In just about every store, as soon as Halloween is over, Christmas stuff pops up all over the place. As I’ve joked to family and friends, Thanksgiving feels like a Christmas season halftime dinner now. And not only that, but I’ve already seen people decorating their yards and houses for Christmas, which given it being this early, was a bit of a surprise. I've never seen this kind of early decorating, at least on a residential level (commercial is a whole other story, of course).

But I’ll admit in years past, it was a bit pesky to me when we haven't even had Thanksgiving yet. I’m feeling different this year and I’m okay with it and even welcoming the idea of enjoying the holidays again (part of me still feels like summer only just ended xD).

How do you feel about it, though? Are you one who enjoys getting into the holiday spirit as soon as possible without looking crazy or are you one who feels Santa Claus should strictly stay in his lane and only be around during the month of December?