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    Pokémon Nicknames

    Do you have a preferred way to nickname your Pokémon? Do you try to follow a theme of sorts? Do you just pick a random name that you think fits them? Or do you not bother at all?
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    The first playthough of each game I tend to go with whatever name seems to fit the pokemon, almost always named after other fictional characters.

    In my second playthroughs onwards I always picka theme beforehand, such as naming the all after mythological characters, or naming them the surnames of Fire Emblem Three Houses characters.

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    I tend to name my Pokemon:

    --references to the Pokeworld itself (Misty the Togetic, Serena the Persian)
    --other anime characters (Lita the Pikachu, Amy the Dewgong)
    --other game characters (Zelda the Gardevoir, Diddy the Infernape, Tails the Floatzel)
    --Disney characters (Ariel the Vaporeon, Meeko the Linoone)
    --other American cartoon characters (Garfield the Snorlax)
    --foreign words that fit the Pokemon (Yuki the Alolan Ninetales, Luce the Ampharos)
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