Come one come all! Present your medals and if you are worthy, you shall be granted a unique Shaymin form from the queen herself!

So as promised, for people who completed all six events available here in our April Fools event, I will draw a custom Shaymin for you! That said, it does come with some strings attached so read the rules below to get the full picture.

1. You may only pick one form to be drawn, either land or sky. You'll be able to pick which one you want but you can only pick one so choose wisely.
2. While customizations and alterations can be made to the bases I'll be working off of, I don't want anything overly crazy so just keep that in mind. I have the right to reject any specific design requests if I think it'll be too out of hand for me.
3. I'll be working off of some bases I made for some future YCH commissions I plan to offer. As such your custom shaymin will be designed off one of those bases.
4. I'm rather flexible when it comes to customizations so things that can be altered include flowers, eyes, spots, markings, ear shape, etc. You can also wear one of several accessories I have available include a cafe hat, a cafe bandanna, and a plate with a dish from Pokemon Cafe Mix on it! You'll see examples of this on the bases below though note they can be removed if you don't want them included. It's up to you.

Here are the two bases:


So please fill out the following form and I look forward to seeing your requests!

Land or Sky Forme:
Color Scheme Changes (if any):
Body Customizations (If any):
Accessories (IF any):