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    Is the first game you played also your favorite?

    Pretty straightforward question here. Is your favorite Pokémon game also the first you played? If not, does it rank high or low on your list?
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    The first game I played was Pokémon Yellow, and I can't love a Gen I game enough to call it my favourite. The glitches and flaws with these games are well documented and, besides, I spent more time on my version of Pokémon Blue that I got a few days after Yellow, eventually completing the Pokédex on that cartridge.

    But it definitely ranks above average on my list. I retrospectively prefer Yellow to RSE, FRLG, DP (I've not played Platinum despite owning it to judge), XY, SM, and USUM. Does nostalgia and when I played the games in my life help with putting it above all those other games? Sure, I recognise that. And I'm okay with it.
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    Nope, definitely not.
    First I played was Silver, and while it's OK, I mainly played it because I like the rest of the franchise. I even got Gold on the VC, but it just feels like so much is missing compared to later games that even nostalgia can't make it one of my faves.
    In fact I'd say it's my pretty low on the list, only above the Gen1 games.

    Then again, I never finished any pokemon game until Pearl, which until SuMo was my favourite, and what got me properly into the pokemon games.

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    I first started with Blue and I can't say it was my favorite. Gold was probably my favorite followed closely by Black. I definitely liked Shield, though, that was fun!

    But yeah, as others have said, some of the older game mechanics were pretty bad. Nothing like getting hit with Wrap, Wrap, Wrap, again and again until your whole team is dead. Plus some of those older sprites are just... yeesh. That said, seeing how much the games have evolved in terms of features, graphics, new Pokemon, animations, and so much more, I don't think I could whip out the older games just for nostalgia's sake. It's so much more fun to see Pokemon with much more lifelike character, color, and animation than to go back to where they were just black and white static sprites.

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    Yeah Blue was my first and definitely not my favorite. It was great for it's time though. It's probably lower than most games, but still higher on the list. The Mystery Dungeon games will forever be my favorite just because it's what kept me into Pokémon games.

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