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Thread: PXR Nuzlocke Challenges Rules & FAQs - 3/5/16

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    PXR Nuzlocke Challenges Rules & FAQs - 3/5/16

    Challenge Adventures Rules

    Welcome one, and welcome all, to the new Challenge Adventures Board! Do you have your own set of Challenges for any particular Pokemon Game? If so, this sub forum could prove to be very useful! However, do take note that we have certain rules to follow!

    ♣ All PXR Community Rules apply!

    If you aren't aware of them, take a look here.

    ♣ Single Run/Continual Run

    You may use this sub forum for all Challenges created by you, the Member. Just be aware that you can only create a new thread for every new challenge like everyone who has done so here, or you can do a Continual Run, like Elbub's here. The choice is yours, and yours alone!

    ♣ Pokemon Challenges Threads

    - A Nuzlocke is just a variant of a Challenge, you may create your own variant, or discuss any potential ideas before making the thread. There's no limits to this, but ensure its a working idea ;)

    ♣ No UNNECESSARY posts!

    Keep swearing either censored or minimal. Overall, any posts that are deemed useless, inflammatory or spam will be deleted.

    ♣ Hacked Challenges are allowed.

    Some Hacks are pretty cool, I'll admit. So you're allowed to post not just the official games, but cool hacks that you deem worthy playing can be placed here for Challenges.

    ♣ Duplicates aren't allowed.

    Make every Challenge as unique and different as you can. Do not post threads which are similar but with minor differences!

    ♣ Double Post!

    Only one Double Post per person, and that's when you've got a new update for your thread!

    ♣ Anything else that needs to be added here?

    Contact Trainer17 or Kaoru via Private Message only.

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