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    I use PXR Because....

    Why do you use/still hang out on PXR?

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    Because EverGrande is no more, and the other forums are too high maintenance for my lazy butt.

    Also, i kinda like these guys and gals, they rubbin off on me.

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    I feel more at home here than on any other forum really. It's a good size for me. Not too big such that it's overwhelming but not so small that I'm only chatting with two people. We've got a good cast of regulars here that I enjoy talking to and all in all it's just a place that I feel the comfortable hanging out in. Most of the other Pokémon forums I've tried to join were just way too big for my liking.
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    I love the community and the members. Everyone here is super fun and friendly and after trying other communities, nothing else has that sense and feeling of togetherness that this place has. PXR is easy on the rules and doesn't require people to go through crazy hoops just to do something simple and casual.

    Plus, it's the place where I can run my silly and crazy events and lots of people get in on them. So yeah, those are the reasons why I'm still here.

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    I love coming here because it's a welcome break from the bigger places. As fun as it is to mod the bigger boards (eg. Bulbagarden, Serebii, PC, etc.), here things are a bit lower key.
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    One of the things that inspired me to join this forum back when I did is... well, the fact that forum boards themselves feel as though they're becoming somewhat obsolete thanks to the rise of other social media platforms. They were an enormous part of my childhood on the internet, and I'm happy to see that some are still thriving here and there; especially since the one(s) that I got my start on have all either fallen away to inactivity, or been completely shut down in the years since. x x

    But... on the opposite side of the coin (and as mentioned by some of the other replies here), the handful of other Pokémon-related boards that I've tried tend to be too thriving if they aren't suffering from not having enough active members. It's led to me being unable to really connect with anyone at best, and leaving one of them due to feeling ignored each time I've tried to participate in activities and conversations there for the several years I've been a member...

    I haven't been on PXR in a long while as of writing this. But I've always liked the size of this community and how tightly-knit it seems! I just tend to forget to drop by as often as I'd like to, on top of being extremely shy. But I would probably rank PXR as one of the Pokémon boards I've most enjoyed spending time on.

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    I really don't post on the forums anymore, and I'm not as into Pokemon as I used to be. But I've been a member of PXR almost since the beginning and I've always really liked the community here, so I still like to pop in and see what's going on and how people are doing once in a while.

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    To me PXR is a place where I can share and be around people I've come to know and call friends. It's a friendly community where we can communicate in a way we all enjoy to be around one another. Share our experiences with games, anime, life, or more with each other and not be totally judged by another. It's a way to enjoy our time and improve upon ourselves and the outlook on what anyone else who may come here may want to be a part of. I've always enjoyed forums since the 2006 times. So long as I have a place in them and friends. I'm sure I'll still be a part of them for many years to come.

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    More seriously, whenever I'm feeling like I want to talk Pokémon, this is the place I come. I may not be as active as I used to be, but I still check in from time to time. It's only the third Pokémon forum I ever really joined and got involved in, and the other two before that have long since disappeared.
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