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Thread: [RP] Spiritwater – Tides of Witchcraft

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    Heahea City Urgent Care Center, Heahea City
    Affected RPers: @Desolate Divine @Noblejanobii @HorusMyDude @Shruikan @Chakramaster

    Cassandra had just notified Steven regarding their thoughts about the potential of destroying Agatha’s reagent warehouse, which Cassandra felt had to be fairly large to store everything they needed to cast the complex and wide variety of spells they were unleashing upon Akala’s current inhabitants. She mentioned that it was likely these Shadowcraft witches she had called in had to be in a fairly large and permanent establishment that likely was abandoned. Since the island wasn’t very large, there weren’t too many places where they could hide. Cassandra also figured it couldn’t be too much of a dump, either. She tried thinking like the enemy. Since she was a witch herself, if she had joined up with Agatha, but saw the place she had prepared to live and work in was a dilapidated pile of garbage, she would definitely have second thoughts about sticking with the plan. She figured she would have had to make it at least somewhat bearable to give up whatever they had been doing prior to this gathering.

    Once their standard shifts were over, the three Ladies had changed back into their normal street clothes and gathered around the breakroom table with their cups of tea. After the discussion they had earlier, they wanted to talk over possible leads on Agatha’s warehouse. While they had easy access to a tourist’s map of Akala, it only showed the tourism hotspots. Only the southern half of the island was featured, save for a few scarce tourist travel hotspots like the Wela Volcano Park, a guided tour of the Lush Jungle, and the Fossil Restoration Center. It didn’t clue them in on any of the natural off-the-beaten-path locations or any of the private residential areas.

    “It almost seems too obvious…” Violet muttered, looking at the map.

    “Huh, really?” Jarena asked. “Could be anything nestled around this whole rock and we only have like half the map on this. Where do you think it is?”

    “Here,” Violet replied, pointing to the abandoned Thrifty Megamart on the map. “This would have everything they need, including ghost Pokémon. If that isn’t their main base of operations or their reagent warehouse, then they have to be using it in some form, or at least extracting its stockpiles.”

    Jarena and Cassandra both looked at it, and while the tourist map didn’t provide much detail, it did mention that it was closed to the public and warned against trespassing due to the presence of ghost Pokémon. She was curious to know why it was abandoned, but she figured asking the locals might yield some answers.

    “Well, would certainly have lots of ghosts and supplies for them to work with,” Cassandra stated. “If it really is their warehouse, it could very well be defended like a military base. Hexes could be all over the place like a minefield.”

    “Yeah, but we could try taking a look at it from a distance, somewhere like one of the stores on Royal Avenue,” Violet suggested. “Or at least ask one of the offensive line operatives to scout it. If there’s any kind of activity there, we can-“

    But then, suddenly they were interrupted by Sami, who appeared to look very gaunt with an ashen face. She had stumbled into the breakroom, almost shambling about like a zombie. Cassandra, Jarena, and Violet were suddenly shocked that they almost didn’t recognize her at first.

    “Guys, I… I don’t feel so good…” Sami moaned, looking more ashen by the second.

    “Oh crap, she’s been hexed…” Jarena muttered, backing away a bit from her. “Sami, hang on, we’ll…”

    And then, Sami had just stepped back once, and right before the three of them, her skin and clothing had hardened and she had completely turned to stone. Her flesh and body had become like granite, and her last expression of dismay and weariness had become her last permanent expression before she had become like a statue.

    And then a sudden voice of alarm pierced into their heads…

    <Ladies, if you can hear me, RUN! RUN OUT OF THERE NOW!!>

    “W-was that Victini…!?” Jarena exclaimed.

    “You heard him, let’s move!” Cassandra shouted.

    The three of them had bolted out of the breakroom, already having a strong idea they knew exactly who was attacking them. As they entered the main waiting area, they weren’t sure who was still around, but they had to pass the message.

    “Everyone out!” Cassandra shouted to everyone that was within earshot, passing Victini’s message along. “Run for it, we’re under attack!”

    A sudden crash of broken glass was heard behind them, but Cassandra didn’t waste a moment to turn around to see who or what it was. She already figured whatever was responsible was out to get them and destroy their witchcraft hospital. She quickly dashed for the exits, feeling terrible that there was nothing she could do for Sami, but if she stuck around, she knew she would be a victim of some terrible hex or transformation, also.

    Cassandra had felt her phone vibrate with a call, but all she could focus on was racing out of the sliding doors and through the streets, sprinting away from the scene of the attack as Jarena and Violet were closely behind her. She wasn’t surprised she heard screaming coming from other people as well as sounds of more commotion.

    The best hiding place she could find was under the dock pier. Once the three of them jumped off the dock and got to cover onto the wet, sandy ground, she was able to take a peek at what was going on. And she couldn’t believe her eyes.

    “Holy crap, that’s Giratina…” Cassandra muttered at the sight of the nearly fifteen-foot-tall ghostly dragon, totally in disbelief Agatha had a legendary like that under her control.

    It had already done extensive damage to the urgent care center, smashing the windows and tearing holes in the walls and the roof as it let loose a shrieking howl. A few brazen trainers were trying to fight it with their Pokémon out in the street, but out of the shadows came groups of ghost Pokémon and several hooded figures, revealing only their stern mouths muttering spell incantations. They appeared to be like dark monks, and as they stepped forward besides the hulking ghost dragon, Giratina.

    Those who were trying to resist were hexed and brought down where they stood. One older male trainer and his Incineroar were suddenly turned into bronze statues while a teenage female trainer and her Clefable were suddenly enveloped by explosions that looked like fireworks before they mysteriously disappeared, leaving only char marks where they once stood. Both those that resisted and those that tried to flee were dealt with the same, their bodies transformed into helpless forms unable to fight back.

    Just the sight of it was enough for Cassandra to hide behind the pier again while hoping no one saw her. She could only hope she could undo what had been done to all these people and Pokémon, but if they had destroyed the spell reagents they needed, it was going to be close to impossible and she might be forced to choose who got healed and who didn’t if there weren’t enough supplies left for everyone.

    She really didn’t want to make those kinds of choices…

    “Oh god, it’s bad…” Cassandra muttered as she turned around. “They might have just essentially killed that girl and her Clefable…”

    But she was suddenly greeted with an eerie silence from Jarena and Violet. She had turned out of the corner of her eye and saw Jarena had been struck by a hex herself. Suddenly purple and green flower petals were sprouting out of her waist along with green leavens laden on top of them as her skin was starting to turn green. She had fallen to the wet, sandy ground on her rear, suddenly shocked at what was now growing out of her.

    “Cass, she’s afflicted!” Violet shouted, trying to suppress the hex, “Help me stop this thing before it overtakes her whole body!”

    As she could see, some hex that had struck Jarena was now rapidly turning her into a flower as more leaves tore through the back of her shirt and her long hair had turned pink like that of a cherry blossom as a few more flowers and leaves bloomed in a headband. Cassandra quickly joined Violet, unable to undo the hex, but she tried her hardest to at least stop the hex from fully transforming her. With the both of them focusing together, they managed to suppress the curse’s hold over her and managed to suppress the transformation just in time before it had fully overtaken her body and reduced her to nothing but a giant flower.

    “Ohhh man…” Jarena muttered, looking over her newly-formed leaves and flowers, “oh mannn, this is bad. This is really bad. These guys are out of our league!”

    “Jarena, are you… alright?” Cassandra asked, unsure of how she was feeling at the moment.

    “Uh, no, not really…” Jarena replied, still looking bewildered at her leaves and purple flower petals. “At least I’m not… totally a bouquet, you know?”

    Before long, a familiar face had arrived, one that Cassandra could easily say she long missed. Carefully approaching, Victini had joined the three ladies, but he quickly realized Jarena had been hit with a hex.

    “Victiti…” (“Normally I’d say ‘hey, great to see you again,’ but this reunion situation kinda sucks…”) Victini told the three of them, unable to take his gaze off of Jarena’s floral affliction. “Vic-tini-ni…” (“It’s a disaster out there, when I suddenly realized Giratina was heading toward where the three of you were working, I tried to move as fast as I could to warn you.”)

    “It’s… all good, little dude,” Jarena told him, sighing. “We’re still alive. Kinda. I mean, this is something we can fix, right?”

    “We’ve undone worse than this,” Violet told her, though trying not to get her hopes too high. “Problem is what we need is getting ripped to shreds by Giratina at the moment. Our books are still in that place, too.”

    Cassandra hated to admit it, but Violet was right. Jarena’s affliction was deeply ingrained and now her body was now much more like a flower than a human, which meant they would definitely need reagents to reverse it. While Cassandra and Violet were somewhat confident they could perform the spell again after having performed it quite a few times and memorized it out of repetition, they were going to need at least a star piece to power the reversal curative process. Too much of her had been changed to try working without it.

    “Can you at least walk?” Violet asked, wondering if they might have to carry her.

    Struggling to get up on her transformed stem-like legs, Jarena initially struggled to get back up, but after a bit of stumbling and balancing, she was able to stand upright and maintain her balance while being able to move around.

    “I… think so…” Jarena replied. “Man, this feels so weird…”

    “Vic-ti-tini…” (“As much as I know you want to get the stuff you need to cure her and the others, I think we’d better run out of here before they sweep the area.”) Victini suggested. “Vi-ti-tini…” (“Come on, I think I know a way out.”)

    “Okay…” Jarena nodded. “Lead the way, little dude.”

    As the rest of the urgent care center and the people and Pokémon in the streets were being attacked and fighting a losing battle against Agatha’s witches and her Giratina. She wasn’t sure how many were out there, but she was confident there were at least ten, leaving them outnumbered and without much in the ways of reagents to attack with.

    Still, Cassandra couldn’t help but notice that a few strands of Nami’s fur had clung onto her t-shirt. It wasn’t much, but it could save her and the others in a pinch. As the four of them headed north toward the Tide Song Hotel, they tried to use as much cover and concealment as they could, though most of the havoc was happening in Heahea City in and around the urgent care center. But Cassandra had a bad feeling as they moved further and further away from the center… and further and further away from the reagents they needed to cure Jarena’s affliction…

    “I don’t think we fully stopped it…” Violet whispered to Cassandra as she was just out of earshot from Jarena.

    “I have a bad feeling you’re right…” Cassandra quietly whispered back. “We only slowed it down. I think she’s only got until about 10pm tonight before she fully turns.”

    As Cassandra looked back to Heahea City now being terrorized, she didn’t care what it was going to take to shut this witchcraft terrorism down…

    …even if it meant she would need to reveal who she truly was…

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    Dylan Squire
    Heahea City -> En Route to Hospital
    Affected RPers: None

    Dylan's hand quickly reached for his Pokeball as Brianna said "I wouldn't do that..."

    As his hand touched him, he felt his hands sting violently, looking down and seeing a series of glyphs, illuminated on the Pokeball.

    "I just want to talk..." Brianna said, before snapping her fingers, and a green circle of light appeared on the ground around them, though seemed to be invisible to those outside. The glyphs spun around them slowly, with an eerie glow.

    "Is this a threat?" Dylan asked, as Brianna smiled.

    "No, just a way of making sure we can trust one another..." Brianna explained, "What's your name?"

    Dylan retorted giving his alias... Or so he thought...

    "Dylan Squire." He said without realizing, before he raised his eyebrows. This spell they were entwined in was forcing him to speak the truth...

    "Nice try." Brianna said, "Don't fret though, I am equally as afflicted by this as you are. But I think you will want to hear what I have to say."

    "After what we have been dealing with from your group, why do you suddenly want to talk?" Dylan asked, suspicious of the woman in front of him.

    "I am no ally of Agatha, nor loyal to her cause. I have only seen harm come from large groups of Shadowcraft wielders clustered together, and want you and the League to do what you can to stop them..." Brianna explained, "You are working for the League aren't you?"

    Dylan remained silent, as he could not lie, however his silence was confirmation enough.

    "In the interest of fairness, my name is Brianna Levine. I am a Shadowcraft wielder." Brianna explained, "Though I do not ally myself with Agatha, and have no intention of allying myself with the League. However, I do want the League to have a fighting chance against her, so am willing to offer some wisdom when I feel like it..."

    "If you aren't affiliated with them, why did you leave a curse at Memory Hill, like they have been doing all over the city?" Dylan asked, as Brianna grinned even more.

    "Because I wanted you to find it..." Brianna replied, "That hybrid curse I left was far from the first of its kind placed here. Agatha and her coven have been laying them everywhere, and if I hadn't have left one as obviously as I did, you and your little Diamond friends wouldn't have had a clue until it was too late..."

    "So you were tipping us off..." Dylan asked, curious how he knew about Triad's true identity, though trying not to confirm it with his expressions, until a grim thought crossed his mind.

    "Too late for what?" Dylan asked.

    "That hospital you and your friends are running?" Brianna began, "Agatha has noticed, and I am not sure how much longer it will be there..."

    Dylan's eyes widened as he rushed past Brianna towards the hospital, pulling out his phone.

    He called Abbee however the line was busy. He swore before calling Jon who also was unable to answer. Finally he called Cassandra, and whilst the phone dialed, nobody picked up...

    "S**t..." He muttered as he ran, hearing screams in the distance...

    Abbee Strauss
    Heahea Hospital
    Affected RPers: None

    As Abbee tried to reason with Tyler, she heard the crash of broken glass, before screams peirced the air from the hallway next to her.

    "Abbee, what's that?" Tyler asked, as she hung up the phone. She could hear incantations, of voices she didn't recognize, causing her to lock the door, and ready a Pokeball, remaining silent as the building shook, trying to figure out her options. If she tried to escape now, she could get caught up in what was going on, but as far as she was aware, the building could be levelled...

    She noticed a missed call from Dylan, a few minutes earlier. Suddenly it buzzed again as Dylan's name appeared on the screen. Declining the call, she sent him a message.

    "The hospital is being attacked, and if I talk, they might hear me. Locked myself in a room, however will be seen if I try and escape. Get backup..."

    Dylan Squire
    Heahea City Streets, near hospital
    Affected RPers: @Neo Emolga

    Dylan rushed down the streets, calling Abbee, this time with the call being rejected, which made him more anxious. He rounded a corner, and found Triad, as well as Victini, however Jarena seemed affected by some sort of curse.

    "Are you alright?" He shouted, as he felt his phone buzz with Abbee's message. His stomach dropped as he read the message.

    "Abbee is trapped inside..." Dylan said, as he grabbed a Pokeball from his belt, looking at the building in the distance, and the giant Pokemon that seemed to be using it as a scratching post...
    Sad to say, I am not sure that I will be on PXR much longer. The gaps where I have disappeared have become bigger and bigger as life gets busier, and most of the friends I made here, I either talk to elsewhere or are gone completely. Still trying to make a point of checking in, but in case that falls through, my Discord is Jacob Cookson#0902.


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    Heahea City
    Affected RP'ers: @Desolate Divine (Briefly)

    Watching as the person she encountered left on a motorbike, Ozona realised that she should probably get some extra training in, just in case there actually was another tournament. She briefly considered training Snowdrop up, but she realised how suspicious it would be to casually have a Suicune in the streets. But as Johto was on her mind, she knew just who to call for this. Ozona quietly instructed Oreo to hop down from her shoulder and then let out Butterscotch, and the timid Ampharos flinched a bit before realising that he had just been called out. She lead the two over to a secluded but sturdy looking area before talking.

    "OK, Ori, I want you to have a friendly spar with Butterscotch. Help him grow more confident, if you would."

    The Cinccino nodded and waited for her trainer to back away before lightly starting to use Tail Slap on the larger Electric type. Knowing he had to defend somehow, the anxious Ampharos began using Thunder Shock instead of a Discharge like in the Lacross Cup. Mostly because this was a friendly match to help him improve his fighting skills. In all honesty, Ozona was just happy to see the two collaborating like she had asked.

    “Aw, seriously?”

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    Jon Drake
    Heahea City Port
    Affected RPers: None (yet)...

    As Jon left the customs house, he felt his phone buzz, signalling a call from Steven.

    "What am I in trouble for now..." Jon said as he answered.

    "Are you trying to get us thrown in jail..." Steven asked quietly, but quite irritably.


    "Don't think I didn't see through you recruiting Peter Miller to Eon Squad..." Steven said...

    Jon had never met Peter prior to this mission, however he was one of the first Jon recruited for Eon Squad. When Steven had been detained by the Military, Cynthia had approached her friend Peter who knew his way around the League and Government networks to track him and arrange contact and a jailbreak. Whilst Jon hadn't met him, he knew Peter's skill, as well as his ability to keep his mouth shut would come in handy.

    "Whatever do you mean?" Jon explained, "And you shouldn't be using names over this line..."

    Steven cursed at his slip up before continuing.

    "I checked the League's sighting records on our mutual friend, and see Peter has had the last few on the Eastern edge of Unova, and moving towards here..." Steven explained, "Getting our mutual friend involved in this should be a last resort."

    "I agree," Jon explained, "But I'd rather not risk what we know is possible if our mutual friend is seen near us. Once it makes an appearance, I will swoop in and capture it. It's been long enough, and that way I don't have to be reserved about it."

    "You remember why you had to capture it in the first place, don't you?" Steven asked.

    "I'm not saying I will put it back where I found it just yet." Jon explained, "But do you think I'd use it if I thought it weren't ready?"

    "If you get caught, I'm denying all involvement..."


    Jon hung up the phone, sighing at how often Steven was feeling the need to berate him, before noticing a missed call from Dylan. Before he could call back, Steven had called again.

    "What?" Jon asked irritably.

    "There is an attack on Section B. Most of the people inside have evacuated, however operatives are unaccounted for, and there is a Giratina tearing the building apart. One of yours is stuck inside..."

    Jon swore as he hung up the phone, quickly assessing the situation, now noticing the faint sounds coming from the direction of the hospital, which were too quiet for him to notice over the phone call earlier.

    Whilst Latios could get there in minutes, Giratina might be too much for Latios and his other Pokemon. Except for one...

    Jon let Latios out of the Pokeball, tossing his helmet onto the motorbikes handlebars, and starting it, before climbing onto Latios' back, directing the Pokemon to fly them as high into the air as they could without the air being too thin. Once they were above the clouds, Latios stopped ascending, as Jon removed the black Pokeball he had hidden inside his motorbike jacket. He pressed the button, as a massive light emerged, manifesting in the form of a large, serpentine dragon, seven meters from nose to tail.

    Rayquaza roared.

    "Why have you summoned me here, and not on the Island?" Rayquaza asked, Jon able to understand him from his time as a foul-mouthed Altaria.

    "Because right now, we have a problem Latios and I can't solve on our own, and we will deal with the consequences later..."

    Rayquaza sniffed the air before growling...

    "You know what I'm talking about?" Jon asked.

    "It's odour disgusts me..." Rayquaza said through the growl.

    "We need you to give it hell, and we will join the fight as soon as we can without tying us to you in the eyes of witnesses." Jon explained, "When the fight is over, fly up higher than any Pokemon can reach. If the military decide to investigate, it will take time to mobilize. Latios should be able to reach you with telepathy, so when it is safe, I will send him up with your Pokeball to retrieve you..."

    Rayquaza nodded, though its growl remained. It always got this way around other Dragon Types, it only being so calm around Latios due to the latter's ability to detect emotions, and the pair bonding over that understanding.

    "Send it back to whatever s**thole it came from..." Jon said, as Rayquaza let out an excited yet agitated roar, shaking the windows of the buildings below, and darting towards the hospital.

    Jon and Latios descended, before Jon thanked his luck the running bike hadn't been stolen, and put on his helmet. If he arrived right after Rayquaza, it would cause people to ask questions. Instead, he road the motorbike back, breaking every speed limit along the way. As he did, he used the voice control on his phone to start a phone call in his bluetooth helmet.

    "It's me." Jon said to Peter, "Check the CCTV footage from near the hospital. You will know what I need you to do..."

    Just a note as I know most people haven't read Eon Academy:

    Jon possesses Rayquaza illegally. The only people on Akala who know Jon is in posession of it are Abbee, Dylan, Steven, Cynthia, Cassandra and depending on how Neo handled it, maybe Violet and Jarena, all of whom are sworn to absolute secrecy. The League doesn't know Jon has it.
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    Sad to say, I am not sure that I will be on PXR much longer. The gaps where I have disappeared have become bigger and bigger as life gets busier, and most of the friends I made here, I either talk to elsewhere or are gone completely. Still trying to make a point of checking in, but in case that falls through, my Discord is Jacob Cookson#0902.


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    Jimmy Kendo
    Dimensional Research Center (Deep Unground)
    Affected RP'ers: NA

    As Jimmy and his Pikachu arrive after being teleported by Jirachi. They walk into the next room. The room is filled with computers and monitors watching every section notable of the city and surroundings. Hoping for any leads to finding their next target or Agetha herself. The room is huge and circular in shape. Almost like a large dome. The computers on the inner part from the middle while the screens and monitors are mostly on the outer portion. Circling the entire room. In the center, Jirachi. In it's "Wishgranting" pose as they began to calling it. Focusing on keeping it's power as focused as possible. About 5 other operatives around the room Jimmy had gathered to help keep this room running.

    "How's things looking, Jirachi? Any updates?" Jimmy said as he walked toward the center.

    "Jimmy! Glad you're back safely! Sadly no, nothing yet. I'm sorry." Jirachi said looking a little saddened. Pikachu jumped up to a closer edge near Jirachi.

    "Pi! Pika pi! Pika-chu!" (Don't worry Jirachi. I'm sure something will show up soon. Let's just hope it's nothing that bad. Things are only going from bad to worse.") Pikachu said trying to keep Jirachi together.

    "Yeah don't let it get to you Jirachi. Don't overdo it though. We need you her with us helping out as much as possible my friend. Speaking of. Besides the one group I've told you about to help keep watch over. You know who I mean. We have another." Jimmy says as he nods to Jirachi. Queuing to the wishmaker who through telepathy.

    "Got it! Wow it's like we're getting all our friends together again. As happy as it sounds. We didn't train all this time for me to go giddy as I was those year ago. You're really caring and kind trainer. Thank you, Jimmy." Jirachi said as he scratches his head.

    "Well if it weren't for Pikachu here too. I doubt I could've been even half as good of a trainer. It's thanks to you both and our entire team."

    Jimmy shook his head. "Anyway Jirachi. Check in on some of the surrounding areas and Urgent Care. Jirachi nodded before getting back in place. Closing its eyes. "Alright team." Jimmy says looking to the few agents he recruited. Each at their places ready.

    "Cameras 3, 8, 11, 21, and 25" Each focusing in the areas on those cameras. Jirachi using each camera as a catalyst to use it's psychic powers to search the areas more thoroughly. Machines setup to check status or fluctuations through "waves." Before long, the area starts to shake. Each camera shakings with the fluctuations going wild on each, but one more so in particular.

    "The Urgent Care..." Jimmy and one of the other agents said.

    "Dear that...!"

    "Cameras 23-27 now!" Each camera focusing now on the Urgent Care and it's surrounding areas. Catastrophe wherever they look. Some people now even trying to fight back. Others running for their lives."

    "Jirachi quick. Please tell me are-" Jimmy was cutoff as Jirachi knew exactly what he was about to ask."

    "They are safe, for now. Except I can faintly see...something is wrong with one of them. Not entirely themselves, but they are okay. Another friend is back with them too. For now they seem to be heading north."

    They were not appearing on the screens. Jirachi was using his connection to them from the past to find them.

    "What about your power? We still haven't got a real connection to the outside yet have you? So you aren't at full strength?" Jimmy asked Jirachi.

    "No. If I could just get a connection to the stars I could get more power. Perhaps even use my secret weapon, but until then I'm still in a weaker state. Thanks to your training though I'm far off from needing sleep. So long as I can stay in control." Jirachi nodded.

    "Good. Pikachu and I are gonna go back out and do some more scouting and maybe meetup with anyone who may need some help. Keep in touch?" Jimmy asked.

    "Will do!" Jirachi said as he went back into focusing.

    "Let's go, Pikachu!"

    "Pikaaaaa!" (You don't have to tell me twice!) Pikachu said as he followed quickly behind Jimmy.

    Jimmy and Pikachu took the lift back out. Taking them to the alleyway nearby the Research Center. Keeping themselves away from being too out in the open. Checking around the corner he looked closer at the direction of the Urgent Care.

    "Arceus...this is awful." Jimmy said as he and Pikachu saw the gigantic monster that was Giratina.

    "We just need to be quick, quiet, and stay away from being in the open too much. Think you can keep up, Pikachu?"

    "Pika! Pika-pika!" (Hey, I'm the one that trained YOU to being faster!) Pikachu said as they both moved off. Trying to keep away from Giratina and any of Agetha's followers sights.

    The streets filled with Agetha's followers. Pokemon fights everywhere and more witchcraft craziness happening no matter where they looked.

    "Alright this may be a little harder than I thought." Jimmy said as they stuck to staying as concealed as possible.

    Alisaie Kendo
    Outside of the Urgent Care Center, Heahea
    Affected RP'ers: NA

    "Ugh, could things get any worse?" She said as Alisaie and her team rest outside. She called most of them back into their pokeballs except Hoopa.

    She began walking off as a sudden explosion rang out. The ground shook and all havoc began letting loose in the hospital. A window nearby shattered and glass shards began to fly toward Alisaie. Before she could react. Hoopa jumped in front of her and opened one of his rings and the glass shared flew through those. Protecting her.

    Sighing a relief. "Thanks Hoopa!" Hoopa let out a big smile and cheer.

    "Think you can get us to the end of the street there buddy?" She asked him.

    Hoopa nodded and threw one of his rings in front of them as she rand through with him. The hospital far behind them now. As she looked back she saw something disastrous.

    "No that...a legendary Pokemon? Why is it attacking the hospital?!" She moved a foot forward before stopping. She knew it was bad, but running headfirst into danger wasn't her thing. She was more the "get in and out" type of girl. Exactly why she never wanted more with joining the league or any special scouts.

    She looked toward the docks nearby and saw the three ladies from earlier.

    "Well looks like those nurses or whoever they are got away. It's a start, but maybe I can catch up and find out exactly what the heck happened back there." Alisaie said as she began to tail behind the ladies. Keeping her own cover as Hoopa stayed nearby in case they needed any quick getaway. Once the ladies left the cover of the docks. She loosely followed behind. Noticing one of them looked noticeably different.

    "Just what in the world is happening?!" She thought to herself.

    The time is upon us...

    . Pika Pair with the yellow bundle of fluff Chibi Altaria..

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    Heahea Pokemon Center
    Affected RP'ers: N/A

    After the curse on Circuit had been removed, instead of going back to patrol Luneth made a beeline to the Pokemon Center. Circuit was still weak, and she needed her team at full strength before venturing out again.

    The center was quieter than usual. With the ghosts roaming the streets, there were less battles going on. Most of the patients were here from fighting said ghosts.

    Luneth sat by waiting as they treated Circuit. Part of her felt that she should be out investigating the curses again, but she pushed that aside. Running into a curse she didn’t understand is what got her here in the first place. She’d gotten lucky this time, but if anything similar happened again, she might need Circuit’s help.

    The reality of the situation was starting to weigh on her. Before she’d only seen Shadowcraft used for cheating battles, at worst being turned into a pokemon. But here Agatha wasn’t messing around. These spells were designed to cause direct harm, and it was practically a miracle that they hadn’t run into a curse that Triad were unable to break yet.

    There was very little she could do. Glimmer was out hunting down the culprits, most likely on the other side of the island, while she was just reacting to the chaos, unable to do anything more that slap a bandage on the wound.

    At first Luneth had been annoyed when Glimmer wouldn’t let her come too, insisting that Luneth be assigned under Cynthia with the defensive. But now she understood. Deep down, Luneth realised she was too scared. If she came up against one of these witches, her life would be in danger, the kind her pokemon wouldn’t be able to protect her from. And she wasn’t prepared for that. She’d just put everyone else in danger…

    Once Circuit was fully healed, Luneth had resolved to go after the mask store. That at least she could safely help with. This time she was prepared, so no more accidents. However, before she had taken more than a few steps, she hear a crashing sound followed by a deafening roar. Oh no. It had come from the direction of the med center. If something had happened there…

    Luneth’s legs froze as she saw the monstrous form attacking the center. Even from a distance it was unmistakable. Giratina. Does Agatha have this much power? Even without witchcraft she could destroy us…

    Her first instinct was to rush in and help evacuate people, but her body had other opinions, leaving her frozen with fear at the sight. If it was just Giratina it would be fine, but there was no way an attack like this would be alone. There would have to be Shadowcraft witches too, and if she rushed in then she’d probably end joining the patients herself before she could do any good. Unless… If they didn’t notice her, then maybe…

    Luneth quickly ducked into an alley, looking around to ensure no one could see her, then, arms shaking, cast the incantation. Her body began to shrink, snow white fur sprouting up, ears growing, until where a human had stood instead was an Alolan Vulpix.

    As a Vulpix again, she felt a bit calmer, but she still moved shakily as she climbed out of the pile of clothes. As far as she’d seen, the witches seemed to be targeting humans over pokemon, so maybe this way she would go unnoticed. She tapped one of the balls, releasing her Ditto Flan, who she tasked with protecting the other’s pokeballs while she was gone, before taking a deep breath and darting back out into the city.

    In her Vulpix form, everything seemed much bigger. The looming shape of Giratina in the distance was near gigantic, as though it had dynamaxed. She was just going to scout the area, Luneth told herself. She wouldn’t have to get too close to Giratina, just check out the situation. It then occurred to her that she had left her comm back with the rest of her stuff. She briefly considered going back for it, but she knew it would be using time that she might not have. She’d almost reached the med center by now. So she’d just have to hope that if she needed to contact someone there’s be another agent who could understand her there…
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    Avery Miller & Abital Ecke
    Section B, Heahea City Urgent Care Center, Heahea City
    Affected RP'ers: Everyone in the vicinity of the urgent care center

    After Jarena healed Abital, Avery moved the couple into the general waiting area where they both took a moment to rest. Avery was out like a light, having not slept in days, and Abital rested right alongside them, his body still recovering from the fever. Avery didn't rouse again until they felt a sharp electric shock run through their body, jolting them awake. Avery rubbed their eyes and blurrily looked at the Raichu that was roughly shocking their leg. "Meir?" they mumbled, "What's wrong?"

    "Rai! Rai raichu!" (Something's coming! I can feel it!) Meir said quickly.

    "Everyone out!” Cassandra shouted to everyone that was within earshot, passing Victini’s message along. “Run for it, we’re under attack!”

    Avery quickly looked up at the sound of a familiar voice before looking down at Meir. "Something? What do you-" Suddenly all the glass windows in the back of the building erupted at once and the cry of a Pokemon echoed through the air, sending a chill up Avery's spine. The Sinnoh native didn't need to be an expert to recognize it, albeit it was a cry they had only heard in museums about the legend itself. Panic suddenly gripped them as they roughly shook Abital. "Babe, I'm sorry, we gotta go now."

    Abital, who was now more or less awake from the combination of Meir's shock, the loud noises, and Avery's shaking, nodded in agreement, and stood up quickly. He scooped Meir up into his arms and grabbed Avery's hand, fleeing the building with his spouse. Hexes were flying every which way as witches and Pokemon caused chaos to break out in the center and among the occupants. Abital ducked as a hex flew their way, instead striking someone behind them, turning the poor person to start spouting out pink bubbles. He felt a pang of guilt but rushed forward anyway. Now wasn't the time to focus on others.

    Abital opened his styler and launched the capture disc towards a nearby rampaging Mudsdale. Quickly capturing and calming the horse, Abital climbed atop its back, allowing Meir to sit in front of them. "Ah! Good thinking!" Avery said as they tossed a Pokeball into the air, sending out Daybreak again. Once they had mounted the Rapidash, Avery and Abital began to flee further north towards the Tide Song Hotel. After gaining a bit of distance, the duo slowed down to catch their breath, stopping near the fountain outside the hotel.

    Abital looked back towards the Giratina in the distance, the look of guilt obvious on his face. "Abital." The ranger looked over at his partner. "It's okay," Avery said, "We're safe and that's what matters." Abital began to sign something in protest but Avery reached out and grabbed one of his hands. "Abital, stop. I know you want to help, it's in your nature. But you wouldn't have stood a chance with those witches, okay?" Avery sighed and added, "Trust me, I've dealt with this stuff before. It's... not fun." Avery pressed their forehead against Abital's. "It's going to be okay though. We'll get through this."

    They pulled back after a moment and Abital quickly signed "Where do we go now?" It was a fair question, given neither was sure if the Tide Song Hotel was a safe spot. But if not there, then where? The two looked at a nearby sign directing visitors towards Route 4 and Paniola Ranch. "Perhaps the cover of nature would be a good option?" Abital added.

    "I guess, but we don't even know where these witches are coming from. How do we know if that direction is safe?" Avery retorted, grunting a little as they scratched an inch on their neck. The two continued their discussion by the fountain quietly, hoping to make a decision soon while most of the chaos was on the urgent care center.
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    Cassandra Silvers
    Heahea City
    Affected RPers: @Desolate Divine @Noblejanobii @Shruikan @Chakramaster

    Just when Victini and Triad were thinking of making a run for it and getting away from the mayhem, they had encountered Dylan.

    “Are you alright?” Dylan shouted in alarm.

    “We’re okay…” Cassandra replied, referring to herself and Violet before looking to Jarena. “We managed to slow down her curse, but… it’s still progressing.”

    “Oh, well… crap,” Jarena replied, realizing the curse wasn’t broken and was still running its course. “So that’s why I grew another leaf.”

    After Dylan had checked his phone, he looked incredibly sick.

    “Abbee is trapped inside…” Dylan reported to them, clutching a Pokéball as he looked back toward the urgent care center that was being ransacked by Giratina and Agatha’s followers.

    “Yeah, but how the hell are we supposed to get to her?” Violet asked, looking at the situation like it was suicide to head back to where they were originally running away from.

    “Vic-tini…” (“I can’t believe I didn’t realize she was here, but there’s so much interference…”) Victini winced.

    To Cassandra, stealth was out of the question. Sneaking around would devour too much time and every second that passed was resulting in more and more damage. They had to make their move quickly.

    “Dylan, keep a watch on Jarena,” Cassandra told him. “If we can get our hands on a star piece, we can sure her affliction, but if she gets struck by anything else on top of what she has already, we may not be able to fix it. In the meantime, I’ll look for Abbee and Violet, see if you can find that star piece.”

    “Vict-tini-ni…!” (“I can guide you to where they are, but there’s a few witches out there that you’re going to have to deal with. I think maybe it’s time they’ve had a taste of their own medicine!)

    And that gave Cassandra an idea.

    “Violet, snipe at least one of them out with a Pokémon transformation hex,” Cassandra advised her. “Steal their cloak and their reagents and pretend you’re one of them. I’ll do the same, that should allow us to get close enough to save Abbee and get some of those curative materials.”

    “Aww man, I want to join in on that,” Jarena replied with disappointment, realizing she couldn’t due to her current hexed condition. “Definitely taking a raincheck on assimilating their ranks, though!”

    “Ok, let’s move,” Violet replied to Cassandra as Victini followed them from a distance, covering for them both.

    As they moved quickly and quietly through the streets, they kept a lookout for any straggler witches that had broken off from the main group. In the meantime, Cassandra was appalled at how many victims they had claimed with all sorts of afflictions. She had seen one trainer and their Azumarill reduced to a melting pile of wax while an elderly woman had been turned to wood, frozen in a look of despair as her own Delicatty wept at her feet, unable to comprehend what had become of their trainer.

    It made Cassandra furious.

    Meanwhile, Agatha’s witches were slowly marching through the streets as if they owned Heahea City, now. So far, it looked like they hadn’t been met with much formidable resistance, but Cassandra saw that as an opportunity to strike at their overconfidence. One of them had strayed away from the group, looking for more victims. And as soon as she was no longer in sight of her compatriots, Cassandra took a stand of Nami’s fur and decided it was time to let them have it.

    Laying the Pokémon transformation hex on the witch’s cloak, she had only realized a hex had been laid upon her when it was too late, and within seconds after an expression of shock, she had been transformed from a human to a Purugly, and her cloak and all of her belongings had fallen into a pile on top of her. She had climbed out of the pile, completely bewildered at her new form before Cassandra laid the knock-out punch on her, using a pinch of dust from the ground to induce a lethargic and bewildered curse upon her.

    Cassandra had quickly snagged the cloak away, along with the belt of pouches and packs that the witch had been using. As Cassandra quickly threw the cloak and the belt on, the now transformed Purugly looked at her.

    “Purr…” (“You… you’re… Cassandra Silvers… aren’t you?”) she asked her.

    “No,” Cassandra replied, tearing into one of the pouches that was labels as ‘ashes’ before grabbing a pinch of the black powder, “I’m your worst goddamn nightmare.”

    It was then that Cassandra used the ashes to induce a third curse on the former human witch, flushing them with blindness and bewildering amnesia in their lethargic Purugly form. Once she had been incapacitated, Cassandra drew the hood over her head, and slowly walked into the main street, acting as if she was one of Agatha’s own.

    She then headed back to the urgent care center, hoping to find Abbee. While she couldn’t see him, Victini watched from a distance.

    <Oooh, you messed her up BAD! Well done! Okay, I think I know where Abbee is. She’s locked herself in one of the storage rooms that was near the Section B waiting area. Thankfully, they don’t know she’s there.>

    Cassandra couldn’t see him, but she nodded softly to show she heard him. At this point, she knew where she needed to go and she remembered the room that Victini talked about. As Victini left to go find Violet, Cassandra headed toward the urgent care center’s entrance. Not too far off was Giratina, but then all of a sudden, she had seen Rayquaza suddenly lash out at Giratina, striking him from behind with a powerful Outrage attack. Giratina had stumbled forward, never expecting such sudden, powerful force. In alarm, Agatha’s witches had turned to see the commotion, never expecting Rayquaza here of all places…

    Oh man, Jon, you’re taking a big risk here… Cassandra thought to herself. I hope you know what you’re doing.

    “Girraaaaaa!!” (“It’s you…!”) Giratina roared at Rayquaza. (“Thought I’d never get the chance to annihilate you myself, and yet here you are like a sacrificial offering.”)

    “Raaa!” (“Woefully mistaken as always…”) Rayquaza snarled back at Giratina. (“Though I suppose that’s how it’s always been with the way you blunder about things.”)

    As the two of them suddenly fought ferociously as the thrashing could be heard all over the city, Cassandra used the valuable time Rayquaza had brought her to go for Abbee while she still had the chance.

    When she had found the storage room, she threw aside the wheel chair and oxygen tanks that had fallen in front of the door and tried to open it, but it was locked. She grimaced, but she quickly looked around to make sure no one was listening, and knocked twice on the door.

    “Abbee, it’s me… Cassandra…” she told her, knowing she would recognize her voice. “Come on, we need to get the hell out of here.”

    Violet Radcliffe
    Heahea City
    Affected RPers: @Shruikan

    After making sure Cassandra knew where to go, Victini headed toward where Violet was, who had stealth-attacked a second witch and left him lost, dazed, and confused. Violet was able to flush his mind with delusions and left his mind unable to comprehend what was real and what was part of the convincing nightmare he was living in. After finding a loose strand of fur that had been from a previous Pokémon-related incident back at the urgent care center, she had turned him into a Bunnelby before swiping his cloak and reagents for herself. After putting the cloak on, she felt she looked very convincingly like Agatha’s witches, but she kept in mind that any operatives out there would also mistake her for an enemy.

    She wasn’t too worried about that, as it seemed as though there wasn’t much left in the ways of defense for Heahea City.

    Shortly after, she had seen Rayquaza and Giratina battling as well, ferociously attacking each other, though it seemed as though there were no trainers to command them and were fighting on their own accord.

    Violet decided to head into the damaged urgent care center, heading for where the reagent storeroom in Section B. Things were broken, thrown about with chairs and papers everywhere, along with pieces of the walls and ceiling. Still, thankfully most of the storeroom was intact, and Violet was able to quickly find the Star Piece she needed to cure Jarena’s flower affliction. But she decided to go for more, as she felt this may be the last time she had access to these. She took her backpack and filled it with star dust, pearls, mushrooms, and all the other items they would need as curative reagents.

    And then, she headed back to where the books were kept. They were still there, and Violet quickly packed them into her backpack as well, although now it was very stuffed and heavy, but it was the maximum she could hope to carry.

    “We’re not supposed to be in here,” a voice spoke behind her. “If you’re looking for the infidels, they’ve already left the premises.”

    Violet had turned around to see one of Agatha’s other witches, seemingly falling for her disguise. But Violet decided to play along with it.

    “They left a large amount of reagents behind,” Violet informed him. “We would do well to hold off on demolishing this place until everything has been extracted for our own purposes.”

    Violet was hoping perhaps they would reconsider leveling the urgent care clinic, not just for the sake of the witchcraft victims, but also for the regular patients that needed treatment.

    A sudden tremor was caused by Rayquaza slamming into Giratina, causing the ghostly dragon to stumble back and break a portion of the back wall down.

    “We won’t be able to reason with the two of them…” Violet replied to the other witch. “Let’s move.”

    She then headed to the exit as the other witch followed her. She was hoping she might be able to pry some vital information out of him, but right now, she needed to get out of there before one of these massive draconic legendaries flattened the whole building…

    And that was when she had passed by a snow-white Alolan Vulpix. While it wasn’t too uncanny to see one here, Violet could swear there was something familiar about her…

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    Dylan Squire
    Heahea Hospital, Exterior
    Affected RPers: I think only Neo Emolga

    Cass quickly came up with a plan, however Dylan made one observation.

    "You aren't going to get near them in the open like this without being seen. You need a distraction, I just don't know I can provide enough of one..." Dylan began, before a draconic roar that he wasn't expecting to hear just yet pierced the air, before a green blur slammed into Giratina, the pair began fighting, though Rayquaza seeming to have the upper hand. Whilst Giratina seemed to have good defenses and resilience, Rayquaza outclassed it in both speed and sheer attack power. As Rayquaza roared angrily, Dylan recognized the Outrage attack it was about to use.

    "That will do..."

    Whilst the witches were occupied with Rayquaza, Dylan sprinted forward, pelting a pair of Pokeballs into the air, the one in his left hand between him and the witches, and the one in his right as far as he could, past the main line.

    The closer one opened first, revealing a silver and gold Metagross. Those watching didn't notice however the second one, as the Pokemon emerged, and in a split second melted into shadows.

    "Hey, hags!" Dylan shouted, "Come get some!"

    As one or two stepped forward, pelting curses at him, and sending their ghost type Pokemon towards him, Dylan felt the metal chain around his neck pull, as Metagross used its magnetism abilities, ripping pieces of sheet metal from the wreckage of the hospital towards it, one of them smacking a witch in the back of the head, and knocking her to the ground, blood starting to pool from her head.

    By changing the polarity of its own magnetism, in addition to its telekinesis, Metagross was able to use the large sheets of metal to shield itself and Dylan from curses, occasionally launching them at targets.

    Whilst this happened, behind a pair of witches surrounded by a group of four Pokemon, what could only be described as liquid shadow erupted from the shadow cast by the building next to them, taking form as the Pokemon Darkrai, who then charged up an attack, releasing a bunch of nefarious looking red and black orbs, each hitting a Pokemon, causing them to fall asleep, and start having nightmares".

    "Dream Eater..." Dylan called out, as Darkrai began to draw the life force from its sleeping enemies...

    Abbee Strauss
    Heahea Hospital, Interior
    Affected RPers: @Neo Emolga

    As Abbee quickly tried to brainstorm a way out, she had no clue how. The only thing she could think of was having a Psychic type detect the consciousnesses of people who may be outside, to allow her time her escape well, however Victini was not with her. She could try and time it herself, however had no clue how many witches or Pokemon were outside, and the element of surprise was her best chance of escaping unharmed.

    She heard footsteps approaching the room quickly, before a pair of knocks, scaring the life out of her. Had she been found?

    "Abbee, it's me... Cassandra..." Said a familiar voice, "Come on, we need to get the hell out of here..."

    Knowing Cassandra wouldn't have been able to do that if people were around, she quickly opened the door, where Cassandra waited on the other side...

    "Thanks, I didn't want to blow that hiding spot until I knew the cost was clear." Abbee said, as the pair made their way towards an exit, "Victini is the only Psychic type I have to detect if the coast was clear, but he was AWOL, so I wasn't sure it was safe..."
    Sad to say, I am not sure that I will be on PXR much longer. The gaps where I have disappeared have become bigger and bigger as life gets busier, and most of the friends I made here, I either talk to elsewhere or are gone completely. Still trying to make a point of checking in, but in case that falls through, my Discord is Jacob Cookson#0902.


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    Heahea City, outside the Urgent Care Center
    Affected RP'ers: Just @Neo Emolga I think?

    There were a lot more witches that Luneth had expected. It was practically a full scale assault on the city, with Giratina merely being a distraction. By this point the witches had taken over the nearby area, picking off any stragglers that the came across. Luneth winced and tired not to look at any of the victims as she passed, but she was sure their screams would haunt her.

    There were several trainers fighting back, but overall they were doing very little to step the tide of Shadowcraft spreading through the streets. She wanted desperately to help stop them, but the witches numbers were just too many. She could probably take down one, but the instant she attacked she’d become a target for all the others. For now her best advantage was going unnoticed, she’d just have to wait for the right moment to strike, and until then she’d cling on to the hope that when the dust cleared, all the curses could be reversed.

    A shadow passed overhead, as yet another godlike pokemon appeared. For a moment Luneth thought that the Rayquaza was working with the witches too, but when Giratina began to attacked, she realised it must have been sent, whether by a trainer or Arceus. Either way it was distracting not only the Renegade pokemon, but several of the witches as well, giving many people an opportunity to get away.

    Even so, the two gods’ fighting was leaving almost of much carnage as Giratina attacks alone had. A wall crumbled as Rayquaza’s attacks pushed Giratina backwards into the hospital building. She just hoped that no-one was still in there.

    As if on cue, two witches left the building in a hurry. Luneth’s ears drooped as she realised that if there was anyone left inside, they’d have been cursed by now, and without Triad there was nothing to be done for them. She hoped Triad had made it out safely. If not, then there was little hope left.

    Luneth realised with slight panic that the two witches were heading her way. Her heart nearly stopped as one of them looked straight at her, but she forced herself to continue moving normally, and thankfully the two continued on their way.

    As they passed by, a thought suddenly occurred. They thought she was just a normal Vulpix. This would be the perfect opportunity to tail them. Even if they didn’t return to base, maybe they would let slip some other info. She knew it was incredibly risky, and her heart beat faster just considering it, but she knew that they might never get as good a chance as this. She’d have to fight back her fear and go for it.

    Heart practically in her throat, Luneth padded after the two witches, avoiding her instinct to stay hidden and instead following them out in the open, hoping they’d think she was just a stray pokemon looking for some food.
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