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    Elbub's Challenge Adventures 2 : Electric Boogaloo

    Original Introduction


    It's me, guys! Your second favourite[citation needed] PXR Nuzlocke guy!

    Now, you may be asking me "Nic/Elbub/Old man (depending on your familiarity with me). What are you doing? You categorically suck at the Nuzlocke challenge.". And haha, you'd be right my friends! But, as they say, no pain, no clouds with silver lining.

    You may also be saying "nobody wants to pay attention to a Nuzlocke that isn't either recorded on video or drawn in a comic.". And once again, you're probably 100% correct. But I can't draw very well, and making videos is hard work by all accounts. All I have are my words and my old, out-of-date references and memes. And I will use these tools to do my best to mildly entertain you for 5, maybe 10, minutes tops. Maybe. Hopefully.

    Now I'm going to assume that anyone reading this already knows what a Nuzlocke challenge run of a Pokémon game is but, for the uninitiated, please see attached. Enjoy. I'll see you back here again in a few hours.

    This thread right here won't just be about a singular Nuzlocke run, however. It will be home to a full series, hence the plural in the title. Now, I am fortunate to own a physical copy of every single main series Pokémon game avaliable in my country (all of them apart from Green), as well as the Virtual Console releases on the 3DS family. And what I'm suggesting is a Nuzlocke playthrough of one from every single set of games from every generation, including the remakes.

    Now, if my maths is correct and I CAN count, that is currently fourteen different games that I need to play through at time of writing. For clarity, that is one game from each of the following sets - RBY, GSC, RSE, FRLG, DPPt, HGSS, BW, B2W2, XY, ORAS, SM, USUM, LGPE, and SwSh. But it doesn't end there, oh no. I am proposing the following.

    • For every succesful playthrough, the victorious team will be transferred through to the latest generation that is capable of hosting it.
    • For every failed playthrough, one of the Pokémon will be nominated as the representative of that game - I imagine the most useful Pokémon throughout the whole run, but not necessarily.
    • Once all fourteen games have been completed and the Pokémon transferred forward, there will be a knock-out tournament. A Thunderdome, if you will, to determine my ultimate Nuzlocke Pokémon.

    Sounds fun, right?

    Anyway, my intention was to start this in the sensible order, and lead off with a first generation game. But what do people suggest, Pokémon Red, Pokémon Blue, or Pokémon Yellow? Or do people think I should go for something completely different?

    If I don't get much response to this (which would be totally understandable), I will go ahead and try to beat Pokémon Red version again. Just like old times...

    The Game Boy Generations

    Pokémon Red Version - Generation I Kanto Nuzlocke
    Result - In progress

    TBC - Generation II Johto Nuzlocke
    Result - Not started

    The Game Boy Advance Generation

    TBC - Generation III Hoenn Nuzlocke
    Result - Not started

    TBC - Generation III Kanto Nuzlocke
    Result - Not started

    The NintendoDS Generations

    TBC - Generation IV Sinnoh Nuzlocke
    Result - Not started

    TBC - Generation IV Johto Nuzlocke
    Result - Not started

    TBC - Generation V Unova Nuzlocke
    Result - Not started

    TBC - Generation V Unova Sequels Nuzlocke
    Result - Not started

    The Nintendo3DS Generations

    TBC - Generation VI Kalos Nuzlocke
    Result - Not started

    TBC - Generation VI Hoenn Nuzlocke
    Result - Not started

    TBC - Generation VII Alola Nuzlocke
    Result - Not started

    TBC - Generation VII Alola Sequels Nuzlocke
    Result - Not started

    The [Nintendo Switch] Generations

    TBC - Generation VII Kanto Nuzlocke
    Result - Not started

    TBC - Generation VIII Galar Nuzlocke
    Result - Not started
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    Oooh this is so interesting. It reminds me of a generationlocke but you've definitely got your own twists and tricks here. Looking forward to it!
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    Pokémon Red Version - Generation I Kanto Nuzlocke
    Prologue - Luck and Laughter

    Ah ****, here we go again,...

    On the first of March, it will have been seven long years since I took on my first ever Nuzlocke, in this very game.

    On the second of March, it will have been seven long years since I failed my first ever Nuzlocke, in this very game.

    I'm sure you can therefore understand my trepidation.

    Yes, I do not have a good record with Nuzlocke challenges. The furthest I have ever got in any Nuzlocke was Morty, in SoulSilver. The furthest I have ever got in Generation I games is the first gym trainer.

    Here's hoping to a better go this time around.

    I booted up my 2DS and the virtual console version of Pokémon Red, and found the save file to be worth keeping. This was because I had a playtime of 0:01 and was still in my bedroom in Pallet Town at the very point you spawn in at.

    This has nothing to do with my Flying-type themed playthrough that I have yet to start...

    As is commonly (I think) a rule in Nuzlocke challenges, I intended to let my starter Pokémon by decided by the last digit of my Trainer ID. If you didn't already know, the only way to see your trainer ID in Generation I games is by looking at a Pokémon's details.

    So, with a 33% chance of this not being a dummy run, I sped out to the grass, back to the lab, and grabbed the nearest Pokémon to my starting position - Charmander.

    Side note, does anyone know why they ordered the Pokémon on Oak's Desk in Generation I the way they did? Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbsaur. For so many reasons, it really bothers me, and I'd like their to be a genuine reason for it, but I'm too lazy to research it myself. Theroies are also acceptable, and in fact encouraged...

    Sweating profusely (in my head), I opened up Charmander to check my Trainer ID.

    It ended with a 4.





    Oh, didn't I clarify? When I said that I'd let the final digit of my Trainer ID decide the Pokémon, I decided to not use the 1-3, 3-6, 7-9, and 0 for a free choice system. No, I felt it in my bones that this was not the way to go. I opted for a 147, 258, 369, and 0 for a free choice system.

    Call it a hunch, call it luck, call it a lie if you will, I know in my heart of hearts what I told myself!

    I restarted, and took a more leisurely route to the lab this time, basking in my luck. Out of interest, does anybody else do what I do at the start of Generation I games despite having played them before hundreds of times? In the following order, I:

    1. Retrieve the potion from my PC.
    2. Go downstairs and talk to my mother, who tells me that Professor Oak next door is looking for me.
    3. Go outside and head to Blue/Gary's house, and talk to Daisy, who tells me that Blue/Gary is at the lab.
    4. Head to the lab, but stop to speak to the guy outside the lab who tells me how amazing technology is.
    5. Enter the lab, meet with Blue/Gary, who tells me that he doesn't know where his grandfather is.
    6. Finally head out into the tall grass to be stopped by Professor Oak.

    Don't ask.

    This time, the choosing of the starter is for realsies, so I grab myself a Bulbasaur and nickname them FELIX, the well-known Latin word for lucky. I proceed to dispatch of my rival, named GARY, in the bog-standard and boring first battle, and head out to Route 1.

    Route 1

    I may change my mind for future generations, but in Generation I, I like to attempt to get through Route 1 three times without any encounters, so I can catch something there. I don't allow myself to go back if I fail. I do this because 1) I have achieved this feat several times in the past and 2) all I am missing out on is a Pidgey or a Rattata.

    To no one's surprise, I'm sure, I fail on my first journey through, and encounter a level 3 Pidgey. Now, I don't like to unnecessarily grind in Pokémon games, even if I really should, but I think I'm going to make a habit of knocking out every wild encounter to get my Pokémon as high as possible, naturally.

    We'll see how long that lasts, particularly when I get to Mt. Moon.

    So anyway, I proceed to wail on this level 3 Pidgey with Tackle, but it strikes first with a Gust.

    A critical hit Gust.

    But nah, it was fine. Gust has Normal-typing in Generation I, so the critical hit only dealt 3 points of damage. Nothing to worry about, but it did get me thinking that I should keep a tally of the critical hits in each generation, to see if I benefit more or less from them...

    Elbub's critical hits 0, Enemy critical hits 1

    Once this Pidgey was dispatched I carried on my merry way, only to encounter another level 3 Pidgey.

    I kid you not, the battle started in exactly the same way. First Gust, another critical hit.

    Only this time, Tackle provided a critical hit of my own! And I proceeded to beat the level 3 Pidgey, and ding up to Level 7 and a new move - Leech Seed. Onwards, to Viridian City

    Elbub's critical hits 1, Enemy critical hits 2

    Oak's Parcel, Viridian City, Route 22, Route 2, and Viridian Forest Part 1

    I heal up after the gruelling bird fights and proceed onwards to the Poké Mart. Oak's Parcel is forced into my inventory, I take it back to Pallet Town, grab the Potion from the salesman on the way, receive my Poké Dex, grab the Town Map from Daisy, head back up to Viridian City, yadda yadda yadda.

    Heading back again to the Viridian City Poké Mart, I pick up 10 Poké Balls, 3 Antidotes, and 3 Paralyz Heals. Now it's time for the good stuff.

    Out on Route 22, I head into the small grass that precedes the Gary fight. After a second or two, the speakers wail, the screen flashes and I am presented with my very first catchable encounter in my Generation I Pokémon Red Nuzlocke.

    A level 2 Nidoran M.

    I already feel invincible.

    I catch the good boy, and nickname him RISUS, the not-well known Latin word for laughter. Because WE LAUGHING NOW!

    Heading back up to Route 2, I find my second encounter, a much less exciting level 3 Weedle, nicknamed STING. They don't get a fancy Latin name because, honestly, things will have to get pretty dark for me to want to use them. I also landed another critical hit Tackle when weakening them - one more for the tally.

    Elbub's critical hits 2, Enemy critical hits 2

    The entrance to Viridian Forest provides the exact same encounter as Route 2, a second level 3 Weedle. They are nicknamed E.BOOGALOO, which hits the limit for characters in a Pokémon nickname. The more you know! Their fate, like their prequel, is likely to be a comfy box life at best.


    So, I'm all ready to head through Viridian Forest and onwards to Pewter City without any more catching. I'll probably deal with most of the trainers in the forest first, then double back to Gary on Route 22 for that fight, before proceeding onwards through the storyline of the game.

    My intention for the next chapter is all my progress (or failure) up to getting the 2nd badge at Misty's gym. I intend to have a maximum of five chapters in total for all generations, in addition to prologues and epilogues, generally documenting my route to and completion of badge two, badge four, badge six, badge eight, and finally the result at the Pokémon League.

    I hope you guys have enjoyed this! See you in the next chapter!

    EDIT: I've also reformatted the first post in this thread to document things better. I probably still need to expand on what's included in there, but that will do for now.


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