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    Do you use Crypto currency?

    Don’t know why I thought of it, but I’m wondering just how many people use stuff like Bitcoin, dogecoin, or whatever other crypto currency is out there. I’ve been seeing a LOT of ads for using it and apps to go along with it.

    To me, I haven’t really seen any need for it, at least not yet. I’m honestly just wary of it suddenly crashing and disappearing as with all virtual currencies. As long as my regular cash and credit card work online, I will probably just stick with those until there’s a transition that kind of forces it.

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    I've seen too many things related to it and the dark web along with virus potential with it. So yeah I haven't even thought about it with my luck. ^^;

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    No. Never had much interest in it. Don't think I ever will.
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    I was interested in this stuff years ago, and had like 0.0000001 BTC in some wallet locked away somewhere. :3c

    But ya I knew about it during the 2019 boom so I knew to not really get into it, but people going kinda crazy for it now. IMO it's a high risk/high reward kind of "investment". Thing is, cryptocurrency is not a currency, it's more like stocks. You're more likely to see schemes/market manipulations that you see in stocks.
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    Nah, but I've considered the idea maybe once. I honestly think I'd need to research before investing anyway, but I don't understand, so I don't bother.

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    I put some money I could afford to lose into it at the start of the year. At one point it went up 6x what I had put in. After that it's been a rollercoaster. I stopped checking it a while ago. I plan to just leave it in there forever and see what happens. I probably won't actually use it to buy anything. While I do like the idea behind some platforms, like ethereum, crypto is so volatile that is pretty much like gambling at this point. I definitely wouldn't put any money in that I couldn't afford to lose!

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    hard to say, there is a lot of actual usability of the crypto, for example - if you want to exchange or pay money to someone from far abroad, it is much easier, and faster to just send with crypto, you get their wallet address and boom.
    on top of that, if you hold crypto on your private ledger - then you can sort of be sure it will always be yours :D banks can fall

    but agree, it is a bit of a gamble buying now, you never know exactly when it will go down ( now it is possible it will go down another 20-30%) on the other hand you have options to earn massive amount of money, especially if you gamble with shitcoins, these sometimes go up even 10,000 or more ;D but loads of scammers there too
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