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Thread: [RP] Spiritwater – Tides of Witchcraft

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    Abbee attempted to dry her eyes, and compose herself before she attempted to head back into the lobby. Technically she was assigned to be helping Triad, and she was hardly any help now. She still felt the pain in her chest, however figured that focusing on the task at hand would distract her from it. But before she knew it she found herself teary again.

    "I've upset you, haven't I...?" said Victini's voice in her head.

    She wiped her eyes before chuckling to herself.

    "Why ask?" She replied with her thoughts, "If you're poking around in my head to ask this, you already know the answer..."

    Abbee was mostly joking with that statement, not being cruel or snide. That sense of humour was what caused her and Victini to click as well as they did over the last few years. She heard a slight chuckle in her thoughts.

    "Can we talk?" Victini asked.

    "Sure, but I'd just about die of embarrassment of anybody saw me like this..."

    "Then I take it you don't have an audience in there?" Victini asked.

    "It's empty. You can come in..."

    A few moments later, Abbee heard the door creak, as light footsteps made their way towards her. She was still hunched over the sink, looking down, and on the ground in her vision, walked Victini, who looked up at her somberly.

    "I'm sorry..." Victini said via Pokespeak, which Abbee had only been able to understand in recent weeks.

    "What for?" She asked, jokingly. She was struggling to piece together her emotions to some logical explanation, and figured if she wasn't certain about what was going on in her head, how could he be, and therefore what is he apologizing for?

    "Good point..." he chuckled weakly, "If I had a clue, we wouldn't be in this mess would we? So tell me, what's going on? Because you're not usually the sort to let something like this get you this down. Is it because of Cassandra?"

    "No!" Abbee said quickly, not wanting Victini to think she held any sort of ill will, or resentment towards Cassandra. After hearing the truth of what happened on and after the S.S. Wishmaker from Jon and Victini, she felt nothing but respect for the Diamond Ladies for the way they turned over a new leaf.

    "I'm not mad, and I'm not jealous. I'm just..." Abbee began, before struggling to articulate exactly how she felt, before groaning to herself in frustration at this verbal block she faced.

    "You know what happened in the weeks before I met you right?" Abbee asked, knowing Victini knew the answer. He nodded solemnly.

    "I lost my Dad, completely by surprise. Mum had been gone for years, and Tyler and I weren't exactly close so Dad was all I had, and he had been ripped from me, and I had no clue that when he dropped me off at the Eon Academy that that would be the last time I would ever see him." Abbee explained, "That week I went back home for the funeral, I had never felt more alone. I was with Tyler, and long term, I was going to live with him, but he and I barely knew a thing about eachother. We had an easier time talking to complete strangers than one-another. After the funeral, I went back to Mossdeep to finish the summer, because the people there felt more like family to me than my own brother did, and I wanted just another week or two before I had to go back to feeling alone. Then you came along, and even after we went home after summer, I didn't feel alone anymore..."

    "When you asked me if it would be okay for you to team up with Cassandra again for this mission, I knew that there was a chance that you would want to stay with her when this is all over. And as much as I knew I would miss you if that happened, I wanted you to do what would make you happy. I even released you from your Pokeball, so that the choice would be completely yours...."

    Abbee wiped her sleeve against her eyes.

    "I was okay with it, because I knew that whether or not you were with me or Cassandra, the bond we had was real, and would persevere. Even if you were on the other side of the planet, we'd always be friends. That our time together meant something." Abbee said, "Then I find out that Cassandra didn't take you on to her team, weeks after you originally left, and instead of being honest with me about it, you left me in the dark. I locked myself in a storage room, because I had no way of knowing whether it was safe to get out, and needed you then..."

    Victini remained silent hearing this. Abbee wasn't trying to condemn him, but just trying to explain how she felt about this, and he understood that. It just sting a little.

    "Then, after hearing me ask Cassandra to let you know I want to talk to you, you don't even let me know you are there, until Cassandra started talking about how difficult their situation was after the Wishmaker incident, and it was to convince her to come out of hiding. After that, it was more catchup, and I may as well have been a complete stranger, or not even there at all..."

    "Abbee..." Victini began, however Abbee continued.

    "I'm not angry, and I'm not jealous." Abbee repeated, before taking a brief second to think over her next words.

    "I was okay with you teaming up with Cassandra, maybe even staying with her after all this is over, because I believed that our bond would survive that. But then, all this happens, and in a few short weeks, it looks like it is completely gone, that the last three years were nothing..." Abbee said, starting to tear up again, "And all of a sudden, I'm fifteen again, having just been orphaned, alone in the world again, and terrified by it..."

    Victini jumped up onto the counter, now closer to eye level with Abbee, who could now see he was teary himself.

    "Why are you crying?" She asked jokingly through tears.

    "Because of how dense I've been..." Victini retorted back, joking equally through his own tears, before attempting to hug her, however his short limbs made that very difficult.

    "I'm sorry." Victini said, "I've been so distracted by what's going on, and wanting to help Cass out, I didn't think enough about how I was treating my other best friend..."

    Abbee smiled a little hearing him say that.

    "Thank you. It really means a lot..." Abbee said, "And if when this is over, you want to stay with Cass..."

    "Abbee, it's-"

    "Just keep in touch when you can." Abbee said, "Now and forever. Let me know you're happy, safe and doing well. Let me know you still think of me amidst whatever crazy adventures you get up to. That's all I ask..."

    "If..." Victini said, "I decide to stick with Cass, you have my word. Even if I have to learn to read and write, or send a messenger Pidgey..."

    Abbee laughed at the thought of Victini attempting to type an email on a public computer with his little arms, before noticing her reflection in the mirror.

    "Goddamn, if I don't clean myself up, people will think Alola's fate is in the hands of a pair of cry-babys..." Abbee said, as she picked Victini up, placing him on her shoulder, before trying to clean up her damp eyes.

    "If anyone asks about the red eyes, we tell them we were smoking in here..." Victini said, nearly falling off Abbee's shoulder as she jolted with laughter.

    "Somehow, I think people would trust a pair of cry-babies more than a pair of stoners to keep the island safe..."

    Once Abbee and Victini were content that they weren't going to attract too much attention to what had went down in the bathroom, they both left, trying to slip back into the small crowd that had gathered in the lobby...
    Sad to say, I am not sure that I will be on PXR much longer. The gaps where I have disappeared have become bigger and bigger as life gets busier, and most of the friends I made here, I either talk to elsewhere or are gone completely. Still trying to make a point of checking in, but in case that falls through, my Discord is Jacob Cookson#0902.


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    As Avery collapsed onto the floor, Abital frantically looked them over to ensure they were okay. "I'm fine, I promise," Avery said quietly. "I'm not used to walking on four legs, that's all." Abital began to quickly sign something but stopped when Avery cupped their face. "Hey, I'll be okay. Maybe we can find someone who knows how to reverse this."

    Meir suddenly went on alert, electricity crackling from the Raichu's cheeks as he got into an attacking position. The spouses looked over at the Raichu to spot a trio of women in butterfly costumes approaching them. They looked... familiar somehow.

    “Hey there, Avery,” Cassandra greeted them. “We saw you walk in and we figured you might need some help with those extra legs you now have…”

    The realization suddenly hit Avery like a goddamn eighteen wheeler. They knew that voice. "C-Cassandra?" they stuttered out. They quickly stuck out their hand towards Meir. "Easy, buddy, they're friends." The Raichu glanced back at his trainer's spouse before standing up and letting the electricity dissipate. Despite their butterfly themed costumes, Avery knew it was them. It might've been several years but they knew the Diamond Ladies when they saw them. It was a bit weird seeing them in costume but Avery was in no place to judge given it was their costume that got them horse legs in the first place.

    “Long time no see…” Violet told them.

    "That's an understatement," Avery responded with a laugh. It had been four years since Avery had last seen them in person. Avery had heard about the fire that supposedly killed them and had always hoped that in reality the girls used it to disappear but hoping and actually seeing it to be true were to very different things.

    “Yeah, about this curse…” Jarena smiled sheepishly to Avery, knowing how this kind of incomplete affliction worked. “I think you probably already guessed it’s an incomplete spell you got hit with and you were only half-transformed. We can dispel it, but that only works if we let the curse complete. Otherwise it’s kinda like using a mixing bowl to bake a cake when it’s already got half of an unfinished pancake batter in there and you’re not allowed to let food go to waste.”

    “Yeah, it’s like that…” Cassandra informed Avery. “I think this transformation was trying to turn you into a Keldeo, but whoever was casting it was using a direct contact spell instead of a hex implant, and they got interrupted halfway through. We can restore you, but it means we need to complete the Keldeo transformation, and then we can work on getting you back to your normal human self.”

    "Oh goody," Avery said with a laugh. "Do I get water powers this time since I can already understand Pokespeech?" they joked.

    “Victini-ni!” (“It’s painless, we promise!”) Victini told Avery optimistically with a smile. “Vic-tini…” (“But it may feel really weird for a second…”)

    “If you’re ready now, we can handle this however you want,” Cassandra offered. “But if you need time to think it over or just mentally prepare yourself, just let us know. Anytime you’re ready, really.”

    So they could dispel it? That made sense. It was a bit of a relief to Avery, if they were candid. They weren't exactly keen on spending the rest of their days as a centaur. Still, the Ladies offered to give Avery a moment to think it over and took the time to go speak with some others.

    Avery felt a tap on their shoulder and glanced over. Abital quickly signed to Avery. "Who are these ladies?"

    "A-Ah right." Avery adjusted how they were sitting and began to sign to their husband. "They're old friends from the Wishmaker. These are the Diamond Ladies, the ones that initially I was hired to help track down and arrest on suspicion of using Shadowcraft."

    A look of alarm came over Abital's face. "They're the ones that turned you into a Pokemon?" Abital signed frantically.

    "Yes," Avery confirmed, "but you don't need to worry. They've changed their ways. I witnessed it first hand," they signed.

    Abital paused and looked over at the Triad. He vaguely recognize Jarena as at least looking similar to the doctor that had healed him at the clinic. Had it really been she? If so... perhaps they were trustworthy. Abital turned back to Avery and shook his head to indicate he wasn't sure what to make of this.

    "I know, it's okay. It's a lot to take in." Avery reached out and pulled Abital into a hug. "Just take my word on this, we can trust them," Avery whispered.

    Abital sat in silence for a moment longer before nodding, indicating he trusted Avery's decision. He quickly kissed Avery before standing up and walking over to the Triad. He wasn't sure how to approach them without startling them but there wasn't much he could do about that. Abital gently tapped Cassandra on the shoulder and, once he had their attention, gestured towards Avery. "They're ready now," he signed, unsure if they would be able to understand.
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    Luneth was startled out of her trance at the sound of her name. She looked up to see a lady in a Butterfree costume. How had she recognised her in Vulpix form?

    “It’s me, Cassandra, but… don’t mind the Butterfree costume. Listen, I may not know all the details as to why you’re here, but… I’ve been told you learned a few tricks since the last time you met us. Truth is, the three of us would seriously welcome help in getting these witchcraft victims healed and restored. The three of us trying to handle it all on our own is nearly killing us.”

    “Vul-”(”I-,”) Luneth gulped. “Vulpix, vul vulpiiix vul.” (“I’m not sure I’d be much help. I don’t know much Shadowcraft, only the really basic stuff. The most powerful spell I know is the one you used on the Wishmaker, to turn the people back from pokemon. And I don’t even have any reagents with me, they’re with my clothes and pokemon in a back ally somewhere.”) Luneth took a breath to steady herself. “Vul vulpix” (“But I’ll do whatever I can.”)

    The witch she’d overheard had been after the Diamond Ladies because they though they were defectors. If she helped out, she’d be a target too. But this way she could fight back at least.

    The Luneth watched as a new person entered the hotel and the ladies went over to talk to him. He looked familiar, but at first Luneth couldn’t place him, until she heard Jirachi mentioned. He’d dyed his hair, but he was definitely the same trainer from the Wishmaker. He even had his same Pikachu with him. Luneth was ashamed to realise she still didn’t know his name, but she was pleased to know he was there and safe. And maybe Jirachi’s power could help protect everyone.

    Cassandra also mentioned Avery being there, which caused Luneth to look around. She hadn’t noticed Avery before, but she hadn’t exactly been the most aware of her surroundings. Now she looked she could clearly see a half Keldeo centaur Avery. Luneth wasn’t sure if they were really unlucky, ending up cursed right after getting help for their spouse, or lucky that neither curse was that bad, considering some of the spell thrown around today…
    She lightly pawed at Cassandra’s leg.
    “Vul? Vulpix vul vul?” (“Is there anything I can do to help with Avery? I’ve done pokemon transformations before, though not like this one”)
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    After it had been a while since Victini had quietly walked into the bathroom to console Abbee, the two of them had emerged, with Victini perched on Abbee’s shoulder. While Cassandra didn’t fully know what kind of conversation the two of them had, she had a pretty good idea, even without the details.

    As Cassandra thought about it, she felt what had just happened was a simple misunderstanding. It wasn’t Victini’s fault for getting carried away with this reunion. It had been four years after all. But in the end, the way Cassandra saw it, Abbee was Victini’s trainer now. It wasn’t fair to her to keep plucking Victini away like this, old friend or not. And at the same time, Cassandra hadn’t realized the emotional and personal bond that Abbee now had with Vicitni was particularly strong. Stronger than she originally thought.

    She knew she had to let go.

    For real this time. Even if it meant turning down Vicitni’s offers to help or chat, because as she had seen, even just chatting with Victini one on one was enough to affect to affect Abbee emotionally. In the end, Cassandra knew it was her decision to live as an Eevee in Starglade that resulted in this, and she understood the cost of doing that was abandoning everything she had in that previous life. The little money she had left, her last few personal belongings, and most of all, her own Pokémon, and that included Victini as well. On top of all that, she had a new team of Pokémon now. While she appreciated all the guidance and help that Victini had given in the past, she knew she needed to count on Gale, Angel, Nami, Berri, Marche, and Ace instead. All six of them had come from difficult and troubling backgrounds with previous trainers, and they needed her care and attention, also.

    “Vic-ti…” (“Hey, Cass, I just wanted to say something…”) Victini told her as he looked to her from Abbee’s shoulder.

    “I know you want to try to make this a cooperative thing,” Cassandra replied, knowing it was in Victini’s nature to try and make everyone happy. “But it can’t be. We had a good run, but you’re Abbee’s Pokémon, now. She cares about you and she needs you. We’ll always be friends, but we can’t be partners. Not like we used to.”

    Victini sighed, looking a little downcast.

    “Vic-tini…” (“I really don’t like choosing like this…”) he replied, frowning a bit.

    “I want you to fully be Abbee’s partner from now on,” Cassandra told him, laying it down in a firm and solid tone to show she meant it. “It doesn’t mean we need to start acting like we don’t exist to each other anymore or go to extremes to avoid each other because that’s not necessary, but you belong to her and she belongs to you. A bond that strong… you can’t let anything or anyone come between that. Not even me.”

    Victini was silent, looking down and unable to look into Cassandra’s eyes. Thoughts were swimming around and around in his head, but he understood what Cassandra was saying.

    “Vic-ti…” (“Okay…”) Victini replied, softly nodding after thinking everything over. “Vic-tinini…” (“I’m Abbee’s Pokémon, the fat lady has sung.”)

    “Thanks,” Cassandra smiled to him. “I know I don’t even need to tell you to be good to her. You already have been.”

    Cassandra could see he was starting to get a bit teary-eyed, but she knew this had to be the way of things.

    Shortly after, Abital had gently tapped Cassandra on the shoulder to her attention, gesturing toward Avery. While Cassandra didn’t quite understand the sign language, the motions and the gestures were enough to give her the insight to understand it meant Avery was ready.

    “Thanks, we’ll take it from here,” Cassandra told him as Jarena and Violet had gathered around Avery.

    For this spell, it was slightly different, as the reagents had already been spent to start the spell, it was just never completed, like a cake batter that just needed more mixing. Still, there was something on Jarena’s mind that she couldn’t quite understand about this whole situation.

    Luneth had lightly pawed at Cassandra’s leg, and she had looked down to see the Alolan Vulpix wanting to get her attention.

    “Vul? Vulpix vul vul?” (“Is there anything I can do to help with Avery? I’ve done Pokémon transformations before, though not like this one.”)

    “Yeah, I’ll admit I haven’t done this one before either…” Cassandra replied as she flipped through one of her Shadowcraft tomes. “We usually used the transformation hex method, laying the hexes on objects after using hairs and fur strands acquired from pretty common Pokémon. This one’s… different.”

    “So… riddle me this,” Jarena asked Cassandra and Violet as Violet got a spare beach towel ready. “Why turn Avery into a Keldeo? Isn’t that like… a really super rare Pokémon?”

    “Don’t overthink it,” Violet replied, simply preparing to get the transformation reversed. “I saw someone got turned into a hunk of diamond out there on the street. They don’t care.”

    “Yeah, but… how did they get a sample of Keldeo, and why use it?” Jarena asked curiously. “I mean, with all the other common options you have for Pokémon to turn people into, why use one like that instead of say, a Ratatta or Pidgey?”

    Violet wasn’t sure, but right now, her concern was trying to figure out exactly which spell the original caster had started. Unlike Jarena’s flowery transformation that persisted on its own until it was completed, Violet’s original assessment was that this half-Keldeo transformation was completely stopped. If it wasn’t continued, Avery would be in this centaur state permanently.

    Meanwhile, Cassandra realized this, also, but she hated bringing up bad news like this after she had originally said it would be promising they could resolve this tonight.

    “I… was wrong, I don’t think we can continue from where the original caster started,” Cassandra told the others. “For one thing, I don’t know what exact spell they used, where they left off, and if the reagents they were using had already been consumed, or if they were only spent midway.”

    “Couldn’t we just Nox Purge her?”” Jarena asked.

    “Seriously?” Violet sighed, looking tired. “Cass and I nearly killed ourselves trying to do that for you. We haven’t even had a fifteen-minute break since the last one.”

    “Yeah, but we got Luneth here, now,” Jarena told her. “I mean, if she pitches in and the strain is distributed among the four of us, that shouldn’t be so bad.”

    Cassandra nodded and felt that was a good idea, but she still felt very spent from having to undo Jarena’s curse and that not even a four-way distribution would be enough to make it bearable for them, at least not right now. She then looked at her phone, seeing the time was about 6pm. After thinking about it a bit, she then looked to Avery.

    “This is going to be a little tough…” Cassandra told Avery and Abital. “I thought we could continue the transformation and then simply undo it with an Affliction Reversal spell like what we did on the Wishmaker, but it’s not that easy. We don’t know what spell they used and we don’t have anything like that in the tomes that we have, so the only option we’ve got is Nox Purge, which is very effective and would resolve this, but it’s very demanding. We can do it for Avery, but we already had to do it for Jarena just a few minutes ago, so we badly need some recovery time or it’ll choke us in the middle of casting. Come tomorrow morning, with Luneth’s help, we should be able to do it for you without a problem. Ideally, a good night’s rest for all of us would probably be the best way to handle this.”

    “We’re going to need time to teach Luneth how to do this if she doesn’t know already,” Violet added to that. “Besides, it would be damn good if she knows. The three of us can’t handle all these victims.”

    Cassandra knew it meant Avery would need to spend the night as this centaur form they now had, but Cassandra saw it as the only option. Otherwise it meant a suicide mission trying to take whatever books Agatha’s witches had and hope the spell they were looking for was in a tome they had but the Ladies did not. The risk was far too great.

    “Let’s just grab some dinner, if there’s… anyone still cooking stuff, that is,” Jarena asked, not sure if any of the restaurants or food vendors were still working due to the current crisis. “I mean, I’m cool with just fruits and veggies from the market stand, but I know most folks here probably aren’t keen on a… well, Buneary diet.”

    “Might be best for now,” Cassandra replied, nodding. “I think we all need a refresher after what happened today…”

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    It didn't take long for Abbee and Victini to be noticed, however it was to be expected when Victini spoke to Cassandra from Abbee's shoulder, allowing Abbee to hear the entire exchange.

    What she wasn't expecting was for Cassandra to cut the tie with Victini as trainer and partner, so to speak. She made it clear to Victini that Abbee was his trainer now, and he needed to stick with her. Whilst it shocked Abbee, and she knew it couldn't be easy, she understood why Cassandra did it. Victini liked keeping everyone he cared about happy, and if there was a chance he could somehow be shared between the pair of them, he would take it, no matter how slim, and avoid making the hard decision until he had to. Cassandra what Abbee didn't have the strength to, for his sake. She felt a twinge of guilt at how happy she was to hear Cassandra say those words. Victini accepted it with his usual humour, however was teary.

    As Cassandra's attention focused to the task at hand, Abbee tilted her head to rest against Victini's frame on her shoulder, before raising her arm, giving him a scratch behind the ears.

    "Hey..." Abbee said quietly, "She will be okay. I haven't known her long, but she already is one of the strongest people I know, and I'd bet in part she has you to thank for that..."

    "Thanks..." Victini said quietly, as he attempted to dry his eyes.

    "When they're ready, let's find something to eat before the meeting." Abbee said, "You can have as many desserts as you'd like, as long as they don't reappear if things get intense."

    Victini laughed, remembering a training battle they had with Jon, after Victini and Abbee went out for lunch, where he overate. The look on Jon's face was priceless when Victini's Death By Chocolate Sundae and Apple Cinnamon Pancakes made a reappearance on Latios' face after a sluggish V-Create...

    When Jarena mentioned getting dinner, and Cassandra agreed, Abbee chimed in.

    "Lead the way." Abbee said, "I'll watch our backs until our appointment this evening."

    When the Vulpix that Triad had been talking to was unoccupied, Abbee made her way towards her, crouching down, and speaking quietly as to not be overheard. She had heard the conversation about the Vulpix's true nature before.

    "If you don't mind, you should probably come to this meeting tonight too." Abbee said quietly, "Jon might be a little peeved that I invited you without clearing it by him, but if Triad trust you, and you can help them with Shadowcraft, it's worth you being there as well..."

    "You're brave." Victini said, "Risking the wrath of Jon..."

    "You didn't hear him talk about when you guys went to catch his little green friend. Short of Alyssa, he trusts nobody more than he trusts Cassandra, not even myself and Dylan, though that's more due to inexperience and youth." Abbee replied, "If Cassandra trusts her, and she can help, Jon shouldn't be too mad..."

    If you want your character present at the meeting, have them be invited by Steven or Cynthia. Jon is big on keeping information secure, and Abbee isn't going to allow herself and Triad to be followed there by anyone who isn't invited to it. This is purely for keeping in character.

    Jon Drake
    Streets of Heahea City
    Affected RPers: None

    Wanting to investigate further, Jon had spent the last hour or so riding around the streets surrounding the attack site. Whilst Giratina was easy enough to hide in a Pokeball, the group of witches who attacked wouldn't be as difficult to hide, short of teleporting to the site of the attack. Even if they didn't come as a group, or weren't in their cloaks, with enough time and intuition, one could gain an idea of their movements.

    Riding around, he had a small tablet mounted to the handlebars of his bike, looking for security cameras in the nearby streets. On the tablet was a map, that he would mark with the locations and rough viewing angles of the cameras he saw.

    As he did this, he thought more about Giratina. Knowing from experience, the only way to hide a Pokemon like that would be with an unregistered Pokeball, which in and of themselves were highly illegal. If Giratina was in a Pokeball, it would have to be unregistered, otherwise the League would be aware of who it is registered to and where it was been scanned by PCs and medical equipment. Of course there was also the chance Giratina used some interdimensional travel, however he wouldn't know until he saw the security footage of Giratina appearing. If Giratina was in an unregistered Pokeball, they could potentially get some leads, but it would be tricky.

    Jon felt his phone buzz, and saw a call from Alyssa on screen.

    "Jon, are you okay?" she asked, trying not to sound worried as she did. Jon knew that she didn't want him to know just how worried she got. She knew he wanted to do what he could to help in the situation, and figured that if he was too worried about his wife at home freaking out over his safety, he was more likely to slip up. That didn't stop her from worrying though.

    "I'm fine. You saw the hospital?" he asked.

    "Yeah, and I saw your friend getting involved." Alyssa said, "Then it just went down. Is it okay?"

    "They used a cheap trick, but I think it is better now..." Jon explained, "I showed up a few minutes after my friend, and by the time I was there, Dylan had them on the ropes."

    "How is he doing?" Alyssa asked, having become quite fond of the young man that had lived with them for the last three years. She viewed him as a mixture of younger brother and foster son.

    "It's hard to say..." Jon sighed, "In the fighting his Metagross killed two of the witches, and he took it pretty hard. If he hadn't have intervened a lot more people would have died, and the fact he knew what was happening was because of a hunch I dismissed but he followed through. He has a good head on his shoulders, and his instincts are on point. It's just a matter of making sure he doesn't doubt himself and his own conviction..."

    Alyssa sighed, sad to hear that Dylan was struggling a bit with what he had to do.

    "How's Lili?" Jon asked. Amelia, he and Alyssa's three year old daughter was at home with Alyssa. Even if they didn't have kids, Jon wouldn't have wanted Alyssa here. She came on the S.S. Wishmaker, having gotten herself a media pass, and Jon wasn't in a position to stop her without giving away the job he was working, and it terrified him, thinking back to the potential danger to her. He was glad that Alyssa didn't come, and had reason to hold down the fort.

    "She just woke up from her nap." Alyssa said, "I'll go get her."

    A few moments later, Jon could hear Alyssa in the distance, telling Lili Daddy is on the phone. After the sound of the phone being fumbled, Jon heard the familiar voice of his daughter on the other end of the line.


    "Hey Lili..." Jon said, now wishing more and more that Agatha had have stayed in whatever decrepit crypt she crawled out of, "How're you doing?"

    "I'm... okay..." she said, though Jon wasn't convinced, "When are you coming home?"

    Hearing this pained Jon. Since Amelia was born, Jon had run the Eon Academy, meaning he was always a few minutes away from her at most, even bringing her along to the sessions he ran there. This was the longest he had been away from her.

    "As soon as I can, and not a moment longer." Jon said, "I know you and Mummy are waiting for me, so I won't dawdle. I just... have some things I have to do here first..."

    "What things?" Lili asked, "You're not battling, because you aren't in the TV..."

    Jon chuckled, realizing she was too smart for her own good.

    "No, I'm not battling, I'm just helping a friend out." Jon explained, "I will tell you all about it when I get home."

    Thinking about what happened at the hospital today, and the people who got caught up in the battle, and wouldn't be going home again, Jon felt a wave of pain wash over him.

    "I love you Lili, forever and always." Jon said, "Don't ever forget that..."

    "I love you too Daddy." she replied, "Please come home soon..."

    Amelia handed the phone back to Alyssa, who Jon quickly caught up on the days events, before arranging another time to speak, so that Alyssa would know when to expect an update, and know not to call and risk blowing his cover by doing so. As the call ended, Jon sighed, wishing he could be anywhere but here. The last thing he wanted was for Alyssa to lose her husband, and Amelia to grow up without her Dad. And Jon really wanted to say thanks but no thanks when Cassandra approached him, and Steven recruited him for the mission. But he also knew that Cassandra took a chance on him and answered his call three or four years ago, and the threat she described had the potential to reach him and his family in Hoenn. He couldn't sit by and do nothing, when he stood a decent chance of helping.

    Realizing that he needed to get moving if he wanted to get this map fully marked before the meeting, he shelved the thoughts haunting him, replacing them with a fierce determination to resolve this conflict as soon as he could.

    "Stay alive, and deal with this s**t. Then you can go home..." He thought to himself.

    Dylan Squire
    Eon Squad's Villa
    Affected RPers: None

    Dylan had made his way back to the Villa that served as HQ, as there they had the computers and database access to investigate.

    Pulling out the four banknotes that he had received from the Pawn Shop before meeting Brianna, he quickly inspected them to make sure there weren't any dead giveaways that they were counterfeit, and when he was mostly certain they were legitimate, opened up the Alola Treasury Database, a gargantuan list of all bank notes that are in circulation.

    When governments first proposed keeping a database of all banknotes a few years ago, there was a lot of debate whether the effort was worth the reward. However with the amount of illegal weapons and unregistered Pokedex's, healing machines and Pokeballs in circulation, the debate ended up siding with creating the database which in and of itself took years to get to a viable level. All the banks had to have their ATMs modified to scan the serial numbers on the banknotes and record the accounts they were entering and leaving via into the database, and whilst incomplete, the $100 note section still had over a hundred million entries.

    Doing a quick search Dylan established that the four notes were from three different accounts. Two of them from two individual accounts and the other two from a third. This third account however, Dylan soon realized, was actually withdrawn using a prepaid card from the Kalos Postal Service, as part of a $1500 withdrawl. Whilst a name had to be registered to it, little was done to verify that the person who listed their name as Steven Stone when buying this card, was actually Steven Stone, and sure enough the name associated with the card was a dead end.

    "Hey Peter..." Dylan called out to the person sitting by a computer at the other end of the room. Peter was a League Data Analyst, however, known to few, with Jon only finding out when Cynthia recruited him to help figure out what happened to Steven when he went missing a few years earlier, Peter was an expert of sidestepping digital walls and finding out things he shouldn't. Whilst Dylan knew Peter didn't like to be interrupted, he also knew Peter understood how important the work they were doing was. There was an unspoken agreement, if it's important, to talk to him, but if it isn't let him work.

    "What's going on?" Peter asked from across the room, knowing if Dylan were speaking up, it must be important.

    "The Kalos postal service, is it government operated like in Hoenn, or private like in Sinnoh?" Dylan asked.

    "I think it's government operated..." Peter replied, before doing a quick search, "Yeah it is..."

    Dylan quickly attached the card number of the prepaid card that the bank notes had been withdrawn using.

    "This card has a fake name attached to it, which is a dead end, but I doubt this chick has heaps of them. It would be too difficult to manage..." Dylan explained, "But if I got some details of other transactions it was used for..."

    Whilst Dylan could contact the Kalos Postal Service with the information, it would take too long, as well as Brianna has shown she knows more than she should, so if going off the books could reduce the risk of her finding out, he would rather take it.

    "And if it's government, I should be able to sidestep into the database?" Peter asked, "That's what you're thinking?"

    "What I'm relying on, actually..." Dylan retorted. Peter chuckled, before speaking up.

    "Give me fifteen minutes." Peter explained, "Get me a coffee and it may become ten..."

    Dylan nodded, making his way to the kitchenette nearby, and preparing the coffee machine. Once he had a cup ready for him, Dylan made his way back to Peter, handing him the cup.

    "I emailed you the transaction history." Peter explained, surprising Dylan at how quick he was, "If she has another card, it will be near impossible to find. I already checked for other cards under that name and there were none."

    "You've already done plenty." Dylan explained, "She is cocky, and cocky people slip up eventually. This should be enough to find her..."

    Dylan made his way back to the computer he was working on, opening the emails, and finding the transaction history. One stood out to him though.

    Crown Harbour Hotel.

    Dylan quickly googled it, figuring the hotel probably required a card as security, finding it was on Akala Island.

    "S**t..." he thought to himself as he read through the page, "It's nearly $700 a night to stay here..."

    Whilst his immediate response was to use the leagues authority to get the information from the hotel, he decided against it. This was the sort of place celebrities stayed at, and he wouldn't be surprised if the hotel would notify high profile guests of any inquiries about them. Whilst Peter could attempt to hack their system, it was not his expertise, and a place like this needs security for client confidentiality. He looked back at the transaction history, for anything he could use to find her. After a few minutes, he noticed a recurring transaction from a year earlier. A bottleshop in Kalos, always $84.47, or some multiple of it, multiple times a week.

    His mind raced as he put together the pieces. This consistent sort of transaction implied it was one item being purchased. Dylan figured she had a weakness for alcohol, and based on her hotel choice, money wasn't an issue.

    He opened the website for the chain, and spent the next hour scouring the website for items stocked by the bottleshop listed in the transaction, that cost $84.47. By the end of it, he had a list of five items, a white wine, a red, two types of tequila, and a single malt scotch. Reopening the tab for the hotel, Dylan quickly found the Room Service menu, and cross-referenced the drinks list to the five he found, finding they shared the white wine and the tequila.

    A plan began to hatch in Dylan's head. Whilst Brianna seemed calm and collected, her transaction history implied a slight dependence on a certain type of alcohol, his bet being the white wine, as she would be extremely drunk every night to drink a whole bottle of tequila on her own between the transactions listed in the year earlier. If he could get eyes on the waiter handling drink orders for room service, and keep an eye out for the white wine being ordered, they might be able to get more information about Brianna.

    "Gotcha..." Dylan said to himself, as he began fleshing out his plan...

    Jon Drake and Dylan Squire
    Meeting Room of Eon Squad HQ, Eon Squad Villa
    Affected RPers: Anyone coming to the meeting

    Dylan sat to the side of the room, as Jon stood by the front, and a few of the other Eon Squad Operatives began to filter in. The room itself had been emptied of standard furniture, replaced with chairs to seat anyone coming, with a projector and screen behind him. Eon Squad itself had Jon and ten operatives. Throw in Steven, Cynthia and Triad, that puts this meeting at over fifteen people. Jon had set up twenty five seats, not sure who Steven and Cynthia would invite, trusting they would show discretion about it. The clock was sitting at 5:45, with the meeting due to start at 6.

    "Let's see if we can deal some damage..." Jon said quietly to Dylan, who nodded in agreement.
    Sad to say, I am not sure that I will be on PXR much longer. The gaps where I have disappeared have become bigger and bigger as life gets busier, and most of the friends I made here, I either talk to elsewhere or are gone completely. Still trying to make a point of checking in, but in case that falls through, my Discord is Jacob Cookson#0902.


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