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    The Route

    So you want to call in the battalions of Utopia but Uber isn’t an option? How about trying a Dawnlight Reckoning Summoning? It works, but it doesn’t have a mobile app, yet. Once this is completed, it links the living realm with the holy realm of Utopia! Only unlike when Utopia sends its angels, this needs to be bigger and stronger so it stays open longer and calls in more folks to join in on that final battle.

    This route is divided into three parts. They’re not too hard, but they’ll require some stuff getting set up.


    It’s tough work to establish what’s essentially the uplink to Utopia. I mean heck, you’re literally creating a ticket to Heaven for Pokémon! A lot of this mini-route involves trying to locate and contact Utopia through the celestial expanse.

    In addition, if this is completed, Utopia will be contacted and will start making preparations for battle. It’s a signal of things to come!

    (2b) Silverlight Shopping Mall - Western Side
    [|DRS| Mysterious Celestial Starmap: <Seinaru>]
    [Utopia Channel Map]
    =Magus Journal Page=

    (31) Exacta Broadcasting Company Offices (ABANDONED)
    [|DRS| Utopia Channel Coordinates]

    To progress from here, the Emissaries would have needed to save Hoopa from the Dimensional Prison (see United Universe). Once he’s free, he’ll take care of the rest and will align the portal uplink with Utopia and stabilize the channel.


    It’s one thing to set up an uplink and get coordinates, but if you really want to open a portal channel fully, you need to get real. Ethereal more like it! It’s what’s needed to cross the divide between the living and the dead and link the two realms together. Otherwise all you’re doing is just making a phone call!

    It all starts with the Broken Industrial Chamber Infuser, which is in pretty bad shape. Well, it’s too bad, because it’s the only one left, so work’s gotta be done on it! As for the Ethereal Flame Globe, Navin will fork it over without too much trouble.

    (62) Farvan Water Pump Station
    [|DRS| Broken Industrial Chamber Infusion: <Repair> AND <Seinaru>]
    [Ethereal Infuser]

    53. Navin the Chatot
    [|DRS| Ethereal Flame Globe]


    Essentially, this is the method to turn on the ignition and power up this portal! It requires more digging around than the other two mini-routes, but it’s all good and isn’t too much.

    41. Namrai the Steenee
    [|DRS| Starline Configuration]

    (22) Kenja Apartment Building
    [|DRS| Whitefire Torch]

    (35) Keepers™ Self-Storage Center
    [|DRS| Whitefire Torch]

    57. Duvela the Volcarona
    [|DRS| Whitefire Torch]

    (43) Caxington University (ABANDONED)
    [|DRS| Mysterious Runic Spellbook: <Seinaru>]
    [|DRS| Utopia Runic Spellbook]

    Once this is all done, this gathers everything they need for the ritual. Once it’s performed and the other two steps are completed, it’s all a matter of pressing the button and in comes the battalion!


    =Magus Journal Page

    "The moment is approaching for all of us. Never before have we attempted such a thing, but it is prophecy. We cannot give in at this most critical moment.

    The battalions must be called in. Abyss must not know that we have been preparing, so let them think we have abandoned the living for now. We will strike when they are not ready, when we can have the edge.

    Kono mentioned the process to me. We need a Celestial Channel with our realm to be able to call in the battalion at the precise moment and location. Crossing dimensions will be a must, and we have made sure we prepared the channel map.

    Ethereal infusion is another necessity, but it has been a challenge. Never before has a crossing of this magnitude been accomplished before, but we still believe it is possible. We will need a large ethereal infuser, as well as a source of ethereal flame to power this channel. It will be the only way we can create such a large portal bridge between our realm and the living.

    Lastly, the ritual, which Kono mentioned to me before. We will need the words and mantras of the old runic times. Our power sources need to be strong as well, and nothing short of at least three whitefire torches will generate enough power. And then lastly, the starline configuration, needed to cross the ritual with the celestial channel.

    I pray that our efforts will work. There is a lot at stake for everyone involved.

    Yours truly
    Retto, Magus of Utopia"


    Cryptogram for the [Mysterious Runic Spellbook: <Seinaru>]

    Gather the righteous united hand in hand

    As the lantern of Utopia flares brightly

    For upon this marker the heavens will signal

    A new age of timeless prosperity

    Light the song of time and glory

    And forge the new world for all

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    Blazewing the Latias |BW|

    Blazewing the Latias is an NPC with an account that offers to help the Emissaries in their mission against the forces of Abyss. As a bit of trivia, she originates from an old fan fiction of mine, Trial of Juno, where she is Juno’s closest friend and partner throughout the entire saga. And coincidently, she’s fighting Abyss in that whole storyline as well, and is in fact where the whole concept originated from.

    Well, over a decade later, she returns to help the Emissaries in their own mission against the Abyss. She’s fun, she’s friendly, and with a golden sense of humor even in dark times with a very “hey, who ordered apocalypse and forgot the fries” kind of attitude. Even in dark times, she’ll reassure you not to worry and everything will be okay.


    Blazewing can do all of the following:

    Purify a |AA| Abyss Aspect [One Cycle] – These can’t be used by the Emissaries because they’re smothered with raw evil, but when they’re taken to Blazewing, she’ll clean them off “like she’s flushing a nasty toilet!”

    Prepare any Weapon to become a Utopian Armament [One Day] – This takes a full day for Blazewing to complete and she’ll need to take the weapon away while it gets imbued.

    First, the Emissaries need to select a weapon they want to purify to become a Utopia Armament. Second, they need to choose an Enthraller/Stalker. With the identity of the Enthraller known, Blazewing can align the weapon to specifically exorcise that Stalker, which means the weapon will do x3 damage against that Stalker on successful strikes. So if the weapon did 12 damage in one blow, it would do 36 instead.

    Once a weapon has been aligned to target an Enthraller, that’s it. You can’t align it to kill off Labyrinth and then align it again to kill off Obscene. You need to choose a new weapon. The weapon, even after the Stalker battle is done and over, will still function as normal against enemies and other Stalkers, but it can’t be imbued a second time (and Blazewing will make them aware of this).

    Blazewing can translate the Utopian Journal Pages [Free] – So even if Syrax dies, there’s still a chance of the Emissaries figuring out what they need to do.

    Blazewing can identify and organize the Sin Purge Ritual relics by the three steps [Passive] – And keep it tidy! Just not the Stalker stuff.

    If the players have connected with Syrax and with Blazewing, they work together. And this greatly advances the progress and research of the Sin Purge ritual at a much faster pace. They’ll even talk to each other! Together, they discern that eliminating the Stalkers is going to enrage Abyss, and that before things get too dire, all the essential steps need to be prepared in advance. The players need to heed their warning not to wipe out all the Stalkers too quickly and too early. Wait until all the pieces are in place…


    Latias is currently very well hidden at the 49. Nashin Retail Store Row. She can cloak after all! She’s also the one behind the haskmarks on the Jubilation Florist store, and it’s because she’s using it as a tracker for how many days it’s been since she’s arrived in Exacta City. The significance is when an Emissary investigates it, they will sense that unlike what the civilians believe, these marks are not for a nefarious purpose, nor are they written with an ordinary writing utensil.

    Latias is residing in the back office of the florist, which no one has thought to investigate for quite some time. She’s changed the lock to be a three-stage lock that requires a [Sun Key], a [Moon Key], and a [Star Key]. She’s hidden copies of these keys throughout town just in case she loses one, but they’re mainly as a back up.

    The trick is the sense granted by Emissaries is really the only chance of anyone else ever finding these things. They’re hidden in dang tight spots that no one else would ever find.

    (28) Riverside Park
    |BW|{Shrouded Draconic Alcove: +Dragon Type+}
    |BW| [Sun Key][/color][/b]

    (60) Tusco Park (ABANDONED)
    |BW|{Psychic Barrier Field: +Psychic Type+}
    |BW| [Moon Key][/color][/b]

    (46) Ashen Park (ABANDONED)
    |BW|{Elevated Cliff Edge: +Flying Type+}
    |BW| [Sun Key][/color][/b]

    (50) Oaktrail Retail Stores (ABANDONED)
    |BW|{Florist Back Office: Sun Keyhole AND Moon Keyhole AND Star Keyhole}
    **Blazewing Found**

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    BONUS - The Squawkers RPG!

    The Stalkers RPG Parody

    FOREWORD: The absolute insane nonsense of the Squawkers RPG had something similar to a "Sin Purge Ritual" but of course as the goofy twisted nature of the whole campaign, there were a few twists.

    [SQUAWKERS] The Sky Squirrel Seers!

    The Emolga-based Sky Squirrel Seers (SSS) is very similar to the original Sin Purge Ritual stuff, where ancient tomes, cryptic diagrams, runic fonts, and stuff like that are featured, but in very funny and cynical ways to be silly. At times, they're noble and wise like Yoda, Morpheus, and Zenyatta, and at others, downright silly and goofy. It switches back and forward for maximum humor surprises. Meanwhile, they're not technologically impaired, but it's easy to think they are.

    Their routes are long and lengthy, but they provide extremely valuable information and Goodies, and finding all three of them makes all the Squawker routes clear, leaving the only thing to do is fight them. As opposed to other Sin Purge Rituals, the completing the SSS routes won't finish the game and "steal" the victory from the players, but it is an alternative path toward finding out who the Squawkers really are.

    These Emolgas work within the secrecy of the shadows and are trying their best to avoid scrutiny from the evil Squawkers. They don't technically join the Peeps, but will appear and disappear with nifty teleportation spells (It's just them using "fast travel.").


    Apple of Enlightenment - The Apple of Enlightenment serves as a holy symbol and reminder to the SSS to eat healthy fruits and vegetables rather than the Squawker desserts and garbage. As a result, the SSS Emolgas are able to avoid falling victim to the Squawkers' traps and ploys as they practice this Zen-like moderation and abstinence.

    The Credo of Cuteness - The SSS understands that there is a fine balance of cuteness necessary in life, and that too much is harmful or too little is boring. As a result, they're able to keep a fine balance of this essential resource. They also think the way the Squawkers are using it like a trap is just downright EVIL.

    Mastery of Mischief - The SSS, like other Emolgas, believe in the sanctity and harmony of pure, unblemished mischief.


    Completing the three SSS routes will grant the Peeps the best weapons and items in the game and the more they complete, the more information they'll get. They can complete the three routes in any order, but regardless of who they do first in terms of Juno, Kaxo, and Diego, the information and items granted will be the same.

    Items given to the players by these Emolgas are decent, but are made to sound ridiculously powerful with each of them stuffed with nounverbers in their long names to the point of being just downright silly.

    FIRST EMOLGA FOUND: The first Emolga will reveal the full list of Squawkers, which will also reveal that there are eight of them. But he will also tell the Peeps that they need to find the two others that have been deployed to Booplesnoot so they can link up and "connect to the stars since it's way better than a Wi-Fi connection."

    %Skydreamer Windblade of the Glorious Thunderheart (+3 DMG)%
    %Whitefire Soulmantle of the Honorbound Colossus (+3 MAX Belly & Overwhelming Cuteness)%
    %The Goldenheart Daybringer Ring of Infinite Dream (Reduced Belly & Overwhelming Cuteness Damage by 2 for each instance of infliction)%

    SECOND EMOLGA FOUND: This guy will enhance the details on the items that the Peeps have found by sorting and color-coding them (using the same as the reference thread). This will help the Peeps determine what belongs to what route. They can also do this for the RP account helpers as well. Meanwhile, this Emolga will also swoop in and reveal a random Squawker route every two days provided the Squawker hasn't been found yet.

    %Triumphant Sunstrider Battlelance of the Firecharger (+4 DMG)%
    %Wildstorm Moonbarrier Plate Armor of the Dragoncry (+4 MAX Belly & Overwhelming Cuteness)%
    %Celestial Whitefire Soulbracer of the Prismatic Starlight (Reduced Belly & Overwhelming Cuteness Damage by 3 for each instance of infliction)%

    THIRD EMOLGA FOUND: And here is where everything gets revealed. All Squawkers, all routes, everything, leaving only the task of fighting them. The only thing that doesn't get revealed are Noble Quests and RP Account Helpers, though their items will still be sorted.

    %Battlesong Silvermoon Bow of the Heavenly Windblazer Battalion (+5 DMG)%
    %Victorycaster Warpower Armor of the Endless Dragonreign (+5 MAX Belly & Overwhelming Cuteness)%
    %Soulstrider Suncrystal Necklace of the Multiverse's Infinite Expanse (Reduced Belly & Overwhelming Cuteness Damage by 4 for each instance of infliction)%

    All these items might make the fights too easy, but hey, it's the alternative to a Sin Purge that pretty much decimates everything anyway. XD

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    BONUS - The Squawkers RPG!

    The Stalkers RPG Parody



    Juno was the first to arrive on the scene to discover things were way worse than he imagined and the Impulsers had already done a lot of damage. He requested help, but unfortunately, the only support he could get were Sonya and Kaxo as all the other members of the SSS are on vacation. Bad timing.



    This small path is fairly easy. They really just need to annoy Jiblet the Chansey by spoiling the endings of all the movies she wants to see (Killjoy) or classic Browser History Hacking.

    23 Jiblet the Chansey
    |SSSJ| [Dazzling Diamond Chain]


    This starts with the Peeps needing to go to Bave and Duster's first, where one of the few non-candy machines still remaining is a crane game and there's a Golden Medallion in it. The crane game is a farce and the only way to get it out of there is to have a psychic Pokémon deal with it by telekinesis. The Peep's "Spidey Senses" will clue them in that there is some kind of ritual that can be done with it.

    Meanwhile, the Destiny Ritual Instructions are at Medieval Crimes Dinner and Tournament as part of the gift shop. The Peeps can buy it there.

    (20b) Bave and Duster's Arcade
    |SSSJ| {Crane Game of Torment and Pain: +Psychic Type+}
    [Golden Medallion: Destiny Ritual]

    (25) Medieval Crimes Dinner and Tournament
    |SSSJ| $[Destiny Ritual Instructions] 400 Snax$

    Once the ritual is done, it becomes the [Golden Destiny Medallion]


    For this, the players need to find Sonya's Journal, which gives them both the [Mantra Instructions] and the [Apple of Enlightenment Sigil: <Hollywood Shenanigans>]. They also need the Globe Lawn Ornament, which can either be bought at Tal-Mart or found at Slippy Bleeps National Central City State Memorial Municipal Park. The Essence Creation can also only be done during a Night Cycle.

    (9c) Bizney World Amusement Park Post-Apocalypseland: A Post-Nuclear Family Adventure!
    |SSSJ| =Sonya's Journal Cover=
    |SSSJ| =Sonya's Journal Pages 1 and 2=
    |SSSJ| =Sonya's Journal Pages 3 and 4=
    |SSSJ| [Mantra Instructions]
    |SSSJ| [Apple of Enlightenment Sigil: <Hollywood Shenanigans>]


    Just involves using <Hollywood Shenanigans> on the [Apple of Enlightenment Sigil: <Hollywood Shenanigans>].


    Players can buy Fuji, Gala, and Ambrosia apples at Warget, but the label for turning them into Aspects won't appear until they find Sonya's journal. Until then, they're consumable.

    (30d) Warget Food n' Grubz
    |SSSJ| ~[Fuji Apple - GRASS (-1 Belly)]~ 100 Snax$]

    (30d) Warget Food n' Grubz
    |SSSJ| ~[Gala Apple - GRASS (-1 Belly)]~ 100 Snax$]

    (30d) Warget Food n' Grubz
    |SSSJ| ~[Ambrosia Apple - GRASS (-1 Belly)]~ 100 Snax$]

    Getting all three of these as Aspects will cause them to self-assemble into the Enlightenment Blessing! And this causes everyone's Belly intake damage to go down by 3!

    Once they have all the necessary parts, they all self assemble into the Starwatcher Amulet of Enlightenment, and this also causes the party's Belly and Cuteness stats to go down by 3.


    Freeing Juno from his apartment will make him very happy and he'll be more than happy to help the Peeps, who he'll be convinced are really the only ones capable of squashing the Squawkers.

    (40a) Empire of the Immortal Warbeast Warriors Apartments Floors 1-5
    |SSSJ| {Apartment 587: A Mysterious Emblem of the Starwatcher!}
    =Meeting of Juno= + Intel


    (31a) Slippy Bleeps National Central City State Memorial Municipal Park Funny Cheesy Bits Memorial Fountain + South Side

    (28) Sleep Like a Corpse National Park

    Cup and Talon


    Journal of Juno Cover

    Juno Journal Pages 1 and 2

    Juno Journal Pages 3 and 4

    Juno Journal Pages 5 and 6

    Juno Memo Page

    Journal of Sonya Cover

    Journal of Sonya Pages 1 and 2

    Journal of Sonya Pages 3 and 4



    Sonya is a more clerical oracle Emolga and she's often trying to fix what the other Sky Squirrel Seers mess up (like Timmy). She's also more adept at being a Seer and she's often the sighing teacher that feels like she needs to hold others by the hand to get things done. She's often thinking "if you want something done right, well, you'd better do it yourself." She's not heartless and tries to be warm and friendly, but when the patience gets grinded down, this other side of her comes out.


    Sonya is very skilled at making arcane relics, knows the magic of portals, and is very skilled in using runes, magic, arcane powers, and things of that nature. She's definitely one of the more adept Seers of the crew.


    Sonya's route is based on a similar setup that Kaxo's is. Both of these Seers have the supplies scattered as a backup entry for their own accessibility, though for the Peeps, it's serving as a test to see if they're skilled and knowledgeable enough to be the very ones the Seers need to handle the Squawkers while they're understaffed.

    First, to get the run down on how Sonya's route works, Peeps will need the Artifact Creation Guide, which also gives them the URL product page for the online order they'll need for later.

    (37e) Barnies and Nibbles Bookstore + Staryubucks Covfefe
    |SSSS| =Artifact Creation Guide Cover=
    |SSSS| =Artifact Creation Guide Pages 1 and 2=
    |SSSS| =Artifact Creation Guide Pages 3 and 3=
    |SSSS| [Flashy Arcane Aura Creator Product Page URL: Computer Setup AND 400 Snax AND Glamazon Prime Membership]

    Getting the computer setup instantly fulfills the "Computer Setup" condition.


    This is probably the easiest path out of the five components and just requires using the Memes Perky on the Knotted Lock at the Silly Slide of Rainbows building.

    |SSSS| {Knotted Lock: <Memes>}
    |SSSS| [Extra Arcane Mysterious Disc of Power!]


    To get the Rods, the Peeps will need to find Sneaky the Serviper and get him Rooty Beer and then use Hardcare Parkour on him because he ate too much Squawker junk. The Rooty Beer will want to get him to dance to the tune of Sneaky Snake by Tom T Hall. Rooty Beer can be purchased from a whole bunch of different locations.

    (9a) Bizney World Amusement Park Yesterdayland: A Historical Adventure!
    |SSSS| $[Rooty Beer - WATER (+1 Belly)] 200 Snax$

    (10) Slick Flicks Movie Theater
    |SSSS| $[Rooty Beer - WATER (+1 Belly)] 200 Snax$

    (37d) Bouncing Bunny Shopping Mall Food Court Chicky-Filly-A
    |SSSS| $[Rooty Beer - WATER (+1 Belly)] 200 Snax$

    (23) Sprinkle Sprankle Community Park (CANDY)
    |SSSS| {Sneaky the Serviper: <Hardcore Parkour> AND Thirsty for Rooty Beer}
    |SSSS| [Super Arcane Rods of Massive Holiness]


    This path is just a tiny bit longer, which involves getting a Itsy Bitsy Pantry Key first, unlocking an apartment pantry, getting the cereal, and using the cereal to get the runes. Eating the cereal doesn't inflict Belly damage, makes them feel holy and angelic, and grants the Seinaru perk! Which is useless in this version. XD

    Luckily the key and the apartment they need to use it in are both at Snippy Dee Condos

    (38) Snippy Dee Condos Exterior
    |SSSS| [Itsy Bitsy Pantry Key!]

    (38b) Snippy Dee Condos Floors 6-10
    |SSSS| {Locked Bitty Pantry: Itsy Bitsy Key Hole!}
    |SSSS| ~[Utopia-Oh's Breakfast Cereal *Bonus Prize Inside!* (Grants Seinaru Perk)]~

    (Using ~[Utopia-Oh's Breakfast Cereal *Bonus Prize Inside!* (Grants Seinaru Perk)]~
    |SSSS| [Bonus Arcane Runes of Transcendence]


    This first involves getting the Sudoku puzzle at the outhouses, completing it, and then getting the 1st 3-digit combination and the second 3-digit combination to crack open the Dual-Locked Military Footlocker with more armor to survive the apocalypse.

    (57) Beach Outhouses (CANDY)
    |SSSS| =A Mysterious Sudoku Puzzle...?=
    (Creates [First 3-Digit Combination] and [Second 3-Digit Combination] once Completed)

    (40b) Empire of the Immortal Warbeast Warriors Apartments Floors 6-10
    |SSSS| {Dual-Locked Military Footlocker That Can Survive the Apocalypse: First 3-Digit Lock AND Second 3-Digit Lock}
    [Super Amazing Inner Disc With Glowing Wires and Lights!]
    $2000 Snax$


    Peeps will need at least one of the computer setups, $400 Snax, and the Glamazon Prime Membership, which they can get from either Zuul the Minccino or Chippy the Audino with Browser History Hacking.

    3 Zuul the Minccino
    |SSSS| [Glamazon Prime Membership]

    10 Zuul the Minccino
    |SSSS| [Glamazon Prime Membership]


    Once they have all five pieces, they assemble into the Awesomeness Transcendental Portal Arcane Artifact.

    (54b) The Premium Artisan Luxury Prestigious Condos of Diamonds and Glamour Floors 6-10
    |SSSS| {Transcendental Portal to the Arcane Realm: Required Awesomeness Transcendental Portal Arcane Artifact!}
    =Meeting with Sonya=



    Cover for Artifact Creation Guide

    Artifact Creation Guide Pages 1 and 2

    Artifact Creation Guide Pages 3 and 4

    =Mysterious Sudoku Puzzle=

    Sudoku Puzzle Solution



    Kaxo is more of the secretive, covert operations Seer Emolga in this threesome team and actually kept some backup technology when Timmy screws up. Through no fault of his own, he ended up getting trapped in his Tickleboot outpost apartment when the Squawkers transformed it into gooey taffy, trapping him inside. It's impossible for him to get out on his own, so he needs a short range teleporter.


    Kaxo is adept at using Seer skills and technology together. He's not really into using arcane books and all that journal stuff.


    Kaxo has the longest and toughest route in the game, but it's also the most rewarding and has plenty of Snax to earn at the end of each of the mini-routes.

    This where they can find Kaxo's Electronic Distress Message:

    (5b) Booplesnoot Sity Hall Floors 6-10


    This first part is the easiest and doesn't require any special items. Just an Electric type and a Peep with Hollywood Shenanigans. The thing here is the Sniper Extreme Arcade Game at Bave and Dusters stopped working without power, but turning the game on (Electric Type) and mastering the game (with Hollywood Shenanigans) gives the Peeps the first of the codes.

    (20b) Bave and Duster's Arcade
    |SSSK| {Unpowered Sniper Extreme Game: +Electric Type+ AND <Hollywood Shenanigans>


    This route is a little harder and requires more item collecting and even some Cuteness damage. But unlike the first code, this involves some extra monies.

    (16) Tippy-Toes Park West Side
    |SSSK| {Insane Tightly Secured Salsa Jar: Use of the Six Infnity Stones AND Use of the Seven Dragon Balls AND Use of the Triforce}
    [|SSSK| ["Beep Beep I'm a Jeep" Jeep Key Fob]

    (17b) Booplesnoot Sity Hall Floors 6-10
    |SSSK| [The Six Infinity Stones]

    (12d) Shut Up And Sleep Hotel - Whack Donald's
    |SSSK| [The Seven Dragon Balls]

    (4) Shinny Ping Bang Games Studios
    |SSSK| [The Triforce]


    Once they have the key, they need to take it to Kaxo's Jeep, which unfortunately has been overtaken by a lot of infectious flowers...

    This also flows into the third mini route for the first of the Disguised Card Keys.

    (5) Tickleboot Apartments Exterior
    |SSSK| #{Extra Flowery Flower-Entangled Jeep: <Death Metal> AND Needs Jeep Key Fob to be Unlocked} Extra Fluffy Flower Power! - GRASS (+4 Overwhelming Cuteness)#
    |SSSK| [Decrypted Code #2]
    |SSSK| $1000 Snax$


    This is definitely the longest and toughest mini-route to go through and has plenty of little challenges. It also crosses with mini-route #2 in terms of being connected with Kaxo's Jeep, which needs to be unlocked.

    |SSSK| [Hogfarts Care Package: <Memes>]
    |SSSK| [Magic Wand of Levitation!]

    (5) Tickleboot Apartments Exterior
    |SSSK| #{Extra Flowery Flower-Entangled Jeep: <Death Metal> AND Needs Jeep Key Fob to be Unlocked} Extra Fluffy Flower Power! - GRASS (+4 Overwhelming Cuteness)#
    |SSSK| {Void of Hopelessness Between the Car Seats: Levitation Magic Needed!}
    |SSSK| [Disguised Card Key #1 Warget Rewards Card]

    To get the second of the disguised card keys, they just need to use classic Browser History Hacking on Mooker the Slowbro.

    57 Mooker the Slowbro: <Browser History Hacking>
    |SSSK| [Disguised Card Key #2 $500 Snax$ Gift Card to Appleknee's]

    It all comes togther...

    (17c) Booplesnoot Sity Hall Floors 11-15
    |SSSK| {Security Storage Vault: Card Key #1 AND Card Key #2}
    |SSSK| [Decrypted Code #3]
    |SSSK| $1500 Snax$


    This path is a little shorter, but has some heavy Belly and Cuteness risks.

    (19) Wonker's Nuclear Weapons of Mass Destruction Chicken Exterior and Main Building
    |SSSK| #{Blocked Hyper Cutesy Cake Room: <Death Metal> OR <Killjoy>] Extra Super Fluffy Yummy Cake and Cuteness Explosion! - NORMAL (+3 Belly, +3 Overwhelming Cuteness)
    |SSSK| #[Janitor Supply Closet Key] Glittery Goo! - POISON (+2 Overwhelming Cuteness)#

    (9) Bizney World Amusement Park Exterior
    |SSSK| {Janitor Supply Closet: It needs a Janitor Supply Closet Key! What a Surprise!}
    |SSSK| [Supercharger Giga Power Cell]
    |SSSK| $1000 Snax$


    Finally, the last of the mini-routes! Here, the Peeps need to dress up like a mermaid and make their way through an apartment door that scans for that very specific criteria.

    (24a) The Bibbity Bopple Bop Hotel Floors 1-5
    |SSSK| %Staryu Hair Clip%

    (50a) Sippy Side Sunny Shoreline Shiny Store Series - Slapstations Beach and Touristy Nonsense Store
    |SSSK| $%Seashell Necklace (+1 MAX Overwhelming Cuteness)% 100 Snax$

    (50a) Sippy Side Sunny Shoreline Shiny Store Series - Slapstations Beach and Touristy Nonsense Store
    |SSSK| %Magical Mermaid Tail (Wearer become Water type)%

    (64b) It's Better Down Where It's Wetter! Apartments Floors 5-8
    |SSSK| {Locked Magical Mermaid Apartment Door: Needs to see a Staryu Hair Clip AND a Seashell Necklace AND a Magical Mermaid Tail}
    |SSSK| [Lucky Apartment 777 Key!]

    (42b) Cherry Bonkers Apartments Floors 6-10
    |SSSK| {Locked Vacant Apartment 777: Lucky Apartment Key!}
    |SSSK| [Enigmatic Power Codex Unit]
    |SSSK| $1500 Snax$
    |SSSK| %Thunderlock Blazeborne Colossus Razoraxe (+3 DMG)%


    (31) Slippy Bleeps National Central City State Memorial Municipal Park Center Area Paths and Tree Stuff!
    |SSSK| {Crypto Cache Secured Vault: Decrypted Code #1 AND Decrypted Code #2 AND Decrypted Code #3 AND Supercharger Giga Power Cell AND Enigmatic Power Codex Unit}
    |SSSK| [Short-Range Teleport Displacer]
    |SSSK| [Kaxo's Hidden Location Coordinates]

    (5b) Tickleboot Apartments Floors 4-6
    #{Overwhelmed Gooey Taffy Candy Apartment: Teleportation Device AND Location Coordinates} Very Gooey Delicious Taffy - FAIRY (+3 Belly, +2 Overwhelming Cuteness)
    |SSSK| =Meeting With Kaxo=
    |SSSK| $2000 Snax$

    Rane Insular


    Kaxo Distress Message Main Page

    Distress Message Page 1

    Distress Message Page 2


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