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Thread: [RP] Spiritwater – Tides of Witchcraft

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    Jon had informed Willow about Brianna and her warning about Agatha, to which Willow felt there was truth in her testament that without help, Agatha would prevail. He also revealed that his plan was to keep Latios and Latias hidden and safe, keeping them away from the frontlines considering their value in getting the Netherclysm spell completed faster. Though Willow knew, if Agatha wanted that goal pursued, she wasn’t going to attempt it herself. She’d send someone else to do the job, be it one of her subordinates or Pokémon.

    Jon had revealed his plan involving Zoroark, using its illusion ability to take on the form of Latios to draw out anyone and anything tasked with trying to obtain his blood. Willow had mixed feeling about the idea, thinking it would definitely deceive Agatha’s witches and their Pokémon, but it would mean putting a Zoroark up as bait, which would be risky for the dark fox’s welfare. But, given what was at stake, she felt some risks like this might be necessary.

    Lastly, Jon made it clear that the element of surprise was dependent on Willow not revealing she had defected and could not be seen by any of Agatha’s followers or her Pokémon. As Willow immediately suspected, that involved remaining at the Eon Villa until the whole ordeal was over with. And Jon had given her an offer, work with him and help him and his team however he needed, or be cooped up and confined.

    “So what’s it gonna be?” Jon asked.

    “Had me sold on Option 1 as soon as you mentioned it,” Willow replied. “Truthfully, me being on the frontlines at this point would be a death wish, so for all our sake, let me help you however I can from here. I don’t know who this Brianna Levine is or why she doesn’t want to lend a more direct support for you and your team, but I can do that for you with whatever resources you’re willing to use. Whatever it takes to stay alive, really. I may not have as many spells memorized as Agatha and I may not have the kind of reagents on hand that she has, but with the spells I do know and with whatever materials you have on site that you’re willing to be used as reagents, I can make it possible.”

    “Chances are good your Zoroark trick will work since you’re not known to have a Zoroark of your own, but this trick will work likely once and only once,” Willow told him. “Agatha isn’t omniscient, but she won’t make the same mistake twice once she learns how certain people behave, although right now she doesn’t know you’ve been made aware Latios is a target. She knows you wouldn’t leave Latios out in the open and undefended. This Zoroark… if you want to convince Agatha and her followers it’s really your Latios, they’re going to want to see you besides him, treating him and talking to him the same way you would treat your Latios, so do whatever you can to put on a convincing act. It would make sense not to be on the direct frontlines, but at least leave yourself open enough to be spotted from afar during the attack. I can’t guarantee Agatha will put Giratina and Marshadow into action, but it’s your best chance.”

    “In terms of fighting them and capturing them, you’re likely the best person up for the task, but I may be able to help with this,” Willow offered. “If you have any flat stone tiles or stones with an even level surface that you can carry with you, I can plant a Xin Vertigo curse on the flat sides, and you could then carry that tile or stone with you to the confrontation. You could then throw or plant those into the arena where you battle them, and they will work like disguised anti-personnel land mines. If anyone steps on those, it will severely mind-warp them. I haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing it myself, but I’ve heard it feels like ‘your brain’s been yanked down your throat while the world around you implodes on your eyes.’ I imagine no Pokémon or human would be able to deal with that easily. There are other hexes I could use on these tiles, but I think Xin Vertigo would be the most effective.”

    “But sure, let me know what you’d need for whatever plan you and your team have in mind,” Willow offered.

    Triad (The Diamond Ladies)
    En Route to Route 4
    Affected RPers: @Chakramaster @Shruikan @Noblejanobii

    It had taken a bit of time before Cassandra could get her bearings as to where they were, but after finding the road and a sign post, she was able to figure out they were near Route 6, a small distance away from the Lab, but far enough to not make it at all obvious that’s where they were just moments ago.

    That was when Luneth had appeared, still as an Alolan Vulpix. It did get Cassandra wondering just how long she had been like that, as she had yet to see her back in her human form since the moment she came onto the island in the first place.

    “So, um, which way to the megamart?” Luneth asked.

    “It’s toward the east,” Violet recalled. “We’ll head up north along Route 6, go along Royal Avenue, and at the end of that should be the Megamart. We should make it there by noon.”

    “Uh…” Jarena interjected, looking a bit concerned, “…yeah, I think we forgot something. Weren’t we going to help out Avery with their extra legs problem?”

    “Oh damn, I almost forgot…” Cassandra muttered, looking regretful that she hadn’t remembered her promise. “With everything that happened yesterday…”

    Instinctively, she thought of sending Avery a text message to let them know she was on her way, but then she realized she didn’t have her phone on her.

    “Don’t sweat it, let’s head over there now,” Jarena replied, still feeling optimistic. “Hey, it’s still early in the morning, so they’re probably just having breakfast. By the time they’re done…”

    “Up to you if you want to come along, Luneth, though we could use your help if you do,” Cassandra told her. “A four-way Nox Purge for this would be less exhausting than the three of us doing it alone, but it’s your call.”

    “It’s in the other direction, though…” Violet remarked, looking dour. “We perform a Nox Purge on Avery and by the time we walk all the way to the Megamart, it’ll be well into the evening and all of us will be dead-tired. Trying to do a scouting mission like that in the dark is suicide.”

    It didn’t leave Cassandra with many options. She had to decide whether to abandon the scouting mission or abandon Avery, and she really didn’t like having to make that choice. Instead, she had put her paw on her star piece pendant and focused on reaching out to Jirachi, feeling his help might make both of them possible as long as they didn’t feel too tired after the spell.

    “Hey, ‘Lucky,’ could you take us to where Avery is?” Cassandra requested. “They’re probably in the lobby of the-“

    <Hey there! Actually, my sources tell me Avery and that Abital dude are on Route 4, heading toward Paniola Town. I can take you there right now! Just let me know if you want to gently appear in front of them, or surprise them from behind!>

    They decided not to wait…

    Cassandra didn’t think they were that late to the point where Avery and Abital didn’t want to wait any longer, but then again, they hadn’t agreed on a specific time, and now Cassandra felt that was one detail that should have been included. Without her phone and now as an Eevee, her communication options were severely limited.

    “Gently in front of them would probably be ideal,” Cassandra replied.

    She wasn’t sure why they wanted to go to Paniola Town, but she decided she wasn’t going to ask to find out. Thankfully for her, this time the teleportation was brief and not as hectic as the last voyage had been. As they found out, it felt more like softly floating toward the destination, feeling as if like a levitating spirit before arriving on the road just before Avery and Abital. Cassandra imagined they had no idea what was going on, but she figured Avery would recognize the Eevee, Buneary, and Furret. Although she wasn’t sure if Luneth had followed along with them and had asked Jirachi to come along…

    “Avery!” Cassandra called out in her Eevee form, looking up at the half human, half Keldeo humanoid.

    Cassandra raced to Avery and Abital on all fours. By now, she had been quite used to both getting around as a human and as an Eevee to the point where it simply felt natural in both states, as if switching from riding a bike and walking on foot. Jarena and Violet quickly followed behind her, and Cassandra imagined Avery would recognize them, but Abital would have no clue what was going on.

    Once she had caught up to them, she then tried to catch her breath.

    “Didn’t expect to find you out here, but we should be able to undo that centaur issue you’ve got,” Cassandra offered. “That is, if you still want that fixed and didn’t change your mind since last night…”

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    Avery trotted quickly up the route; Abital clung to them with one arm wrapped around their waist while checking their location on the map on the styler in the meantime. In order to proceed through the route they had to leave themselves out in the open for parts of it, something that made Avery really uncomfortable. While they were more used to being a centaur, they weren't entirely confident in their ability to fight or run away in the event they were attack. A pit had formed in their stomach, and the more they thought about it the worse it got. Maybe they should have stayed longer at the hotel.

    "Still going the right way?" Avery asked quietly. Abital tapped Avery twice with one of his fingers. That meant yes. "Got it," Avery answered before picking up the pace a little. They began to climb a small hill when they felt Abital suddenly grab them tightly, causing Avery to halt. "What? What's wrong?" Avery asked, looking around frantically. They quickly spotted what was wrong. They were a Drifloon floating in the air a ways above them. Normally a rather innocent sight but not when the Shadowcraft apocalypse led by one of the world's foremost Ghost trainers was going on.

    Abital aimed their styler in the air and launched their capture disc. They signaled to Meir as they began to circle the Drifloon in the air with their capture disc. The Raichu leapt off Avery's back and released an electric shock into the air, temporarily paralyzing the Drifloon. With the troublesome balloon frozen in place, Abital was able to successfully complete the capture and bring the Drifloon to their side, at least for now. The Drifloon floated down beside the group and looked at Abital expectantly. Abital looked at Avery and quickly signed, "Perhaps we could get some information out of it about that base. You think you'll be able to understand it as well as you can your own Pokémon?"

    "Shouldn't be a problem," Avery answered with a shrug. "What should I ask first?"

    Before Abital could respond, a sharp "Eevee!" pierced the air. It didn't take long for the ranger and his partner pokémon to spot the incoming group of pokémon. Electricity began to crackle from Meir's cheeks as he waved his tail in the air threatening while Abital aimed his styler at them, preparing to stop any oncoming attack before it started.

    Thankfully for the ladies, Avery intervened before Abital and Meir could attack them. Unlike the other two, Avery had recognized the sound of their own name, even in PokéSpeak. They knew that voice well even if had been four years. "Hey stand down Meir!" they called to the Raichu. Avery twisted around best they could and swatted at Abital. "Don't launch it's okay, they're friendly!" they said quickly.

    Abital lowered their capture styler and gave Avery a confused look. "How do you know?" they signed.

    "I've met them before. You have too." Avery turned around to the trio and knelt down a little awkwardly, hoping to make their height difference not so significant.

    “Didn’t expect to find you out here, but we should be able to undo that centaur issue you’ve got,” Cassandra offered. “That is, if you still want that fixed and didn’t change your mind since last night…”

    Avery scratched the back of their head awkwardly and shrugged. "Ah yeah sorry about that. I knew we shouldn't have left so early, but I was feeling a bit impatient especially after Abital told me that they think they figured out the location of one of Agatha's bases. We wanted to get a closer look before they changed locations or something. Figured it'd be a way to chip in and maybe get my lower half cured without having to-"

    Avery stopped when they felt a sharp tap on their shoulder. They looked behind them to see a somewhat huffy Abital. "Care to tell me who exactly you're revealing our whole M.O. to?" he signed.

    "Oh! Right, sorry. You met them all yesterday, briefly. These are uh..." they paused, "actually I don't know if I should say your names aloud. Probably want to keep your presences a secret still, don't you?" Avery turned and quickly finger spelled each of the ladies' names to Abital (except for Luneth, if she came along, since Avery was not familiar with her).

    Abital's eyes widened in recognition. He bowed quickly and signed an apology.

    "He says he's sorry for being so aggressive. We're all a bit on edge and unlike me, he can't understand you, so he didn't realize who you were," Avery translated. "Now with that cleared up," Avery rubbed his arm, "You said you'd need to do a Nox Purge to turn me back, right? Didn't you mentioned it'd take a lot out of you though? That's why we waited until this morning to do it." They frowned. "The fact that you're back as Pokémon doesn't exactly bode well. If anything it confirms my suspicions that you're here to deal with this whole mess." Avery crossed their arms and looked over their shoulder, "You're not gonna like what I'm about to say," they said with a smirk.

    "Then don't say it," Abital signed back with a flat look on their face.

    "Since you're definitely here on important business, I'd rather you not waste your energy fixing me. There's bigger fish to fry, and the main one on the menu should be Agatha, not me." They clicked their tongue and looked in the direction of Paniola Town. "Abital's Ranger Styler tracked a Haunter he captured earlier to the Thirfty Megamart by the Battle Royale stadium. If we cut to route 6 through the town we should be at that supposed base pretty quickly. We could send in Gloria or one of the local Pokémon to scout around, or something." Avery sighed a little. "It's dumb and dangerous, but we just want to help out somehow if we can."

    Abital nodded silently in agreement. It might be their honeymoon but this was no time for them to just sit idly by and watch the whole world go to ****. Especially not when they could help.

    "So put a pin in turning me back for now. The curse is still spreading but it's moving pretty slowly, so we have time before I fully turn into a Keldeo. In the mean time, let's see if we can help you kick Agatha's tail."
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    Dimensional Research Center (Underground Base) > En Route to Route 4
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    As the morning meet went on. Triad and Jimmy discussed a few thoughts on their minds. One being how Jirachi's power can work. Jimmy even explained how long Jirachi's power can last before he tires our now.

    “Really?” Jarena asked, looking very curious. “I mean, like… what’s to stop us from wishing to become legendary Pokémon ourselves?”

    “Sensibility,” Violet told her with a bit of a frown. “Remember, we’re trying to go incognito here, at least until we’re in the clear. Eevee, Buneary, and Furret work because they’re not Pokémon Agatha and her followers would drop everything to try and catch. Show up as legendary Pokémon and you’d better hope you can break out of a Pokéball after being ruthlessly attacked by every Pokémon they’ve got on hand.”

    Jimmy nodded. "Exactly. We can't go too crazy. The more power put into it the more power that Jirachi will exhaust. Right now, it's an resource we can't waste.

    Once Jimmy explained if they planned on turning into Pokemon again. Asking Jirachi was probably the best idea.

    “Can’t see why we shouldn’t go with our usual trio!” Jarena beamed with a smile.

    Jimmy couldn't help but wonder though. If they now had the power to sense unstable sources of hexes and shadowcraft with their pendants. Could these witches and other shadowcraft users do the same if they got close enough to them? Would they be able to tell the difference between someone using it and someone that's been transformed by their spells? It was enough to cause concern. So he'd have to bring it up.

    Everyone finished their breakfast as they discussed more. Even Luneth had woken up and joined them with breakfast. She didn't look like she had gotten much sleep to begin with though.

    Once everyone was done cleaning up and ready. They gathered what essentials they knew they would need. Then, upon Triad speaking to Jirachi. Everyone was ready and teleported up topside. Jimmy had even changed into his Pikachu form. Already ready to go. While Triad still looked like they weren't totally used to the teleporting still. They will get used to it after another time or two.

    Now a group of Pokemon are above ground ready to jump into action.

    "Hey Jirachi. Make sure Pikachu is down there and prepared to join us soon as he's rested."

    "Sure thing Jimmy! Once you guys are ready for the scouting. I'm sure he will be awake and ready to go too." Jirachi ensured Jimmy.

    It was then Jimmy noticed the brown paper bag with the scent of french fries as he told Triad he would give them. He couldn't help but chuckle at how Jirachi still liked to play, but at least it's better than it was those 4 years ago.

    Once everyone gathered their bearings.

    “So, um, which way to the megamart?” Luneth asked.

    “It’s toward the east,” Violet recalled. “We’ll head up north along Route 6, go along Royal Avenue, and at the end of that should be the Megamart. We should make it there by noon.”

    Jimmy thought back. "oh yeah, I remember seeing them like that back then too. Too bad we couldn't have helped back then, but I didn't wanna come right out with this plan as prying ears were everywhere. Jirachi can make this simple enough though. Especially since he's met Avery before."

    They all seemed to agree. It was best not to wait here on catching up with Avery. More help we can get the better. It was then Jimmy had to agree. He nodded and decided he would follow the small team we still had so we wouldn't lose focus. He can also provide one of the pendants to Avery and their new partner in case they wanted this as protection as well.

    The team seemed agreed that they couldn't wait. We had to jump on this.

    “Hey, ‘Lucky,’ could you take us to where Avery is?” Cassandra requested. “They’re probably in the lobby of the-“

    Jirachi immediately jumped in as a response.

    "Hey there! Actually, my sources tell me Avery and that Abital dude are on Route 4, heading toward Paniola Town. I can take you there right now! Just let me know if you want to gently appear in front of them, or surprise them from behind!"

    “Gently in front of them would probably be ideal,” Cassandra replied.

    "I'll join them as you know Jirachi. Personally I think it's best if we all stick together for now. Be sure to mark this area we're at though. This way you can teleport us right back here assuming it's still safe once we're ready." Jimmy told Jirachi as those that wanted were taken to Avery's location.

    While Triad was explaining to Avery and their partner. Jimmy stepped away a moment. Luckily it looks like Avery stepped in after recognizing the Eevee before the Raichu with them attacked.

    Speaking to Jirachi telepathically on a connection only they can hear. "Hey Jirachi. Remember earlier I got a message from my sister right? Think you can reach out to her? I think we could use her help here. If she's as good at stealth as I remember her being. Her skills could come in real handy here."

    "Another friend to add to the team sounds like the best kind of idea to me! If she starts to cause trouble I can always help use my power to let her know you are the same little brother to her as you use to be." Jirachi let out a small laugh.

    "You're right there. Anyway. Since I'm gonna be in this Pikachu form for awhile. Think you can handle sending the message?

    "On it!" Jirachi said as the connection cut.

    Jirachi searched using Jimmy's phone contacts. Finding the traces of who he wanted and found 'Alisaie' and her location. Trying not to totally scare and startle her. He spoke gently as to not frighten her.

    "Helloooo? Hello there! I sure hope I'm not starling you. You are Jimmy's sister correct? Alisaie? We don't have much time, but Jimmy needs your help. He and his team need your assistance in scouting the megamart. Would you be willing to help? Don't worry I'm not a ghost! I'm a friend of Jimmy's. I'm sure he will introduce me to you soon as he can." Jirachi tried his best to get her attention. All they could do was wait.

    Alisaie Kendo
    Heahea Hotel Room

    Alisaie had woken up. Prepared a small breatfast from some fruits and shared with her Pokemon. Soon as she prepared for the day. She thought she was ready, but a voice appeared to her.

    "Helloooo? Hello there! I sure hope I'm not starling you. You are Jimmy's sister correct? Alisaie? We don't have much time, but Jimmy needs your help. He and his team need your assistance in scouting the megamart. Would you be willing to help? Don't worry I'm not a ghost! I'm a friend of Jimmy's. I'm sure he will introduce me to you soon as he can."

    "Who?! Where are you? How can I trust someone I can't see? Especially with everything going on?" Alisaie let out. It's true. With everything going on. How can you trust a mysterious voice you've not heard before?

    It was then Jirachi took a moment to share a vision through telepathy of Jimmy and their current location.

    "Jimmy is currently in his Pikachu form. They can't afford to be seen out in their human forms. Pokemon right now are much less suspicious. It could very well be just a normal Pokemon or a human that was transformed into one by one of these witches. So they wanted to be sure to go in hidden as they can be. If this isn't enough though." Jirachi then showed her a vision of Jimmy's Pikachu. Still sleeping.

    "Now there's a Pokemon I recognize. It's Jimmy's" Alisaie thought for a long moment. "okay, I think I can trust you. For now. Your said they were heading to the megamart right? Is that what they needed scouted? Then take me nearby. I'll get right to it." Alisaie told the voice.

    "But they aren't heading there quite yet-" Jirachi couldn't finish his thoughts before Alisaie jumped back in.

    "No need for that. I can get things done before they even get there." She says confidently.

    "Okay, but I'll let Jimmy know too so he can expect you." he told Alisaie. "It's great to finally speak to you even if it was just through telepathy." Jirachi told her.

    Alisaie gathered her things as she tells this mysterious voice that she's ready.

    "Alright, do I just go there or...?" She questioned.

    "Nahhhh, I got this. Just hold still aaaaaaaand. We're off!" Jirachi tells her as Alisaie's body glow for a brief moment before she was whisked away.

    The time is upon us...

    . Pika Pair with the yellow bundle of fluff Chibi Altaria..


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