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    The Ultimate Final Ending to Stalkers RPG

    @EmeraldSky @Noblejanobii @Scytherwolf @SlickSlack @Lychee @AD @Suicune’s Fire @Shruikan @Chibi Altaria @Bulbasaur @James-Typhlosion @TylerNinetales

    Sorry for the wait on this, but this took a while to type up. It’s almost twelve pages in Word!

    Enjoy and thanks to everyone that ever participated in Stalkers RPG now or in the past. It’s been a great ride and I hope you all enjoyed it.

    And now without further delay…

    The Dark Campaign Awakens

    It was their last, dark, infernal gambit.

    Their atrocious work had started upon the peaceful and prosperous world of Aryia, in the lowly farming settlement of Serenity Town. But when that failed, they had targeted the dark gray world of Valdyne in one of its larger metropolises of Silvercoal City. And yet, their actions were countered there as well, forcing the destruction and eventual reconstruction of the world. Barendal was the next target they had selected, hoping to secure their deathly grip on the town of Southwarren… only to be met with failure once again. And then Yaru was selected by their dark, hellish masters, targeting Salvage Keep in the hungering anticipation that the already ravaged post-apocalyptic city would be easy prey. But despite their efforts, Emissaries had countered them once again despite their attempts to plunge more of their resources into the hellish campaign to finally obtain a dark victory.

    Veramo. Exacta City.

    The final gambit.

    It was here that Abyss decided to rip the veil that hid the realms beyond death to shreds, hungering to finally transmutate the living universe into a deranged abomination of its former self and allow it to fester into an unholy, infinite extension of the Abyss. It was here that they decided all living Pokémon would be condemned to a damnation of their own wicked and corrupt selection.

    Labyrinth… Obscene… Astralnox… Twistagen… Huskpuppet… and Exclude. All united by the word “LOATHE.” But what few Pokémon of Exacta City realized until recently was that the destructive force of OMEN… was no biological superweapon, but in fact a precursor of doom triggered by Abyss made to look like a monstrous superweapon from another Veramo faction. But the deception was uncovered, and the macabre plans were countered once again.

    As the Stalkers fell and were exorcised by the Emissaries, Abyss upped the ante, first sending in their frontline soldiers to deal with the ongoing Emissary threat. But when they weren’t enough to stop the crusade, the darkest and most vile lieutenants of Abyss were deployed, causing everything around them to wither and be reduced to ash and sickly ichor. Where Utopia’s mission was jeopardized and almost hopelessly crushed, Abyss broke their way in, signaling the final end of life and the new dusk of endless slaughter. Where they had met repeated failure in the wake and form of Sin Purge Rituals, they decided no more.

    And then the last Stalker fell.

    And then it became all or nothing…

    After five miserable failures, Abyss had decided to spare no resource, withhold no expenditure, and to gather every single abomination and horror they could to rip through the boundaries of reality and spill and smother all across Veramo, corrupting the world with the darkest of rot, down to the very core to turn the entire world into a gutted, infernal hive. It would be a macabre new dreaded beginning to the end of all things to bring forward the Eternal Death.

    Led by the Dread Mother WEM and the Mastermind of Damnation himself, SUECRA, they ripped open the veil with the Dark Emergence of the Abyss Portal, a gateway that would allow Abyss to vomit out its hideous, endless legions of corruption, directed by their defiled legionnaires and grotesque commanders. They would spill in by the trillions, all horrendous, twisted, rotten Pokémon that barely resembled their former selves with their blackened flesh and mutated appendages.

    Exacta City would be gutted and eviscerated before becoming mutated and corrupted into something far more atrocious than even the darkest living imagination could conceive. Endless screaming and fires would engulf the living before they too, were dragged into the pits of endless despair. Where the Emissaries had won the battles, they would woefully fail at the final and most important battle of the war, and would suffer eternally for their grim failure. And Utopia could only watch and weep in horror before they too, became the target for dark corruption and destruction. The Abyssal hordes would sweep the universe from world to world before the dark claws of Abyss wrapped around their dark prize, devouring even the heavenly realm of Utopia and all its denizens.

    With seemingly endless numbers of foul legions and swarms of deranged evil forces, it seemed as though there was no hope for either the living or their Utopia allies…

    Secrets of the Shadows

    Abyss thought Utopia had failed and their attempt to disrupt the dark campaign was no more. With almost all of the hidden Utopian Angels found and destroyed, Abyss assumed no one and nothing remained to continue their work, meaningless as it was in their efforts to attempt to stop the darkest of all swarms.

    But they had overlooked a critical secret. The very essence that Syrax the Espeon, devout worshipper of Utopia, had uncovered…

    …The aspect of combining Utopian power with the advanced technology of Veramo’s living Pokémon.

    As the days upon Veramo were becoming swallowed by the darkness and the Abyss legions were wreaking havoc upon the world, the assemblies were being completed in quiet, solemn silence. The path to set forward all things in motion.

    When the last Stalker fell and the eternal death of the final Enthraller was heard, it had become the signal to the Dread Mother, WEM, to begin the Dark Emergence. Legions commanded by WEM spilled in by the hundreds, bleeding out of the OMEN Crater like a skittering swarm of deranged locusts, enterally starving with the unsatiable desire to feed.

    As they gushed forward into the Southern Reach and swarmed the already-destroyed city, it had appeared all was far beyond already lost…

    …It had appeared hopeless to stand against a demonic force so massive, so powerful, so relentless, and so mindlessly deranged that no weaponry or reason seemed to provide an answer…

    The Final Stand

    What happened next unfolded a series of events that neither WEM or SUECRA were anticipating. As the corrupted renditions of Mew and Arceus stepped their dark, rotten feet upon the already quivering world, the Emissaries stood in their way, hoping to buy Syrax, Hoopa, and Blazewing whatever time they needed to set the response in motion. So much sacrifice had been made to put this plan into action. What started with Utopia’s undercover Angels had to be picked up and continued by the Emissaries despite the dangers and risks. But nonetheless, they had done everything they could, and now it was time to see what would become of it…

    And behind these brave and selfless Emissaries were the Pokémon of Aurorawatch and their citizens, along with the Knaves, now finally banded together after settling their differences. Though the situation appeared hopeless despite their bravery and tenacity, they refused to surrender to an enemy so deranged and wicked in nature, regardless of power and size. They were all but mere drops against a raging inferno… doomed to be dried up and consumed…

    But they were ready to die defending what they loved and what they believed in. These blackened battlegrounds would be the place they would make their final stand, even if no one would survive to sing songs of heroism or build monuments that were testaments to their bravery and sacrifice.

    And so they fought, using whatever power and weapons they could against the incoming, endless waves of ghoulish, corrupt Pokémon sent forward from the very Abyss itself.

    And then the call to arms was signaled…

    We must give Abyss no quarter, no room to stand. Those who are unaware must awaken. And those who know the truth must band together.

    Our people will be united. The blessed hymn of triumph and tribute will be heard by all, and our brothers and sisters across the many galaxies of space and time will know each other by heart, as if family. The fire in their souls will be felt by all, and no longer will we be strangers in these dark times.




    All will be one within the Divine Constellation. Our ultimate weapon against fear, against evil, against destruction. All that is known to us all and even beyond the outreach will hear, not by ear, but by heart and soul.

    Using the Starcaller Relic, Blazewing the Latias and Syrax the Espeon had sent the divine prayer call echoing throughout the universe, faster than the speed of light, touching and embracing all that could ever be known. Distance held no measure, for now this holy relic was empowered to go anywhere… everywhere…

    The plea… the prayer that would be heard by all…

    Aryia Awoken

    It had first reached the docile and peaceful world Aryia, finding Pashner the Blastoise’s heart as he stood in the center of the small and quiet Serenity Town. He was going about his business before he felt the prayer call envelop him, causing him to stop and suddenly his heart and mind were filled with concern, but hope. The other Pokémon of Serenity Town had stepped outside, stopping, feeling, suddenly touched by the voices of this prayer and united voice that beckoned for support and hope. Whispers in the wind, beckoning unity, the signal that the final war had come and all would be revealed. Judgment was at hand, expressing words of incoming darkness, but revealing a hope that a light could stand against it…

    “Is it…?” Zick the Jolteon had asked him with a concerned look in his eyes, suddenly feeling it, too.

    “It’s time…” Pashner told him, clasping his hands together.

    Throughout the tiny farming town, the Pokémon had prayed, for they too had known the darkness of the Stalkers and the force of Abyss that had ravaged their town years ago. Despite having narrowly escaped the darkness, they survived and now lived today. And now they prayed, for hope, for strength against this incoming, seemingly infinite darkness. And throughout all of Aryia even beyond Serenity Town, the Pokémon that called this world their home had closed their eyes, held hands, and prayed fervently. Throughout the valleys, cities, and towns, wherever there was a living soul… they felt the warmth of Utopia in their hearts. They closed their eyes… but they could still see…

    And it was then that Aryia had become alit like a star, a holy sanctuary where no wickedness could enter and no evil was welcome. And it was as if a new candle had been lit, with its lighting and brilliant, holy glow now joining the battle against the dark shadows…

    Valdyne Awoken

    The holy decree had soon reached Silvercoal City upon the reconstructed, technological world of Valdyne. Across the highly developed metropolis, even among the neon lights, holograms, and towering skyscrapers, the arcane and holy voices whispered for unity.

    As he stood by at the Silvercoal City Police Station, at first Pormalu the Arcanine couldn’t quite understand what the sudden commotion was about, but then Sequintia the Pyroar had come to his side, suddenly feeling it as well as it came over her like a dream that she never woke up from. Never before had something so surreal had turned into something real.

    “Pormalu, these voices!” she cried out, unsure of what it all meant. “Am I… I can’t be the only one that hears them!”

    “It’s… a prayer…” Pormalu told her, suddenly his heart wrapped in belief that there was a force divine after all.

    And despite being an agnostic skeptic for many years of his life, he bowed his head and prayed for the safety, strength, and security of not just for the Pokémon of Silvercoal, but for all of Valdyne… and beyond. Wherever hearts in need cold be. That he and they could know peace and safety, even in the darkest time of existence. As Sequintia, his wife, had seen Pormalu so overcome with belief, she too, bowed her head and prayed.

    All throughout the massive city, time came to a half, and suddenly Pokémon stopped where they stood and prayed however they could, that Valdyne could be a beacon of hope in this time of darkness and shadow. Where the prayer enveloped Silvercoal, it had carried on through the rest of the highly technological world, urging any and all to lend their hope and prayer.

    And like Aryia, they had joined their Pokémon brothers and sisters, suddenly no longer strangers, but banded together as one. It became a prayer of hopes and answers, a cry for peace and prosperity in the wake of this darkest of all ages and times. And it was then that the holy light had lit Valdyne as a beacon against the shadows, driving them back and proving Valdyne would never be a place of darkness and evil ever again…

    Barendal Awoken

    Soon after, the light and the prayer had reached the small, arid world of Barendal, first enveloping the industrial town of Southwarren. Where time and life had seemed so distant and secluded away from everything else in the universe, the prayer had reached this quiet, almost forgotten place as well. But despite how far and distance a place could be, Utopia never forgot them.

    Rancha the Breloom, who had almost forgotten the time of darkness that once plagued Southwarren, suddenly felt the presence of Utopia again, and it had reminded her of that time just a few years ago when her small industrial town was on the brink of oblivion. Where it once seemed like they were lost and hopeless, the Emissaries had come and purged out the evil.

    And now they were being called upon for help…

    “Rancha, what… is this presence?” Dali the Umbreon had asked her as they stood outside in the center of the city. “It almost feels… familiar…”

    “I remember…” Rancha told her, almost instinctively placing her hands together. “They came… the Emissaries. Utopia…”

    And when Dali heard that word, she remembered as well, and how the Abyss once sought to corrupt and devastate their town, but the evil had been purged out thanks to the efforts of the Emissaries and the support they had from Utopia.

    Dali had bowed down her head and kneeled, praying for light and hope in this time of darkness as Rancha had spoken the words of the prayer, having never heard them before, but knowing all of them simply from the peace in her heart, as if divine instinct.

    The light had weaved its way throughout all of Southwarren, and they too, joined their brothers and sisters in the hope of a new and righteous universe, one without darkness and evil. After the prayer had enveloped all of Barendal and the Pokémon of this quiet, desert world had banded together in prayer, the world itself was lit like a star of its own, driving back wickedness wherever it was, proving sin had no place dark in their dark breaths in this now holy place…

    Yaru Awoken

    Thought to have once been scorned and abandoned of all hope and promise, the light and the serenity of the prayer reached Yaru, first touching base in the ravaged city of Salvage Keep. In the aftermath of their encounter with the Stalkers, Shilamora the Goodra had committed to rebuilding Salvage Keep to its former pre-cataclysm glory, demolishing twisted, crumbling ruins to make way for new construction that brought hopes and signs of prosperity and new beginnings.

    While the growing city had still ways to go before it would see those golden days return, suddenly Shilamora felt the prayer call envelop her, and it was unlike anything she had felt before. Despite this new feeling of divine and holy urgency, it reminded her of the time just a short while ago, when Abyss had nearly claimed her city and all those that lived within it.

    “Shilamora, this presence…” Yasha the Absol told her, knowing exactly what it was. “The final battle… it is beginning. The entire universe is called upon, and that means…”

    “Us…” Shilamora replied, nodding as she put her hands together. “We will answer, too.”

    And then she closed her eyes and prayed, and Yasha had joined her, bowing her head in prayer in the hopes that Yaru would be safe and powerful in the war against this darkness. All throughout Salvage Keep, they felt and heard the call… join their brothers and sisters in a unified voice and strength, where distance would not stand in the ways of unity.

    Throughout all of Yaru, Pokémon had arisen from the ashes and ruins of a world seemingly lost, but resurrected after disaster. They all gathered together and prayed, hoping for a better and brighter for themselves… for their children… and the generations that would come after they had long lived out their lives. And their hopes extended far beyond even Yaru as they now felt the presence and voices of those throughout the universe… revealing that they weren’t alone…

    And it was then that Yaru had become alit with holy light, further driving back the darkness…

    Veramo Awoken

    All able-bodied Pokémon were called upon to join in the fight against the incoming hordes of Abyss’s foulest and most defiled legions. At a time when proving ground seemed impossible and doom was inevitable, they still fought it for as long as they could, even if it seemed like they would be battling until they could no longer stand. As their armaments blasted fire while their swords and weapons of steel struck fast against the enemy, they used their natural powers however they could to fight back the incoming tidal wave of horrendous wickedness.

    But they too could feel and hear the prayer as it carried throughout the universe, reaching anyone it could, from the hearts of the pure to the hearts of the skeptical. Those that had lost their way were found again and taken back to the path of peace while those that disbelieved now saw the light and were guided back to the truth and the warmth.

    All the while, the elderly, the very young, the too sick to fight, they could sense and hear the dreaded legions. While Aurorawatch the Knaves fought alongside the Emissaries, those that could not join them prayed. Despite their inability to wield weaponry or unleash their powers to their fullest potential, their light and their divine hope created a light that was like a cleansing fire to the wicked legions of Abyss, impeding their ability to go beyond the Southern Reach and into the Knave settlements and the Exacta Refuge Area. Despite hundreds of thousands of foul abominations emerging into the Southern Reach like a grotesque, unholy flood, they could not advance forward against the tenacity of this combined force, even as they stood against a presence that seemed infinitely powerful and limitless…

    Abyss poured everything they could into the Southern Reach, limited only by the size of the portal they were using to channel their deathly forces into the defiled warzone. They assumed this small resistance of adamant but foolish Pokémon would eventually bend and break against the vile will. All they needed to do was keep fighting and wear them down until they were far too exhausted to continue.

    They still refused to stop until all was obliterated… and consumed…

    And the prayer continued…

    Despite the battle deadlock upon Exacta City, the prayer continued weaving its way through the universe. One by one, worlds with any semblance of life and hope of purity were called upon to answer.

    “Pray with us, protect us, drive back and purge the evil that seeks to destroy everything…

    Channel your hope and love with ours, and allow the light to envelop you…”

    And the prayer had reached a world where Pokémon and humans lived together. It was there that Ash Ketchum was walking toward his hometown of Pallet when suddenly Pikachu felt something came over him, and suddenly felt very concerned. He had hopped off of Ash’s shoulder and after landing on the Route 1 path, he looked up to the sky and shivered a bit.

    “Pi-kaaa…” (“It’s happening…”) he spoke.

    “Hey, what’s wrong, Pikachu?” Ash had asked his beloved companion.

    And it was then that Pikachu clasped his paws together and prayed. Ash couldn’t quite understand what was going on until he looked around him, and saw that other wild Pokémon were doing the same, bowing, knelling, and closing their eyes. And then he too heard the whispers, for they pleaded in a voice that all could understand and listen to, touched by holy presence. After he heard the call, he had prayed alongside his lifelong companion.

    And the prayer carried on and spread throughout all of Kanto, Johnto, Hoenn, Orre, Sinnoh, Inova, Kalos, Alola, Galar, and all the other regions and places of the Pokémon World, uniting humans and Pokémon in one universal prayer of hope, peace, and triumph. Every city, every road and forest and island and body of water were witness to this divine presence, beckoning them for their hope and commitment.

    No corner of the world was left forgotten or untouched by the holy presence. It was as if all time and activity stopped… and now joined together…

    And they had all answered with their hearts and souls… as their world was lit like a star of holy light…

    And the prayer continued…

    The plea had first reached the heart and soul of Xatu, looking upon the sun as he stood waiting at the Great Canyon. He had sensed this day would be soon approaching, and it was now here as his telepathic message was sent to all those in Pokémon Square.

    But they had felt it also, its soothing voice urging them to join their brothers and sisters throughout the universe in this time of urgency. And it was then that the Pokémon of Pokémon Square had stepped out of their homes and businesses, joined together by prayer.

    And the light carried across the globe to Treasure Town, where Wigglytuff and Chatot were prepping the Exploration Guild to embark on another adventure when suddenly they had heard the voice as well.

    “Is this… what I think it is?” Chatot had asked Wigglytuff, suddenly interrupting the guild’s daily decree.

    Wigglytuff had softly nodded, and both of them began to pray as the rest of the guild soon joined them. And from there, the prayer had woven its way to reach Post Town as a large and brilliant rainbow lit up its sky. And from there, it carried through to Serene Village and Lively Town, touching the hearts and souls of all the Pokémon that lived there to join in on the universe’s prayer…

    As they answered and unified themselves with those already praying, their world lit up like a star…

    And the prayer continued…

    And from there, it carried across all corners of space and distance, reaching anyone and everyone it could. Those that had dreams, hopes, and desires for peace and happiness. Throughout the universe, it touched them all, urging them to drive back sin and evil with prayers of hope and aspiration.

    And suddenly, throughout all of existence in the universe, there was full purity. A moment of time when there was no sin, no evil, and no darkness as voices and hearts came together. All of these worlds of the living were now linked in the Divine Constellation, and in that moment of full purity, evil and darkness stood on the brink of hopelessness, like a rotten seed of evil burned away to ashes with nowhere to take root and grow.

    The Abyss could no longer win this fight, for their deathly presence could no longer take hold in the world of the living.

    Utopia Unbound
    Exacta City Resurrected

    And it was soon after that they had realized that Utopia was not defeated or suppressed, but simply waiting…

    Empowered by the Universe’s Prayer, the defenders of Veramo pushed the invading forces of Abyss back into the Southern Reach, and at that moment, the Dawnlight Reckoning Summoning had been completed as the call to reach Utopia had been fulfilled.

    The Utopian Portal had been opened, and suddenly the skies across Veramo were ablaze with white, holy light as the heavenly battalions of Pokémon emerged to drive back the demonic hordes. The Dread Mother WEM had tried to push through despite the staggering losses her doom legion was suffering, but no expense seemed to be turning the tide of this final battle.

    Not only did Abyss realize they were no longer advancing or wearing their resistance down… but now they were losing. The strength and bravado of the defenders of Exacta City never grew tired or worn from the conflict as suddenly they were accompanied by a battalion of heavenly warriors.

    And it was there that Tashy the Furret had gathered all those that had once felt the terror and pain of being at the mercy of the Enthrallers. She had gathered them all, no longer paralyzed and enslaved by their demonic possessors, but now freed and empowered with the strength and knowledge to bring their unholy enemies down.

    Daz the Dragonite…
    Tashy the Furret…
    Saps the Pachirisu…
    Millie the Vaporeon…
    Senia the Aromatisse…
    Vam the Oddish…
    Turren the Beartic…
    Poko the Skarmory…
    Finichi the Garbodor…
    Gallen the Gourgeist…
    Sensin the Vespiquen…
    Natisha the Flabébé…
    Hattika the Ninetales…
    Wandon the Octillery…
    Kim the Tyrogue…
    Bhi the Claydol…
    Dakku the Audino…
    Franny the Mismagius…
    Kanja the Kecleon…
    Yandil the Smeargle…
    Ninian the Numel…
    Shin the Chimecho…
    Ferghus the Machoke…
    Vendy the Weavile…
    Lillosh the Sandygast…
    Orin the Vivillon…
    Delta the Flareon…
    Dee’mang the Pikipek…
    Yurtag the Palpitoad…
    Marisha the Flaaffy…
    Imeida the Ditto…
    Taliea the Azumarill…
    Alishia the Milotic…
    Daxu the Gengar…
    Jagin the Floatzel…
    Fiveria the Musharna…
    …and Shas the Chimchar…

    All thirty-seven of them were Pokémon with hopes and dreams… preyed upon by the Enthrallers. But after losing them to the efforts of the Emissaries, the Abyss had carelessly forgotten about them all, never realizing that never once were they forsaken by the Emissaries and Utopia, each of their souls saved to live another day in a second life, a second chance.

    As the leader of the former Stalkers, Tashy the Furret had lead the way for all those that had once been enslaved by the Enthrallers, preparing and strengthening those that had almost given up hope after having become so flushed with darkness to see their dreams corrupted. But now, they stood stronger than ever…


    As the defenders of Veramo fought on and continued to drive back the enemy, Tashy and her battalion of the Redeemed former Stalkers empowered the Emissaries themselves.

    “You didn’t give up on us…” Tashy smiled as she led her battalion forward. “And we’ll never give up on you! Stay wild and free!”

    With their power and prayer empowering the Emissaries, there was no chance of defeat. Only invincibility. To WEM’s dismay, her forces and strongest legions were eviscerated and cut down like brittle grass against a reaping scythe. The more corrupt they were, the more devastating their obliteration had become.

    Despite the heavy losses, WEM still hungered for destruction, believing eventually Utopia’s empowerment had to fade. Surely her seemingly endless legions could keep going. No, she had demanded the Abyss Portal be opened wider to spill more countless legions into the costly fray. She didn’t care how many dark souls were vanquished in the costly onslaught.

    And it was then that Syrax had taken aim. With the help of the Utopian Angel Blazewing the Latias, they had prepared the Holy Divinefire Redeemer Armament to be fired not upon the Abyss’s legions, but directly into the Abyss Portal itself.

    And to WEM’s dismay, she had never known her enemies possessed such a powerful superweapon… not until it was far too late to respond to it.

    Like a massive nuclear missile, the Divinefire Armament was fired into the Portal, where it soon emerged into the other side, right into the unholy core of Abyss itself. Even Abyss’s flying legions were hopeless and powerless to stop it, simply burning into nothingness if they dared to even try and get close to its holy aura.

    And then it made impact…

    …Three minutes…

    That was how long the entire hellish realm of Abyss survived before every last bit of it was utterly obliterated and flushed out with holy purification fire. The darkest of souls and most foul of abominations were snuffed out of existence as the holy white fire turned the infernal ziggurats and hellish temples of Abyss into dust. Pools of gore and blood were burnt away and dried up while grotesque fields of flesh and tumors were swept away. Like a massive cleansing of the highest caliber, there was no speck of shadow left overlooked by the light.

    And in those dark tunnels and corrupted blacked skies, suddenly there was light where it had not shone before, and to all those forces of evil, it was their own reckoning, an apocalypse they had never expected. Shadows were purged with light and now nothing could hide in the darkness… for there was none.

    What was once a hellish realm of pain, suffering, and damnation was reformed into a cleansed paradise. WEM and SUECRA survived only long enough to see their darkest creation torn apart and reformed into a place of purity. And before they both were swept away by the holy white fire, the last thing they had ever known was pure and complete failure… all caused by their hungering to want all…

    …only to lose all…

    Dawn of the Infinite Age

    And for that one moment of victory, there was no fear, no hesitation as all had become one force of light. Never before had a time of ultimate celestial connection had been established across the universe, but it had been done in that critical moment, when those that had never met had all shared the same virtue. Peace… happiness… and prosperity. It had become the desire and destiny of all, spoken in prayer and sealed within the hearts and souls of all. Against such a powerful voice and will, evil and darkness simply could no longer exist.

    There were miracles now that the last war had been won, and no such thing as death as both realms had become connected as if the realms of the living and afterliving were intertwined and existed simply as neighbors. What had been destroyed was rebuilt, and what was once lost was found again. The aging decay of time had ceased.

    It was the dawn of the Infinite Age, where worlds that had never known of each other’s existence had become connected as time and distance could no longer bear burden upon wild and free spirts that wished to soar across the universe to see and discover family and creation that they had only dreamed about before. Worlds that had once been too hot or cold to thrive upon had been terraformed into new creation as limitless, unbound prosperity carried on throughout the stars.

    Those that had been born after the revelation were known as the Starborn, children that would live their own lives never knowing what things like fear, anxiety, dread, and evil were, as if they were simply long-forgotten myths of an ancient age long ago.

    But never would that ultimate, High Victory ever be forgotten… nor would the Emissaries and the alliance of Utopia that made it all possible… and allowed every living soul throughout the universe to become the hero they were destined to forever be…

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    On my way to my next adventure!
    That was EPIC! The cameo by Ash and the gang was my favorite part.
    Everyone has a dream that fills their heart. A journey they must take. A destiny to fulfill. As close as your imagination exists a magical place, where wondrous creatures with incredible powers help make dreams come true. It's the world of Pokemon!!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by EmeraldSky View Post
    That was EPIC! The cameo by Ash and the gang was my favorite part.
    I added that with you in mind. ;3

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    0 out of 10 not enough Shaymin.

    Nah nah this was actually super sweet! I loved seeing everyone come together like that! The old “villains” even got a little redemption arc. That’s so cute!! Great work on this, Neo
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    We did it boys / girls / nonbinaries. Abyss is no more.

    But seriously, this is great! Now I see Stalkers that I haven't encountered before, I'm gonna see what Season 2 held despite the failure! Because hey, look what we are now! We just kind of said "Oi Abyss, screw you." and that's great. Can't wait to join in for future events, maybe solving a few more mysteries in the progress!

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    Aaaah what a holistic ending! Lovely lovely lovely.
    I enjoyed the reprise by old villains too! Nice callbacks!

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    8/5, not enough water.

    But seriously, that was an amazing read, glad to be a part of history, even if i was just a meme.

    ·»Your focus determines your reality«·

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    Quote Originally Posted by AD View Post
    8/5, not enough water.

    But seriously, that was an amazing read, glad to be a part of history, even if i was just a meme.
    Hey, becoming a meme is still a fantastic way to always be remembered. :3


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