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Thread: {RP} The S.S. Wishmaker - Tides of Witchcraft

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    Jon and Alyssa Drake
    Location: Waiting Room to private booth (Jon), Battling Arena Stands (Alyssa)
    Affected RPers: @Neo Emolga @Chakramaster

    Jon was fixated on the match, thankful Cassandra was holding her ground. A win from her would make their performance tomorrow more believable. Latios floated beside him, watching the battle in awe on the screen.

    Jon was pulled from his thoughts by Jimmy's operative radio sparking to life, which was odd since the operatives had no reason to continue acting outside of monitoring. If someone is using it something must be going on…

    “Replace the security tape feed,” Said the voice in the radio “When they find the remains, you tell them that bastard’s Latios did it.”

    When Jon recognized the voice as Lance's, something clicked. Violet and Jarena were in trouble…

    "Latios, I'm sorry but the job isn't over." Jon said, pulling the Eon Pokemon's attention from the screen, "Violet and Jarena are in danger."

    Jon got up, before sprinting for the door, Latios behind him.

    "They are down the hall, to the left, then the third room on the right. There should be operatives out the front. Knock the door down if you have to. But keep me in the loop…"

    Latios went invisible, before there was a boom as he accelerated, as his vision appeared in Jon's mind. It was a matter of seconds before Latios had left a hole in the door frame, entering the room with a loud bang. Jon could see Lance in the room, with his Dragonite staring down Jarena and Violet, ready to attack, however that wasn't the most unusual thing. The most unusual thing was the fact that Violet and Jarena had reverted to their Pokemon forms…

    "Jon… Pokemon again… said Latios' voice in Jon's head.

    "We have bigger problems." Jon explained, "Use your telekinesis to hold Dragonite in place, and twist its head so it can't use any breath attacks. Don't break it's neck though…"

    Jon watched as he struggled to continue to run down the hallway, as Dragonite was lifted into the air, and slammed against a nearby wall, held in place whilst it's head was turned away from everyone.*

    "That damn Latios…" Lance said, as he turned to the door, knowing what usually follows.

    There were yells from outside as a red Pokemon whizzed past the door. The operatives keeping watch couldn't keep up with Jon's Scizor's bullet punches, knocking them out swiftly…

    "Lance…" came a voice from the door, "What the f*** are you doing…"


    Alyssa watched in horror as Cassandra began to glow before turning back into an Eevee. However she seemed more shocked about it than anyone else, confused as to why it happened, before seeming to say, as Jon would, "f*** it", and continuing the battle.

    "Oh God no…" Alyssa muttered, "Why now…"

    Alyssa watched in despair as a single thought filled her heart…

    "I wish this didn't happen…"


    Lance called out another Dragonite, to which Latios quickly attempted to pin as well, however his telekinetic grip wasn't strong enough to completely bind them. Both of them began to turn their heads to where the Eon Pokemon had turned visible to focus purely on his telekinesis, which he seemed to be visibly struggling with.

    "You can't hold them both…" Lance remarked with an arrogant grin.

    There was a boom as both Dragonite's heads were pushed back facing away from him and the two Pokemon he floated in front of.

    "I could do this all day…" said Latios' telepathic voice to everyone in the room, though through great struggle. Jon was surprised at how long that sentence was...

    "Why kid yourself…" Lance asked, seemingly forgetting Jon was there at the chance to blow the horn of his own dragons, "You don't stand a chance against two real dragons. You are only going to let everyone, even your own trainer down. You can't even fly somewhere without leaving damage in your wake…"

    Latios' face began to sink at the hurtful words, as the two dragonites began to wrestle back control of themselves.

    "Latios, don't listen to this piece of s***!" Jon shouted, "You could never let me down! No matter how many holes you leave in this f**king ship!"

    "The whole damn reason we made it this far is because of you. This dragonf**ker wouldn't even have the opportunity to do this if not for you!" Jon continued, "And even more important than that, you help me see what is important. Like you did before we met them!"

    "I wouldn't be half the trainer I am now without you…"

    Latios looked at Jon, with a sudden look of determination.

    "Thank you…"

    There was a flash as Latios was enveloped in a rainbow light, emerging a foot taller, now a light purple color, and a slightly different shape to prior.

    Whilst Jon had heard of Mega Evolution, he was unaware that Latios was capable of it. Additionally he didn't have a mega ring, as Mega stones and key stones were banned from competitive battling due to it giving an equipment based advantage not all trainers could afford. Mega Evolution without it was possible but incredibly difficult, relying purely on the bonds between trainer and Pokemon, with no catalyst…

    The reinforced wall behind the dragonites dented in, as they were pushed further against it and held in place. Before Lance could respond, his belt was ripped from his pants and tossed to Jon, causing them to begin to fall, as Jon caught the belt.

    "Now Lance, what is going on…" Jon asked.

    "They were attempting to escape!" Lance shouted, "Look, the idiots accidentally turned themselves into Pokemon using that God forsaken witchcraft."

    "LIAR!" Latios shouted telepathically.

    "Yeah, I'm inclined to believe him." Jon explained, "Otherwise, why replace the security camera footage, and frame me?"

    Jon lunged forward, punching Lance across the face, before kicking his feet out from under him, knocking him to the ground.

    "You're a f**king coward!" Jon shouted, before kneeling down on Lance's chest, punching him again, this time in the eye socket, "You talk so much s**t with your f**king dragons fetish, but really you're a coward who needs four men waiting at the door, and has to use his dragons to attack people who are completely unarmed! Two women!"

    Jon stood up, before kicking Lance in the stomach, causing him to gasp for air, and vomit on the ground. He knew this was too far, but years of seeing someone else beat him and his mother, because they were too much of a coward to take out their frustrations on someone who would fight back, had taken their toll.

    "You are pathetic! F**king pathetic!" Jon screamed, launching another kick, "You don't even have the nerve to take responsibility for this, instead trying to incriminate me! But you aren't smart enough to pull it off, because you are too stupid and arrogant to change the radio frequency!"

    Jon pulled Lance up to his feet, before shoving him against the wall. He was barely able to speak, let alone stand, as he stood bloody and broken.*

    "You wanted a fight?" Jon shouted, "Raise your f**king fists, you cowardly sack of s**t and give me a f**king fight! Give me something to show for this before I leave you in a f**king hospital bed!"

    In front of Jon stood the ex-indigo champion, but as far as Jon was concerned, he was doing what he couldn't do fourteen years ago...
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    Luneth Tarot
    Luneth’s Room > Battle Arena Stands

    Luneth made it back to her room uneventfully. Once she arrived she collapsed onto her bed, before finally getting around to actually watching the videos.
    The audio quality was bad, and Glimmer’s scarf cover half the screen at times, but she could make out some parts at least. Pulling out the notebook that contained Avery & Gloria’s signatures, she began to scribble down what she could make out.

    After that was done, she took a photo of the notes, and saved them to her cloud too. She wanted as many backups as possible, in case the league found and confiscated any.

    Next was trying to find those books for herself. Unfortunately Google results gave her nothing. Well, that was to be expected. If anyone could search “Dark Magic” and find them for sale, then it would be a lot more commonplace.
    More obscure search engines didn’t help either. Maybe she was spelling the books names wrong? And she couldn’t just ask Cassandra how they’re spelled or when she bought them…

    As she deliberated on her next move, Luneth’s phone buzzed and a notification popped up, reminding her that it was almost time for the Semi-Finals. Somehow she’d completely forgotten about Avery’s match against Cassandra!

    * * *

    Luckily there were no hold ups on the way, people even moved aside as Luneth rode past on Circuit. She arrived with time to spare, even with her stop to pick up a bag of popcorn on the way in, and still getting a relatively good seat in time to watch as the trainers made their way onto the field and the battle began.

    While Avery was doing as well as ever, Cassandra was doing notably worse than normal, so at least she didn’t seem to be using magic to cheat anymore.

    Glimmer and Circuit were out and watching the battle, taking up an entire seat next to her, both cheering on Avery loudly. Luneth herself wasn’t sure who she wanted to win though, opting to cheer for both sides.
    Just as the match was heating up, Cassandra was wrapped in a strange light, then when it clears there was a familiar Eevee in her place.

    Cassandra wouldn’t be stupid enough to reveal her shadowcraft like this, so someone must be trying to get her, another magic user who isn’t happy about the attention the Ladies drew to it perhaps?
    Luneth looked around the stands, but everyone was reacting in confusion. Unlike in Harry Potter, there wasn’t a conveniently chanting bad guy sitting right next to her that she could stop.
    Still, she needed to do something. The league might think that Cassandra was going back on their deal or something.

    Luneth quickly made a bee-line towards the battle waiting room, knowing she might not be let in now she wasn’t a contestant anymore. But it was the best place to start looking for someone in with the league that might help. After all, the guy whose battling next, Ethan something-or-other? Wasn’t he one of the operatives that Cassandra transformed back?
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    Jimmy Kendo
    Waiting Room -> Private Booth
    Affected RP'ers: @Desolate Divine

    Jirachi has introduced himself to Avery, but sadly Avery didn't have much time. Having to get to the stadium. Avery tells Jimmy he'd have to explain about Jirachi later.

    Time had passed and the battle had begun. Still in the room watching over the match with Jon. Something came up. Over the radio; suddenly there's chatter.

    “Replace the security tape feed,” Said the voice in the radio “When they find the remains, you tell them that bastard’s Latios did it.”

    Jirachi float down to the radio and picked it up. It heard a voice, but didn't see anyone. Obviously fixated on something it doesn't often see.

    "Jimmy. Who was that? Another friend?"" Jirachi said looking curiously to Jimmy.

    "It...sounded like...Lance?" Jimmy said in a questioning voice.

    Jon has rushed out of the room. Jimmy started to gather his things to follow, but as he did. Jirachi let out a small glow and a really big yawn. Yawn after yawn.

    "Fwaaaaaahh!" Jirachi stretching a little as it yawned.

    Jimmy looks back as he noticed a commotion coming from the stadium. A glow surrounding Cassandra. Once it disappeared. A familiar Eevee in her place.

    "Oh no. Jirachi? What's happening?" Jimmy asked.

    "Her friend made a wish! I gave her what she wanted as promised!" He said giving Jimmy a quick hug around the neck and proceeding to float to his head and mess his hair up again.

    As quick as it happened. Jirachi let out another loud yawn and stretch on top of Jimmy's head still. Suddenly. To Jimmy, it was like the whole world had spun counterclockwise a few moments.

    "Back, back, back we go!" Jirachi said aloud before glowing again. Suddenly as it started, it stopped. He looked back down and Cassandra wasn't an Eevee. She was human again.

    "Jirachi what just..." Jimmy was stopped as Jirachi said.

    "I took us back. Before those wishes were made. Suddenly. Someone connected closely to your friend Jon made a wish I heard. She wished this last wish didn't happen. So I took everyone back involved before it happened. [b]Only you, Jon, Avery, his friend that made the wish, Cassandra, and her friends remember what happened. Everyone else here won't know it ever just happened. Like they're still watching an exciting fun filled Pokémon battle!" Jirachi said happily.

    "But that would mean....Jon...". Jimmy said as he rushed off to try and make it there in time.

    "Jirachi. You can feel where Jon is. Lead the way!"

    "Yaaay! Time for fun! Hahaha!" Jirachi said happily floating ahead. Leading Jimmy to where Jon was.

    Jimmy and his Pokemon made it to where Jon was. Lance was there with them. Jon's Latios looked different. More of a purple color. As if it had gone through a transformation. Mega Evolution? The Latios had pinned both of Lance's Dragonite to the wall. It had even begun to be dented in.

    Jon had raised his fists to Lance. Neither one looking happy. Things were about to get serious.

    "Oh no this could get bad ugly. What do we do?" Jimmy said looking around for any idea of what they can do.

    "Leave it to me!" Jirachi said before floating out closer.

    "STOP!" Jirachi said before holding both Jon and Lance in place. Looking more serious than we had seen in prior. "Don't fight!" Lance had already been beaten up, but Jirachi didn't want to see either one fight.

    The time is upon us...

    . Pika Pair with the yellow bundle of fluff Chibi Altaria..

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    Jarena Farrell and Violet Radcliffe
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    Affected RPers: @Desolate Divine @Chakramaster

    Ugh, my head, what just…

    They heard a commotion, and the last thing Jarena remembered, Lance was about to attack her and Violet with his Dragonite. For a minute, she could have sworn somehow she had become a Buneary for a few moments, but then when she looked at herself, she was human.

    Was it some kind of hallucination? What exactly had transpired?

    And then when she looked up from the floor, she saw Jon and his Latios, now in his Mega form. Somehow Jon had found out about Lance’s dark and murderous plan, and she could see he had beaten him into a bloody mess while Latios had kept his two Dragonites locked in a telekinetic grip. She wasn’t sure how Jon found out and managed to come to the rescue just in time, but it definitely looked like he had way more of the upper hand now.

    Meanwhile, Violet was certain Jon was going to beat Lance to death then and there. She and Jarena had managed to get to their knees, trying to understand what the situation was. One of the first things they saw was the four operatives had all been eliminated before they could respond to Jon’s all-out assault on Lance. Something or someone had struck the four operatives hard in their heads and knocked them out cold before they could deploy a single Pokémon.

    Between the unexpected transformation, reversion, and the distortion of memory and time, Jarena and Violet weren’t quite sure exactly what had happened, but for the time being, it appeared Jon had the situation under control now and the two of them were at least somewhat safe. Although from the looks of things, it appeared Jon was not going to stop his attack on Lance, shouting angry obscenities between his powerful strikes that left Lance with bloody gashes, broken bones, and savage bruises all over his face.

    “Holy hell, Jon…” Violet remarked, wondering if she was about to witness Lance’s murder.

    “He’s gonna kill him…” Jarena muttered in shock.

    But they couldn’t entirely blame him either. Lance was about to kill the both of them, cover it up, and frame Jon and his Latios for it, taking advantage of the eon Pokémon’s erratic tendencies and leveraging that as a means to cover up the murder and destruction that Lance was actually responsible for. They could distinctly remember that before everything became ambiguous. But she couldn’t entirely understand Lance’s motives. What was it all for? Revenge? The money? Pride? Eliminating Shadowcraft? She knew he couldn’t get it all and he’d never get his money back from two dead corpses, but it seemed in his reckless actions, he had lost his rational thinking from this realization and was simply out for blood in a berserk and deranged furor.

    Violet could tell Lance never approved of Jon’s proposal, and the whole aspect of him being outvoted by the other Champions had driven him over the edge to take a chance on this nefarious plot once it had been decided this was where Jarena and Violet were going to be during Cassandra’s battle with Avery. Her only guess was his pride, his dark obstinacy, and his sheer unwillingness to compromise over any of it was the reason for his monstrous irrational behavior.

    “STOP!” they had heard a voice cry out. “Don’t fight!”

    Both Jarena and Violet looked up to see one Pokémon they weren’t ever expecting to lay eyes on in their lifetime. But there Jirachi was, holding both Jon and Lance in place before Jon could land that final killing blow on Lance.

    Oh… my… god…” Jarena gasped, covering her mouth with her hands. “Is that… hooooly crap, THAT’S JIRACHI!!!

    Violet couldn’t believe it either, just now getting to her feet. Where before she thought she was going to need to resort to using her witchcraft in self-defense, it now looked like that wasn’t going to be necessary. But she kept an eye on Lance and the unconscious operatives. It wouldn’t be the first time someone had managed to catch her off guard while she wasn’t looking. If any one of those operatives looked like they were coming to, she would make sure they’d go right back to sleep again.

    For now, she decided to let the small star-shaped mythical Pokémon decide what was best. After all, it wasn’t that long ago that Victini had stopped what could have been a disastrous all out costly brawl back in the Royal Prominade…

    Cassandra Silvers
    Battling Arena
    Affected RPers: @Noblejanobii

    It was hard for Cassandra to fully understand what had happened, hitting her like a memory lapse but still with engrams of a glowing white mysterious power that had turned her back into an Eevee. But suddenly things reverted back to normal, or at least she thought they did. Was it some kind of daydream or an illusion?

    And yet nothing had changed, but she could have sworn she remembered getting surrounded by a white glow, waking up as an Eevee again before speaking to Victini and Ninetales, and insisting on continuing the battle despite being transformed.

    But now she looked at herself and she could see things had not changed within the battle itself, Ninetales was still attempting to strike down Avery’s Zebstrika, Knautia, with a telekinetic Extrasensory attack, exactly how things were before she noticed that white light surrounding her. It almost made her wonder if a stray psychic trace of the Extrasensory attack had made contact with her and put her in a hallucination trance. But for now, she felt fine.

    Regardless, she decided not to dwell on it any further because every second was crucial in this battle…

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    Avery felt a smile tugging at their lips as the battle raged on in front of them. They watched in shock and amazement as Cassandra's Espeon was quickly knocked out by Mint. Avery knew that she'd be weaker without her magic but to see the purple cat go down so fast was a surprise. Despite the tight situation they were in, it seemed to boost Mint's confidence quite a bit.

    As Cassandra switched Pokémon, Mint turned out and began to hop up and down excitedly. "Dub!! Dubwool!! Woo woo woo!!" (I won! I actually won! I beat the mighty Espeon!!)

    Avery couldn't help but chuckle at the adorable sight of the happy sheep. It seemed Mint was really enjoying the battling arena, just as much as she did contests. They'd have to remember that.

    Still, Avery knew this confidence boost would be short lived as soon as Cassandra's Ninetales took the field. Whether it was by sheer coincidence or Cassandra had done her research, this was a horrible match up for Mint due to the Dubwool's ability. Part of the reason Mint had been able to withstand the two attacks from Espeon had to do with her ability, Fluffy, which make physical moves like Psychic Fang deal half the usual damage. The trade off, however, came at double damage from special fire type moves.

    Avery tried to command Mint out of the way, but it was too late. It was a clean knock out. Switching her out for Knautia, Avery moved onto phase 2, hoping that the Zebstrika's strong attacks would overwhelm the Ninetales before the recoil from Wild Charge built up too much. This Ninetales was the biggest threat on Cassandra's team for Avery, so they needed to get in as much damage as possible, ideally knocking it out before Knautia went down.

    Despite her lack of witchcraft, it was apparent that Cassandra still had tricks up her sleeve. She quickly used a Confuse Ray to cripple Knautia, a clever move that ended up causing the Zebstrika to take quite a bit of damage. Still, Knatia managed to pull through the confusion to get in one last Wild Charge before Ninetales could finish him off. Knautia then quickly went down to an invisible Extrasensory, the damage from that attack plus the recoil from Wild Charge just being too much. Avery bit their thumbnail again in thought as they returned Knautia to his Pokéball. Guess it was too much to hope for Ninetales to be completely taken out.

    Avery got ready to send out their third and final Pokémon when they caught a glimpse of Cassandra on the other side of the field. Or at least... they thought it was Cassandra. Instead of a human standing across from them, there was an Eevee in a pile of clothes! Avery immediately stiffed and pat themselves down to ensure they hadn't transformed back into a Buizel. As they let out a heavy sigh of relief, Avery scratched their head in confusion. "Why... is she an eevee again? The spell obviously didn't wear off since I'm still human. Did... someone else use witchcraft on her?"

    "Shay shaymin," (Beats me) Gloria responded. Still, it seemed like Cassandra was still raring to go, and Avery wasn't going to stop the battle on her account.

    Enlarging their last Pokéball, Avery tossed it into the air. "Curtains up, Daybreak!" they called out as the light erupted and struck the ground, sparks spraying out everywhere as the capsules on the ball activated. They prepared to issue their next command to the Rapidash when suddenly the world just sort off... glitched.

    Suddenly instead of Daybreak, Knautia was back in front of them, the Zebstrika barely hanging on from the recoil on Wild Charge. Had they just returned to the past? Or was this some sort of weird deja vu? "I really need to get some more sleep later," Avery muttered before calling out, "Knautia, dodge and go in for one more Wild Charge!" They weren't sure if that surprise psychic type attack was still coming, but if it was, they'd use this opportunity to their advantage at least.
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    Jon was hit with a strong sense of deja vu, before hearing a voice in his head.

    "Jon, enough..." Said Latios voice in Jon's head, as he had his fists raised, ready to throw another blow at Lance.

    "He was going to kill them without a second thought, even though it would do more harm than good! He is dangerous." Jon thought, knowing Latios could hear him.

    "Doesn't seem dangerous now he is broken, bleeding, and I suspect not even awake..."

    Jon looked back at Violet and Jarena and was surprised to see them human. But his instincts told him they had always been human? Yet he definitely remembered seeing them as Pokemon moments earlier. Lance even referenced it. What had happened?

    Fists still raised, Jon took a breath, however before he could lower them he felt a telekinetic force hold him in place.

    "Stop! Don't fight."

    Jon was unable to turn his head to see the voice, but in his peripheral vision could see what appeared to be Jimmy and Jirachi. Suddenly everything made a lot more sense. Why these girls seemed to be Pokemon one moment, human the next, his memory of it seemingly tattered, and Jirachi seeming much more tired than before...

    "Cuddles, take it from me, if you're gonna train a Legendary Pokemon, there is a lot more at risk than your every day Pikachu. And a lot more you need to do to minimize that risk..." Jon growled, still staring angrily at Lance, though knowing he couldn't do much about that being held in place, "Latios keeps me on my toes because he leaves holes in the ship, but that is the least of what he can do, and the holes are a best case scenario. You on the other hand have one that can alter reality at a whim that isn't even its own, so your job as its trainer has a lot more riding on it. Remember that before you give it this long of a leash... And you can start by having it let me go, so I can call Steven and Cynthia to deal with this s**tbag so I don't have to..."

    Once Jon was released, he picked up Lance's belt that he had dropped earlier, finding the two Pokeballs that belonged to the Dragonites and calling them back, whilst Lance, who had collapsed after being let go by Jirachi, mumbled something that Jon didn't even want to bother trying to interpret. Latios let out a sigh as he could finally stop concentrating on holding the two powerful Pokemon at bay.

    Jon sighed before turning to Violet, Jarena and Latios.

    "I'm sorry you had to see that." Jon apologized, "I took it way too far. As much as I try to hide it, times like this make it pretty obvious I still have a heap of s**t to deal with myself, and knowing he would go out of his way to try and kill someone who isn't in a position to fight back, struck a major nerve."

    Jon grabbed Lance's stupid looking cape, wiping the blood off his fists on it, before pulling out his phone.

    "Once this mission is over, assuming the plan can go ahead, I'll step away from these sorts of jobs." Jon explained, "It's becoming painfully obvious how much of a liability I can be..."

    Jon tapped Steven's contact, as much as he thought of Steven as a friend, something he was getting sick of having to do, before holding the phone to his ear, speaking when Steven answered.

    "You and Cynthia might want to get to Violet and Jarena's booth..." Jon explained, "We had an incident..."

    "We know, we are on our way now." Steven replied over the phone, "I don't know why he didn't change the radio frequency. Probably too blinded by his pride, but we heard the order. Is everybody alright?"

    "Everyone but him..." Jon said, "But I will leave you to decide whether its any sort of loss..."

    "You didn't-"

    "As tempted as I really was, no, he is alive." Jon explained, "Battered but alive."

    "We will be there soon."

    Jon turned his view to the screen, seeing that both trainers still only had one Pokemon KO'd each, however Avery seemed to be losing the upper hand they held earlier. The fact that the battle seemed to still be going without any sort of issue, with the shots of the fans still seeming like they had normal reactions to it, was reassuring. It meant that whatever happened before mustn't have happened to Cassandra, and if it did, those watching must have had their memory altered...

    It wasn't long before Steven and Cynthia entered the room, stepping over the four unconscious operatives outside. Cynthia gasped as she looked at Lance, whose face was barely recognizable behind the swelling and blood.

    "Jon, what the f**k did you do?!" Cynthia asked, shocking Jon with the cursing, seeing as her persona for the media seemed to calm, collected and professional.

    "Goddamn..." Steven muttered, looking at Jon in shock.

    "Exactly what it looks like..." Jon replied bitterly, "I snapped. I arrived as he was about to have his Dragonite kill the girls, Latios held his Pokemon off, and I went overboard in subduing him..."

    "That's an understatement..." Cynthia muttered, as Jon handed her the belt with Lance's Pokemon. Jon wasn't sure if he was conscious or not. He kept mumbling, and occasionally wriggling, however seemed to be still. He could just be too sore to even move right now, but Jon was past the point of caring.

    "So what now?" Jon asked, "I know this sort of thing shouldn't be swept under the rug. I'd be a f**king hypocrite expecting the girls to hand themselves in, and then trying to weasel my way out of this..."

    "Under normal circumstanced, I'd be inclined to agree." Cynthia replied irritably, walking over to Lance to assess his condition, "I would make sure Ryan Mason is charged with assault, and punished relative to it being self defence but also unnecessary brutality..."

    "But you and these girls have a bit more in common, since like our situation punishing them, us doing that will draw more attention to this god-forsaken ship, than if we find a way to tie it in a nice little bow for the public to see. Plus we still need somebody to take the fall." Cynthia explained, "If Jon Drake is the bad guy in all this, maybe we tell the public Lance figured out what he was doing and confronted him before being brutally attacked..."

    As much as Jon was fine with adding to his villain persona for the sake of the cover-up, Lance being exalted as some sort of hero made him sick to the stomach. He was willing to murder in cold blood...

    "What about him..." Jon asked, gesturing to the lump on the floor.

    "He won't be getting away with this... You heard what we said to him. He was outvoted, and if he did anything to compromise what the vote was trying to achieve, he would be treated like anybody else. Champion aside, he attempted to murder Violet and Jarena, frame you, and interfere with legal proceedings." Cynthia explained, "He will be court marshalled quietly, and made sure to keep his mouth shut..."

    "Is that a Jirachi?!" Steven asked, shocked, pointing at the Pokemon next to Jimmy. Being so focused on the situation, neither he or Cynthia had noticed the mythical Pokemon until now...
    Sad to say, I am not sure that I will be on PXR much longer. The gaps where I have disappeared have become bigger and bigger as life gets busier, and most of the friends I made here, I either talk to elsewhere or are gone completely. Still trying to make a point of checking in, but in case that falls through, my Discord is Jacob Cookson#0902.


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    Note: Jirachi speaks to everyone through telepathy

    Jimmy had told Jirachi to let both Jon and Lance go after seeing they were both calm and Jon wasn't about to deal a murderous blow to Lance. Jon called in both Cynthia and Steven. Who were already on the way.

    Luckily it seemed like then battle scene had returned to normal.

    "I turned everyone back and may have had to turn back time a little for some. So they don't remember anything if they weren't directly part of it." Jirachi said. Looking a little more tired, but still seemingly awake as any of the others there.

    "You turned back time a little? I guess you can't really control time. So that's understandable. Thank you Jirachi. Like I told you earlier. We're trying to do what we can so no one thinks too odd of this. So that magic and things like" he turns to a more hushed voice. "Witchcraft don't leak out. We can let anyone know it's real." Jimmy says a little saddened.

    "But wishcraft is real! I can make whatever you want real!" Jirachi says happily bobbing its head back and forth.

    "Hey Pikachu." Jimmy calls to him. "Can you keep Jirachi entertained a bit please? We're gonna need to talk with Cynthia and Steven." Jimmy says as they arrived and had already begun speaking with Jon.

    "He won't be getting away with this... You heard what we said to him. He was outvoted, and if he did anything to compromise what the vote was trying to achieve, he would be treated like anybody else. Champion aside, he attempted to murder Violet and Jarena, frame you, and interfere with legal proceedings." Cynthia explained, "He will be court marshalled quietly, and made sure to keep his mouth shut..."

    Jimmy had made his way to the group. Steven has noticed, but also notice the Pokémon with him.

    "Is that a Jirachi?!" Steven asked, shocked, pointing at the Pokemon next to Jimmy. Being so focused on the situation, neither he or Cynthia had noticed the mythical Pokemon until now...

    "Yeah believe it or not, it is. After changing back into my clothes once they reversed the spell. Jirachi came up to me in the bathroom. Kinda freaked us out a little at first, but he introduced himself and just wanted some friends. So he wanted to tag along. He let me capture him and just seems to want to have fun and make friends." Jimmy tells them as he begins to explain more.

    "I'm trying to keep a close eye on him, but once making friends with someone he makes a close connection. If they have a deeply desired wish. No matter if they're close or not. Jirachi can feel the wish and grant it. So as it's trainer I have to take responsibility for what may happen. It seems like it's pretty young, but I have to help it learn not all wishes need to be granted. Plus, for every wish it grants he seems to get more tired. Not 1000 years tired like some lore may state, but tired enough to need rest."

    Jirachi notices Jimmy talking with new people and floats away toward them. Pikachu calls out to stop him, but Jirachi still floats on.

    "Pika-pi!" (Wait, Jirachi no!) Pikachu called out.

    "Haha, hey there! I'm Jirachi! Is this more friends Jimmy? You have a lot of friends! Yay! I picked the best friend! So many new friends hahah!" Jirachi says floating around the group.

    "What's your name?" He says looking to Steve. "And yours! You're so pretty!" He says to Cynthia.

    "So many many friends to play with!" Jirachi says aloud.

    "See? He's just friendly and needs someone to help train and guide him. Lest there be any more trouble. Plus, if we have to. Now we have another backup plan in case what we have now fails. Jirachi can make it a reality." Jimmy says to the group.

    "I believe he's already grant a few wishes at this point. He's met Cassandra, he's seen her friends and told Cassandra he'd give them a gift too. He's met Jon and Avery as well. Oh and Ethan. Though they didn't really talk. Other than that. He just met you two." Jimmy mentions to the group.
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    The time is upon us...

    . Pika Pair with the yellow bundle of fluff Chibi Altaria..

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    For now, the fighting had stopped with Lance on the verge of slipping into a coma. Jon had apologized to Violet, Jarena, and Latios, feeling his aggression might have gone too far.

    “Once this mission is over, assuming the plan can go ahead, I’ll step away from these sorts of jobs,” Jon explained. “It’s becoming painfully obvious how much of a liability I can be…”

    “Forget that, I might have done the same,” Violet told him, having no remorse for Lance. “Undercover operative duty may not be for you, Jon, but you’d be damn good for private security.”

    Shortly after Steven and Cynthia had arrived, still a bit shocked at the aftermath of Jon’s handiwork. After assessing the situation, it was going to have to tie in with Jon’s plan of having his Jon Drake identity take the fall. It was going to have to be another strand in the difficult web to cover up, but it wasn’t impossible.

    Afterword, they had learned that Jirachi had performed a kind of time warp to revert back some of the changes that had occurred, all pointing back to keeping witchcraft concealed. Jimmy had explained to Steven and Cynthia how he had found Jirachi and how star-shaped Pokémon could grant wishes. And as before, Jirachi was all too happy to befriend anyone he came across, provided they were kind and weren’t out to cause trouble. Jarena figured Lance was definitely not ending up on Jirachi’s Friend List.

    “Oh man, so that’s why!” Jarena realized her wish from before was actually taken literally and granted by Jirachi. “Wow, that’s… but hey, why did someone undo my wish!?”

    “Why do you think?” Violet asked her, rolling her eyes a bit. “Your wish transformed us and transformed Cass right in the middle of her battle with Avery. The one quite a few thousand people are watching right now.”

    Oh crap!!” Jarena exclaimed, covering her mouth with her hands as she flushed with embarrassment when she realized how bad the timing was on that wish. “I didn’t mean to do that! I mean… come on, give me a break here, I didn’t think there was an actual Jirachi around and would take that completely literally right here and now, you know? Well, I… do I get my wish refunded or… how does this work exactly?”

    Violet just sighed, shaking her head. She had to admit, while Jarena was comically reckless, she definitely made sure no one was ever bored.

    Cassandra Silvers
    Battling Arena
    Affected RPers: @Noblejanobii

    It had been an exciting battle, but now it was coming down to the wire. With both Cassandra’s Espeon and Ninetales knocked out, she was done to one left. Avery still had two, but Kanutia the Zebstrika was barely hanging on. It all came down to if Victini could take out Kanutia and whoever Avery would take out next.

    Cassandra knew Victini was a very spirited and very lively Pokémon. He would not go down easy and he was going to fight vigorously to the very, very end.

    “Flame Charge, Victini!” Cassandra called out. Rushing into action, Victini blazed across the arena battlefield, leaving a trail of flames in his wake. Faster and faster, he sped toward Knautia as his body was surrounded by fire, charging right toward the Zebstrika…

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    Jirachi eagerly rushes over to the 2 Diamond Ladies and giggles as Jarena asked if she gets a refund on her wish or something. "Hahaha, of course not silly! Once you make a wish I can grant it. I can grant more though!" Jirachi says smiling toward her. "What's your name...and yours?" He asked both Jarena and Violet. "I'm so glad to find so many new friends! You two were both so cute as Bunary and Furrett. You should stay that way more often hahaha!" Jirachi pointed and laughed a little at them. "Being a Pokemon is so fun isn't it?" Jirachi asked.

    Jimmy looked to Jirachi. "Hey Jirachi. I know a little more about your powers now. Wanna rest for a little while so you don't get too sleepy? We may need you to help us later. I promise I'll play with you afterward. Pikachu and I both will. I'll even introduce you to our other friends." Jimmy told Jirachi.

    "Aww, fine. I'll rest a little. I am a little sleepy." Jirachi floats to Jimmy rubbing his eyes and yawning slightly. Jimmy gently grabs hold of Jirachi as it rests folded in his arms snuggly. Shutting his eyes and quickly falling asleep.

    "I figured this might be for the best for now. Until we figure things out with Jirachi and it granting wishes. Right now it seems to be granting wishes for anyone who has been a part of today's events that he's seen or directly had contact with today. It's making him more sleepy as he grants these. So Jirachi could probably use this rest. I don't wanna over exhaust him, but I also wanna learn the best way to train him. It's totally different with a mythical Pokémon. I can see that now from a personal standpoint." Jimmy told the group.
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    The time is upon us...

    . Pika Pair with the yellow bundle of fluff Chibi Altaria..

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    Jimmy and Jirachi explained what happened earlier, leaving Jon slightly irritated that Jimmy seemed to be babying the Pokemon that could cause more trouble than the Diamond Ladies and Lance did, without even intending to. However his attention was drawn to the screen.

    "Goddamn, she did it." Jon said, pointing to the monitor that declared Cassandra the winner, showing the last moments of battle, where Avery's Shaymin reverted back to its Land Forme at the worst possible moment.

    The time in the bottom corner of the screen said 8pm, which meant Jon had half an hour before his match was due to start. Between the time to get back to the waiting room, and brief his team, he didn't have any more time to spare on Lance.

    "I have to go, but can you make sure they're safe?" Jon asked Steven, gesturing towards Violet and Jarena, "Lance had four operatives follow him in here, as well as someone in data analysis willing to tamper with evidence to cover up him murdering them, so I doubt these are the only people out for blood."

    "I'll watch the match here with them, then escort them personally to one of the lesser known Safe Houses." Steven explained, "Will lock it down with my own key so only I can enter the room overnight."

    "Thanks. I owe you one." Jon explained, "Wish me luck tonight. As much as I am glad Cassandra won, it means I now have to make sure that I beat Ethan no matter what..."

    "Good luck." Cynthia replied, "You know especially how much is riding on this match."

    Jon nodded, before leaving the room, Latios, who had reverted to his normal form, now in tow.


    Twenty minutes later Jon found himself in a private locker room, moments away from entering the battlefield to face Ethan. Each competitor was given five minutes prior to pep talk their team. In front of Jon stood Blaziken, Jolteon, Nidoking and Latios, even though he was only allowed three Pokemon for the fight. Jon however, preferred to use this time to talk tactics. Unlike most trainers, Jon wasn't a fan of the back and fourth, calling out of moves that most trainers tended to use. Instead, his training focused on different tactics for battles, using the individual Pokemon as part of a larger unit, and improving their ability to make their own decisions on the spot. Jon viewed himself more as a coach to the athletes than the athlete himself. Just like his grandfather taught him.

    "So tonight, we have to win." Jon explained, "Not just for the sake of the competition, but more so, some stuff bigger than this tournament is happening tomorrow night in the Grand Final, and I need to be there."

    Blaziken looked at him confused, before Jon continued.

    "For that reason, we will use the tag strategy."

    Blaziken, Jolteon and Nidoking looked at him in shock, whilst Latios seemed giddy. Jon didn't blame them. Tag was a risky strategy, but if it paid off, would secure them an easy win.

    "Blaziken and Jolteon, you two will be the main force." Jon explained, "If all goes to plan, Nidoking shouldn't need to make an appearance, but we will keep him in reserves in case we need him. If this goes pear shaped early on though, Latios, I will need you to take it home. But if we can avoid that we will, because your real show will be tomorrow night."

    Jon spent the next few minutes running through the plan with the team, before being called out onto the battlefield.

    Jon entered at the call of his name, before making his way to the centre, shaking Ethan's hand, before making his way to his side of the battlefield, sending out his first Pokemon simultaneously with Ethan. Blaziken.

    "Blaziken, you will be out first." Jon explained in the locker room earlier, though Blaziken knew that would be the case, "Your focus is to build strength and speed. The reason I sent you out first every battle was in case we did this plan. If Ethan has paid attention, he should be able to guess you will be my first, and will act accordingly..."

    As Blaziken materialized on the battlefield, Ethan's first Pokemon also materialized. A Feraligatr. Jon hid a grin at the fact that this was going to plan.

    "No matter what he sends out, I know you can take it. If he sends out a Pokemon with a type advantage, that will set us up well for the rest of the match." Jon explained, "We don't want to beat the first Pokemon quickly, because we need time for your ability to work..."

    The two Pokemon stepped forward before the bell rang, signalling the start of the battle. Not wasting a second, Ethan called out a command, as Feraligatr leapt forward, attempting an Aqua Tail, which Blaziken leapt away from.

    "If your opponent uses any moves that are going to hit hard, do what you can to dodge them, but don't be too quick about it. We don't want them to realize you are getting faster." Jon explained, "If they are moves that aren't going to hit too hard, use Bulk Up instead.

    Whilst Jon had plenty of faith that Blaziken could beat this Feraligatr with only fighting moves, what most people didn't realize about Blaziken is a special ability few of them have called Speed Boost. As the match goes on, Blaziken's natural speed increases, topping out at roughly quadruple what it was at the start of the match. The longer the fight gets drawn out, the faster Blaziken will get. Paired with the Bulk Ups, Blaziken will reach a point where it will hit harder and faster than any other Pokemon in this tournament, second possibly to Latios. It also helped that Feraligatr was naturally slower and less nimble on solid ground than Blaziken.

    "We have to drag out this first fight, but not make it look like we are doing that." Jon explained, "If they realize we are leading them on, it might click what we are doing, so he may change his strategy. We need to make him think that his own strategy is working, so that he doesn't change it, and the match is drawn out like it needs to be."

    About a minute had passed of Blaziken appearing to be on the defensive. Whilst it seemed like Blaziken hadn't sped up at all, really he was just finding it easier and easier to keep out of reach. Feraligatr alternated between hard hitting water attacks and physical attacks, slashes and bites and such. What Ethan hadn't seemed to notice was that Blaziken was dodging nearly every water attack, whilst taking the hits of the physical attacks, using Bulk Up during those few moments, building resistance and strength. Finally Jon heard what he was after. Blaziken who had been silent until now, crying out.

    "Don't make any noises until the right moment. You calling out will be the signal." Jon explained, "When your buffs have reached their max, or you can't take another hit, make some noise, and we will move to the offensive."

    Blaziken had made the signal as Feraligatr was readying a Hydropump attack, and was waiting for Jon to instruct one of two things. Fight, or...

    "Switch!" Jon shouted, gripping Jolteon's Pokeball, as Blaziken erupted into a white light.

    "When I yell switch, use Baton Pass." Jon explained, "That's where you come in Jolteon. In battles where Blaziken can't hit as hard as we'd like, you will hit for him."

    The Hydro Pump hit its target, however its target had changed, revealing a now soaked Jolteon where Blaziken stood, now carrying all of the stored strength, speed and constitution that Blaziken had gathered.

    It was almost instantaneous, the gap between the attack landing, and Jolteon launching forward, managing to land a Thunder Fang on the very confused Feraligatr. Jolteon sunk his fangs into the water type, as a discharge of electricity flooded from his body, amplified by Blaziken's Bulk Ups, creating several large bolts of lightning that launched in all directions, before a large bang was heard, and Feraligatr was launched across the stadium, crashing into the wall, knocked unconscious before it even hit the ground.

    "The moment you find yourself out of a Pokeball, launch an attack. Don't give them any time to react." Jon explained, "This is how we will win this. Strike hard, strike fast, and cover each others weaknesses."

    "Feraligatr is unable to battle! Ethan Caldwell has two Pokemon remaining. Jon Drake has three."

    Ethan called back his Feraligatr, before summoning his next Pokemon to the field. Skarmory.

    Jon cursed under his breath, knowing a flying Pokemon, whilst not impossible to beat, would not be easy. Whilst Blaziken could jump to land attacks, he was probably more tired from dragging out the fight with Feraligatr, and taking the hits, than Jolteon probably was. That and Jolteon had means of regaining energy. Jolteon could use ranged attacks, however they were not powered by Blaziken's Bulk Up, so Jon wanted to avoid using them outside of very specific circumstances. Lucky however, that Skarmory knows very few ranged attacks as well. It would not be able to attack Jolteon without getting close, however it came down to how many hits Jolteon could take, and how easily Skarmory could avoid Jolteon's attacks being able to fly.

    This was one matchup Jon hadn't accounted for, so began speaking up.

    "Wait for it to attack, and try and strike then!"

    Jolteon waited, as Skarmory circled above before diving down, landing strikes on the electric type, who was unable to strike back, due to Skarmory's exit trajectory being near impossible to predict in the open air.

    Jon scowled, as he tried to think of a way out of this that didn't involve sending out Blaziken. Blaziken had some heavier hitting moves than Joleton, but Ethan had one more Pokemon after this, and Jon wanted to save Blaziken as a one hit wonder in case Jolteon couldn't handle whatever was coming. There was a way out, Jon knew it. Thinking back to his instructions, he remembered something he told Jolteon.

    "Truth is, in the next fight, I am going to pretend to be a bad guy. If there is any way we can hint towards that now, without seeming too obvious, people will be more likely to believe I'm the bad guy tomorrow evening. So tonight, if we have to tow the line between what is good sportsmanship and what is battling dirty, we do that. Enough to cause the crowd to dislike me, but not enough they can kick me out of the tournment tonight." Jon explained, "One thing we can do, Jolteon, if you're every low on energy, remember, you can absorb electricity, and it doesn't have to be from a Pokemon attack. There are stadium lights right on the edge of the battlefield..."

    Jolteon looked at Jon, waiting for direction, before taking another attack from Skarmory, and looking back to his trainer. Jon's eyes darted towards the stadium light nearest them, which caused Jolteon to realize what he had planned.

    "Don't just straight up attack it. That will be too obvious. Instead try and line up a shot where you look like you're attacking the other Pokemon, but if it dodges, the nearest thing for it to hit is the light." Jon explained, "Hit it hard enough with a thunderbolt, you might be able to tap into its power source and get some energy back. You want it to be obvious enough that people think it may have been intentional, but not too obvious that the league isn't going to risk disqualifying a competitor over what could be a complete mistake. Don't worry about the bill. It's nothing compared to what Latios has cost me so far..."

    Going on the defensive, Jolteon darted to the side, as Skarmory began to follow from the air, diving down, occaisonally striking the Pokemon, but managing to miss a considerable amount of times. Jolteon ran towards the stadium light, then as Skarmory dived down, dug his paws into the ground, laying flat as the Steel type Pokemon flew over him, now sitting between Jolteon and the Stadium Light.

    Jolteon cried out, as it let out a Thunderbolt, which Skarmory avoided with ease. What nobody saw coming was the thunderbolt hitting the casing of the main pole of the stadium light, breaking through it, and connecting with the power wires. The wiring became overloaded, blowing the globes out of the lights as broken glass rained down, and the power flowing from the power source to the wiring, now flowing into the circuit that existed between Jolteon and the pole, giving Jolteon a boost of energy, but doing something that Jon didn't intend for when he first gave Jolteon the idea.

    The giant steel bird was like a giant lightning rod, and whilst the lights weren't high voltage, the amount of current that was flowing from the light was enough to do a significant amount of damage. The ark of electricity shifted from Jolteon to Skarmory, as fusebreaker finally kicked in, cutting off current, leaving Jolteon healthier than ever, and Skarmory unconscious on the ground.

    "Skarmory is unable to battle! Ethan Caldwell has one Pokemon left. Jon Drake has three. However Jon Drake has received a warning, and any other incidents like that will result in instant disqualification."

    Ethan looked at Jon furiously as the crowd booed, with Jon making a mental note to apologize to him later. Whilst he wanted to tell Ethan the plan, and apologize in advance for the underhanded techniques he was going to use, he didn't want Ethan trying to throw the match and it being obvious.

    Ethan called back Skarmory, before sending in his final Pokemon. Golem.

    "F***..." Jon muttered, realizing how much trouble Jolteon was in, and thanking God that he kept Blaziken aside. However he soon realized getting Blaziken out would be more difficult than he intended. Golem leapt forward, curling up into a ball, launching itself at Jolteon, who barely had a second to spare before being hit by it. If Jon switched out Jolteon without Baton pass, all the work Blaziken did before would be for nothing, and the best way to end this would be with Blaziken. Same thing if Joleton fainted. However, the only reason Blaziken was able to Baton pass so quickly was because he was the one signalling to Jon to do it. He was prepared, whilst with Jolteon, Jon had to make more decisions in this fight. Jolteon would need a second to use the move, however kept getting hit by Golem before he could.

    "S**t..." Jon muttered, as he tried to remember what moves Jolteon knew that could help in this situation. Electric moves were out of the question, and whilst Jolteon knew double kick, getting that close to Golem was too risk. Suddenly, it hit him.

    "Use endure!" Jon shouted, as Jolteon took a direct hit. He was knocked into the air, though whilst that should have knocked Jolteon out, instead, he was still conscious, with a sliver of energy. And this time being airborne would provide enough of a gap between barrages to...

    "Now Switch Jolteon!"

    A moment or two later, Jolteon was absorbed in a white light, before disappearing and being replaced by Blaziken, who remembered Jon's advice from earlier.

    "Strike fast, strike hard, cover eachothers weaknesses. As soon as you're out of the Pokeball, attack."

    "Revenge!" Jon shouted, as Blaziken took another hit from Golem, who still seemed to think it was battling a Jolteon half its height and a tenth of the weight.

    Blaziken took the hit from Golem, holding back a cry of pain, before rotating around, seeming to roll off the side of the Pokemon, and launching a roundhouse kick into the Rock type, causing it to stumble in confusion at what had just happened.

    "Now one last hit!" Jon shouted out, "Close Combat!"

    Blaziken leapt forward at the dazed rock type, letting out a barrage of quick and powerful kicks, before jumping in the air, spinning around and striking the rock type with one last finishing kick. Golem was launched back, rolling backwards into the wall of the arena, leaving a significant dent, and laying unconscious. When Blaziken realized the fight was over, he sighed, before collapsing down into a sitting position on the ground, taking deep breaths.

    "Golem is unable to battle. Jon Drake has won the battle!"
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