking down. “I guess it depends on luck and forgiveness at this point. I know we can never be League competitors ever again, which I wholly understand, but maybe some other career path is possible. I don’t know, it may take a bit of time for this to settle down before we can successfully move on and most of this mess passes over. I just hope it doesn’t take too long. None of us want this to be the only thing people think about us for the rest of our days.”

    “I guess that’s it, really,” Cassandra concluded, trying to keep a hopeful smile. “I want to thank everyone who gave us a second chance and didn’t give up on us. Hopefully we can turn things around in the future and people in general can believe in us again, but that may be a long road. I just want to say ever since the confession, I’ve felt better about my conscience, even if there was a lot of negativity that came out of it. The truth is important, along with empathy, kindness, and understanding. It’s something I’ve learned the value of most of all during these past few days.”

    With that, Cassandra felt she had said all that needed to be conveyed. She had taken another sip from her beer as Jon noticed the sense of resignation particularly about the finality of their battling careers.

    "Just remember that your ban only means you can't participate in League events,” Jon told her. “Private battles are fair game, and I'll be keen for a rematch, and know a few people that would always be down for s training match or two. Hell, I want to see you beat me one day." Jon explained, "I have had an idea for what the future holds for Alyssa and myself, actually stemming from something you said to me. I don't want to go into too much detail right now because it could be a pipe dream, but hey, there could even be a place for you guys in that."

    Jon finished his drink before placing down the glass.

    "What I am trying to say is that you will bounce back. This door may have closed, but so many have opened for you guys, even if you don't see it yet. The world's your Cloyster."

    “Hey, you’re a tough trainer, though, Mister Pokémon High Seas Tournament Champion!” Cassandra smiled, hoping his optimism would be right. “Maybe. I think I’d have to do a lot more catching and training before that happens. I’ll always love these Pokémon I have, but I definitely need to strategize, rebuild the team, and train them accordingly. It’ll take some time and work, but you know, I think it will be fun, too. Just don’t be surprised if our next battle involves a very different team.”

    After Violet had finished her wine and Cassandra had emptied her bottle of beer, she saw it was already getting late and they still needed to find another room for the night.

    “Well, we need to head out and get a room tonight,” Cassandra smiled as her eyes were already trying to fight sleep. “I definitely want to thank you both for not giving up on us despite how dirty our hands got. And Latios, too, he’s a funny dude. Before, I’ll admit you drove me crazy, but sometimes a kick in the butt like that is needed when it’s time to wake up.”

    “Yeah,” Jarena laughed, shaking her head. “It worked though! And hey, whatever you guys plan on doing for the future, I hope it’s great for all of you. But have fun and be happy out there! Life’s worth living, so smile!”

    “Be well,” Violet told Jon and Alyssa. “You’ve got a great team of Pokémon, Jon, but you and Alyssa make a great team, also. I’m confident you two and your Pokémon are ready for anything this world might throw at you.”

    “Catch you later, Jon and Alyssa,” Cassandra smiled as the three of them stood up and prepared to head out. “Have a good night and a safe flight home.”

    “Cheerio!” Jarena smiled as she waved goodbye.

    “Thanks for the drinks,” Violet smiled. “And all the best for you and your Pokémon.”

    And with that, they headed to the exit, walked out the large wooden door, and back into the restless Castelia City late-night streets…

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    One Year Later...
    It was half past six in the morning, when Jon groaned at the sound of a baby crying. It was the fourth time since they tried to get to sleep at 11pm the night before

    "Do you want me to get her?" Alyssa asked groggily, as she rolled over.

    "No, I will check in on her." Jon said, as he got up, and started to get dressed, "I gotta get up anyway."

    It had been three weeks since Amelia Drake was born, and almost exactly a year since Jon had taken the High Sea's Tournament Title on the S.S Wishmaker. In those three weeks, Jon had made sure to take as much of the burden as he could, seeing as starting today, the next twelve weeks would keep him busy, and Alyssa would be having to shoulder the burden a little more on her own.

    He made his way out of the master bedroom of the small caretakers house they lived in on Mossdeep Island. It wasn't the cottage he and Alyssa had originally hoped for, as that had sold by the time they were ready to buy it. Instead, the house they bought was a little more expensive, meaning they still had to get a loan for it. However the property they bought contained an old monastery and lodge for the people visiting, with a house for the caretaker to live in.

    After his battle with Cassandra, she told Jon something that had stuck in his mind, about being a good teacher. From there an idea was formed, and this property being for sale made the timing perfect. He had spent the good part of the most year, doing whatever he could to get League grants to fund the project, and today was going to be the official opening of it.

    Jon made his way to Amelia's room, where she lay in her bed, crying like baby's do, as Jon and Alyssa had learnt very much so in the last few weeks. The air wasn't tainted with a certain smell, so Jon was able to cross that off the list, gently picking her up and trying to comfort her to no avail, eventually deciding to try and see if she was hungry, making his way to the kitchen, where he found Alyssa in her dressing gown, preparing breakfast.

    "You can go back to bed if you want Liss, I can handle it."

    Alyssa laughed, before opening the fridge and passing him Amelia's bottle.

    "Nah, I know when I gotta cut my losses and give up on sleep." she said, "If we're both up, might as well enjoy it."

    Once the bottle was warm, Jon held it to Amelia's mouth, who very quickly took to it, quietening down, as Jon found the headache that had formed start to cease.

    "So how many are you expecting?" Alyssa asked.

    "Five." Jon replied, "They'll be here at 11am."

    A lot had happened in the year since they got off the cruise. Much to her bosses dismay, she published both the interview with Cassandra from the bar, as well as the footage of Lance attempting to attack Violet and Jarena and frame Jon, before being given a beatdown. Lance was already detained by the League, and whilst a few sympathized with him out of hatred for the Diamond Ladies, his reputation plumetted, with him being trialed and thrown in jail for a considerable amount of time. Conversations ended up happening about the amount of authority given to League Champions, especially seeing as they earnt that title based purely on battling skill. Jon had been consulted by the government about it, given his involvement, however he ended up siding with allowing the champions to retain their authority that they currently had. Lance may have been an example of that going wrong, but Steven and Cynthia in his eyes were great examples of that authority being in the right hands.

    Whilst Jon had hoped people could learn to look past what the Diamond Ladies had done, they proved very quickly that wasn't going to happen. Whilst it became less front and center over time as the media realized they were beating a dead Rapidash, the public opinion of them was still soured, so it was hardly a surprise when they disappeared from the public eye. He had been in touch once since that night at the bar, but outside of that, he knew very little of what was going on. He hoped that eventually people would realize there are bigger issues at hand in the world than them, but he wasn't going to hold his breath.

    As for Jon's image, the public opinion of him couldn't be more polarized. On the one hand, he was hated for the incident in his battle with Ethan, the damage his Latios did, the brutal beating he gave Lance, and the inteview he gave, defending the Diamond Ladies. But on the other, he was praised for his battle with Cassandra, brutal honesty about his role within the investigation and the situation overall, and his fighting off Lance when he tried to attack Violet and Jarena. On one side, people were demanding he be given a lifetime ban by the league, and on the other, to his horror, people calling for him to take Lance's position as Indigo Champion.

    Alyssa had been on leave from BattleNET for a while, having been there nearly ten years and aquired a lot. At this point, she wasn't sure whether she would return. As much as she had loved working there, she felt like she could do more for the battling community working for herself. As well as being a mother now meant she would spend some nights awake, and some days trying to catch up on sleep. Something more flexible would definitely be a bonus.

    The last year had been quiet, in a sense there was no life-threatening circumstances, with one exception, but a lot going on. Jon had spent a lot of time doing what he could to raise money to fund his new project, and get that prepared. The lodge and monastery needed a lot of work to be used for what he needed and that work didn't come cheap, however the winnings from the High Seas Tournament, as well as the odd compensation for an interview, or even the winnings from the occasional invitational tournament helped, in addition to knowing the right people in the League to get funding.

    Morning passed and eventually Jon managed to get Amelia back to sleep. It was 10:45am before he left the cottage, making his way down the path towards what used to be the monastery, to unlock the front door, before hearing voices from the front gate.

    "Goddamn, they're early." Jon thought to himself, as he headed to the front of the property to greet the trainers who would be training under him over the summer, passing a brand new sign that seemed to clash with how old everything else around it looked.

    The Eon Academy.
    Sad to say, I am not sure that I will be on PXR much longer. The gaps where I have disappeared have become bigger and bigger as life gets busier, and most of the friends I made here, I either talk to elsewhere or are gone completely. Still trying to make a point of checking in, but in case that falls through, my Discord is Jacob Cookson#0902.


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    One Year Later

    "Bisharp, finish this with X-Scissors!"

    "Dodge it and go in for one last Earth Power!"

    Gloria skated through the air as she watched the tall steel-type below her. Both Pokemon were barely hanging on, but they were the last ones standing on each of their respective teams. It was now or never. Gloria took a dive to draw the Bisharp's attack, hoping to bait him in before striking with a close range Earth Power. The Bisharp moved quick, lunging forward towards Gloria, but the Shaymin was quicker, twisting out of the way of the deadly X-Scissors. Slamming her paws into the ground, Gloria caused a series of eruptions to head the Bisharp's way. Except, the Bisharp wasn't there anymore!

    Gloria looked around frantically, trying to locate her opponent. "Above you!" Avery shouted. Gloria turned her gaze skyward all too late, as the Bisharp landed the final blow to the Shaymin. Gloria was sent flying and landed near Avery. She struggled to stand for a moment, before casting her gaze towards Avery. "Shay..." (Sorry...) she whispered before collapsing.

    "Shaymin is unable to battle! The battle goes to Unova Elite Four Member Grimsley!" Cheers erupted from all around the stadium as the ref made his final call.

    Avery sighed and returned Gloria to her Pokeball. "You did great, Gloria. Get some much deserved rest," they whispered before clipping the ball onto their belt. They took a bow before waving to the crowd a bit. Even though they had lost, Avery couldn't keep the smile off their face. When they had first entered the Unova League a year prior, Avery hadn't imagine they'd make it this far. Yet, here they were. They had completed the Unovan Gym Circuit and won two of the Elite Four battles necessary to challenge the champion. Sure, they had lost against the famed Master of Chance, Grimsley, but they had made it much farther than they ever anticipated, and really that was more than enough for them.

    Avery returned to the battling waiting area and began to wash their face. If there was one thing they missed about competing in contests, it was that most of the events were held indoors. Battling almost always was held outside, and in these Unovan summers, that meant they were sweating near constantly. "At least I don't have to wear a binder anymore," they mumbled.

    "Hey, Avery, are ya busy?" Avery turned around and spotted Grimsley on the other side of the room.

    "Not at all," they answered as they set the washcloth down. They walked over and held their hand out to Grimsley. "Thank you for giving me such a great battle out there today. My team really gave it their all, and it seemed like yours did too. It made the experience a lot more enjoyable for me."

    Grimsley chuckled. "I should be thanking you for the same thing. That's one of the most exciting battles I've had thus far this gym season. I can definitely tell you got a lot of your flare from battling in Galar. Makes things a lot more exciting for me too." He paused then said, "Say, now that your Unova circuit challenge is over until next season, what are you plans from here?"

    Avery sat in silence for a moment. It was a question they had been asking themself for the last few weeks too. "If I'm being candid, I'm not sure yet. I've consulted with my team though and I think for now we'll be hoping back into the contest circuit. Battling is fun and this was a great break from my coordinator routines, but contests are where my heart and soul are. I want to get back to that eventually."

    Grimsley nodded his head. "I see. I can respect that. You're a person who knows what they want." Grimsley reached into his pocket and handed Avery a folded up sheet of paper. "If you change your mind though, call that number. It'll let you schedule a battle with the Elite Four again without having to go through the gym circuit for a second time." The dark type specialist turned and waved as he walked away. "Hope to battle you again soon, kid!"

    Avery stared after the Elite Four member in shock before pocketing the piece of paper. That was definitely an offer they'd capitalize on in the future. For now though, they had other plans.

    Avery checked their watch and grimaced a little. If they didn't hurry they'd be late. Avery quickly finished getting changed and freshening up before leaving the locker room. They exited the stadium from a back entrance while wearing a scarf and a pair of shades, hoping to avoid being spotted. Hailing a cab, Avery climbed in and directed the driver to a nearby hole in the wall restaurant. They checked around to ensure they weren't followed before entering. The place was dimly lit, meant to resemble some of the smaller more romantic locales in the Johto region. Avery scanned around before spotting the person they were here to meet sitting at a table next to a folding screen with Gracidea flowers on it. How fitting.

    Avery walked over and peeked over their shades at the person. "Abital Ecker?" they asked. The other person nodded and gestured for Avery to sit. Avery quickly sat down across from Abital and smiled. "Thanks for agreeing to this. Celestina was a bit insistent."

    Abital cracked a smile at that. He took a drink of water before answering in signs. "That's an understatement." Avery laughed in response. They were glad to see Celestina was equally tough on both of them about this. "I saw your battle earlier," Abital added, "your team did very well. Not many are as skilled as you."

    Avery felt their face turn red at the compliment. "O-Oh you saw that? Ahaha, well I'm glad it impressed you. It'll probably be my last circuit battle for a while."

    "Oh really?" Abital asked, "Why is that?"

    "I'm returning to the contest circuit," Avery answered as they signal the waiter. "I'm thinking of heading back to Sinnoh to participate in more contests."

    "You just want to escape the Unova summer heat don't you?" Abital teased.

    Avery let out another loud laugh at that. "Guilty! I don't know how they do it here, especially so close to the desert. But hey, more power to them."

    Abital nodded in agreement before pausing at the waiter came over. They quickly signed what they wanted to eat to the waiter before waiting for Avery to make their order. Once they finished, Avery turned back to Abital and tried to shift the conversation more in their direction. "So what about you? Celestina said you were in Unova for a break? A break from what exactly?"

    Abital paused in thought for a moment before signing, "I'm a ranger from the Fiorre region. Things have been a bit chaotic over there lately. There was a Groudon sighting a little while back which explains the weird shifts in weather. We were having trouble locating the source when some of the rangers reported seeing a star-shaped Pokemon flying in and simply... wishing the Groudon away? Then it disappeared as quickly as it appeared." Abital took a drink of water before adding, "I know its sounds crazy but sure enough that did the trick. There's still some wild Pokemon running amok but otherwise it's improving. But since I've been working near constantly since the crisis started, I felt it was time for a break. You know?"

    Avery mentally rolled their eyes at the mention of a "star-shaped Pokemon". Seems Jirachi was still up to his old tricks, albeit in a much more helpful way. "Don't worry, as crazy as it might sound, I can tell what you're signing is true," they said with a smile. "So tell me more about your ranger work."

    The night went on for a while as the two chat for hours. Eventually, Avery signaled for the check, paying for both their meals. They two left the restaurant and began to walk through the streets of Castelia, eventually ending up at the docks. Avery eventually stopped during their stroll to gaze at a ship in the harbor.

    Abital tapped Avery and signed, "Is something wrong?"

    "No no," Avery responded, "it's just..." They smiled. "I went on this memorable cruise a year ago in a ship not unlike that one. So I was reminiscing a bit." They turned and kept on walking with Abital. "I'll have to tell you about it someday."
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    Near the ship’s exit
    Affected RP'ers: @Chakramaster, @Neo Shaymin

    Glimmer listened intently as Jarena gave an explanation of how one could likely find shadowcraft books nowadays, before leaving with a warning about the magic to rejoin her companions. “Shaymin shay shay!” (“Thank you so much! I’ll be very careful,”) Glimmer said, smiling back at Jarena. “Shay shay shaymin!” (“And I wish you the best of luck for the future!”)

    So, mission complete. Now she just had to get back to Luneth and see if she’d given the guy with Jirachi the gifts yet.
    Ash she began to walk back into the ship, something trickled down in the back of her mind. Just as she’d been approaching Jarena, hadn’t Cassandra mentioned Jirachi? She looked back at the trainer Cassandra had been talking to. He certainly fit Luneth’s description of the Jirachi trainer from earlier. The one that Luneth was buying gifts for right now. The one who was leaving the Wishmaker at this very moment!

    Well, there was one fast way to confirm if it was the right guy. “Min! Shaymin! Shaymin min?” (“Hey! Jirachi guy! You speak pokemon right?”)
    Upon seeing that he did indeed understand her, Glimmer bounced on the spot in a kind of excited jig. Shay, Shaymin! Shaymin shay min shay, min?” (“Um, can you stay right here please! I know someone who’s looking for you, they want to give you something. I’ll just go get them real quick! Don’t move ‘til I get back, OK?”)

    * * *

    Luneth had packed up all her belongings ready to go, and was just asking the receptionist if she knew which of the passengers had the Jirachi when Glimmer came hurtling back to her.

    “Oh Glimmer, did they tell you-” Luneth began, before quickly being cut off.
    “SHAYMIN! SHAY. SHAY. MIN. SHAY.” (“NO TIME! JIRACHI. LEAVING. DOCKS. NOW.” The Shaymin panted, barely able to catch her breath.
    Luneth understood, and quickly finished checking out, before lifting the wheezing Shaymin and herself onto Circuit’s back.
    “Ok Circuit, you still remember the map right? You know where to go?”
    The Silvally looked up thoughtfully for a second, then nodded. Despite Luneth in theory being able to understand him now, Circuit had yet to say anything, though weather he couldn’t or was just quiet Luneth had yet to figure out.
    Either way, he had a very good memory, and quickly bounded off towards departures, while being careful not to accidentally hit anyone in his haste.

    As they reached the exit of the ship, she quickly saw the familiar spiky hair and Pikachu of the trainer from earlier. Luneth rushed over to him, waving as she approached.

    “Hi again! I just wanted to thank Jirachi. Being a pokemon was like a dream come true for me, and being able to properly understand them I the greatest gift I’ve ever received, so I wanted to properly show my appreciation.”
    Luneth handed over the bag of Jirachi merch. “Sorry I didn’t have time to wrap anything. I got them in a bit of a hurry,” she said apologetically. “I just wanted to make sure Jirachi got these before you left.”
    “Anyway, I guess this is goodbye. Safe journeys, and I hope our paths cross again someday!”

    Luneth waved as they parted ways, taking one last look back at the Wishmaker as she headed properly into Castelia. It had certainly been appropriately named, pretty much everything Luneth had every wished for had happened on that cruise. She found herself reluctant to leave.

    Circuit made a repeated clicking sound, like the tick of a clock. “He says it’s getting late.” Glimmer translated. Oh right, the flight home was scheduled to leave in an hour. They’d better get a move on or they might miss it. Plus, on the way she and her pokemon had a lot to talk about anyway.

    “So, did you get any info from the Ladies?” Luneth asked once the cruise liner was a reasonable distance behind them.
    “Min!” (“Yup!”) The Shaymin beamed. “Min shay min, shaymin.” (“Jarena said that the best bet would be mom and pop stores, but you’d need to visit in person.”)
    “That makes sense. Especially now that the League will be cracking down on it too. Hmm. Fancy taking another trip once we get back?”

    One journey was over, but perhaps it had formed the catalyst for a new one…
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    The Diamond Ladies – Epilogue

    Cassandra, Jarena, and Violet felt their trip on the S.S. Wishmaker was one of the most life-changing experiences they had ever gone through. Cassandra would admit she had become someone different, someone better, especially after having confessed and after making strides toward redemption, even if forgiveness and understanding was not something she was going to earn from everyone after what had happened.

    As anticipated, the League had instated the lifetime ban on Cassandra Silvers, Jarena Farrell, and Violet Radcliffe, making it clear to the public that they would be barred from ever taking part in League battles and tournaments due to the incident and the results of the investigation that had taken place on the S.S. Wishmaker. In the days that followed, rumors circulating the Ladies’ connection to Shadowcraft were confirmed, but very few attempts to replicate what they had done had been attempted. Though it had destroyed their careers, Cassandra was at least relieved very few others had ideas of doing the same thing they did, and she felt it was worth taking on the lifetime ban.

    However, it came with its own drawbacks. The general public’s reaction to the incident had not at all gone down favorably with the Ladies. Online, fan sites that once dedicated their attention to them were taken down, while others, especially on social media, harshly criticized the Ladies for their wrongdoing and deceit as all their titles and accolades were annulled. Some of the fans of the Diamond Ladies had peacefully moved on to support other up and coming trainers, but most others had been so disappointed and disgusted by the recent turn of events that they had grown to detest the three of them. The Diamond Ladies had lost all their sponsorships and were rapidly losing money from voided contracts and no sources of income, forcing them to sell most of their assets for far less than they were worth due to their tarnished reputation and difficulty in finding willing buyers.

    At first, the Ladies had tried their best to ignore the terrible publicity and slander thinking it would fade in time, but unfortunately, it had been too harsh and followed them wherever they went in public. Several incidents, including Cassandra’s hair being intentionally ruined by a stylist, deliberately being held up for over an hour with no service at a restaurant before they decided to leave, and having their property stolen and vandalized made it clear the situation had gone out of control. Death threats and online stalking had become common, though the Ladies felt if someone tried to take action and make good on those threats to attack in person, they would hold nothing back and defend themselves however they needed to. However, there was still that constant feeling of dread that they would be attacked when they weren’t expecting it and were vulnerable. Eventually, they found themselves going online less and less, which seemed to help a little, but public harassment was still relentless.

    The sign that things had gone too far was when someone broke into Violet’s gym locker while she was working out and stole her Pokémon, which had become a spirit-crushing ordeal for her. She, as well as Cassandra and Jarena, did everything they could to try and get them back and track down the thief, making pleas and offering cash rewards only to be met with criticism and claims that she deserved it and “whoever stole them would be a better trainer for them anyway.” Even the police would not file a report or investigate the incident.

    To the dismay of the three Ladies, they never found out what happened to Violet’s Pokémon…

    While this had search been going on, Cassandra had tried to find work with the League, hoping to provide support in helping them track down and stop any use of witchcraft in League battles and tournaments as a means to make up for the wrongdoing. However, stakeholders of the League, including gym leaders, judges, and officials, felt there was no reason to employ someone who “had created the problem in the first place” and had been banned from the League as well.

    Once those attempts had been exhausted, the Ladies found seeking employment anywhere in any kind of capacity seemed to be impossible with how badly their reputation had been damaged. They could not obtain even basic service jobs in public without being disrespected by employees and other customers around them simply for what had happened. It seemed that whoever employed them would have their own reputation tarnished… and no one wanted them to be a part and represent their business.

    After being disowned by their other friends and family, Cassandra, Jarena, and Violet realized they were truly on their own and only had each other now. Thoughts and considerations of asking Jon and Alyssa for help had come to mind, but they had become concerned that their spoiled reputation would spread to them if they tried to support them, and Cassandra didn’t want any of this to ruin their careers or whatever plans they had for the future. And while Jimmy had offered his contact information and offered to help as well, they didn’t want to bring him and Jirachi into a dire situation that had completely ruined their lives and their future and ultimately ruin theirs as well.

    It had been several months of pain, loss, and disappointment since their voyage on the S.S. Wishmaker. Eventually, they had to resort to disguising themselves whenever in public, but there were plenty of times where Cassandra felt it was just a different way to lie and the three of them didn’t want to deal with it anymore…

    On Another Path

    Considering everything that had happened to the three of them and the dismal outlook for their futures, Jarena was fully committed to the “Plan B” option they had talked about before, with her becoming a Buneary, Cassandra becoming an Eevee, and Violet becoming a Furret like they had been back on the cruise ship. Originally, the three of them had decided to take a camping trip by the Lake of Rage in northern Johto, booking a cabin for the three of them for a month to make it look like that was where they would be staying.

    As they found out, the cabin they had paid for and had been promised was nothing like the one they had actually been given. Instead of the comfortable cabin depicted in photographs, they had been assigned the most run down, decrepit one the campground had, one that they didn’t even rent out to normal patrons due to its desperate need for renovations. When they discovered the owner’s dishonesty, it did not make them feel guilty about what they were going to do next.

    Now, the plan was the same. Save for it only lasting a month.

    With their lives and the lives of their Pokémon at stake, they decided to burn the bridge behind them, and give the problems and threats of their past no way to follow them. Now, with everything that had happened, they were not planning on ever coming back…

    Jarena and Cassandra had given their Pokémon a choice after they had made their plans apparent to them. They could either go to an adoption shelter and hope a new trainer would help them reach their full potential, or be released into the wild. Almost all of them had gone with the latter option.

    Victini had been afraid of this day and never enjoyed goodbyes, but he could understand why this was being done and felt he might have done the same in their position. Nonetheless, he promised he would check up on them every now and then if he could, but he knew it had to be farewell and it was time to move on. He knew the life of a mythical Pokémon was very long and he had to say goodbye to other trainers in the past before, but there was something different about Cassandra. Something special that he would never forget…

    It was extremely hard for Cassandra and Jarena to say goodbye to their Pokémon, but both of them felt they had to do it for their own safety, and because they would no longer be able to care for them. After they had disappeared into the distance, Cassandra looked downcast and Jarena cried into Cassandra’s shoulder, still unable to understand why it had come to this.

    With the most painful part of the ordeal out of the way, the three ladies had gathered the remnants of their last remaining clothes and belongings, stowed them away into the dilapidated cabin, and then set it on fire to make it look like murder scene and the work of an arsonist. They knew with so many death threats against them, the suspect could be anyone among thousands. Meanwhile, it would be over a month before anyone found the ruins, and they doubted anyone would bother conducting a formal investigation.

    And then, as Cassandra, Jarena, and Violet had planned, they used some of the collected fur back from the S.S. Wishmaker incident and Cassandra had become an Eevee, Jarena had become a Buneary, and Violet had become a Furret, just as they were before.

    They never did bother to secure past DNA samples or gold nuggets before the transformation.

    Once it was done, they had walked away from the ashes of the dilapidated cabin and left it all behind…

    * * *

    Their time as Pokémon in northern Johto had been life-changing.

    At first, they had explored the area around the cabin before venturing further north, away from Johto civilization. And as they had ventured further into the northern reaches of Johto as Pokémon, their first week had been challenging, trying to figure out what to do for shelter and food despite having done some Pokémon wildlife research on their species, diets, and traits. But by the end of the second week, they had found their bearings and gained a better understanding of what it would take to survive in these new environments and habitats.

    During that first week, it was disorienting for them, trying to find their way around without the use of electronic devices and realizing they didn’t know where their next meal would come from. While initially there were some regrets, they still felt it was suicide to try and return to human civilization. They had felt like strangers in a strange land, and in the beginning, it was only Jarena who was enjoying the experience of being a Buneary again. Though she had moments where she questioned herself, especially when Cassandra and Violet had feelings of dissidence about this decision, she had decided to keep going with it.

    And then after the first week, things had slowly begun to change. They had gotten lost together and learned to enjoy it…

    Gone were the insults, the smears, the looming feeling of dread of being attacked or having their things stolen and destroyed. After having gone deep into unexplored territory that had never been traversed by humans, they had come across a curious and insightful Sceptile named Maveri and her friend Genae, a cheerful and sympathetic Audino.

    Unlike the humans that had scorned them, these new Pokémon that had never seen humans before helped show the Ladies the way around the area and where to find the best sources of food and shelter, and in time, they had taken them to Starglade, their hidden sanctuary community, once Maveri and Genae felt they would be great new members of the community. It was a safe haven place for Pokémon that had never been found by humans. As Cassandra, Jarena, and Violet had discovered, it was a hidden paradise for Pokémon that some of them had spent their entire lives in.

    While most of the Pokémon in Starglade were more than happy to welcome them in and join their sanctuary community, two of the heads of the community, Namrice the Swoobat and Kenna the Meowstic, had sensed the Ladies were not quite who they seemed to be and there were many secrets to the Eevee, Buneary, and Furret. When they realized this, they had pulled the Ladies aside, not sure if they should be allowed to stay considering their psychic powers had given them insight to their human past, and even traces of their Shadowcraft powers.

    Almost in desperation, Cassandra had explained herself entirely, offering to help protect Starglade however they could and “earn their keep” in some way. In the end, Namrice and Kenna had decided to give them a chance, sensing their honesty and sincerity, although they still felt they were taking a big risk. Still, they felt the Ladies were genuine in their desire to turn over a new leaf and start a new life with them, and in the past, they had never before turned down honest and empathic Pokémon that had come from all troubled walks of life. In the end, they decided to welcome them and give them a place to stay. Thanking them, Cassandra, Jarena, and Violet vowed to help the community and respect their doctrine of compassion.

    And when it mattered most, the Ladies had the chance to prove it…

    A few days later, one of Starglade’s young children, a Teddiursa named Arisea, had fallen from one of the tree branches and landed on a jagged rock, snapping her spine and leaving her paralyzed on her back, bleeding out, and unable to breathe as she lay dying while all the Pokémon of Starglade Sanctuary had become horrified at what happened to the small, innocent child.

    Reacting quickly, Cassandra used her Shadowcraft to stop the traumatic blood loss as Jarena kept Arisea breathing by trying to restore air in Arisea’s lungs while Violet worked on mending the critical damage that had been done to Arisea’s small bear cub body. Working together and little by little, they kept the young Teddiursa alive and mended the damage that had been done to her small and fragile body, one broken bone, one torn muscle, and one severed artery at a time… all while all of Starglade had been mesmerized by this never before sight unfold before them.

    It took Cassandra, Jarena, and Violet all working together for twenty intense minutes to save Arisea’s life when it was on the brink of ending. But when those twenty minutes had passed and all the Pokémon of Starglade had witnessed this miracle unfold before them, at that moment life in Starglade would never be the same. Arisea was able to sit up, stand up, breathe on her own, move on her own, speak again, and her mother was able to hold her in her paws again, ever grateful to the Ladies for saving her daughter’s life and well-being after something so traumatic. Meanwhile, the rest of the Starglade community was in awe at what these three newcomers had just done for one of their own even when their welcome was somewhat dampened compared to other Pokémon.

    The three of them felt something inside themselves change and awaken in that moment. They had used what had been called an “evil witchcraft” by humans to save a child’s life, leaving no trace of the mortifying incident behind. While there would be no one on social media to talk about it and no news story to cover the details, it was the acceptance and respect of this peaceful Pokémon community that meant far more than any fame they once had.

    Any doubt about the three of them had forever been cast aside that day, and some of them had even referred to them as heroes. In time, they had found their place and members of the Starglade community had regarded them as the Starglade Guardians, using their powers to keep Starglade protected from human scrutiny, mend injuries and purge diseases, and protecting and saving the lives of dozens of Pokémon. Before long, the Pokémon of Starglade had respected them the way humans respect angels. But even with this, Cassandra, Jarena, and Violet had performed these tasks simply to give back and support the community that gave them a second chance at life and happiness rather than for fame or attention. And it felt far better than anything they had ever felt before.

    And in the days that followed, very often Cassandra would gaze up at the stars at night, remembering Jirachi’s wish those many days ago. Her wish for happiness. When everything had become so dark and gray around her, it seemed like it would never come to pass. But with the wish in her heart and the faith in her soul, in time it did and it gave her hope, now with the love and respect of Starglade’s Pokémon giving her a feeling of belonging and purpose.

    And when she saw a shooting star streak across the sky, it was as if a soft and gentle whisper spoke to her with two simple words…

    Welcome home

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    Jimmy Kendo
    Near exit of ship
    Affected RP'ers: @Shruikan @Neo Emolga

    Having run into a Shaymin that asked him to wait. It ran off so urgently he didn't have much choice. Besides, wasn't like this line was moving fast enough anyway.

    Not long later the Shaymin and her partner came running back up.

    “Hi again! I just wanted to thank Jirachi. Being a pokemon was like a dream come true for me, and being able to properly understand them I the greatest gift I’ve ever received, so I wanted to properly show my appreciation.”

    She then handed over a bunch of Jirachi themed merchandise she had bought at the shops. All to show her appreciation to Jirachi.

    “Sorry I didn’t have time to wrap anything. I got them in a bit of a hurry,” she said apologetically. “I just wanted to make sure Jirachi got these before you left. Anyway, I guess this is goodbye. Safe journeys, and I hope our paths cross again someday!”

    She then waved as she part ways. Before too far, Jirachi used its telepathic power a moment to thank Luneth. "! I'll always treasure these! Let's play again sometime!" Jirachi laughed lightly. Still inside it's poke ball asleep.

    Jimmy couldn't help but give a small laugh to himself as well. Looking to his Pikachu on his should and to Jirachi's poke ball.

    "You really are something Jirachi. You're...incredibly powerful. Don't worry buddy. I'll have you trained up soon enough. I'll make sure you aren't seen as big of a threat to others. It'll just take time. You're still so young and playful, but I guess that's what helps to connect us. Pikachu and I are here for you and you'll always be a special friend of ours. I know I won't forget this cruise, but now you have many other friends who will never forget you either."

    Jimmy looked to Castelia as he finally makes his first steps into Castelia. Giving one last look at the S. S. Wishmaker before turning back around and moving on.

    sometime later

    "Alright Jirachi lets go!" Jimmy commanded and Pikachu hopped off Jirachi's back and they both landed on the ground. Jimmy opening the door that Jirachi and Pikachu has just opened from the other side.

    "Alright you two. Odds are like intel said. There are hostages in the next room. Jirachi, I'm counting on you. Remember our training." Jimmy said to the two.

    "Right!" Both Pikachu and Jirachi said.

    "Grovyle you in place?" Jimmy questioned.

    "In position." Grovyle said. "It's still weird I have these earpiece like you humans now. Such strange pieces of equipment."

    "How about you Rotom? Hows the security footage looking" Jimmy asked into his phone. Trying to contact his Rotom.

    "Do ya really have to ask? I've been in and just WAITING on you guys. All cameras are set to repeat still images. They can't see anything new happening now. The hostages as you said are in the next room. There's 4 guys with weapons. 2 guys in the back at what looks like a safe."

    Jimmy cut him off with a thanks. "Thanks Rotom". Alright Jirachi, I'm gonna count on you. Use your psychic power as we trained to hold them down. If anything happens use your power to only hold the bad guys that mean harm. Protect the civilians at all costs.

    "Yoooouuuuu got it! Let's do this team!" Jirachi cheered with a laugh.

    "Jimmy." Pikachu said. "If things get crazy remember our tag team." He smiled with a nod.

    "Heh, as if I could forget our combo buddy. Now. On the count of 3. One....two...THREE!" They all said as the door slammed open. As it did Jirachi immediately held all the guys with weapons in place. Removing the weapons from their possessions. Meanwhile, Grovyle has jumped from the vent nearby the two in the far back. Grabbing them by the neck and slamming them both to the ground. Showcasing his strength and speed.

    "Is everyone alright?" Jirachi asked as he continued to hold the others in place.

    "Jirachi. Do it!" Jimmy said as Jirachi smiled and with a snap of his fingers. The 4 guys that he had held on place were wrapped in chains and bound in place. Meanwhile Grovyle had tied up the two guys he captured and left them unconscious.

    "I think that's...." before Jimmy could finish. Rotom interrupted him.

    "Jimmy behind you!" Before he could fully turn around. A brute had snuck up behind him and punched Jimmy right in the face. Knocking him across the room. "Jimmy! His team all shouted.

    "You'll pay for that!" Jirachi said as it tried flying to Jimmy, but a Machamp had snatched Jirachi out from the air. Squeezing him tightly.

    "Let's see your little Wishmaker make it out of this one. It can't perform its little magic safely without concentrating now can it?" The brute laughed as Jimmy slowly got back up. Spitting up a little blood.

    "You must be the muscle. How could we forget about you." Jimmy let out a smirk.

    "Now I'll ask this once. Let my friend go or the next thing you'll wake up to is a cold dark cell. One where you'll have to dig your way out. Though even that will be a risk cause once you do. I'll be waiting right there to put you right back.

    The brute let out a laugh. "Show me!"

    Jimmy gripped his pendant and with it let out a bright flash. With it he was gone. Leaving the brute looking lost and confused at what to do. He quickly turned to his Machamp to command it. The Machamp squeezing Jirachi tighter.

    "Ahhhhh!" Jirachi screamed. Using its power to lessen the grip, but being held so tightly it was hard for Jirachi to focus and not hurt anyone else. Grovyle continued to watch over the two guys he had tied up while Rotom watched over the cameras.

    "Pikachu now!" Jimmy shout. As he did both Pikachu and Jimmy struck the Machamp with their own X-Cross Iron Tail technique. A combo they created using Jimmy in his Pikachu form Jirachi gave to him a long time ago. Having had time to practice and train Jirachi and himself in this form. It gave them a new style to work with. Their teamwork was improving. The Machamp was stunned and released Jirachi in the surprise attack.

    "Jirachi now!" Jimmy shout. Quickly as it was released, jimmy commanded Jirachi. It knew just what to do. Both the Machamp and the brute were held into place as the others were. Jirachi focused harder. As it did. Jimmy's other Pokemon. Salamance was teleported in. Slamming down on top of both the brute and Machamp. Holding them down and threatening to unleash its Hyper Beam directly on them. They both looked defeated and gave up. Jirachi latched a stronger psychic pair of chains he created using his power to hold the two in place. Waiting for backup to arrive and take them safely into custody.

    Meanwhile they were taking the time to make sure every civilian was okay and untied. Safely let loose. Jimmy having turned back into his human form he entire everyone's safety. Anyone that needed medical attention was seen to by Jirachi and it learned to focus its power and heal others in a small way.

    It wasn't long before the backup arrived and safely took everyone in. Thanking him for getting the job done safely without any harm being done and damage being left to a minimum. After they wrapped up Jimmy, Pikachu, and Jirachi were the only ones left. The rest of his team returned back to their poke balls for rest.

    "Thanks you guys. For another hard days work. I'm sorry things got so risky back their Jirachi, but I'm glad you weren't hurt and even more so you didn't hurt anyone else. You made the right call." Jimmy said.

    "Thanks! I learned from the best! That being you Jimmy! You make a great trainer AND Pikachu." Jirachi said and chuckled. Pikachu laughed with him.

    Jimmy laughed with them and he looked to his pendant. "Thank you again for this gift Jirachi. I'll never forget all that you've done. You, Pikachu, and everyone else in our team. My life wouldn't be the same without you. I'm so glad we got to be friends. Let's keep training and doing whatever it takes to get better.

    "Can we go back home and play for a while?" Jirachi asked. Jimmy and Pikachu both laughed.

    "Well, we got time. Let's go have some fun." The three got up and began making their way home. Awaiting their next trial that awaits.

    The time is upon us...

    . Pika Pair with the yellow bundle of fluff Chibi Altaria..

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    1 Year Later

    “Circuit, Ice Beam”
    A frigid beam shot towards the enemy Flygon, but at the last minute the Flygon dodged, sweeping in close with a Breaking Swipe.
    Circuit stumbled backwards, his mask cracked along one side, but didn’t have time to recover as his second opponent, a Duraludon, hurtled into the dazed Silvally with an Iron Head.
    Circuit struggled to get back up, before collapsing on his side.

    “Silvally in unable to battle! The victory goes to Gym Leader Raihan!” the judge announced, as the crowd erupted in cheers.

    As far as last time. Luneth thought as she checked up on Circuit. Even the extra training she still wasn’t at Raihan’s level yet, but it didn’t bother her as much as she thought it would. After the debacles with the Diamond Ladies over the last few months, being in the spotlight didn’t seem that appealing anymore. Not making it to the finals wasn’t all bad.
    Oh the other hand, losing still stung, and she felt bad for her team, Circuit especially, the Silvally had been training even more intensely after the failure on the High Seas Tournament, even though his loss had been due to magic. On several occasions Luneth had found him in the middle of the night practicing techniques on trees in the pokemon center gardens or local parks. But alas, it hadn’t been enough…

    “Hey, You’ve gotten better since last time.”

    Luneth looked up, startled out of her thoughts. While she had been thinking, Raihan had approached her.

    “Commemorative selfie?” He said with a grin, holding up his phone.

    * * *

    Before heading home, there was one last stop to make in Hammerlocke.
    The sign outside proclaimed it to be The Emporium of Mystic and Otherworldly Artifacts. Inside it was like a mishmash of anything that could be linked to to word “Magic,” with no regard to what kind.
    Just about everything was purple, from the walls to the curtains to the shelves themselves, which were ladened with Kids magic sets, top hats, crystal balls, various coloured crystal pendants, and mountains of different tarot decks. They even had twinkly sounding music playing, like a magic shop in a movie.

    Luneth was a bit nervous as she approached the cashier, who was dressed like a stereotypical stage magician. Now that she was out of the League, this was likely the last magic shop she’d get to visit for a while. And so far the decor wasn’t giving her much confidence that this place would have what she was looking for.

    Despite being the only customer, she lowered her voice as she asked about Shadowcraft tomes. The cashier smiled sinisterly, before heading into the back. He returned with a book wrapped in yet more purple fabric.
    As it was unwrapped, Luneth felt hope come back. It certainly looked older than most of the fakes she’d encountered until now. And the title checked out with the list that Cassandra had mentioned back on Luneth’s recording from the Wishmaker.
    The price tag was hefty, all the money she had on her only just covered it,
    The cashier looked momentarily surprised as Luneth pulled large amounts of money out of her wallet, but quickly recovered, handing over the book with a sinister warning about previous owners disappearing mysteriously, before cackling like a cartoon villain as Luneth left the shop, now the new owner of the potentially illegal Initiator Tome.

    * * *

    Though she skimmed though it, Luneth with great difficulty had saved reading the tome for when she was back home in Ballonlea.
    When she finally returned home, she could barely wait any longer, and after greeting her parents again, rushed up to her room to crack it open.

    The book lined up with Casandra’s confession. The audio on the recording was hard to make out, but what she could understand was here in the tome.
    The initiation would take a long time, learning to align herself with the magic and stuff, but this time she knew it was the right direction at least.

    Over the course of the next month, Luneth grew progressively more excited. After all the false starts and missteps over the past year, She felt she was making actual progress.
    She was surprised to see that Glimmer joined in on the initiation rituals. Despite the instructions not being written for pokemon, she managed to adjust it enough to hopefully get the same effects, and proved to be as eager to learn the magic as Luneth, though when asked was coy about why.

    After several weeks, all the rituals were done. All that was left was to try out a spell and see if it worked.
    They chose a simple spell, temporary dizziness curse. Didn’t want anything permanent, after what happened with Violet and Jarena’s pokemon curses. Circuit had agreed to let them test it on him.

    It worked like a charm, the Silvally’s eyes crossing, legs wobbling, then promptly falling on his side, head spinning.

    Seeing it work, Luneth felt like she had been hit by the same curse. She had really done it. She’d cast a real spell, just like the Diamond Ladies!
    After the initial excitement had calmed down enough, Luneth rushed back to inform her parents of the news.

    Luneth had decided long ago that she wasn’t going to be like the Diamond Ladies. When she learned magic she would be open about it from the start.
    However, he original plan had been tempered by the public’s reactions to the Ladies, especially the theft of Violet’s pokemon. Now she was going to be more careful. Only show it to people she trusted, or if it was absolutely necessary, like a secret superhero identity. And next on the list of people to tell would be the Pokemon League.

    With the League’s crackdown on shadowcraft, Luneth wasn’t even sure if she would still be allowed to compete. She’d written a letter to the league officials, outlining that she had access to shadowcraft magic, but was not going to use it in battles, and wanted to declare it beforehand so no-one could accuse her of cheating with it, and so any precautions may be taken, but she was still unsure if they would accept that.
    If they didn’t, she’d have to find other places for Circuit to battle, but that shouldn’t be too hard.

    So next it was time to plot out her next move. She had the start of her magic, but she still needed the transformation spell. And she’d never learned which tome contained it, only that the ladies had the Evangtin, Anaksin, Xethen, and Zeketh tomes. But she knew that the Evangtin tome had the curse removal spell in it, necessary for transforming back, so that was a good one to go for next.

    She had exhausted pretty much every magic or book shop in Galar. So her next search would have to be abroad. She glanced over at her trophy shelf, with her two Kalos badges sitting forlornly apart from the others.
    A return trip to Kalos sounded good. Whether on the gym circuit or as a tourist was yet to be decided. But either way, this was just the beginning.
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