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    How clean is your house?

    Is it a mess? Are you a total neat freak? or something else in between?
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    Uhh, somewhere in between. My wife and I, fortunately, share a similar requirement for cleanliness, which falls somewhere between not cleaning and tidying perhaps as often as we should, but leaps and bounds ahead of being a mess...
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    I try to clean once a month, usually around the weekend that falls toward the middle of the month. My dad and I reside in a pretty big house and it's a lot for me to clean.

    It's not too bad, but toward cleaning time, I do see little dust balls and stuff here and there. Doing any less and I think it would start to look pretty bad...

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    Our apartment is somewhere in between messy and clean... some rooms are pretty clean, but others are pretty cluttered. There's just no space, tbh. =/

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    I'm quite tidy- I think it comes from growing up in a bus with 4 other people. Even though I have a lot of stuff, its important that each item has a home/storage area, and it returns to its home when you're finished using it.
    With chores, I try to vaccuum and sweep once or twice a week, usually before DnD so it's nice to sit on the floor xD

    That said, I should do the dishes a little more often *sigh*
    It's hard to juggle chores and expectations with housemates!

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    My house is tidy enough. My room on the other hand, isn't very often.

    The thing about living at home with my parents (I know, I'm getting a bit old for that...) is that instead of being just my bedroom, it is my bedroom, TV watching room, computer room, storage room etc. Between my bed, desk, TV unit and storage cabinets, there isn't a great deal of floor space, so all it takes is a day or two of coming home from work feeling exhausted, leaving my clothes on the floor, and all of a sudden my room looks like a bomb hit it...


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