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    [READ FIRST!] The Shaymin Inauguration Ceremony!

    We’ve been expecting you! Come celebrate with us on this glorious day and become a Shaymin like the rest of us!

    To join the valiant and prestigious gathering, all you need to is sign up! Once you do, you become a Shaymin! Your avatar and banner will become a Shaymin set, so back up whatever you currently have, although we expect that will be unnecessary once you fully realize how wonderful being a Shaymin is! Once this is done, you give yourself premium access to take part in many wonderful Shaymin-related activities on this glorious day to commemorate our new queen!

    There will be six challenges presented that you can partake in once you become one of us! Complete them all and you will be entitled to a very special prize! A chance to have your true Shaymin self depicted in art form! Want to become a Shaymin with blue Gracidea flowers instead of pink? Or have other customized variants instead? This would become your golden opportunity!


    And there’s also Tokens and Medals to earn!


    Join the Shaymin Assembly!

    You get this token just for signing up and becoming a Shaymin!

    Complete Half the Challenges!

    Complete three of the six challenges and this token will be yours! You’re halfway there, just need to keep going to reach full glory!

    Conquer all six of the Shaymin Challenges!

    You’re the master! Take a bow, you’ve ascended to become one of the most legendary Shaymin of all!


    As you complete each challenge, you’ll get one of these medals to show to everyone your amazing Shaymin prestige! They’ll appear under your avatar in each of your posts!

    Complete the Shaymin Crossword Puzzle

    Complete the Shaymin Cryptogram

    Complete the Draw a Shaymin Challenge

    Complete the Shaymin Jigsaw Puzzle

    Complete the Shaymin Short Story Challenge

    Complete the Shaymin Word Search Challenge

    Each one of these challenges will have their own threads (many of the will require that you do NOT post the solution publicly!). Do your best to complete them all and celebrate being a Pokémon that’s all about good, clean fun!

    Now that you’ve see what it takes to be the best Shaymin of all and enter the hall of glory, sign up now! Glory to the queen!

    (NOTE: You have until APRIL 20th to complete these challenges! Good luck and have fun!)


    Noblejanobii (Hail to the Queen!)
    Neo Shaymin
    Cleobel (Completed 4/6 Challenges)

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    I look forward to seeing what all my subjects have to offer during this event. Best of luck to you all!
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    @Neo Shaymin @Noblejanobii @Chakramaster Thank you for hosting this fun event! Could I please sign up?

    Special thanks to Fate for this cute avatar and this cute banner! :D
    Special thanks to AD for this awesome Chikorita GIF! :D

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    Hmm, should I sign up for this event? I dunno, I mean, it's not like it's Shaymin themed or anything. OH WAIT.

    So yeah, sign me up!

    (May I request a land forme shaymin theme? I've been sky forme too often)
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    Ooh, I wanna become a Shaymin too! They're smol and friend shaped, so why would I not? Either Land or Sky Forms is OK by me!
    So yeah, sign me up!

    Avatar(s) and banner(s) made by the excellent Neo Emolga for DBR V2!

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    Okay, all you fine folks are Shaymins now! Welcome to the crew!

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    I can be an honoroy shaymin I guess :P

    Proud partner with @Pokemon Trainer Sarah


    Gible bite's Comic

    GCEA Trainer Links based on title characters

    ....GCEA Diamond/Platnium/ Blizard Blue/Platnium 2/ Pokemon Prism.......

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    Welcome to the fun crew everyone! Hope everyone has had a blast so far!

    The time is upon us...

    . Pika Pair with the yellow bundle of fluff Chibi Altaria..

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