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@Elbub Magneton is nice! Good choice!
I only just started but I decided I want to use Pokemon I've never used before. (I always use the same 8ish Pokemon on Kanto runs haha). But I am using Bulbasaur as I always do. xD The rest of my team will be Slowbro, Rapidash, Dugtrio, Starmie and Muk. The annoying thing is that so many Pokemon in this game are late game! Are you going to use any filler Pokemon before you can access your team or no?

That's a really good looking team, and I'm surprised you've not used them before! I've used Slowbro, Dugtrio, and Starmie on more than one playthrough before.

Yes, it's frustrating, albeit slightly better than GSC, which locked some of the coolest new Johto Pokémon... to Kanto. Once you get through Rock Tunnel though, you can get a lot more Pokémon, and the only ones left are those locked behind Surf, which aren't too many... So I usually just take the overlevelling hit and keep my party free of filler. Except for someone to use Flash, of course.

Speaking of GSC, I'm going to have to think up something to challenge that with once I finish this Red run...