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Thread: [RP] Spiritwater – Tides of Witchcraft

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    Cassandra Silvers
    Heahea City, Urgent Care Center
    Affected RPers: @Desolate Divine

    Understandably so, Abbee had made it clear she didn’t want to leave the storage room until Cassandra had made sure the coast was relatively clear. Victini had been her only link to the outside, and without a psychic Pokémon to give her that insight, she would have been going out blind, which was deadly in this scenario.

    “He’s covering us from a distance,” Cassandra explained to Abbee. “Follow me and we’ll try to make it back to someplace safe.”

    Cassandra’s first thought was to possibly board and find refuge on the Wishmaker cruise ship. They were going to have to make use of its infirmary eventually, but they definitely needed to get the operatives to regroup on this.

    For now, she headed back to where she had left Jarena, although in the distance, he had seen Dylan fighting the witches with his Metagross. He was taking a risky move, but on the other hand, he was having them focus on him rather than Jarena.

    For now, she decided to head back to where Jarena was. All she could do now was hope Violet had been able to find what she needed to undo Jarena’s curse…

    Violet Radcliffe
    Outside of Heahea City
    Affected RPers: @Shruikan

    Violet hadn’t realized the white Vulpix was in fact Luneth, but then on the other hand, it had been four years since she saw her the first time that way. With everything that had happened, history had become a blur to her. But where her memory was slightly triggered as an ambiguous moment of deja vu, it was due in part that the last Alolan Vulpix she had seen since this one was in fact also Luneth, back on the S.S. Wishmaker. Starglade and the surrounding area never had seen the likes of one before.

    As she headed away from the conflict between Giratina and Rayquaza, she needed to pry as much information as she could out of this other witch. But she knew she needed to do it carefully if she wanted to avoid suspicion.

    “Why are you not taking anything?” Violet asked the other witch, feigning a look of irritation. “Do you realize how valuable this all is? At least take what you can carry, these kinds of reagents are hard to come by.”

    “We have plenty already,” the other witch scoffed. “Trying to haul all of this back to the Megamart is only going to slow us down and it’s a least a few miles of walking from here to there. I guarantee you’re not going to make the whole trip carrying all that with you without having to take a break, and we have no time for that.”

    “I’ll manage because I know it’s only a matter of time until we run out,” Violet replied, trying to act like one of Agatha’s own. “These kinds of attacks are costly and this does nothing for us but serves as an expensive show of power. They’ll just keep throwing numbers at this problem until we have nothing left to fight with.”

    The other witch looked at her curiously. They had broken off a fair distance away from the commotion around Heahea City and were now safe and away from any of the other witches.

    “You don’t have much faith in Agatha’s plan, do you?” the other witch asked her.

    “No, I don’t, and coming here was a mistake,” Violet replied with feigned frustration, hoping she could play this correctly as she remembered Agatha’s dream message. “This isn’t about us, it’s solely about her. This should have been an opportunity to grow and enhance our skills and instead all we’re doing is harassing tourists and locals.”

    “They were undoing our work here,” the other witch reminded her. “We have defectors among us, that’s the only explanation. Don’t you remember our orders? The whole purpose of this attack was to find them and figure out who they are. Remember, we need them alive.”

    Already, this conversation had clued Violet in on several interesting developments, but now she was really curious as to what exactly Agatha was planning for them…

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    Abbee Strauss, Dylan Squire and Jon Drake
    Outside Heahea Hospital
    Affected RPers: @Neo Emolga

    As Abbee and Cassandra fled the hospital, avoiding getting in the crossfire of what Abbee now knew to be a battle between Giratina and Rayquaza, with witches and their Pokemon wreaking havoc among the civilians there, they saw in the distance Dylan, a few meters behind his Metagross who was levitating sheets of metal from the trashed building, using them both as offensive weapons, and shields to protect from stray spells. Meanwhile, amidst the chaos, a black shadow was materializing before disappearing, launching various attacks, and leaving in it's wake numerous sleeping witches and Pokemon. Darkrai...

    As Abbee reached Dylan, before anything could be said, the sound of a motorbike became louder, as Jon arrived. He took off his helmet, before saying over the noise of the engine, "Where the f**k did Rayquaza come from?!" before giving Cassandra a sly wink.

    With Rayquaza keeping Giratina occupied, Dylan's two Pokemon were doing an admirable job of holding off the attackers, however were losing ground. He hoped however with Jon's arrival that maybe they could turn the tides of this battle.

    Jon tossed a trio of Pokeballs, containing Jolteon, Latios and Nidoking.

    As Nidoking used Earth Power to cause pillars of stone to erupt from the ground, acting as cover, Jolteon remained at the same distance as Metagross, supporting with electrical attacks. Jon gave Latios however a more specific instruction...

    "Find which of the witches seem to be scared." Jon explained to Latios, "I would be surprised if all of them were without fear, and let Darkrai know to target those ones. Hopefully the sight of it coming for them will be enough to scare them off."

    As Latios turned invisible, and flew into the fray, Jon turned to Abbee, Cassandra and Jarena.

    "Get her somewhere safe!" Jon said, gesturing to Jarena, "We can hold them off for a while, maybe even scare them away, but it will do no good for you to stay here! Abbee, protect them!"

    Abbee nodded, before tugging on Cassandra's sleeve.

    "Come on, we need to find somewhere safe for you to treat this, even if just for now..." Abbee said to Cassandra.
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    The Agatha that the League was now trying to hunt down would never be recognized. The truth was under normal circumstances, that Agatha would have been long dead simply from failing internal organs due to old age.

    Instead, a charismatic, 22-year-old with long well-conditioned black hair and an attractive figure walked down the streets in a prideful strut while wearing her witch cloak, not even with the hood up. She had been a living testament to the kind of raw power that Shadowcraft had, with her agelessness being just one among many.

    She had arrived in time to see the mayhem, and it brought a smile to her face as witches and ghost Pokémon had driven the locals and tourists back to their homes and guest rooms, now even more entrapped on an island they couldn’t escape from neither by air or by sea.

    She had also seen Rayquaza fighting her own Giratina. The two Pokémon were violently clashing, both of them having taken a serious beating, but Agatha’s arrival had sealed Rayquaza’s fate. After opening a vial of Arcanine blood and smearing it on her hands, she had used the dark reagent to stasis-lock Rayquaza into place, frozen in animation as Giratina had struck the snake-like dragon several times with a Dragon Claw attack. When the spell ended, Rayquaza had collapsed onto the ground with a heavy thud like a bag of potatoes.

    For a brief moment, Giratina was a bit irked, suddenly realizing the battle had been tampered with.

    “Girrr-rraaaa!” (“I had him under my control, Agatha! You didn’t need to interfere!”) the ghost dragon legendary roared, desiring to achieve victory on her own.

    “Your disheveled appearance tells me otherwise,” Agatha replied, not even making contact with Giratina. “We’re not here for honor, may I remind you.”

    Giratina sighed with a “humph,” understanding that while what she said was true, it would have been more fulfilling to snag a victory on her own without a helping hand. Still, when it came down to it, they didn’t care about the details as long as they got what they wanted when they wanted.

    Meanwhile, Agatha had seen the urgent care center had taken significant damage and while it wasn’t completely destroyed, it was rendered unusable. However, the area had been completely vacated and most of the civilians had fled. Only those that were hexed and severely cursed remained, some as statues of varying material, others completely transformed into helpless states, and the remainder were effectively dead as their bodies had been destroyed in one way or another.

    “So who was behind this witchcraft hospital?” Agatha asked Igor, one of the other witches that had arrived earlier. “Tell me you found them.”

    “We don’t know,” the older male witch replied, sighing hard. “They’re not one of our own.”

    “Of course they’re not one of our own!” Agatha shouted back at Igor, irked by the pointless and obvious response. “The whole point of this attack was to destroy this hospital of theirs and eradicate whoever was behind it. But enough of the games, I want everyone back at the stronghold. Make yourself useful and tell everyone to leave this pile of rot and head home.”

    “Hmhm,” Igor replied, preparing to send the word out. “As you wish.”

    To Agatha, while she was content that the urgent care center had been ravaged, she didn’t want to show her satisfaction and let the other Shadowcraft witches feel fulfilled by only accomplishing half the objectives. She knew very well there were other witches out there undoing the affliction work and while she wanted them eliminated, also, it wasn’t as direly important as getting the urgent care purged out. But for now, she was convinced the opposing witches were long-gone from the premises, simply due to them being outnumbered and outpowered

    One of Agatha’s other witches, a young female named Willow with light-brown hair, had approached Agatha with her report. Besides her was a Mismagius wearing an impish smile.

    “Their witches were disguised as doctors,” Willow told Agatha, letting her in on the details. “That’s why we didn’t identify them at first as they fled alongside the other medical staff. We initially thought they would attempt to defend the urgent care, but instead they had fled the area. There’s rumors that a few of them were hexed, but we’re not sure if we got all of them.”

    “Forget about them for now, Willow,” Agatha replied. “After today, these people won’t even think of emerging from their homes and rooms. Let them rot, it will simply buy us more time.”

    Afterword, Agatha had signaled to Giratina to follow with a simple wave hand gesture, leaving Rayquaza’s beaten and bruised body on the ground. Agatha had no interest in killing Rayquaza, all she needed was for the snake-like dragon to know his place and understand he had no power here.

    And by Igor’s word and Agatha’s command, the Shadowcraft Society had headed back up north, leaving within the shadows the same way they had arrived…

    Triad (The Diamond Ladies)
    Tide Song Hotel, Akala
    Affected RPers: @Desolate Divine @Shruikan

    After Violet had spotted Cassandra heading back, she had decided to part ways with the other witch, having gotten what she needed out of them. When they had let their guard down, Violet had turned them into a Blitzle and wiped their memories before flushing them with sleepiness. Effectively, they wouldn’t remember the last conversation they had and most likely wouldn’t even remember the attack.

    Once the three of them had united, Jon had used his Nidoking, Jolteon, and Latios to defend their position, but it wasn’t long until the witches and their ghost Pokémon companions had withdrawn away from the attack.

    “Get her somewhere safe!” Jon told Cassandra, referring to Jarena’s condition. “We can hold them off for a while, maybe even scare them away, but it will do no good for you to stay here! Abbee, protect them!”

    “Come on, we need to find somewhere safe for you to treat this, even if just for now…” Abbee side to her.

    Though it seemed the commotion was slightly dying down, it was still far too early to make any assumptions about it being over.

    “Yeah… let’s go,” Jarena replied, getting up on her ‘feet,’ “Tide Song Hotel… it’s not too far, right?”

    “The lobby should be safe,” Violet replied, helping Jarena up. “But we’d better go now.”

    After nodding, they had cut across through the back of town and headed to the large hotel. As expected, there was no one outside as everyone had taken up shelter from the attack. And with the way things had gone down, it seemed like that was not about to change.

    From the looks of things, Cassandra could easily say this year’s Spiritwater Festival was more than canceled. It was a total dismal failure. In the meantime, as they walked, Cassandra and Violet had taken off and stashed way their cloaks, thinking they might need them later if they wanted to try and infiltrate the ranks of the enemies.

    Once they had made it through the double sliding doors of the front entrance, they had seen others were taking refuge in here as well. Many guests and locals had retreated to the hotel lobby, some of them trying to deal with curses of their own, but thankfully, these cases were mild and hadn’t rendered them completely helpless.

    They had gathered around an unclaimed bench and café table that was originally intended to be for a Jirachibucks Coffee, but it had been closed since the attack had taken place.

    “I recovered some of the reagents from the urgent care,” Violet told Cassandra. “I also got our books back. It should be everything we need to restore her, but…”

    “Yeah, I know,” Cassandra nodded. “Something we need to do first.”

    “Ohhh man, I think I know what you’re talking about,” Jarena replied with a grimace, having had enough experience with this herself. “This thing’s still trying to turn me into a flower, and you only delayed it, which means… you gotta let it finish its job before you undo it, don’t you?”

    Cassandra nodded with a frown, and then sighed after.

    “Yeah, there’s no stopping it until the hex completes,” Cassandra confirmed. “Once it fully transforms you, we can start trying to dispel it, but trying to do it before that just resets the hex only to have it begin again.”

    “Ugh, just like a fire that keeps burning until there’s nothing left to eat up…” Jarena sighed, looking over all the leaves and flower petals that were covering her body.

    “That’s… an accurate way to put it…” Cassandra replied. “Might be better if you just close your eyes instead of watching it happen…”

    Jarena then stood up and moved away from anything that might get “caught” in the mess. Closing her eyes, she then looked down.

    “If this doesn’t work, just… please plant me somewhere nice and cozy,” Jarena muttered, keeping her eyes closed. “Maybe a spot that will get plenty of sunshine once this is all over, you know? That’s be cool but yeah, it’s been awesome hanging out with you two. We had some good times. Wish you guys the best… just in case this is goodbye…”

    “Jarena…” Cassandra muttered sympathetically.

    Violet didn’t want to mention this would be extremely difficult for her and Cassandra to do alone and there certainly was possibility it may be too much for them. Wanting to show Jarena she was at least somewhat optimistic, Violet had readied a beach towel to wrap Jarena’s body if and when the transformation back to her human self was successful. Meanwhile, Violet braced herself for what was going to be an exhausting battle against this floral curse.

    “Ready?” Cassandra asked, preparing to pull the suppression off of the floral curse’s development.

    Jarena simply nodded.

    With that, Cassandra had removed the suppressing effect Violet and herself had laid upon the curse, and it seemed it was all too eager to begin taking over the rest of Jarena’s body. Her arms had become like branches, and her hands had transformed into buds that quickly blossomed into lily flowers. Before long, the flowers surrounding her neck had become bigger, and eventually, all that was left was her face, which was quickly melded into the stem that had once been the rest of her body. Before them now stood a nearly six-foot tall flowering plant with flowers that were far bigger and more vibrant than anything that would normally occur in nature.

    Within less than a minute, it was impossible to tell she had once been a human…

    Violet had laid out all the necessary reagents they were going to need for this transformation back. Once Cassandra had confirmed the curse had run its course and finished its dark and dirty work, she prepared everything they would need for a Nox Purge spell.

    “We’ve never done this just with two of us…” Cassandra told Violet, taking a deep breath. “I hope we don’t walk out of here looking for a shovel…”

    “You know how to do this,” Violet reminded her. “Only think about doing it and forget about the possibility of not doing it.”

    Gathering all of her focus, she prepared and had drawn out all of her energy for the Nox Purge.

    “Ein estos calataki corest-tol…” Cassandra and Violet chanted in unison, reciting the spell’s incantation. “Ero-sta shi dy-danivan…”

    Holding the Star Piece in her hands, Violet allowed it to burn and be consumed as fuel for the incantation. She would only get this one shot, and trying to cheat the spell with a second Star Piece would only overload the spell and could potentially kill all of three of them in the process.

    Quickly, both of them felt the exhausting strain of the spell, but as Jarena’s body had begun to glow and begin the restoration process, they both fought on, pushing to forcefully purge out the floral curse and use Jarena’s soul as a catalyst and as a conduit to restore her to her true form.

    The strain nearly resulted in both Cassandra and Violet suffocating, fighting to keep the spell strong because if they broke down and stopped, it would all be for nothing. But working together, they had managed to fight through it all the way to the end… but just barely…

    It had gotten to the point where Jarena had to quickly wrap herself with the towel, as both Cassandra and Violet had collapsed just a second after the spell had been fulfilled… and Jarena was restored back to normal.

    “Holy crap, you guys did it!” Jarena exclaimed at first, but suddenly became very alarmed at their condition. “Are… are you alright!?”

    Both of them were on the floor, wheezing and gasping for breath as their energy, oxygen, and vigor had been completely tapped out dry. But Cassandra nodded, unable to speak quite yet, but wanted to show she’d at least not faint and pass out.

    After three minutes of lying down on the tiled floor of the hotel lobby, trying to catch their breath, Cassandra and Violet were able to sit up again, still woozy and tired, but at least able to breathe normally.

    “And that’s why we need to stick together…” Cassandra muttered, finally able to speak again…


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