Side Missions (were only introduced in Season 2) were an interesting idea that Xanthe and I came up with that would not only reward the players with items, benefits, and knowledge, but how the players completed them, if they completed them, would affect the ending in terms of lore and storyline. Some side missions were even BAD and weren’t meant to be completed, but part of the fun was discovering if and how players would find out about this and how they would make their decision.

A lot of this was personally inspired from games like Fallout and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (yes, that FPS game series inspired the title) behaved that there were plenty of side missions that didn’t need to be completed, but if you wanted to see the best ending, it was a great idea to do them.

So sit back, enjoy, and see all the stuff that was and could have been!