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    Part Ten: Three Idiots Go to the Store For Salsa
    PLOT: Finally! It took nine parts, but it's finally time to replace the dang salsa!

    "So then.. majority vote of all but one for mixed Sitrus and Tamato salsa, that only other vote being Persim salsa."

    "Hey, it's not as bad as you'd think it'd be!"

    You remember the very first story I told here, don't you? Of Gallen and his inspiration problems? If not, go and take a look. If you do, then you surely remember Poko getting that salsa jar stuck on his head and having that Gourgeist depict him as a Moltres with salsa wings. But moving on, Poko and Filiminon (the Ditto who first eyed the salsa-trapped bird) were finally going to get some replacement jars of the good stuff. Orin was tagging along as well, mostly because of a bet that went on a while ago. Truthfully the Vivillion didn't care about this, as he needed to pick up a few things anyways. But as the group went along, an Altaria-transformed Filiminon couldn't help but ask a question.

    "Hey, Poko? Why was your head even in the salsa to begin with?" They had asked, their usual tone of voice somewhat higher pitched due to their fluffy form. The Skarmory, while somewhat irritated, simply looked away and sighed.

    "Ugh, you know how it goes. I want some corn chips, so I get corn chips. Get the salsa, but my scooper is missing and I can't be bothered to look for it. So I do the SANEST thing ever and stuff some chips in my mouth before getting my beak stuck in there. To look at it positively, it both tasted nice and I'm lucky glass is more or less just like a Steel type attack."

    Orin's eyes had widened at what he had heard, almost immediately being followed up by the Bug type snickering quietly. Poko, knowing too well the butterfly had seen the story unfold himself, rolled his eyes with a frustrated exhale. He wasn't reliving that one anytime soon, regardless of how it tried to happen. By the time the trio had reached the store, Filiminon had transformed into an Ambipom to aid with any unexpected heavy lifting provided it cropped up.

    The store itself was about as active as you'd think. Not very active, as Utopia could simply generate food in your home, but for those who'd rather cook than generate it was a lifesaver and a half. As Orin fluttered off to go and arrange what he had to do, the pair who had sparked the ''Salsanaissance' (as Gallen had dubbed it) were quietly left to find the salsa requested by everyone else.

    Being in that store was oddly eventful despite low capacity. While trying to recall the aisle the sauces and spreads were in, the duo had noticed a pile of what seemed to be potato sticks and microwaveable fries shuffling along. Filiminon had carefully used a tail to lift a good majority of the stuff off of the pile, only to reveal a Pokémon carrying all of that. Quite specifically, a Snivy with paler colours than usual.

    "Whoa! Not every day that happens, that's for sure. But hey, thanks!" The small Grass type had chirped up before her eyes flashed with inspiration. "Hey, you two need any help with anything? Only seems fair to return the favour."

    Poko's steel wings gently tapped against his chin as he took full advantage of this fact, bending to the smaller 'mons level. "Yeah, actually. Me and my pal here are looking for where the salsa is, any chance you know where that is?"

    "Gah, can't say I do... I can offer a lookout, though. If either of us find anything, we just shout beans. Okay? Okay!"

    Filiminon and Poko couldn't even lift a finger before the Snivy dashed away, still carrying quite a load of food. Yet just as the duo began to move again, Orin's voice had perked up from across the store. "Yo, guys. I think I found that salsa."

    Lo and behold, he actually had. The sauces and spreads aisle was right next to the gaming section, which just so happened to be where Orin had headed. Filiminon had quickly shouted the chosen codeword and the Snivy was quick to return as the Stalker trio successfully obtained three fresh jars of Sitrumato salsa. One of these were large enough for beaks NOT to get stuck into, though, and for good reason as well.

    Give it a few minutes, and the four had exited the store with everybody having gotten what they wanted. Filiminon transformed back into their Altaria form with the other two taking flight themselves. Poko couldn't help but turn away and look at the Snivy contently heading on her way, before looking back somewhat perplexed. "Anyone else got the feeling this won't be the last of her?"

    "Maybe, I dunno. Let's just get back for now." Orin had replied while gripping a small DLC package in his small hands. And as simple as that, the house's salsa shortage was solved. Hey, try saying that five times fast!


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    Part Eleven: Detective Pikablu (I of II)
    PLOT: With Azumarill dashing and splashing into UNITE, it's time for our resident Azumarill to take the stage in a case worthy of prizes.

    It was... very normal before that incident arose. The Rare Malasada incident.

    At the time, it seemed reasonable for it to be missing. Who'd NOT want to sink their teeth into one of these?

    But now... I see exactly what happened.

    These Rare Malasala are so popular and tasty that it's hard not to find just one individual who'd eat one. Apparently filled with every flavour that there is... Sour, Dry, Spicy, Sweet and Bitter. All mashed into one.

    Impossible to resist, no matter who you are... but somebody had to have done it.

    It was going to take quite the detective to crack this case... so I stepped up to the task. What else could I do?

    So whoever did this... watch your back. Taelia's on your tail.

    [1035 Hours]
    [Puresilver Park; Utopia]

    A ring of yellow and black tape wrapped around an empty foil wrapper with nothing but crumbs left inside it. A few spectating Pokémon chattering amongst themselves. A breeze rippling through the air, scattering leaves as it went along.

    None really bothered the pair of Taelia and Lexin, who had insisted on helping due to being a former police chief. Less so in Kanja's case, as she was absent from the area and scene of the crime. Which, as the Flygon knew, ensured she wasn't responsible for this 'crime' that he was witnessing. Simply looking the scene down, Lexin had turned to Taelia with an intruiged look in his eyes.

    "Taelia. You're certain these four are the last ones who could have tampered with the basket?"

    "Yes, I'm quite certain indeed. Something in my mind is adamant that one of this group is responsible for this."

    Tilting his head, Lexin got a view on these suspects he was dealing with. A mix of half former Stalkers and half victims. Specifically it was an anxious looking Shala, a distant Jagin, the blank looking Fleck and one adamant Franny.

    A Mandibuzz, Floatzel, Masquerain and Mismagius. That was a four for sore eyes.

    Looking back to the water rabbit, the Flygon noticed she was already scouring for evidence amidst the foil wrapper of the malasada. No standout markings or disturbances in the foil. only hints of a very smooth and contact free opening. On looking at her suspects again, Taelia deduced that everyone was capable of this in some way. Shala and Fleck could blow it away, Franny was capable of telekinesis to an extent and Jagin could use water to push the foil aside.

    And the only reason the Floatzel remained a suspect was the possibility that he could have dried the foil off, and there was no room for pointless guesses here.

    "Well, that doesn't help at all. Great," Taelia sighed as her expression went frustrated very quickly, "All I wanted was a nice day to myself with some nice food, and look where it's gotten me!"

    "I understand that it's hard to deal with, but I'm adamant this case's culprit is right under our noses." Lexin replied as stern as he could without sounding like a total jerk. After he said that, a new clue had rose to the occasion and gave the pair quite an honest shock.

    A small, featherweight square fluttered in front of their faces. It had told the investigating pair all they needed to know.

    I'm surprised that them of all Pokémon did it.

    I know, I'm not close with anyone, but I feel a bit betrayed anyways.

    The Azumarill slowly stood up, a cold look of realization on her face.

    But what happened happened, and I've found my culprit.

    This square gave away everything, and I'm confident our 'mon doesn't even know.

    Her expression going more sour, Taelia raised an arm and then pointed it at her culprit with a loud exclamation.

    "This was YOUR doing!"

    The three innocent Pokémon gasped, as did the guilty one. Taelia's hunch was correct, but the victim was unexpected in every way imaginable.

    And that culprit was...

    [To Be Concluded]

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    Well... been a while, eh? May as well do this to bide you guys over.

    We can see Tashy having a casual conversation with somebody unseen. Perhaps Mew, but who knows.

    "Mhm, mhm... Xerneas, you say? I was wondering what that guy's been up to."

    "Listen, Tashy. This may not be linked to Utopia, but the souls of these new Enthrallers shall arise here when all is said and done. With perhaps more than just one batch of them."

    "More than a single batch, eh? Ah, that's fine. This here Redemption Abode can hold as many of us as needed, so we don't need to worry about silly room limits!"

    "As I expected. Prepare yourselves for welcoming these new guests, as they could arrive at any time."

    "You got it!"

    Estimated Release Date for Detective Pikablu (II of II): 04/05/22. May not be accurate, but it's what I'm aiming for!

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