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Thread: Pokemon Reveals Their Core Values

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    Pokemon Reveals Their Core Values

    What are Pokemon core values?
    Core values are what makes the heart and soul of any person or entity. It is what pushes them to be the best that they can be. Help draw lines for a person and what people see.
    The Pokemon Company International is no different. A week ago, they release a video to outline their core values. This video shows their core values in every product they release and everything they do.
    The video has several different tPCI employees such as Social Media Manager Chaka Cumberbatch-Tinsley to Sr. Organized Play Manager Dave Schwimmer. They discuss and show how Pokemon live out these core values. Overall, it gave fans a look into what happens at the Pokemon Company International.
    Pokemon Core Values

    Below are the six core values that drive the Pokemon Company International.
    Passion for Pokemon
    Dedicated to Quality
    Challenging the Expected
    Building the Relationships
    Integrity and Respect
    Delighting Customers
    As a person who has met some people from tPCI, at various events, you can really feel the love and passion they have for the franchise. They all have a love for Pokemon and the fans. You can see them at events and they will gladly wave and talk to you. All to help build relationships.
    TCG fans are familiar with this but not all TCG products are hits. Though, Pokemon do continue to create products that fans want such as pre-made decks. That way it will give fans the chance to play the TCG competitively. Another example of their core values.
    You can watch the video talking about Pokemon’s core values below.

    Lastly, I want to talk about the fans. The video showed off various Pokemon fans from different competitions.
    One of the things said about the fans is that Pokemon is a universal language. That everybody can come together and connect with the characters.
    “…They all know Pikachu.”
    This resonated with me. It reminded me of a personal experience I had with Pokemon. So, I am going to end this article with a story.
    Back in 2017, I had went to Japan for vacation. One of the things I packed with me was my Pokemon TCG decks in hopes of playing a game of Pokemon TCG with some Japanese players.
    Eventually, my friends and I arrived in Akihabara. A place famous for being the biggest haven for otaku. If I couldn’t find anybody to play a game of Pokemon TCG here then there was no hope for this goal to be fulfilled. Luckily, there were plenty of card shops there with Japanese players.
    So I walked into a shop and saw some Japanese players playing Pokemon TCG. I walked up to them and simply watch them play their match. As soon as they were done, I politely showed them my deck in an attempt to signal to them that I wish to play. One of them took my invitation. Soon enough I found myself battling this Japanese player with my Metagross GX deck that I took to Internationals a few weeks ago.
    I ended up losing the match. Though, what was amazing that we conducted the battle without too much speaking. We both knew the game and mechanics enough to the point we could hold a few battles with no trouble. This is all thanks to the language that Pokemon has created. We both knew what a Metagross was and what it does.
    This was a moment that happened only thanks to Pokemon.
    Because…We are Pokemon.
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