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    I also learned Photoshop in high school, it's a subject area lowkry similar to Home Ec, but it's a sub-area titled ICT.

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    Yeah, it's astounding how little is actually taught in these classes, because not even my college classes taught me anything that I didn't already know from what I found and created through online tutorials. Those classes really only teach you the very, very basic stuff like "go here to create a new file" and "here is the brush tool." Best way to learn is try a tutorial, but also grasp how to do each step and to make sure your result looks similar to the example.

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    Mine never look "similar" at all xD. I try to look and see what tools someone uses, but 9/10 they use shortcuts and I can never tell what tool as active. So I don't know what to switch to or how to find said tool. xD

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