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    Caps or No Caps?

    Earlier on in the main series games, before gen V, Pokémon names (and character + move in even older games) were in CAPS. Did this bother you? Was anyone else like me as a kid and changed them to be lowercase? If you nicknamed any mons in those games, did you keep the nickname in CAPS too?
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    Oh, back in the day as a kid it bothered me, and I did used to change everything I could to lowercase like you! When I play through these games now though, I always follow the game's lead and use ALL caps. Now, the contrast of using lowercase would bother me more than anything else.
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    While it anoyed me as a kid, I went along with the naming sceme and named them all caps. I have to say I was pleased with the change, but I still name pokemon & trainers all caps in the older games, just so it doesn't look out of place.

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    Yeah, I was one of those that followed the game's lead and had the names in all caps if that was the norm.

    I dunno, it just felt odd to deviate from it.


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