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    Need some advice

    Okay so, this is kinda weird and out of nowhere, but I have recently learned some pretty troubling things about a few select people in the pokeask community and wanted some advice on where I should share the doc I made about it? It has some pretty concerning stuff on it so obviously I’m not just gonna make a thread here and slap it on it, but I also don't have a proper tumblr account so I cant post it there(even if I did I doubt many would see it) and I don’t know where else I could share it where it’s appropriate to do so.

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    Yeah, besides not really have the full story about this, we don't really have any connections with the Pokeask and any policies or rules they have over there aren't applicable here. I'm not sure what these "troubling things" consist of, but there's really not much we can do besides just lend friendly advice, though we'd need to know more.

    Hopefully whatever's going on can be settled quickly and peacefully. :3

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    As probably the only person on this forum who has any connections with the Pokeask community in general, if you want to come to me personally about it through PMs, you’re welcome to do so. If the “troubling things” are anything like what’s circulated about certain users in the past, I can firmly say they’re not appropriate for this site at all.

    As Neo said, PXR has no real connections with the Pokeask community, as they are based on tumblr and outside of myself, there’s not really much crossover between the user bases. Our rules do not apply to them and there’s not much that could be done enforcement wise.
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